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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea of memorizing a culture's legacy through video recordings, and how it can be used to create a new curriculum. They encourage viewers to give themselves one opportunity to create a memorization curriculum and share it with others. The goal is to create a curriculum that inspires children to think outside of the box and create a curriculum that inspires children to think outside of the box.
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Last year, we came to you all, with a vision with the idea that any child person mother should be able to take up the commitment to the Quran, the lifelong dedication to memorize it to keep those memories retained in long term memories and then to recite it live by its rhythm to use it to heal yourself. And that calling brought forth what we have brother Bill and I came together under the guise of we're going to make this we shot it in real time. And that was something I want to credit, everyone from one point of view, you can say this is wonderful. They're making a Quran memorization system, but with the real time that the realness and the personality that these videos were able to

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capture, I think is something that we all can take credit for that a person will not only be memorizing the Quran, and you'll see this through eight hours a day runtime through video that's never been seen before. There's still that touch of love compassion, when you sit down to say, I'm going to memorize the Quran, you can now say confidently, you're going to have someone with me hand in hand that lets me go from it's impossible. There's no way to do it all the way down to wow, I've written it. I've recorded it. Now I'm listening to myself recite it what it took to translate tradition to technology. That was a transitional point for us a pivotal point where we said, we

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don't want to record a bunch of Quran videos, but we're going to try to translate what was left in the tradition for the last 800 years of Quranic memorization. And we'll say those early years were very classical, but the most recent years of memorization tradition, what was it trying to communicate to the student? And how could we translate that tradition into technology? And that's what the journey was, wasn't just about, hey, could we do it? Could we do eight hours of recording in one day? Could we finish 21 hours in a weekend? Could we finish? It just could be right? Could we shoot video that had never been done before? Because eight hours of repeat video, that's great. But

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could you produce 21 hours of video that's never been seen and approach a problem that might seem like but that might take 1000 hours. And I think that's the closing point right here. Rather Bilaal and i With your support, were able to say, what if it was actually 1000 hours, and by quantifying it by putting into we're on into numbers, we were able to put our our money where our mouth is our energy where our Imam was in say, well, 1000 hours is still quantifiable, it's doable. And now we're reaching out to the world to say, No More is the if I only had a teacher, if I only had this ivory tower, with the perfect ideal situation, I could memorize the whole know, now the mother, the child,

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the kid in the mother, so whose teacher just said go read it can say, You know what, I think I have a system. And we hope everywhere from the mother, to the traditional school to the New Age, Islamic school that's teaching it integrated with their curriculum, we hope that we are writing the new curriculum that the world will use. I want you to give yourself one opportunity because not many people get to think out of the box. Imam Buhari had to write down his Hadith in one place, he had to settle down and say, okay, someone's going to do the project in his perfection in his memory in his power. He did the work that he could and we generations later benefit from it. So today, I asked you

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could you be the person who bought the hard drive space, so that the video could be stored, so that someone could fulfill their vision, live there to be the praise of Allah. I want you to make fulfill the appeal, do the best that you can please help us finish every single idea. Every single page that we do is better. So do an IRA do a page if possible. But please don't leave here saying I'm going to do it for someone else. Okay, at minimum, you'll do it for someone else. But you too, will begin your journey to memorize which is along with Plato did that it's been a privilege. I look forward this year to showing you even greater content of what we completed but do make sure you watch every

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one of the episodes that brotherly love has made in the journey to creating your memorize curriculum. And the videos that was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh upon you, your families and upon your fast

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