Reviving Ramadan #07 Ramadan Night Prayers

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the differences between the terms " "time" and " "time" in English. The " "time" term is related to prayer, while " "time" is more general and refers to prayer that occurs at night. The " "time" term also includes meaning and actions, while " "time" is more specific in reference to prayer.
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What's the difference between the terms tarawih

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and tahajjud? Are they the same

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as for the terms beyond 200 tarawih, they all include a meaning of praying at night. But at closer inspection, there are a few subtle differences that can be pointed out. As for the term piano, it's in reference to any form of worship that happens at night. Whether it's prayer, whether it's the universalization of Quran, the remembrance of Allah or anything else. And it also includes meaning TM, it includes prayer that happens both before sleep and after sleep. Then you have the term 200 to 100. According to a lot of linguists, it's in specific reference to prayer that happens at the night. And some scholars have added that it's in reference to prayer that happens after a period of

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sleep. And this was the nature of the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah who sent them to night prayer, where he would wake up from sleep, and he would pray and he would repeat that on multiple occasions during one night. In fact, the word tahajjud itself comes from the word Hijjah, which may mean he slept, or it may mean he stayed up. So it carries both of the opposite meanings.

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So with this understanding, we realize that the the term Pm is more general than the term tahajjud because pm includes prayer and includes other acts of worship or Rs. 200 is specific to prayer. And similarly, TM refers to prayer before or after asleep words to how God is in specific reference to prayer that is after sleep.

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So this is something about the terms PM, and tahajjud. And then you have the word of course tarawih. And it was given this name because the Imam sits for a short break between each of the four units of Salah and that breaking the Arabic language is called a tarawih. Ha, shall we and the plural of this Tarawa is tarawih. So when when you say tarawih we are referring to the night prayer that includes breaks and of course it has become associated with the night prayer of the month of Ramadan and Allah knows best