Fitra Rx – Ramadan 2022 Front Split Squat

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to Fidra RX today, friends, you and I, we're all going to try to get deeper into our front split squat, I II, if we can get our knees over our toes outside of the prayer outside the Salah, then I believe we'll be able to open up our joints, and in the prayer have a much more a connection to ourselves, let's work together here be isn't Allah heeta Allah, I have brought a lamp, which friends is not plugged in, I have brought a lamp to give myself some support and some help. I've also brought the ball. So a lot of us might want to start out by saying, Hey, I can't get that deep, I need some support. Sure, I mean, this, the first time I ever did this

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was when I had a full support underneath me. And the idea was, Can I drive my foot forward, can I drive my foot forward. And the first time you do this, you're gonna feel like, I don't know, if the ball wasn't there, I would either fall or not have the balance. But that's where we're going to start introducing the teardrop muscle, your VMO where I would like you to think about the big toe. And in due time, we'll we'll have an overhead so you can think about your own. There you go. All of a sudden, you just went a little bit deeper by putting your attention on the big toe and pushing through the front knee. And something where a lot of us immediately have a lot of pain, shame and

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guilt associated.

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Right there in the hip. It's surprising, the groin might be tight, the hamstring might be tight. But when I try to work through and get that knee over the toe, it's a whole different feeling. So if anything, friends and word I'm trying to get ready for, for tarawih, I would definitely start not by Let me see how far I can go, I would start with a ball, I would start with some great support, I would start against a wall if you would like to see, you can always start against a wall with one leg, you want to put one leg back,

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put your knee against the wall

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and see if you can see this take you need a little help on both sides. But can you then

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it takes a little time, right. But this is a beginning. This is a beginning. Again, not great form because this hip is leaning out. But I'm trying to come forward, push forward but you if you can't tell your big toe and little toe or might be scrunching up, I see that and I can feel that as well. From here, let's slowly bring ourselves out.

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And the idea friends is in this discussion. You're getting to see my vulnerabilities and I'm praying you'll pause see if you can start exploring. See if you will explore with the help have an unplugged staple stick with the help of a large medicine Bob, would you place and find the mobility

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and see if you can find a space Hey, this is about as far as I can go. And six months ago, I couldn't go this far.

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So the discussion today isn't so much to watch this video to do the exercise. It's to awaken that the right thing for me to do is not worry about salah right then and there the day before Ramadan, but to worry about strengthening the muscles outside of the Salah. So I can pray better. Thank you everyone This was

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vulnerable. And I think we can all do our best to get vulnerable for Ramadan. So that when I'm spending all this energy not eating, I'm also spending that much time praying that much time is that all we which is the night prayer. I appreciate everyone's energy to be here. Anything that is said is not medical advice or certified physical therapy advice or even certified fitness advice. Fidra RX is here to waken up your inside so that you can recognize this isn't supposed to hurt. Our objective is to solve your pain so that you can find comfort in the Salah was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah