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The importance of fasting during the upcoming month is discussed, as it is beneficial for everyone. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding sexual activities and distractions during the month, protecting one's body and surrounding oneself with people who want to come close to Allah. The importance of fasting and learning to strive is also emphasized, as it is a time when the sense of time is lost. The speaker advises avoiding profanity and not engaging in argumentative or mocking others, as it is a great time to be excited about. The importance of forgiveness for actions that cause harm is also emphasized.

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In Alhamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to say you know who is the hero? When oh the villa Haiming, Shuri and fusina will say to Marlena Mejia Hilda who fell on Moodle Lella. One minute lil fella her de ella. Y shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de julio Cherie Keller. One no Mohammed and Abdullah who are a Zulu. sal Allahu Allah, you are an early here wa sahbihi wa salam, a MOBA in the Hyrule Hadith he Kitab Allah heeta Anna, was Hyrule had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were shahrul Ohmori more to her Wakulla more than 13 Wakulla be the iteam bada Allah, Allah God Allah infinity.

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Amma bad

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Jaya CompTIA Hooroo Ramadan Aisha Hora Moga or if third Allah Wa alaykum Salma.

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He said Alayhi Salatu was Salam, the month of Ramadan has approached is upon you is here.

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It is a blessed month. And Allah had obligated fasting that month upon you.

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That is there an announcement and anticipation

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of a great month that is to come.

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That Allah had blessed us with and he deposited so many blessings in so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he wanted the Muslims at his time and Muslims of today to be excited to be ready for Ramadan. Here is coming a month that is so special.

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Allah had made it an obligation on you too fast. And the fact that Allah had made it an obligation should tell you a lot about how much Allah loves it. And Allah about how beneficial it is for all of us. Because Allah when he loves something so much, he obligates it.

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Keep that in mind,

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when it comes to Salah to fasting anything. When Allah loves the thing so much it becomes what an obligation and when something is so beneficial for you and for me,

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it becomes an obligation.

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So it's not an obligation in terms of a burden. No, in fact, one of the things that we want to get from this hope bye is that no, in fact, it's an obligation in terms of that great blessings that come with it. So much so that we have to fast it. So much so that we want to fast to beat the vanilla despite the difficulties that might lie ahead, despite the reluctance that we might have, despite all of that, but there is a great blessings in it. So anticipate it and look forward to it. As Rasul Allah He Alayhi Salatu was Salam wanted from us.

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If Thorold Allahu Alikum, see Yama who also mo This is no so we have to fast.

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And in it we have to remember in order to be excited about it, the many blessings of Allah azza wa jal that he has in it. In that hadith, he said, to the healthy he had wearable Jannetty were to color coffee here, Boo Boo, now, the gates of heaven are opened all of them without exception, none will remain closed, and the gates of hellfire will be closed, none of them will remain open. And you can anticipate or you can feel how momentous that time is when you start Ramadan. And you can almost imagine all the gates or the sound of the gaze of Jana, all of them opening

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that would the minister have already had that you have to kind of think about that, for you to realize what a great month you're going to be having all the gates of gentlemen our opening one by one and they will remain open till the end of the month. And then the sound of all the gates of hellfire closing one by one, not even one is open, and they'll remain close till the end of the month. Now tell me what that means to you.

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When you find that all the gays of jinn are open and all the gates of hellfire are closed, that there is a great deal of Allah azza wa jal descending. There are great rewards from Allah azza wa jal coming your way. It's an invitation for you to march to one towards Jana. And entering it is what?

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easier because the door is open. Right when a door is open, it's easier to enter a space

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and hellfire the doors are closed. What does that tell you that it is harder to enter hellfire.

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So you understand at the moment that Ramadan starts you get all of that. And you must feel it. Despite, as I said respite, the reluctance that some of us may have, oh, it's going to be hard. No, it's going to be long. No, I don't know if I can handle it. In fact, the struggle itself is part of the beauty of Ramadan because Allah teaches you through that struggle, things about yourself and about life itself. And through that struggle, and through that sacrifice, you enter heaven, and you escaped hellfire. That's what we learned in Ramadan.

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As he said, Alayhi Salatu was Salam that Allah said

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Kulu, Amman, Livni, Erdem Allah, Al Hassan are to be actually I'm 30, how you met you

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in LA Sol sofa in the holy one at Zb, yet terracotta army who was a robber who was sure what the who, to whom in agilely. He said Ali is Salatu was Salam that Allah said, and a significant tear that Allah is the One who is speaking, because this could have been a Hadith

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from the prophets of Allah, Allah, he was in love, but here Allah wanted to talk to you.

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And he's telling you that all the deeds of the son of the child of Adam are his. And he explains it by saying that it has to be Ashley And thirdly, her good deed gets multiplied 10 times into 700 times. Except for fasting, it is done for me. And I will reward it. He leaves and she leaves,

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what they like to eat, what they like to drink.

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The data, what they enjoy shall waterhole

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what they desire for my sake.

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Subhan Allah.

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That is Allah Zota loves this so much because he sees in it.

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How we're supposed to be. He sees in it, that you see how attractive the food is. You're dreaming about eating, dreaming, dreaming about drinking all the code that you can eat and drink. But you say no to all of it. No, and no. And even let the whole Russia What are other things that you desire and sexual desire as well. I'm not going to touch I'm not going to see I'm not going to listen, no haram haram it's all haram. So you stay away from all of these temptations. And Allah sees your struggle, and Allah sees your Jihad you're striving. And he says, Who is he doing this for? Because there's only one who can see him who Allah azza wa jal, Allah is the only one. And when he sees your loss,

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your sincerity, he says what all the other deeds that you do are for you, they will be multiplied according to the formula that we mentioned, the angels will record them and they will be multiplied, etcetera, etcetera. But this fasting is so special that Allah says, I will reward for it, and it means that it exceeds the 10 and the 700.

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And that's why you when you think about it, I'm going to be fasting, the first day of Ramadan and when I finished that day, it will be counted as more than the 700 that Allah talked about. The limit is only known to Allah azza wa jal and it depends on your loss and your struggle and how close you are to Allah throughout that day.

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So what a Baraka that is,

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so the gates of Jannah are open, and the invitation of Allah azote it is there. And then the Hadith he said that he is Salatu was Salam

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fee Hala either Rahman Al Fisher, Harryman hodi Mahira *a Hareem. It says there's a night in that month that is better than 1000 Night, if you are denied the goodness of that night, then you are really denied and deprived.

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Meaning the end 10 Nights 10 days, one of them definitively is lead to cancer. If you do something, if you pray, if you ask,

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if you come close to Allah xojo, there will be for you better than 1000 night. So understand how much Baraka is deposited in that one night and in that month, that Allah is telling you that if you are denied the baraka of that one night, you really have lost something significant and who among us want to be you wants to be among the deprived? So get excited about the month of Ramadan because of how much Allah azza wa jal has for you in it. You understand the forgiveness of Allah. Throughout the year, we have strayed,

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we have neglected Allah's commands and prohibitions. We have not done what we're supposed to do.

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there'll be an to do we have not been the Muslims that we want to be

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the Muslims that Allah wants us to be.

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You come into Ramadan as if you docking into a harbor Safe, safe place. Why is it safe? Because Allah is supporting you.

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How is Allah supporting you in the month of Ramadan? First of all your enemy the shaytaan is shackled to her Luffy Shayateen to suffer defeat he Shayateen, the shaytaan who roams free throughout the year,

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the CHE thumb that you see had troubled me so much that I've strayed and I've been swayed and I've been tempted. And I ignored Allah azza wa jal Allah weakens him in the month of Ramadan

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so that you could launch into what Allah loves. So he weakens your enemy. And by the way, your enemy is weakened in proportion to your piety by the way, so a person's piety is minimal, his shaytan will not have as many shackles,

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you will be able to whisper more strongly than the shaytaan of a believer who is very close to Allah azza wa jal, his shaytaan will be subdued more and we can more because of his a badda so the more that you are close to Allah, the closer you are to Allah, the more shackles the more chains are on your shaitan

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so if you find some whispers, don't worry about them. They'll be fainter than the rest of the year simply rushed to Allah azza wa jal and asked for his protection so we had weakened your enemy and and made everybody around you fast and everybody's around you're reading the Quran and everybody around you is close to Allah is reminding you that this is a time that is very special. And company here is significant.

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You're not going to feel the month of Ramadan, or its beauty. If you're surrounding yourself with people who don't care about Ramadan.

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Is this going to feel like any other month

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but if you surround yourself with the righteous with people who want to fast, who want to you're talking to you about what What message are you going to go to forterra we How much did you finish of the Quran? What did you do? How much sadaqa did you give meaning that they want to motivate themselves and others to come close to Allah that company will teach you? The meaning of Ramadan will keep you close to Allah azza wa jal and one of the best places to find that company is where and then the houses of Allah azza wa jal that's why populate the houses of Allah in the month of Ramadan for every Salah between the Salah as we're coming early for Salah staying late after the

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Salah, simply positioning yourself in the best place to remember Allah azza wa jal. So some of the stuff when the month of Ramadan would come after the word from a Sahabi they said that when Romanzo Ramadan comes, preserve your eyes and ears and tongue, so though you do not engage in what displeases Allah azza wa jal. So when they heard that from that Sahabi when they would start fasting, they would come to the house of Allah zoton and stay in it as long as they can. Because they say as long as I'm here, I'm not upsetting Allah, Allah xuejun As long as I'm here, I'm doing what pleases him. I'm reading a Quran and making dua, I'm remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm

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assisting others, but I'm doing something beneficial. So you protect yourself and you protect your fasting. And that is, in essence,

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one of the great meanings of the month of Ramadan and lessons of the month of Ramadan and in the Hadith, he said that Alayhi Salatu was Salam

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for either Can I almost oh me. How do you come fella your fourth Well, I use hub for insert boy who had an OSHA Tama hopefully apple in his saw him on in Nisa him. It says when you are fasting on the day when you are fasting. You should not be engaging in obscenity in profanity, or being loud and argument argumentative. Lay your foot it means profanity. Meaning that your tongue should be pure. You should watch out what you're saying because your tongue by the way, is not only fasting from eating and drinking, but also from what? Haram

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no backbiting, no mocking others no making fun of them. No suspecting so and so no spreading gossip. Nothing that upsets Allah azza wa jal so you want to say something wrong you stop why Ramadan. You want to say something else? No, stop why it is Ramadan is Allah is teaching you there cuz this is how we are supposed to be in normal times. But maybe we're not that strong. Maybe we're not that observant, but in Ramadan, we're more conscious

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Have our sayings and our actions because we're more conscious of the presence of Allahu zodion in our lives. So layer fourth, don't engage in profanity. And if you stop for Ramadan, you can continue after. Right?

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To know your foot. So watch what you're saying. And also what are your stop? Don't be loud, but humble.

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And don't be argumentative, disputing with others arguing with them. I'm right, you're wrong. No, you let go of those arguments as well. And be humble. Let people when they see you, not for their sake, but people mainly also yourself. When you look at your silver You see, there's a difference between my fasting days and on my non fasting days. This is a bad day. Think about yourself in Sudan, how do you behave inside the salah? Is it like how you behave outside? No. Now when you're fasting, you're going to be the same person who was when he was not fasting. This is a birder. Imagine yourself in philosophy around the Kaaba, that the wolf is what a bad when you're around the

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Kaaba, you will be thinking the same thoughts. Same the same things as you've been sitting in a restaurant. No.

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So this is Ramadan when you say that's how you have the intention. When you have that intention and you start your fast that's a burden. Now

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playas have don't argue.

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And if someone wants to argue and fight with you, what do you say to them? I'm fasting and I'm fasting a declaration for yourself and for them that this day is special. And this month is special. And I'm doing this for Allah azza wa jal. I can argue with you. And I could be profane if I wanted. But for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, none of that is going to be in this month. When Allah sees your restraint when Allah sees your love for Him. That is when Allah azza wa jal values and loves you and rewards you for this month. May Allah azza wa jal put the love of the month of Ramadan in our hearts and enable us to do what he loves and stay away from what he hates. acordo Kohli Heather

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was the hula de welcome festival.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamza and Kathy your auntie Eva Nova confy, who also li wa salam, O Allah Rasool e Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, a My bad.

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As I said, we've all done things that we're not proud of,

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throughout the year, things that we don't want to meet Allah azza wa jal with things that we have remembered things that we have forgotten but things that we are sure that if we meet Allah with we're going to be ashamed and disgraced because

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and because of that, we need Allah's forgiveness. We need the power to change. And this month is one of the greatest times to get Allah's forgiveness.

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He said Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Multiple multiple Hadith Ramadan Ramadan que Farah to Lima Bina, Houma. It says Ramadan, Ramadan forgives the sins that are in between.

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A sins of an entire year could be forgiven, depending on how much we fast and how well we do it.

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He said also Alayhi Salatu was Salam that for each day will Allah Hirotaka Amina nadie whether he could if he couldn't do meanwhile, Leila will Muslim if he hit our two monster Java, you can equally Omen WELEDA he said Either he Salatu was Salam that Allah frees people from hellfire in it each day.

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And allow each Muslim has an accepted supplication for them each day.

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Each single day of Ramadan, some of us wait till the last 10 to start actually worrying about that and caring for it. Whereas the prophets Allah Allahu Allah was me saying you have 20 days before the 10 we're each day you have an opportunity of two things Allah could make that day. Now you don't have to wait till the 27th or the 25th. That day, the first or the second that day, is when you are freed from hellfire.

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You want

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and you try the first day, and you try the second day and you try the third day and your intent should be each day will be my debut in the La zodion. And some of those days your fast is not going to be great, you're going to be tired, you're going to be bored a little bit and that's fine.

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Pick up and try the next day. Because the beauty of Ramadan also is the beauty of learning to strive Despite the setbacks that you feel. It's fine if in the first few days you're not all there.

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Make up for it in the next week.

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In the next few days, but you keep trying. And one of those days if you keep asking Allah azza wa jal, one of those days might be yours. And then if you want anything, anything, anything from Allah azza wa jal, the best of the earth here on the best of the dunya each day, designate time, hours, where you would sit actually sit and ask Allah Zildjian for whatever you want, five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes but you sit and you ask, and if you're doing this, especially at opportune times for requesting from Allah zodion in the if thought when you're going to make when you're going to break your fast, that is a valuable time of day, before and after. So make do and ask Allah azote in

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the last third of the night, and throughout the day when you are fasting, keep asking Allah azza wa jal whatever comes to your mind, but also designate a time for you so that you don't miss that.

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And if a person keeps asking Allah azza wa jal for 30 days, what do you think Allah has Zota will do with these requests. The more you knock, the more likely that the door will be opened for you.

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So forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal is waiting for us there.

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And finally, what I want to say is that to connect it to what we said before anticipating the month of Ramadan.

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The prophets of Allah Allah wa salam, he said he saw me for Hatha and the fasting person has two reasons of joy and happiness. He'll be happy twice, once when he breaks his fast and the next one is when he meets Allah azza wa jal.

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So I don't know if we associate Ramadan with happiness, and if we do that for the right reasons, but Ramadan should be linked to happiness.

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And again, you will say but there is burden of fasting in the burden of Salah the burden of this and the burden of that we say no matter. Remember the outcome and the goal of all of this for Hatha and two things that will make you happy, when you break your fast, you will be happy and you will be happy there or you should be happy for two reasons when you break your first one is natural and inescapable. Now you can eat the know you can drink that brings you natural happiness and joy to it. That this is from Allah azza wa jal, he's the one who feeds and he is the one who gives this is that cinema. So associate link it to that.

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There's another reason for happiness. When you break your fast you just finished the day you have a bada. Think about that, which is really more valuable than being happy for eating and drinking. Right? I just finished a day of fasting Alhamdulillah.

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Many cannot fast. Many don't know about Ramadan. Many do not want to fast. You just finished the day of fasting. And you've deposit that and given that to Allah zodion Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. And now you think about the next moment of happiness, when they meet Allah azza wa jal, they expect that when I see this, I'll be happy.

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So when you go to tarawih, and you finish taraweeh and yeah, on the first day, and the first couple of days, your back will hurt a little bit.

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And you feel that you don't want to be there but at the conclusion of that, say Alhamdulillah I finished at a bad

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that is now with Allah azza wa jal May Allah accept it. When you eat your soul, you're not just eating a meal.

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When you eating your soul, you remember that Allah azza wa jal and the angels are giving Salah to you because you're eating that meal.

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Right? So you feel at hamdulillah I've not also done a bad when you rush and you break your fast and not just simply you're hungry you can wait to eat, but prophets OLALIA syllable said there's all will always be good in my ummah, as long as they rushed today to eat their Iftar and break their fast. So you say okay, there's still good left in us, because we're doing this. Appreciate and feel all those meanings when you're fasting, and really approach Ramadan with anticipation, and approach it with happiness and any anticipated anxiety and difficulty that you have about the month of Ramadan. Recognize the shaytaan is there to make it worse for you. Right? If you have any of those

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feelings, the shaytaan wants to bring you down say I oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Zota it will be easy and pray for that. And any difficulty, especially if you have increased and added difficulty more than other people. Any difficulty Allah rewards you more for it because you're striving harder than anybody else who asked a lot of Bill Alameen are hamara himedia Allah make us of those who anticipate and receive the month of Ramadan with happiness, excitement and preparedness so that we can take the good

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The disadvantage of it was curable Allah mean to make us of those who are forgiven in the month of Ramadan you Allah make us of those who fast the days of Ramadan Iman and YT Serba Allah make us of those who pray the nights of Ramadan Iman and YT Saba, makers of those who pray Lila to other Iman and wetty Surber makers of those who pray make dua throughout the days and nights of the month of Ramadan and give us the accepted entity or herbal Alameen make us of those who remember you often in the month of Ramadan make us era BL Alameen the ones who stay away from the Haram and guard and protect their eyes and ears and tongues and hands and feet and bodies from haram enable us and give

00:25:41--> 00:26:01

us the strength to do the best that we can in that month and except from us era BL al Amin, forgive us in it and our children and our spouses, our parents, our families and the Omo Muhammad sal Allahu Allah He was in Allahumma Baddeck Lin a few Ramadan honorable al Amin Allahumma. Inna Allah to me he was here I'm here hamara Haneen Allahumma

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Vickery, Kofi Allah homomorphic Nephi helical Lisa, you're gonna see him in coalition renomia crew he neuropil al Amin, Allah how much Allah me man who fear Allah Nephi he or Bill al Amin was a Kabbalah fee humans do what's called Berliner fee him in Euro Arthur Quran Aloha Marina fee ARB Allah the critic our Shoukry co host nearby Aloha morphic Nicola Archer Qurani otter, the booty Heba to Jalna Amin manha Jarrah horrible al Amin Allahumma Jana me mozzie tena fee Iman Allama Jania min min Hakka coffee turquois herbal al Amin, Allah maganda me manda Amira fee Fernando de la, what are the unmet you see, to care for Lita unwearable al Amin Alohomora fitna Lima to hit bottarga in

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Show Creek office nearby Aloha Minister local Jen Natoma kurabe. Hammond Colleen wireman one when they're older, becoming a nerdy Omar call Robert E. Lee Hammond Colleen wireman yada yada yada we'll be romantic and Esther leave us the Helena shenana kula Wallah Tokina 11 fusina tophatter I'm working