Arafah Series #09 You Cant Ask For Enough

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I'm Sarah more on equal mother day of Arafa turn to your Lord if you're saying I don't know what to rugby Z Diddy, oh Allah keeping the knowledge so that next year I know more towards rugby ZD Oh Allah I beg of you to give you the knowledge so that I can know you. Oh blah blah in this year upgrade my opinion of you. Rugby is easy. Three more times will be Sydney really? Oh my board includes me in knowledge now further explain, embellish, of make the word, real knowledge vast, expand upon it. I want knowledge of this world knowledge of the Hereafter knowledge of self development knowledge of the self or of the zero knowledge of Quran and Sunnah how to fulfill my

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rights to the people and what are my rights to with you? Yeah, Hola, rob the zippity

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