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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah earlier Serbian Mala, dear viewers Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back to yet another new episode on this journey of Hajj, the fifth of Hajj, how are we going to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala through this one act of worship of Hajj just joined again with you Zack MLA here. This is your show, and we're here with you. Welcome back.

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We left last time while in the State of Iran, and we have many questions to discuss around this subject of the firearm again.

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So I know we mentioned it in the past as well of a person being on an airplane and going over them you thought but since this is the subject an episode of haram, can a person enter haram while on an airplane

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah.

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So what a person who has an aeroplane or whatever kind of

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ride they happen to be on, then it is permitted for them to enter the State of Iran while on the plane, while while they're in the car, even

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bearing in mind that they should be preparing themselves and preparing themselves for that. So they're wearing the appropriate clothing. So for the man who's wearing two sheets, or two garments, two white garments ready to enter the State of Iran. But there's nothing preventing them from doing that.

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Shift No, regarding our sisters whom are have that period, or they're in their menses or are in a period of their postpartum

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what is their state? Can they enter into a firearm? Or should they prevent or should they delay at their home okay, very good. So, it is not a condition that when a person enters into the state of haram, that they are in a state of purity. spiritual purity is not a shot is not a condition.

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Therefore, if a woman

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is on her monthly cycle on her menses, or she gave birth, a short while ago, which really cool postpartum bleeding, the only first in Arabic, that they were allowed to enter the state of haram, in fact that these two circumstances happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, where there were, in fact, Chateau de Allahu Allah was on her monthly cycle and she was told by the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam to assume the state of haram and to do everything that the Hajj does, except to perform toe off around the cab. So it is permissible, permissible.

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So what about if some blood comes on there haram?

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What is the ruling of that? Okay, with regards to impurities, whether it's dumb blood or urine as a criminal or anything like that, then ideally you are you should clean the area. Okay?

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It is important that the garments, because it's likely you're going to be praying in the garments as well correct. And from the conditions of the prayer as the clothing that you are wearing pure is pure as well. So in the state of the Haram, and outside, you have the same kind of conditions apply

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as to ensuring that your clothes are pure. If it happened, that you're had some impurity on your haram closing it doesn't doesn't essentially affect the state of haram that you are in. You just have to bear in mind that when it's time for Salah or something like that, that you should clean that area of the impurity.

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Speaking of conditions, you mentioned the word condition and just kind of triggered another question in mind, which is can a person put a condition while he's entering into the state of a home?

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Okay, it's a good question. And some of the scholars are of the view that it is mazahub is recommended on all occasions,

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to to make a condition.

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Now we have an incident during the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam, we have Sahabi whose name was Baba Toobin to Zubayr Rhodiola Juana that she came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while wanting to perform Hajj. And she complained to the Prophet sallallaahu Salam that she was feeling some severe pain, and that she feared that maybe she would not be able to complete the Hajj. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said had G, perform your head washed already, and also make a condition and he mentioned to her Salallahu Alaihe Salam. It's the statement that a person will make before they are as they are entering the State of Iran and

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statement is in habits and he has this one from a highly high thought habit study

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which translates that for in habits and habits that if some matter prevents me from completing my hedge or my ombre then my the place in which I will exit because the purpose of making the condition is what is that you are allowed to exit the state of haram

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because otherwise you are required to finish you're required to complete the Hajj on camera we know Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, or Tim Mahajan, Emirati Allah and complete the Hydra Nirmala for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So if you enter the State of Iran, you are obliged to complete the pilgrimage that you've undertook. But if you make a condition at the beginning, in the fear that maybe you can't finish it, that thing occurs or that matter occurs, it is allowed for you now then to exit the State of Iran, and that there's nothing upon you

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what seems to be more correct meaning is it recommended for you to do it regardless. The other view, which seems to be one of the other views is more correct is that you should only make this condition if there is a genuine fear. Okay, so it's not recommended at all times. I mean, the past few to perform Hajj or Umrah is safe, no problems, you're not feeling ill or anything like that you assume everything is fine, then there's no need for you to make a condition. Only if you feel there is a genuine fear, a genuine risk, then it is good for you to make this condition so you can exit the state of the circuit. We spoke probably in our last episode of the items that are disliked or

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forbidden for us in the state of a haram. Let's shift gears now and talk about the Sunon of the state of a haram and what is permissible, what is likely to be done in the state of India

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is very important for us to talk about the fundamentals or the foundations of something. Often when we talk about the prayer, we talk about the pillars of the prayer what actually has to be done to validate the prayer.

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And it is also important for us to talk about the extra things that we can do. Meaning that if we didn't do them, yes, the Hajj would be valid. Yes, the Haram would be correct. Yes, your prayer would be valid. But maybe you missed out on some great reward, easy reward from doing these extra Sunanda things. So it's also important for us to mention these two things and the scholars they do mention in their books affect the Sunnah of Iran meaning that before you enter the state of haram, there are a number of things which you should do, which is good for you to do. Recommended. It's not a must it's not an obligation is not Rajib but soon, meaning that this is what the prophets Allah

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sent us to do

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from those is to trim your nails and remove any hair from your body.

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This is done before haram. While you're in a state of haram you're not permitted to do that.

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We have a number of narrations concerning this. So we have a general Hadith the hadith of andasibe No Malik Radi Allahu Anhu in which he said that the Prophet sallallahu at some determined a time for us in which trimming the nails removing the hair from our bodies which is necessary to remove that it should not go beyond 40 days. Okay, so obviously when a person is preparing themselves for pilgrimage, it is good for you to purify and clean yourself. So the first one is to remove hair and to trim the nails. The second one is to add an unimportant point when I say remove hair, remove hair that's permitted for you to remove course we're not talking about to remove hair, maybe a person

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says okay, I want to shave my beard off or something like this. This was not from the Sunnah of the Prophet, but remove him to get from the from here from under the arms or the private parts. This is the hair that should be removed.

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The second one is for the males, not for the females but for the males is for them to perfume this themselves to wear a perfume and to wear the very best perfume. This is something that showed the Allahu Anhu that she narrated herself. And the fact that there was a type of oil perfume that the Prophet Ali's or some would use. And she stated I put the perfume in his beard and that when he entered into the state of haram I could see the beads of the perfume in his bed Sallalahu

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so it is highly recommended to wear nice perfume on your body not to put it on the loads of the Haram itself. The haram should not be perfumed.

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But the perfume that you wear on you put on your body.

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Inevitably it may some of it may fall on to your haram that's not a problem in shallow tide. This is a sunnah a third one is to have a wholesome actually I should have done it the other way around. Because then you think Okay, put the perfume on. And then I'm gonna have a shower, and I remove all the perfume. So the shower before you put the perfume on, but nonetheless, it's still assumed we have the

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hadith of Zeytinburnu saboteur Rhodiola Rhino image that the prophets of Allah have said or rather he observed the prophet Elijah and remove all his clothing put the two garments of haram, but before that he had performed also performed above, which is something and there are facilities at the places of these miracles, there are places that you can have showers and prepare yourself for that. So these are, these are three that we have mentioned so far.

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What about the for example, I fall into one of these forbidden items that we spoke about? How do I expiate?

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Yeah, so the expiration of the video is very important topic for us to discuss if I can just add one more soon.

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As potential sun and be some of the scholars do differently as to the actual timing of the

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entering the state of haram.

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The Prophet salallahu Salam Abdullah ibn Umar Radi Allahu Anhu generates that the prophet is would enter the state of the Haram when everything he prepared himself and then because the bull Khalifa actually is in the valley, okay, it goes down and you'll see there's like, all these roads and bridges that go in the center, kind of an area that goes down that the prophet Elisha Islam would begin an enter the state of haram when the he went up out of the valley, but still in the area. So as you grow up, that's the time to actually enter the State of Iran. If you don't next to the masjid area, then that's not prominent in Charlottetown. Until now, I'm going to ask you, if you could just

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take a small break, Inshallah, when we return, we'll continue the expiation. Dear viewers, it's that time again to take a small break. Stay tuned after the break, we'll continue there haram and what how can we expiate? If we fall into the forbidden of a haram Saddam like Morocco to deliver care to their viewers, welcome back as we continue the topic of Iran, and how we can fully get a scope of this issue of Iran. We left off last with the question of expiating for falling into these Mughal rock these forbidden items, while in the state of the Haram How can one XP for that Bismillah so on this issue, these Mathura to the Haram which we mentioned that there are nine, and it's good for the

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for the viewers and all those preparing for Hajj or Umrah is to really know what these matters are.

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We mentioned the hikma the purpose behind them the wisdom behind them. Now,

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if a person falls or does one of these nine is one of three reasons.

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Either number one that they do intentionally.

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If that is the case, number one, there is a sin upon them, and they need to repent. And secondly, that they meet expiate, for that this is the first reason that that may be done. It's intentional. So they're sinful, and they need to make up for it. Number two, is that there is a Hajer that there is a need for that.

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And an example of that is the companion cabin. Audra Radi Allahu Anhu came to the Prophet Saracen was complaining of lice in his hair, he had a lice, infestation of lice in his hair, and he was in a state of one. Here, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him to shave his hair. And here he had to pay an explanation for that. So there's the second situation is there is a need for it.

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The third situation is that the person does it, use ignorance, or they were forced, or they will forgetful, or they even sleeping.

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On this third scenario, the scholars have differed on this issue. However, what seems to be the meaning of the aroma is that there's nothing upon that person.

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There's nothing upon that person if either they were ignorant,

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or they were forgetful, or forced, or that they were sleeping. So this is like an introduction as to the different situations why a person may do one of those matters a lot of forbidden actions while in the State of Iran.

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The second section now is

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the type of explanations from the nine.

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So the first category is that there is no video upon that person. They've done one of the prohibited acts while in the state of haram, but there was no video.

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Like a person who conducted or did a marriage contract. There's no explanation for that. If you did it intentionally remember there's a sin and you have to repent for that. But in this situation, if a person wants to do marriage contract that marriage contract would be invalid.

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The second type of video or the explanation is that is equal to that what you that you did, and that is specific to side that is hunting. So whatever animal you hunt

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If you would then have to give that animal as an explanation to the poor people of Makkah.

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The third type of video, is what they call a failure mode or lava, which is a very severe kind of expiation that you have to make up. And that is if there is sexual intercourse, while making Hajj. Not only does number one, it invalidates your hajj. Number two is that you would have to make Hajj the following year.

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And the Hajj you are doing now you have to complete it. And also you have to have a camel slaughtered

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camera. So this is a severe explanation for that particular action of sexual intercourse alone.

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The fourth type of video mush on notice is information overload. Yes. But the fourth one is that let's say trimming the nails, or covering the head, or trimming the hair, wearing perfume. These ones, there's a type of explanation for that. And a person, if they do it intentionally, then of course, they're sinful and have the option of doing one of three things. Either the sheep will be slaughtered, and that meat is distributed to the poor people of Makkah. Secondly is that they will feed six people. And for each person that they will give Nisswa saw, which is approximately about one and a half kilos of gluten valid of the type of food that they eat in that particular country.

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Of course, this will be in the UK. And the third one is that they will fast three days. So if a person intentionally cut their nails, now, if a person has a damaged nail, and it's causing them harm, and I'm afraid that if I've removed that nail, and I've committed one of the prohibited acts and the Haram, removing a harmful nail does not come underneath that that's an exception to the rule. So if you've got a nail that broke, you can remove it Alhamdulillah no problem is nothing upon you. But if the person is in a state of haram knows fully well as going on, gets the Clippers out animals to have another go over their nails would say you're sinful for doing that. And there's a

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video for that. And you choose one of the three, as I mentioned, is to have asleep sheep slaughtered and there's meat is distributed to the poor people, that person doesn't take anything from the meat, you have nothing only for the poor people for you for three days, or you feed six people. And those people are in luck as well. Is there a specific time or place? I mean, we mentioned the place, but is there a specific time to do this video. So with regards to this video, from the last ones that I just mentioned, it becomes an obligation for that person to

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to make that explanation. And because of their obligation. Obviously, the sooner you do that, the better. It is not though you've got like, you know, you got a timeout, which is passing. But remember that if you leave Mecca, you know, maybe you've come from a far country, you're going to return to your own country, maybe a few to arrange for you know, having a sheep slaughtered and then fed to the people, the poor people of Machiavelli that's difficult for you to arrange. So you don't make things difficult for yourself. So I would advise if you have these things on your list on your shoulders, you should try to do it as quick as you can, if you decide to have a sheep slaughtered.

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If you decide that you've got three days that you need to force, then you're going to do that when you return home, then you have that choice as well.

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So you're not really confined to that specific time. If you decide that you're going to force the three days, then that's not something which is attached or needs organizing. While you're in luck, that can be done while you return to your home. Now,

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changing gears a little bit shift.

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If somebody for example, is on a work visa, in Saudi Arabia for work related purposes, and he wants to perform hajj,

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usually he can't enter into Mecca because then you know, it's not really allowed for him to do so. What's his date or what is his position at this point? Now, especially where Al Hamdulillah last pantallas facilitated that, you know, millions of people can travel quite easily around the world. And they can, you know, attend Makkah very easily. If you have the means you have the financial means to do so.

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If you find that 10 million people turn up at MCC, it becomes almost impossible for people to move. So therefore the authorities need to limit the amount of people so that the place remains safe. And safety is extremely important for the Pilgrims for those who are judge to have while performing the hajj. So the authorities have the responsibility ensuring that the places safe for this reason, you find that there are certain quotas or numbers are given to certain countries that allows a poor

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portion or percentage of the Hajaj as an entire number to come. Like so big populations where there's lots of Muslims in that country like Indonesia, mashallah, it's more than 100 million Muslims in Indonesia, you could have quite easily maybe 10 million from Indonesia wanting to perform Hajj and turning up. But it's not plausible, it's not possible. So therefore, they have been given a quota for the amount of Hajaj to come from Indonesia. So many can come from not countries, other countries may not have those quotas. But nonetheless, there's only a certain amount that you can have you can cater for. For this reason, there is a law that is in place that those people who have

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a permission to three permission to perform Hajj visa, which is a Hajj visa, you can perform Hajj, those who do not have Hajj visa, they should not perform the hajj, because everybody if they just come, it's going to cause chaos. And many of them have of the view that if you do not have 100, Visa, Hajj dysuria, you should not perform Hajj, you should wait until it's your turn and have the opportunity to perform Hajj. So this would be

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as much as I mean if the person says who is anybody to tell me when I can when I cannot perform Hajj

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you as an individual,

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you're not the only person on earth, if you were the only person on earth, then you're free to come perform the hajj. If everybody has this same line of thinking, all those people who have been given hedge visas, they will make the hedge at another million people who think well who's gonna stop me to make hedge, then this causes chaos. And in the years have passed, people have died due to crowding, overcrowding, too many people in one place. So it is important to think that yes, you're an individual but you're also part of an ummah, you're part of a larger community and every single one of us has an important role in ensuring that everybody is safe to perform in her circle. So I

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mean, we know not to go to hedge without hedge permit.

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But you know, somebody who is there already or he's in a situation is does he offer an explanation for not for going into reaching mecca for example, without the State of Iran.

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So if a person intends to make hajj and they can't reach so they've reached Mecca, and they've passed them you're caught without being in the state of battle. Okay. You know, what's his what depends on their attention. I mean, you have different scenarios concerning this, let's say a person were not outside the facilities outside of Hajj time. And their primary intention is to go to Mecca for a business transaction to do some business or to set something up to meet somebody or whatever the case may be. Their intention isn't to make or model

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they take the bus they take the car, they take the plane towards whether good or whatever agenda or make their way directly to because they can take the train now there's a train service

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however halfway they realize and they say, You know what, actually I do want to make remodel.

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They change their mind are they required now to go back to the method would say no.

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You make your intention from where you are right that time

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because your intention initially wasn't to make to go for a pilgrimage. But if literally legitimately you'll go in there for whatever reason, but now you want to make your intention mean hey thought from the time or the place that you now a person as we mentioned, everything goes back to whether you have that

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the CD holder had visa, if you have it you can go if you don't have it, then you should not go really circle Hold on now Schiff very fruitful session past two sessions past two episodes actually speaking about the topic of a haram very beneficial, very fruitful Zakum Lucha Iran, their viewers we've come to the time of ending and unfortunately we have to put a stop at this point in sha Allah join us next episode as we continue the journey of our fifth or the fifth of Hajj going on this journey getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala through this journey of worship, until next time, I said on what ECAM or tomorrow he will look at