Yahya Ibrahim – Tafsir Of Surah Al- Falaq And An Naas – Part 1 of 2

Yahya Ibrahim
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at Hamdi level Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu Allahu Allah le he was a woman who Allah Mohammed Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh oedematous Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad in Salalah while he was a lemma film La la la, la, la la la mina Anima Johanna with a kidnapping hamanasi now a llama vertical in Africa and Elohim Aloha. Mahalo mahalo with an NFC dunya with a fellow a niece and a nephew who deniable me

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and handed Alhamdulillah I'm going to begin another daily tafsir Alhamdulillah, the Tafseer of the final two chapters of the Quran. And there was an attempt at hamdulillah yesterday to to kind of begin and I thought I would redo it after some advice from one of our dear brothers May Allah subhanaw taala give him

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blessing and guidance along the way. I mean, so we're beginning with salt and Philip and saltiness, the chapter 113 114

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and they are referred to

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classically by the AMA, ama with the team and the two sources, they are used together as a source of asking Allah subhanaw taala for his protection. And when we make a list out there when we seek protection from Allah subhanho wa Taala the way we seek and we, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his protection is in the belief that we have that no one has power or authority or control over the seen and the unseen world except him Sakano to Allah and Allah Subhana Allah is the one who is in ultimately and and that will help will come to him is all the creation and to him is all of the direction for his creation, all that is before us and behind us all that is surrounding us. It is

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with Allah subhanho wa Taala his power and discretion. And inshallah we want to discuss, some of the speciality is about these two schools very quickly in sha Allah, the next time we meet every day we meet in July, hopefully Around this time, that we will add a little bit more insight and information into these two chapters of the Quran. Why are we doing two chapters together historically, you know, we've done different chapters we've done so little more, you can assure and others. But here we're adding these two, along with attain these two sources together, because they have always been inseparable from each other. And you will notice when we begin our discussion that sort of alfalah

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speaks about the temporal world, the dounia, the physical things in it, it's a protection from the harm that is tangible, that is real, from illnesses and so on, while SoTL denyse is with regards to that immaterial world, the spiritual world for a minute, and leave us with Sophie so Dora ness from the whisperings that are within us and that may harm us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect us from the jinn in the shape on and all from that which is evil, long, Amin. So let's look at look at some of the important issue that relates to these two schools in child law. The first thing that I want to point out that these two sources are linked together. And they were really seen

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as inseparable from one another and when the prophets I send them would recite them in his prayer. Or he would say to people to recite them in the prayers and to make dua for them and ask Allah for healing. And to make little clear with them, it wasn't one without the other. They were used together. And then a mammal by haffley

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mentioned in I believe that in a noble web, that these two souls were actually revealed together, that they were sitting down together and they are 11 verses in total, five for solo alfalah and six for solo and NASS. The second thing that I want to point out about this to Sula is that there's a little bit of disagreement amongst the aroma, especially from the early early generations as to whether these two sources were revealed in Mecca or Medina. Now the context of the sutras the the rhythm of the sutras, the rhyme of the sutras, the short shortness of the soul does the shortness of the verses, the content of the meaning is all about tawheed and affirming a loss, Majesty, honor and

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dominion and sovereignty. It lends a person to immediately believe that these are mechanisms revealed in the early days when Islam was flourishing, and the man was being instilled into the hearts of people. And therefore you find

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the great imams that has Anil basally at crema alpha, these are some of the great imams of Tafseer from the generation of those who lived with the Sahaba that they immediately say that this surah was revealed in Mecca macabre Roma, and they take and they report from Abdullah neuroma ABI bass, excuse me, about the Allahu anhu map

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opinions and narrations that

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That support this that he had said this. However you also see that there are other authentic narrations from Abdullayev. Now that's where he also said that these two solos were revealed in in Medina. And one of the things that I think is notable is that there's a hadith by lev now I'm not the Allahu Allah.

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And he was a person who accepted Islam in Medina. So he's accepted Islam after the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, he was a Muslim before it, he said that the prophet SAW Selim came to him and this hadith is inside a Muslim and other other other places, and said to him, that there has been a revelation that was revealed to me

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that is matchless in its ability to protect one and they are the winner take these two suitors, will, will Falak will arrow to the Robin NASS and that these two sources are to be used in that in that way of seeking a protection and a cure and a spiritual healing by from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that's really, you know, an important point that oppa he only became a

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follower of the Prophet, I tell him after the Asia, but some of the memes have defeated the counter this and they say, But listen, our verse or in a pseudo might be revealed to the prophets, I send them in Mecca. And then later on, the Prophet would receive another revelation about the sword or about its importance or about using it in this capacity of seeking protection and assistance. And it might have been revealed in mechanika, Rama, but then another revelation, not in the wording or the lettering of this order, but about the importance of the soldier was revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam, in in Madina munawwara. And this seems to say, takes to make sense to

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many of the Imams of Tafseer. The third thing that I think is also important, I think to note is that there is some discrepancy. And you know, you might read it, and I want it to be something that we speak about openly, because I don't want people to put doubt in your heart, where they say that I'm delighted with the Allahu anhu. He said that this isn't actually from the Koran. And sometimes you'll find people who will try to say, See, you know, they used to pick and choose which of the verses they wanted, and that's not the reality. So the live demonstration of the Allahu anhu he acknowledges that this was from the whole reveal to the prophets lie Selim. And then later on, he

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said that there was an abrogation that this, although it's not it was not used as a citation of the crime, but then only as a prayer for the prophets, I send them to me of colloquia. And there's a Hadith of the prophets, I seldom Would you be able to live near Mr. Wood, he says that he would see the prophets I seldom reading these two sections. As

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for Al Hassan Hussein, and you It's as if I'm 11 years old, was saying, as a man to be another say, it's as if you were saying that this was a drive that was taught to the prophets I seldom By Allah, but it wasn't.

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Hold on. Now, what's important about this, I you know, I'll share a few things. The first thing that's important as half of a bizarre rock metal IRA, he records this statement of economists wrote about this not being from the Koran. And it's important to note that this is only quoted from abdulai Minimus. Earlier, he's the only Sahabi that this is mentioned from, and in the face of that in his era, and in this time, all the Sahaba who are still alive, they did not see this as being a practice. And they did not accept this from him in that sense. And this is something that there is a laughing, but there is no disunity from. And therefore you see the liveliness or the alarm. I know

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he's solitarily individually, the only one who had this isolated point of view from something that he believed about it.

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All of us will have at the time, did not accept this as being the correct view. The second thing that's important to note, the Koran that was compiled in the era of colossal death, Lydia Lau I know and then by remember the Allahu anhu was kept by him, passed on to Hofstra and then given to have mandible and I found that that that was written and scribed by Isaiah digney sabot, or the Allahu anhu ultramarine that when of mounting not found ordered that chemical copies, you know, Master copies be made from that initial copy that was made, they didn't have it once again, was the one that scribed it from that initial manuscript and they did contain those two suitors, and therefore

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that was agreed to by the Sahaba at the time. The next thing that is important to note is that there are numerous confirmed sound Hadith of the prophets, I sell them that are reliable of the prophets, I sell them not only reciting these two sutras as as sections of the Koran, but that that he would recite them even in his prayer sallallahu alayhi. Wa early he was happy to sell him and that's that's significant. That's an immense proof. So therefore, we turn our attention away from the statement of obligation

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That's rude. And we acknowledge that it is a scholarly position that he held, although it is not one that the oma accepted and verified.

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The last thing that I do want to mention is that these two sources were used as a Rokia by the prophets I sell them and on the prophets I send them and you believe as authentic hadith that's in the Sahaba descended upon the prophets, I sell them when there was a little bit of illness within him, and some attributed to some of the wizardry that was done by

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some of the inhabitants of Medina that gibreel came in a dream to the prophets I sell them and and recite it upon him these 11 verses and they were 11 lots that were tied on the hair of the prophets, I sell them and that they were undone. And the whisperings of the and the shape on was expelled in that sense and the prophets Allah when he was selling them recovered. It was a point where the prophet SAW Selim was

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you know, assisted by these verses the hora de allama Anna, she says in the final illness of the prophet SAW Selim, she would put his hand on the prophet SAW Selim his own hand on his own self, because the hand of the prophet SAW Selim contained healing and Baraka, and she would recite Alma with attain to recite it to see cure for the profits of the law, what he was selling, and to ask Allah to help him and cure him. So we see that this was something that was a tradition that was done by the Sahaba. This

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the early generation of Muslims as a form of cure shefali simonin. Hi, him, he mentioned to us that one of the first ways that our oma May Allah subhanaw taala, pardon us And forgive us, one of the first ways that our oma disbanded and made hedgerow or turned away from the Koran is that we

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stopped using it as a cure and as a healing. And the first instance of us finding ailment and pain within us, used to compel the early generation to turn to the book of Allah and come and say, Oh Allah, I asked you for your for the Shiva and that Allah revealed in this portal on a healing for mankind, a healing for what's inside limited so door, you know what perturbs us but also a physical healing. For us, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to heal us with the portal on through his mind and his power alone. I mean, what it amounted to for who he is. And when we bring ourselves to disrepute and illness, it is only through a loss of Hannah Montana, that we find healing and therefore it's

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not the portal and that's the healing, but it's the power of a law and calling him to our aid through it, that can cause it, to bring it into our life and manifest itself into the healing that we seek of it. The very last thing that I want to say is that these tools, subcontinental be an alpha are foundational in their importance for us as Muslims, Prophet sallallahu wasallam he guaranteed for people forgiveness for the sins, on account of their resuscitation of these two surahs protection from the harms of the shape on and the gene that evil, unseen forces, nefarious forces if we were cited in the mornings and in the evening, three times and three times. If we were

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cited after every Soledad, there's special blessings that are given to us. All of those are things that you love that we will refer to and speak about in our upcoming installment. And we'll begin with us autofill UK, which is

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cool with the Euro Bill falaka begins with a loss of Hannah with Allah saying,

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say asked me with this. And that's really really important when a law asks you asks the prophets I sell an asset through that way to ask him with these words meaning a laws teaching us that he wants us to make big that that to you. And I mean, that that's a dude, that works. So Allah says, pull out the barrel bill fella, say, Oh Allah, Who is the Lord in the master of the daybreak, who's in control of of this universe, of what surrounds us what we know of it, won't we don't. I ask your protection, I asked refuge with you in you. So that's the very first opening idea that we will study in our next installment of our daily seed

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of sort of develop, and sort of the NAS and while we attain, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to either domina shaytani r rajim, to protect us and to give us

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a refuge from what disturbs us from our own selves and from that which seeks to harm us in the day and in the night. Also, Leila Houma, wa Sallim wa barik, ala Sayidina, Wahhabi Vienna, Vienna Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I hope you'll join me again tomorrow evening day to Allah wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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