Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P19 195E Tafsir Al-Naml 18-26

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of ants and their behavior is discussed, including their use of body parts to approach the colony and their use of killing ants as a means of protecting themselves. The speakers also touch on the concept of "monster" and its connection to the "monster" in Islam. The importance of language and deeds is emphasized, along with the sham of a woman named Tom Liko and its impact on the deen. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing proper behavior and not being too harsh, as it is a means of revenge.
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had the until either when a tow they came so this means that the Army's when they were gathered from all the different places in one place who Shira, they were made to march and as they were marching, it seems as though they were going to a particular destination as they were marching either ATO when they came upon where they normally Valley off ants. All right, they were marching and they happen to march close to nearby what? The Valley of ants Wedi now over here valley of ants doesn't mean a nominal is the name of a nation. Okay, because this is what some people said that, you know, adds, how is it possible that they talk to each other? So you know what, let's change the Quran. Because

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science cannot prove that and stalk to each other. Well, science proves now that ants communicate with each other. Right? So some people they said a novel refers to the tribe of the people of Nemo

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All right, and see why the it was a valley they used to live in that valley. But in Arabic, I mean history there's no none light community. Okay, no, it means ENT in Arabic. All right. So a valley of ants what does it mean? Meaning a place where there was an ant colony and some ant colonies can be massive? Isn't it possible they can be huge? Really big?

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Call it it said Nam Latin anomala and and when it saw the army approaching it raise the signal the warning? What was the warning that it gave to the rest of the ants? Yeah, you animal all ants. Although Hello, enter Messiah Kena come your homes Misaki chlorella Muskan get into your houses. Why? Because land not yesterday Munna calm, he crushed you who would crush you so a man who want you know the who saw a man on Instagram and his armies? Well whom Leia Sharon, while they would not perceive, get into your houses, because it's quite possible that today Manna is Santa, and his armies would not see you on the ground and they would crush you all. So safety.

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Yesterday manna from the root letters, how bought me how come How come is to crush and smash something. And this is what happens to poor ants right? When people don't even see them beneath their feet. We just keep walking. And then when we look back, when we look closely to the ground, we see an ant or two that we have squished under our feet. So this is how Tama now, what do we see over here? First of all, we see that an ant is warning the rest of the ends. It doesn't say Oh, I should go and hide somewhere let the others die. No, if she sees danger approaching, she warns everybody

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we see this well wishing and this is something beautiful we see in many of the creatures of Allah subhanaw taala especially those that live together, that how they if there is a danger they want one another. Secondly, we see over here that even an ant has a good supposition of who Suleiman early salmon his armies the and doesn't say oh they're gonna crush you deliberately. What does the answer well whom lie as your own they won't even realize that they're crushing you that they're walking over you they won't even realize so the ad knows that today manner they said I wouldn't do this deliberately it would happen by accident. So we have to do something to protect ourselves. Now this

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is something that we need to do also have personal fun, you know think good about others that if someone hurt you if someone you know broke something of yours give the benefit of the doubt maybe they didn't even realize maybe they didn't even feel maybe they didn't even know we're home Leia Sharon

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then we see over here that say Monterey Santa I mean he wouldn't intentionally you know crush the ants nor his army would because the end understands well whom Leia Scharoun this means that crashing and killing ants is something that is okay. Is it okay? For fun? Can we do it kill one ant and then another one another one comes out smash it another one smash it another one smash it? Is it something that we can do? No. Remember that killing ants is something that is forbidden. In our deen. We're not allowed to do that. Unless of course it happens by accident. Or it is done because they are a safety hazard or something like that. You know, for instance, there could be an ant

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colony right in front of your house. Okay. And from there, the ants are constantly coming inside your house. And if they're coming inside your house, you know in no time they'll be in everything. And even that okay, you can

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would say, how much are they going to eat? But if you start finding ants in your food and your refrigerator, in your pantry, and then eventually in your clothes and everywhere else, and then they're biting you, that could be a problem.

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So for that reason, can you kill ants if they are a problem to you? And remember that, you know, and an ant colony, you can't completely destroy it. It's not possible. You can always move it how, you know, by spraying and all of that they will move to another location but you can't always destroy them because many times he's an colonies are very, very deep in the ground, very deep. And remember, there's a hadith in which we learned that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, this is a Hadith in Bukhari, and and bid a prophet amongst the prophets of Allah. So there was a prophet of Allah and and and bit him. So he ordered that the place of the ants be burnt.

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Why did he do that?

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Because one and bit him. So he thought, this whole colony should be burnt, meaning all the ants should be burnt.

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So Allah inspired to him, it is because of one end that bit You that You burned a nation amongst the nations that glorify Allah,

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because of one and you punish the rest of them.

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You should not have done that. In other words, now, this was a prophet of Allah, a prophet of Allah is also a human being this happened, and we do things that are much much worse. But what is it that Allah subhanaw taala inspired to him? That why would you destroy an entire nation that glorifies Allah? So when we look at ants don't just look at ants as a nuisance? No, look at an ant and think this creature does Allah's, the speaker

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so if there happens to be an ant colony somewhere in your backyard, someone in your front yard and it's not really coming into your house, leave it for God's sake, leave it and be happy that there is something that lives on your property. An entire nation lives on your property, and that nation glorifies and praises Allah subhanho wa Taala Fatah sama so they man are an s&m Tuber sama he smiled by he can laughingly tell by some of them Tabassum bassy meme if T Sam is to smile by Hagen back to laugh, so he smiled laughingly, meaning a giggle also came out melancholy her because of her, her statement meaning because of what he heard the and saying, What does this mean? That's a man our

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listener also understood what the end said to one another. Now how did he hear the end?

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Allahu Allah. He was a prophet of Allah. Allah made him hear the end. What color and he said but look at what Sulaiman Ernie Salam said, that is what we need to focus on. Because we get stuck on matters like but how did the end communicate? And how could say manually Salam here the end? And you know what, this is not scientifically possible and especially 1000s of years ago. So you know what Quran is just a book of fairytales. No, this is not the case. How exactly it happened. Allahu Allah. You know, if you think about it, if the revelation came to the prophets of Allah,

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and when the angel brought the revelation, nobody but the Prophet heard it, then it's also possible for Allah subhanaw taala to allow His Messenger to hear what an aunt has said. Is it not possible? It's possible we'll call her and he said, rugby Oh Zerhouni. Oh my Lord. Oh zero knee. This word Oh zero knee is from the same root as us our own was what this was Army to restrain right to curb to restrain the knifes from following its desire.

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Okay, you remember last name and with our D. You remember last name is the action is being done by oneself not on somebody else and Muhtar D is the action is being done on somebody else right so was our to restrain and Oza is to restrain someone else okay was out could be like keeping yourself back and Oza is restrained someone else to curb another. So Oh, zero knee you restrain me? You control me? You curb my wrong desires. You see so a mannerism so much power so much knowledge, so many blessings. I mean, he's hearing and And isn't this such a huge blessing? And at this point, isn't it easy to be so arrogant and proud of oneself? And become ungrateful?

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You know, like, if you see an ant running away, sometimes people will go after the ant and smash it.

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Especially children. What is the ant doing to you?

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running away from you. You don't have to show that you're a mighty to an end I mean the ant already knows that you're mighty in front of it but look at the humility of today man or listen to me says oh my lord you restrain me you hold me back you prevent me from doing wrong because he was at a very risky position so Robbie Oh zero knee and OCR vishay OCR Bishi is when someone is restrained to something meaning he is kept in a particular position made to do something not allowed to move from it not allowed to move on to something else. All right. And from this

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is our is also when someone is made to do something habitually.

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Okay, habitually as a habit regularly. So, oh, Zarine it has multiple meanings in the context then that first of all, you restrain me. Secondly, you inspire me

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in ham meaning you make me do this as a habit.

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Remember that those zero means FISMA to distribute to divide to a lot. All right, so Oh zero any meaning you give me a portion of you give me a portion of my share of my share of what of sugar

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so that I am also grateful to you. So we'll call up Robbie Zerhouni and ash gura, that I am grateful for what near metallic your blessing which blessing allottee and Antalya which you favored on me. Why Allah Wiley the year and the blessing which you also gave to my parents?

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Because a person cannot be grateful just by himself so many people surrounded by blessings, but do they have feelings of gratitude? No. And how easy it is to be grateful one moment and ungrateful. The next moment, so easy. So Alzira me, you keep me firm on sugar. You control me? You restrain me? I cannot control myself. So he's worried about himself that what if I become arrogant? Oh, zero knee and Ashkelon near Metallica, Letty and I'm Talia while Awali the year what is the lesson that Soloman or his Salaam has given the special knowledge of the language of the different creatures have Allah subhanaw taala, which was a blessing that was given to his parents that will their

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listener prophethood and knowledge. And remember that we always benefit from the blessings that our parents have been given? You know, for instance, if your parents have been gifted with good o'clock, it's really good for them. But is it good for you? Amazing. It's really good for you too, because you're being treated with the respect, isn't it? If your parents have been blessed with knowledge, are you going to benefit from that? Yes. If your parents have been blessed with money, are you going to benefit from that? Yes, if your parents have been blessed with the citizenship of a particular country, or he can benefit from that he is right. So we see this. What does this mean that we have

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to be grateful for the blessings that we have been given directly, and the blessings that we have been given through our parents,

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through our parents, because every blessing that our parents enjoy indirectly, we also benefit from it. We're an army law solid Hunter.

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or Allah, you give me the ability, you keep me firm on what that armella I do solid hand righteousness, meaning deeds that are righteous, but which kind of righteous deeds, third Bahu, you will be pleased with it. Because so many times apparently we are doing something righteous, but what if the intention is corrupt, or the manner is corrupt, which is why Allah is not pleased with it. So that entire effort is useless than the law who Oh my Lord, I want to do those actions that you will be pleased with what are the thin knee and you admit me, there are medica with your mercy theory bedika slaley hain amongst your righteous servants. This should be our concern and wish also that

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firstly, Allah is pleased with us. Secondly, we are admitted in the company of the righteous. This was the dua of use of a Salam Ibrahim on a sunnah. And over here we learned that this was a doer off so a man or his salaam also righteous company. Now this whole dua what does that tell us about today man or the seller? how humble he was? How grateful he was so much power so much wealth Might and Glory What does he want? Oh Allah you keep me you're humble and grateful servant. Earlier we learned about fit our own. How was fit our own. Holman were alua Right. He rejected based on volume and renew. And over here we see Sulaymaniyah. Listen, I'm humbled, sir.

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Haven't no injustice and no arrogance. Because it's so easy to become arrogant when we have a few things, isn't it? I mean, how quickly we're just carrying a new phone and our way of walking even changes the way we carry ourselves changes, like seriously, we wear some new clothes, nice clothes. And what happens to us? Seriously, we put on a little bit of makeup, what happens to us a nice hijab in a stylish way. We get deceived so quickly, so easily feelings of pride and arrogance creep in, so they might not SLM he has so many blessings and what is his concern? Oh Allah, you keep me grateful. Don't let me slip. What the fuck are the played? Then what happens today man on Islam as they were

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marching, the fuck kada he took attendance. The fuck call is from the root letter spell cough dial the fog code is to search for something that is there. Okay, it's there. You're just looking for it.

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Remember in the story of use of La Santa Mather, the FBI Dune, what is it that you have lost? Follow Neph, Pedro Sula, Al Malik, they said we have lost a cup of the king. That is what we're looking for. Now, over here, the fact that the code is to look for something that is there, but you're looking for it. Like for example, in a huge gathering, you know that your sister is there. But then what do you do? You look around wondering where is she? Where is she sitting where she's standing where she eating? Right? This is difficult. So he took attendance of the birds, meaning all the birds were there. He was just making sure that all of them were there one by one for color. So he

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said, Molly, what is wrong with me? La Aurora, I do not see a Hood Hood. The hoopoe I'm Corona or he is Minnehaha Ebn from those who are absent of our EB employed of law if one was absent one was missing one was not there. So he's saying that how come I don't see Hood Hood? Is it that I don't see him? Or is it that really he's missing? He's not here out of the entire army? What does he notice? A bird that is missing? Now according to some narrations, we learned that it was the responsibility of the hood hood to locate water beneath the ground alright meaning anywhere that they were going the hood the hood was responsible for looking for where the water was alright, and

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then it would come in tell city man or his son and then the army would go towards that place in order to get water and this is the reason why Solomon artisan I've noticed that Hood Hood was not there. But I mean it's not mentioned in Hadith and it's not mentioned in the Quran. The fuck paddock played it to simply means he was taking account of all the birds are they all there or not? Because birds can easily fly away right? So he was taking attendance is everybody there and in that he noticed that the hood was not there um kanamycin Allah EB now before we continue with the story just one thing about Hood Hood the profits of a lot of cylinders are these in Ohio. We learned that the

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prophets of Allah said and prohibited to kill for creatures ants bees Hood Hood and sparrowhawks okay, we learned about ants earlier but also bees unless they're a nuisance danger and a threat to you then yes you can kill them but otherwise just for fun don't just kill bees or just because of your extreme fear of this creation don't kill them move away go somewhere else let was the winner who said a minor listen I'm sad Surely I will definitely punish him. Who the hood hood with what kind of punishment are there been Shaadi then a severe punishment? Why? Why is severe punishment? For what reason?

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For what reason for being absent? Why is he absent? If he's absent without a good reason? He's going to be punished with a severe punishment. Oh or left behind? No who? I will surely slaughter it.

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I'm gonna slaughter the bird.

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Oh, or Leia. Danny, surely he will definitely bring me Bissell donoughmore been with a clear proof meaning a clear reason, a good reason a genuine reason for being absent for not being here on time. What do we see over here? So they might not I said I'm says either he should bring me a good reason for not being here. Or if he doesn't have a good reason, depending on why he's late or why he is missing. Either I will punish him

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or he will be slaughtered. Meaning he will be dismissed. Basically. When a bird is slaughtered, it means it's not there.

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anymore, right? So likewise, if a person is not doing their job properly, they're just absent one day, then what threat are they given?

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fired, who've been fired. Now fire doesn't mean that literally they're fired, like fires thrown on them. But it means that they have been dismissed. Over here slaughtering the bird means that the bird is not needed anymore. Now, we're just gonna slaughter it and eat it up and just, you know, cut us finish. All right. Now, why so strict?

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Why so strict? Because it seems like this is a little too harsh. So what if the bird is not there? She should ignore it. So many other birds are there. I mean, he's got jinn and people. Why so strict?

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Because it's an army. Very good point. When it comes to an army, if people start, you know, being absent one day and late another day, then what's going to happen? What's going to happen?

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People are not going to get trained properly. And if they're not trained properly, they're not going to do their job properly. It's the matter of other people safety, the safety of the entire nation, and those protecting the nation. If they are careless about their work, then what's gonna happen to the nation? I mean, you look at any army of the world, they are very strict when it comes to discipline, very, very strict, so much so that your hairstyle has to be of a certain way, isn't it? You can't have hair as you want, you can't dress up the way you want. Correct. I mean, everything. There's so much discipline, when it comes to an army. Now also remember that today mannerisms, army

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was no ordinary army. It was an army that had gin in it. Okay, that had people in it that had birds in it. And if he was lenient with them, then what would happen? One goes one day, another is absent another day, and the third is absent the third day, and then by the end, hardly anybody is left.

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Right. So in order to make sure that everybody is they're doing their job properly, so a man or a sunnah he was very, very strict. He was firm. But we don't see that he was harsh. This is not harshness, it may seem harsh, but it's not actually harsh. Because on the one hand, Sunny Monterey, Santa was so humble before Allah subhanaw taala, he saw careful about ants. And on the other hand, he's so firm with the subjects he's firm. He's not harsh, he's not a dictator. This is something that we need to understand. Because anytime somebody is firm with us, we think they're being harsh. Firmness does not mean harshness, it just means that people care about you. And they care about the

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greater cause, which is why they're being firm. It's not that they have a personal, you know, animosity or something against you, they just want to take revenge from you.

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But from this, we should really learn a lesson that if we are absent, then firstly, either we should have a good reason, a genuine reason.

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And secondly, if we don't have a good reason for being absent, then we should be prepared for some kind of penalty, or the fact that we will be dismissed from the work that we are doing.

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You understand?

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Either there's a penalty, or we are dismissed. We think about it. If you have a job somewhere, you're working somewhere. And one day you just decide not to show up. Or the morning off. You say I'm taking off today. Why? Oh, my family's over. I have to take them shopping.

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The day off, you tell them what's going to happen. The next time you go to work, they're going to say please take your things. Everything's in a box for you.

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Right, you're going to be dismissed or you're going to be told that your paycheck has been cut in half or whatever, your paycheck has been cut. Why? Because this is the penalty for not doing what you were supposed to do.

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Now, you know when it comes to worldly work, we're so careful when we're doing something for the deen when we're doing something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala? Who is our employer who's going to pay us who will?

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Who will? Allah subhanaw taala write in the lush Torah menial will mean we have made a deal with who? Allah azza wa jal and if we are not taking our work seriously, whatever work we're doing for the sake of Allah, then what should we expect them

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100% reward under percent wages.

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Should we expect more and more opportunities, ease in the work that we're doing or some penalty, there will be penalty.

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So today Manna is Salam. He was very firm in this way. And we see that Omar Abdullah and who he was also very firm.

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He was not harsh. He was firm from

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Oka so he remained layover Eden not long, later, not even far very means meaning in the distance far in distance, but it's also used for time, long time so later they're even not very long. Who the bird The hoopoe? In other words, the hoopoe came soon after this for color, and it said the howto when it returned, he spoke to said a man Ernie Suleiman said that I have to I have encompassed encompass meaning and knowledge from your helper Bhima with that which learn to help will be you have not encompassed. In other words, I have learned something that you do not know about. I know something that you don't know off what it took. And I am coming to you mean Saba in from Sabah, from

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the area of Sabah, be another in with news that is Yaqeen. That is certain.

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First of all, we see that today Manna listen on, he saw a firm and strict and he's got very strict measure of discipline. But still he is approachable,

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so approachable that a bird is saying. I have found out about something that you don't know off. Can you imagine? Can you say this to your parents? Even I know something you don't know?

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Can you say that? No way. Can you say that to your employer or someone who's you know, greater than you in some respect? Can we ever say that? No, because if we dare open our mouth in front of them, they're gonna get offended. Angry. How dare you speak to me with so much disrespect, right? But look at how so they might notice that I'm is firm, yet approachable that a bird can say to him, I have to be male and to help be I have learned to something that you do not know about what to come in Sabah and beneva. In here clean. And I have come to you from Sabah. What is Saba Saba name of a place and also name of a nation, a nation that lived in this area. Now, the people of Sabah, they lived in

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Yemen. Where's Yemen?

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You should know, especially these days, huh? Where's Yemen?

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South of Saudi Arabia. You know, when you look at Saudi Arabia, it's like a shoe.

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You know what I'm talking about?

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The map? Right? So the bottom of it, the heel part of it? Okay. The bottom the sole part of it. That area is Yemen. You understand? So they might notice and I'm Where did he live? Philistine? All right. Where's Philistine? Where's a sham?

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You should know where it is the north of Saudi Arabia. Okay, so a very long distance between these two places.

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Can we please have a map? Does that be located? Seriously, you girls should know about the world. Geography is something that you should know, especially of this region. Because these are places that are important, and I'm not talking about politically, but they're important in our deen also. All right.

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So the heel part Exactly. Yemen, you see where Yemen is at the bottom to the south of Saudi Arabia. And if you look to the north, this is where a sham is. This is where Phil of Salinas this is the region where Saudi man earned his son and was alright. And the people of Sabah. They used to live in Yemen. And what do we see that Saudi matter Islam didn't know about them? He didn't know about this dynasty. He didn't know about these people because the bird is saying that you don't know about them. I have just gone and seen them and I am returning from there with some information about them. In the indeed I want to I have found him rotten, a woman Tom Liko. Home, ruling over them. Tom Liko.

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From the word milk, what does milk mean? Kingdom, right kingship, meaning this nation is ruled by who? A queen, not a king. And this was something very strange and unique at that time, and even these days, in fact, if you have a president who is a woman, in any country, it is something that is viewed at with with surprise, right? So in order to attend Tom Lee Kohan, we're OTs and she has been given min cliche of everything, meaning everything that a Kingdom needs, they have it, their wealthy, Wallah her and she has our chanel leave a throne that is great. Meaning the chair that she sits on her throne, it is very impressive. It is great. It's not ordinary, according to an Irish and

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it is said that the length of this throne was 80 cubits its width was 40 cubits meaning it was huge, basically. All right, and it was made of gold and silver and crusted with pearls and rubies and emeralds and so on and so forth. It was beautiful, very impressive because out of all the things that the bird saw in that kingdom

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What is it mentioned? The ash. What did to her? The Bird says that I found her meaning this queen will coma and her people. Yes Judoon Alicia amps they were prostrating to the Sun men Dhoni lamb besides Allah was the yen Allahumma shaytaan. And shaitan has beautified for them our Mala home their deeds for sod the home so he has prevented them on his Seville from the way for home layer they don't so they are not rightly guided, meaning they're so comfortable with what they're doing. They don't even question it. They don't even think about the wrongs that they're doing. And so they don't even think about some other option. They're satisfied with the ship that they're doing the sun

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that they're worshipping, so they're prevented from guidance. I love that not yes do do they prostrate Lilla he for Allah. Allah the the one who you read you will have a he brings out the Hubble for summer work in the skies while earth and the earth what is hubba hubba hubba hubba is a hidden treasure. Something that is hidden. So what is the Hubble in the sky something that was hidden and Allah subhanaw taala brings it out

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what is a hidden treasure in the sky? That Allah brings out

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Okay, so for example, as the day comes, you have the sun in the night you have the moon but there's something a resource a treasure that falls on us rain

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I mean all that water was were in the clouds up in the sky, but Allah when he orders only that moment, will the rainfall will that treasure come down? While all what is the hidden treasure of the earth plants, you know what seeds are buried under the ground. And then what happens? You have plants coming out. Especially, you know the seed is such that it stays alive underground even through winter. And you don't have to do much but as spring comes you will see these plants growing out like for example tulips. Right? So you can't you have a first summer wet you will or Allah is the One who brings out these treasures from everywhere while you're in limbo and he knows metaphor

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no matter really known what you can seal and what you reveal. Now who's saying all of this, the bird is saying a lot of this. Even a bird understands though he'd even a bird understands who Allah is. What his power is how He is Allah Aziz, Allahu Allah, La ilaha illa who there is no god but him a lot. Bula Silla Aleem He is the Lord of the great throne because the bird was impressed by the throne of the Queen. Now the bird says but the Throne of Allah that is truly great because he is the owner of the greatest throne. Now these if you know there's a special sign that you see okay, and what does that sign off sudo such that tilava Alright, so don't forget to do that

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room as Kena

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lie women Sulaiman

00:33:39 --> 00:33:40

but that's

00:33:44 --> 00:33:44


00:33:46 --> 00:33:59

be me we'll all be our knee and Ashkelon method can let g and naantali

00:34:03 --> 00:34:04


00:34:07 --> 00:34:12

Do see me what does he need Bill Matthew Caffee

00:34:13 --> 00:34:13


00:34:17 --> 00:34:17


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up all

00:34:23 --> 00:34:24

modern Buddha

00:34:26 --> 00:34:34

or EB law was the been

00:34:36 --> 00:34:37

shadier than

00:34:43 --> 00:34:47

tn ni be soon on in

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

football help to beam to Hey Bobby, you want to come in southern

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00

Hmm being

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you are just two

00:35:10 --> 00:35:14

more Oh dear to me, Felicia II

00:35:17 --> 00:35:21

now we were just doing our

00:35:22 --> 00:35:30

Judoon allocations in dune he was a hormone Shavon who

00:35:32 --> 00:35:33

was a

00:35:34 --> 00:35:35

shame on

00:35:37 --> 00:35:37


00:35:39 --> 00:35:40


00:35:44 --> 00:35:46

Elias June

00:35:49 --> 00:35:51

June 5,

00:35:52 --> 00:35:53

to one

00:35:55 --> 00:36:01

to fool now I'm Dawn Leno along with

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it's pentacle long behind the eyeshadow Allah ilaha illa Anta the stock will cover to boy

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