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Are you ready? Are

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Okay, good evening.

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Be more dizzy.

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To see more you want

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to see

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ego, yeah, you want to

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so long as the person or the

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procedure service and so on,

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asked to speak about the conditions that we are going through as Muslims, circumstances, that the Muslim community here and

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throughout the world, particularly in the West may be encountering, and how we should remind ourselves of the importance of steadfastness at times, such as these times the importance of patience, the importance of certainty, how many certitude

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in our religion and our belief system, and having good thoughts.

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And ourselves, and being proactive about

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bringing peace, security adjusted to the world, the global community, Muslims and non Muslims alike. And these are certainly not easy tasks.

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My reflections are my own reflections. And some of you will have other reflections that may be more valuable, but I was asked to share my own reflections. And I will do that.

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And so

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the first thing that we have to go in whenever we go through times of hardship or distress,

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adversity, the first thing that we will have to remind ourselves of, and we have to hold on to his personal vulnerable parts of us

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the wisdom of the law, the justice of a love, the compassion of the law, the mercy of Allah, despite what we may do unto and certainly some of you may be more affected by this than others, some of you and for some of you, we may not be for some of you that the the mental anguish and turmoil that he goes through every day, particularly the children, particularly the youth who are growing up and having to hear negative things about their lives or negative things about their people. Those of us that have co workers

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or classmates and they are and they go to school, a lot of people are going to have some degree of mental anguish. I'm not saying that we're going through systemized or systematic persecution. I'm just saying that we're going through like, an intense campaign of this triggering

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our vision, and demoralizing our people,

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by certain people. Now, a lot of our people are

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good people, and we are friendly to us and we lose people, we have to always strengthen the bridges between us and them. But how do we have the campaign against our religion and against our identity

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is what we need to figure out. And the first thing that we have to do, like I said, is to hold on to our belief, laws, justice and mercy, personal vanity large the art companion saw that our journey in this life from the you know,

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at times

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We have to always have good

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Muslim reports, for example, on the alignment of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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that none of us die except when having good thoughts of Allah, having good thoughts of Allah, meaning having good thoughts of the greatness of Allah, the omnipotence of Allah, the power of the mind of the mercy of Allah, the compassion, of the wisdom of Allah, and the justice of a lot of

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good songs all the time, and remind yourself that he has a greater wisdom, he has a higher wisdom, sometimes we can comprehend that encompasses

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we can ever composite, it, sometimes can we can comprehend parts of it, sometimes we may not be able to comprehend it. But what we have to be sure of is that the creator of this universe, the magnificent creator of this magnificent universe,

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must be all wise, and must be all just, and must be all compassionate, as well.

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And having good thoughts and lots of how to authorize is actually an attitude that has like a great impact on your psyche and your attitude. In general, it is not just a matter of belief, it's not just a matter of mental conviction, it has a great impact on your attitude in life, on your positivity on your core activities in life. philosopher, I'm gonna call this as Mr. Bahari recorded from earlier from the purpose of the law.

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One of the reasons you're gonna leave as

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I will be to my server, now as he thinks, and some other

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additions. So let him think of he has as he wishes, I will be to my surgeon, as he thinks of me. So whatever you think of Allah, He will speak to you, like you think of him. So think of us as you wish for him to be. If you want once a lot to be compassionate, and merciful towards you, then think of him as the Merciful, the Compassionate, he will be to you as you think of him, as almost all of us, and I am the only RTV, I will be to my server like he thinks of me. So when we have good thoughts of Allah subhanaw taala, a loss of good shows that our thoughts are correct, a lot of prove to us, that our thoughts of him are correct. And when we have good thoughts of a loss of power that will

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be reflected on our thoughts of everything else of his creation, he can never have this also they create creation, without having good thoughts of the Creator, the source of all things. So after you have good thoughts about Allah, then you will be able to have good thoughts in the creation, you know, good science and humanity in general, without seeing your own without seeing yourself.

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So that, secondly, we need to also have

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our own, you know, their own other believers. Oftentimes, we need to be extremely harsh against our own, and sometimes we get frustrated. So there is a difference between the frustration of the flow and the frustration of the friend. But sometimes the frustration of the friend could be even more detrimental to the psyche, could be even harsher. Sometimes when your mother is frustrated with you. If you're, you know, like a youngster and your mother sometimes gets frustrated with you. Sometimes she could be even harsher than then people. Sometimes we as Muslims could be harsher in our judgment of our own ourselves or other people. Our own eyes a great owner. Our owner is putting pet owners

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and operators in fire owners in operation as it is a federal appraisal finance universe nation refers to him as he despite the ailments that may reflect that the owner of large despite you know the suffering or deals or hardships that the owner may go through, but the moral foundation of this owner is super is great. The moral foundation of this is a slab if you have the Allison slab, then you will have doubts in the home. Yes, the owner could sometimes betray the legacy of the revision betray the legacy of the prophet SAW.

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were never Afghans in the legacy,

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there will be always goodness in it. As the purpose of

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my nation is like a goodly array, you don't know which part of it is best, the first or the last first. So my there will always be goodness, there will always be good in this mind. So don't be harsh in your judgment of this. Sometimes we ask ourselves, why does it have to be elsewhere? Why do we have to do all of this? Why are we causing the whole world all of this agony and chaos and disruption?

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It is true, we have to be also introspective. And we have to be honest with ourselves, it is true that our own map basically changed the whole world in terms in terms of progress and democracy, development, branches, governance, in very, very many, many, many aspects, our own trails, but the rest of the world. However, we have to be also fair to our you know, I am not gonna blame it on colonialism. They're the postcolonial era.

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We have been passed for medicine now by 60 years in some countries, 5070 depending on which country you come from. So it is partly our failure, partly our failure as an owner to basically,

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you know, sort of assume this and get our act together and

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have some level of success and progress in our countries. But we also have a decline in our assessment and evaluation, because colonialism, sort of

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destroyed the very structure of power, the foundational structure, their own matters of governance, in terms of management, conflict resolution, we have been not able to run our own affairs for a very long time. And after colonialism in that there are genes that have been in power that have

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been in control may have not been the best regimes that we could have have, certainly say that we are deserving of them. Because, you know,

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the Romans will just be a product of that Father population. And if the population is a good population, the rulers will be controllers, and vice versa. But at the same time, the one thing that I wanted to remind you all, that it is not only our own, and it is causing chaos.

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Someone you know, anonymous themselves, if Sam Berlin, if that does, which is like an alchemy massacre. And we're not saying this to trivialize it to be lifted at whatsoever. So not only MasterCard. But if the death of 14 people who are at the mercy of 14 people, someone, someone was themselves, was able to radicalize presidential candidates and a large sector of the population. Why is it that 20,000 plus bombs

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would not radicalize the Muslim population? Why is it that wars that have enormous price tags will not radicalize? The population? This is not the justified service, it will never be justified? You know, it's my particular helpless, moral standard that is

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superior to any moral standard with regards to this issue, you know, Muslim reporting from Vietnam, and he came to the province of Southern Nevada. And this is the basically the epic battle of Israel between truth and falsehood between clear truth and clear photos.

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One of the greatest companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to him and said, almost under a lot, I was caught by Polish on my way here, I was stopped by Polish, and I promised them they refused to release me until I promised them that I would not be fighting with you. But I will be gone to another dealer minding my business and not fighting with you. You know the purpose of our sermons after him. He served, not 11 there are at him one style. How was your day it was time

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validated our urine regions with it. And we seek a lot of help against the honorary agreement. Don't partake in the Bible, but you don't find them your implants that you don't find, find them, because you should honor your agreements, honor your provenance, which shows you the, you know, the importance that Islam gives to the honoring and respect of all Providence philosophy.

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And so often Nyssa says, you know, I've been asked,

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Is that possible.

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But the other one that is present is in sort of where I was profiler says, We

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have a enemies. And if they asked you to give them the support, that when they are persecuted, when the urine, Muslim fellows are being persecuted by the respective tribes, or other tribes, and we asked you to support them, for the sake of their religion, and for the sake of Allah support them, except against people between you and boom, there is a common ground support, your premises are being persecuted against the people between you and whom there is a common cause at the end, you will have the competence, but it shows the poor the greatness

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of this method, which is respecting and honoring, honoring the covenant in Islam. So there is a mixture of betray and treason all of these things have no justification in Islam and would have no justification. But again, at the same time, what I'm trying to say is that it was not the Muslims who created power throughout the history, it was not mostly we're just talking about the last 2025 30 years and because of great political turmoil going on in the Middle East and other parts of the Muslim countries, but it was not the most intimate parts of the Canada 60 million people in World War One, and World War Two. So it was not the Muslims who commit atrocities in all four

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corners of the world. Yes, the Muslims do. Trotsky's, but it's not only the Muslims. So so that is important, too. Because no matter how much we try to say that this is Islam, and Islam is different from the Muslims for the youth unless you have this kind of discussion with them. Well, it was the idea was to come back on top of that, one, isn't it? We're only we're the only ones because we are portrayed as the only one causing, you know, disruption and causing chaos and mischief on Earth. we're not the only ones that some of us may be. Yes, that is true. And that is what it is for them to say that this is not a snap. This is what some Muslims may be doing. But it is not a

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representation of Islam. But if it is only us, then it will be hard to justify, it will be hard to explain to the youth that Yeah, we are the only ones that are causing mischief. But this has nothing to do with this path. But if it has,

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then why are we the only ones we're really not the only

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ones that are causing disruption or world peace.

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So that that is part of the puzzle has to be understood.

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Allies wisdom is overarching allies wisdom is above and beyond our ability to encompass that we have to ask ourselves. So what is the wisdom and what is happening now to us, you know, like as a community that is going through hardship that is suffering that has gone through at least some level of mental or intellectual anguish, what is the wisdom behind this? I am not saying that what is happening to us is a blessing in and of itself is a NEMA hit on itself because it's a hardship. But I'm saying that we think of hardship, there may be some blessings. I'm not saying it's a blessing, it's a blessing. It's not only about blessing, you know, for the name of your revision to be painted

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and this vaguer than an image of arrows into these finger that is not a blessing. But you could you could

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make out of that or you could make out you can make the best. You could basically try to extract any possible blessings. There are a

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of losses

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warm up some of you innovate in

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the public eye mendeleev is

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one are saying that the party can intervene in sort of in

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some kind of See If the Customer

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so Allah says it's sort of an app for are central 11 public central dogma we have sent donations before you and we have taken them up in adversity of hardship, we call them distress and hardship. Now I'm on jacoba Bravo. So that they may show humility. So, it should it have been a show brokenness before he admitted it about Rob before of love humbleness before, it is our chance to reconnect with a lot, it is our chance to use the opportunity of this time of hardship and founders distress to re evaluate our own personal individual connection and subsequently connected connection with our boss economy, where is our humbleness and humility, where is our devotion and our

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sincerity, where is our commitment

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if it is lacking event, the first

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step towards the removal of the stress is to strengthen our relationship with us profiler is to fix and repair our relationship with

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our clients who have known this is how many people in poverty have iOS

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11 my wife, I do not have a code and my YouTube partner who is he who responds to the one discussed when he comes upon Him, we actually could sue as soon as we lose and suffering was.

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So it is a once upon a time I you know whom Allah is there right now beside a lot of icons that you need. So the first thing that we have to

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remind ourselves of is that time of hardship is a time of opportunity for for introspection for reflection, for re evaluation of your relationship with Ireland, and it may be the best thing that happened to you in life, that distress, the hardship, it brings about closeness and proximity. If it draws you closer to Allah, if it causes your heart to be more in touch with the loss of pronouns either too moist in your heart, that dry soiled, then try it out because of our heedlessness recklessness, apparently, you know, detachment from Allah subhanaw taala. If that is our chance to moisten that soul and to bring that part closer call up, then it is a great opportunity that we

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should not miss.

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Many, many things that we need to do as a community, as individuals and as a community, collectively a lot of things that we need to do on the individual level.

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The first thing that we have to start with is basically connecting back to the last point on a very personal level, you know, on a very affectionate level, having this one Angelica, one in the middle of the night, he cried, either stand stand up before I was able to

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connect with him, converse with him, seek His help seek strength from him, that you may be able to get encountered all the difficulties in this slide. And it would be also important to note as we increase our certainty and our belief in our D, except that you There is nothing like certainty, there is no greater blessing than certain certainty in what you what you have. There is nothing that is more comforting to the heart, you know,

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one psyche, more stabilizing to one's psyche, desire to have certainty will have certainty but have you ever been in in that would you believe that? And that is another thing that we will ajala embark on, trying to study certain things together

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with each other tomorrow in the seminar about this

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Have a profit to the performance.

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Increase our certainty in the veracity of the message in the beauty and the greatness of the messenger and the veracity and greatness of this message in this religion of ours.

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What am I even doing scrape

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up later

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in the slides