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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he was so heavy on Allah, my bad Dear viewers, welcome yet again to a new episode on this journey of Hajj, the fifth of Hajj with our esteemed guest, Chef chef Wassim welcome chef. May Allah bless you Baraka loving means like a locker. So, at the end of our last episode, we finished discussing the first pillar of of Hajj, which is the state of a haram and Hamdulillah we completed that over two episodes hamdulillah now we are going to continue the pillars of Hajj. But before we start that I wanted to maybe get into like definitions again, you know, bringing it back to the basics. What is the difference between a pillar

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and an obligation? So maybe the viewers and we can benefit from from that okay Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah leverback. So, a pillar or broken in Arabic is defined as the what makes up the foundation or the appearance of what we are talking about Mahia to shape as they describe in Arabic. So within the prayer as an example, like standing, bowing and prostrating, so Jordan record, these are considered to be pillars of the prayer because if you see a person praying, that's what the person is, you can just know what they're doing by that.

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As for the words, but then they are of a lesser degree in that if it is not done it the the reaction is still valid, but you can't you have to make up something for that. Now Salah differs from Hajj and of course our topic is the fact of Hajj. So as for the pillars of Hajj, we mentioned that there are four that is haram and during the State of haram and then there is the standing of alpha and then throw off to the Father and say if you don't do any of those, you don't have hunch you need to complete all four to complete your Hajj. However, there are YG but there are

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points upon which during the Hajj you are required to do certain things. Let's say for example, you were required to throw the stones at the gym a lot. This is an obligation. Now if you didn't do that, even if you didn't do it intentionally, that person would be required to pay a fee for that particular wardrobe obligation that they left out okay. So the hedge is valid. However, what is upon them what is in their account is to make up for that obligation that they missed out that then they mister so this is essentially the difference between the pillar and the worship the pillar and the obligation the pillar has to be done without any shadow of a doubt to validate that action or the

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validate the pilgrimage. The big bet that they have they are not done. The Hajj is correct, because they have done the pillars for example, but they have to pay an explanation for what they missed out.

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On the ledger we spoken about the first pillar in great detail hamdulillah which is the Koran. The second pillar you've mentioned is the mount standing of Ottawa, where exactly is Ottawa

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Okay, so the the plains of Ottawa are approximately eight or nine kilometres away from Makkah.

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And as we go through the description of the Hajj later on Inshallah, tada.

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Hajj is a journey, not only a journey from the country that you've come from, to come to Mecca, but the Hajj itself is a journey, because you will arrive in Mecca, and then you will go to Mina, and then you will go all the way to alpha, and then you will return.

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So the plains of alpha are, as I mentioned, about, you know, eight or nine kilometers away from home away from Makkah itself. And there is nothing there at all, nothing. In fact, we know that in the times over Jaya Helia in pre Islamic times, that these were places that the Quraysh that they used to know. They used to know Mina, they used to nomos deliver, and they used to know others and they used to perform the hajj in a way which was distorted, and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Cain to restore the teachings of Ibrahim alayhi salam in the performing of the Hajj.

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So this is a place where it is a requirement without any shadow of a doubt. In fact, there's a very famous scholar called Edwin on Monday, My Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon me, he made a book, this very beautiful book, this book is called and Iijima

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in that he compiled all the agreements of the scholars where there was no known difference. And he would go through systematically, for example, as a

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few purification, and then the prayer and we'll say, all the scholars agree that there are five daily press and this is something we know to be fixed within Islam. When you come to the book of Hajj, you

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It comes to the point. All of the scholars agree that the standing in Arafa is one of the pillars of Hajj. Allah subhanaw taala mentions it in Surah Al Baqarah for either a folk to min Arafat, and that when you flow the word or folk to Allah subhanaw taala mentions in such a beautiful way, come the word, a fourth term from the Word file, but your field which is flowing, just as the water flows as the people, they leave out of it and then they make their way to most deliver, the people are flowing, they're gushing towards most deliver five Corolla that you mentioned Allah subhanaw taala mashallah endometrial haram, in the places where Allah subhanaw taala has designated. So this is

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something that a lot about aquatalia mentioned in the Quran, that when the people have moved away from the other fat, meaning that something which has to be done,

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and also we find the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, and had you out of the essence of Hajj, what Hajj is all about is that particular they have other forms. So these are some evidences we can state from the Quran and from the Sunnah, and also from Iijima, which is also a source of evidence for us as Muslims, when all the scholars they come together. In fact, we can say that ijma is the strongest evidence we have. Because the Quran and Sunnah could be to interpretation. Maybe you have one scholar have one view on this, and another scholar having a view on that. But once you have an aqueduct ajumma once you have you met or consensus, which means all of

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the scholars have agreed, nobody can go against it. So these are evidences, we have to state that our fat, or the standing on the plains of Africa, is one of the pillars of so now that we know that the standing of Arafah is a pillar of Hajj. When exactly do we start on off? Was it from day one or? Okay, so the the day of alpha is the ninth of the day previous to that, and this is very important for those performing Hajj that they can, in their mind, visualize and remember the days and what they're going to do on each day to prepare for Hajj is extremely important. So they know that eights I mean Minar and they know the ninth I'm going to be an offer. And that night I'm going to be going

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to deliver. And then the following day on the 10th which is the day of Eid, the Day of the Day of sacrifice, I'm going to be doing these things and systematic new thinking about them.

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So on the ninth day, which is the Day of Arafah. When does the spending officially start.

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As we know, in Islam, the night precedes the day, the night comes first, and then it's the day. Okay, so

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a good example is the day of Joomla we print them on a Friday. But the Thursday night is actually called the night of Joomla and then the following day is the day of Joomla and in the western world what they call Friday night actually is Saturday night. Yes, you are Leila to set. This is how we work eight hours Muslim sometimes a little bit confusing, but in Islam, the night precedes the day. So, on the ninth day, when does the actual standing for you to to fulfill the condition or fulfill the pillar of I stood in Arafah according to the vast majority of the scholars would be from the hood onwards even though the day starts in the morning from federal onwards, this is the daytime

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however, for you to fulfill the pillar of alpha he would have to be from the hood onwards

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back in the States, we have the term of evil and that this word be interchange the evil Arafah for example, or yeah if you can use a term if the people understand the the correct intention behind it the correct meaning behind that, then you can no problem.

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So if you understand they evolve and they understand that the night before alpha, then that's not a problem. Okay, but the data for you to fulfill the standing and alpha because maybe person says I wanted to miss out the crowds. And after salata budget and made my way to alpha, and I stayed there for a couple of hours, and then I came back. And it was before the hot I've done already hamdulillah I've done my standing and out of which I know the standing only counts

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after the horse and you're required to stay until mother if you're not allowed to leave before salon

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because one of the obligations will speak day by day to Inshallah, this is one of the obligations in the hajj, that when you're an alpha, you're required to stay there all the way to sloth and Maghrib and then you are permitted to make your way back to Mustafa. So the bare minimum is from the VOR to another if I understood correctly. So this is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us however, let's say a person became ill

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and Subhanallah I have

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Seeing myself, that happens, you have so many millions of people coming for Hajj, some of them inevitably they will become sick. And they are in a state of haram.

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I've seen a line of about 50 ambulances, these people are in a haram for them to make sure that they can make sure they can complete their hedge because if you miss out if you've missed it, you can't make up for it. But too often the say, which are the other two pillars, you can do that later, no problem. But to make sure that these people have spent maybe the whole life saving up these ambulances take the people to offer even if they're in whatever state but they are an alpha and they stay there to look at it. And then they can leave and they can bring them back late and treat them afterwards.

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But let's say a post a person was unable to make an offer during the daytime. In fact if they make any part of the night as well

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before Salat al Fajr the next day and they happen to stand in alpha that it counts. Okay, so again, it is important for us to get the dates and the timings clear what I'm talking about. So you have the day of alpha which is the ninth day and normally everybody will stay that or salata market it and then everybody goes to deliver. A person was unable to go there during the daytime.

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If a person comes late that night, before selected fajita the following day, they have made the standing because that day will now be the day for eat. Which will be the 10th day as long as you attend our before Salat al Fajr in the in the plains of Africa, then you will have qualified and made the standing of of our show from a desert up and located on dear viewers Shala we're going to be taking a small break and returning back to exploring the day of auto fall. So please stay tuned until after the break. So don't ya moron Tula Hubert occur to the audience. Welcome back to our segment of our pillars of hedge. We are in the second segment or second pillar of hedge which is the

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standing of Ottawa. And we left off with the question of or I should say we should ask the next question is what are the virtues of the standing of auto

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play with regards to the standing of auditor we mentioned that it is a very large area.

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And it can easily handler allow all the Hajaj to perform for the fulfilling of that particular pillar, and doesn't need to be in one place. You know, some of them think that needs to be around the Mount Mercy, they will need to congregate around the area. The Prophet early at least informed us that all of the alpha is standing wherever you are. But the most important thing is that you stand there with tranquility and peace so that when you raise your hands and you are aware of the virtues and the blessings on that day, you're not worried about falling down the side of a mountain or you're not worried about being pushed and shoved you can't get you can't get any form of peace.

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If you're in an area where you know you believe I'd you know, trick three or four hours to a place is very far away from my tent. And then you get there you're hot, you're sweating, you're tired, and then you didn't really benefit from the day. You know, remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that there is no day in the year in which Allah subhanaw taala free servants from the fire more than this particular day of alpha. This is a day in which Allah subhanaw taala boasts to the mother aka Allah Al harlech boasts to the mahalo boasts to the creation, the angels. Look at my servants, he had disheveled left everything that they have to ask me for forgiveness. What do

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they want from me inform them, that I have forgiven them? This is a lot about ACOTA Allah in the way that befits His Majesty's Rapana These are from the virtue these are the things that Subhanallah should remind us about the grandeur and the beauty and how amazing this particular day is. And it is a story. That is a personal story to me, actually,

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that I remember many, many years ago.

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I just become a Muslim.

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And I was I was working. I was what 1718 And I met.

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He was originally from Pakistan. He was maybe the maybe a year older than me. And he said to me, I'm going to make Hajj. I didn't really know what it was. I said, Okay, what's the as the pilgrimage right? He said, Yeah. But he said to me, and I look back on that. And I see the purity of intention that he had. He said, Oh, no, no, I don't think you realize when you go to make Hajj, there's a day on Hajj. If you go on that day, Allah gives you anything you want.

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And I was like, Okay, well, what's that? Then? Explain it to me. He said, No, no, he's like, 1819 years old, young, sharp. You don't have many people speaking like that. At any age nowadays. Subhan Allah. He said, No, there's a day during the Hajj that he may have mentioned the name out of I don't know. They said there's a day there that

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If you ask Allah for anything, Allah will give it to you and I'm going this year.

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And I know only now I see the beauty of that statement, and the beauty of the purity of intention that he had. That if we just had that trust in Allah subhanaw taala, that if I was to

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make my Hajj, if I was to make dua and ask Allah subhanaw taala, to save me, save my family, save, to have mercy upon all my family that preceded me, asked me to give me ask Allah Sudha to give me the best of this life, the best of the hereafter. What is the stopping Allah subhanaw taala answering every door that I asked for? And the answer is absolutely nothing.

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All that Allah azza wa jal wants from you on that day, is for you just to be there. making dua to him, not wanting nothing from the dunya not wanting any fame, to be proud to be arrogant, nothing. Just be there in the simplest of clouds, raise your hands, know who you are, that you are in complete need of Allah subhanaw taala

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and Allah subhanaw taala will give you not only what you asked for, but Allah subhanaw taala will give you something which is beyond your imagination.

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And Allah subhanaw taala is more merciful than your mother can be to you.

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And there was no one who loves you and is more merciful than your own mother. So if you are addressing the one who is more merciful than your mother, your mother will do anything for you.

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But if you're speaking to Allah's power is more merciful to you, more merciful than your own mother. Then why should you hold back? On this day you raise your hands and ask Allah azza wa jal for anything that you like. Most importantly, or Allah grant me the jinn and the Allah's plant I will make you from those people that you are freed from the hellfire and enters you into the paradise May Allah make us from those?

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Definitely, you mentioned the jungle Rockmount the mountain of mercy and you mentioned mercy quite a few times. What what is devil Rama? What is its importance in Islam and during the halogen during the day of Arafah? Is it necessary for us to go and visit as the common saying are sure. So a few issues I want to mention on this and I think it's very important to mention because, again, it goes back to implementing the Sunnah. And again, it goes back to some safety issues as well. So number one, it is not a sunnah at all, to climb the mountain to go to the mountain at all. This is not something that the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam told any Muslim to do when before from the

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Companions, bearing in mind that when the Prophet Elissa so when he performed hajj, there was about 110,000 of the companions, approximately, who made Hajj with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I remember and he only made Hajj once in his life. So Allah

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He never taught any companion you have to climb the mountain you have to be here. In fact, the prophet racism informed that all of the plains of Africa are a place of standing. Okay, so this is from a sunnah point of view. From a safety point of view, if you are not placed near the mountain, there is no need for you to go near the mountain. Because bear in mind that

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and it's unfortunate that it is the reality that 1000s of Muslims will go to that place.

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You will lose waste lots of energy going there. Needlessly, just find a quiet place. Wherever you are, in your tent in your area. Just find a quiet place. So you're not disturbed with anything. And don't go to places that are unnecessary during the Hajj. There are obviously certain things which are from the Sunnah, going and being a certain places, but due to the logistics and how many people that are there, it's just not possible. Okay, it's not possible for you to complete certain Sunon however, you at least have the intention that if it was possible for you to do that you would and as we know that Allah subhanaw taala inshallah will reward you based upon the intention that you have.

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So for Mercedes for safety aspect, I would encourage her judge if you're not placed anywhere near that, there's, this mountain has this name is not even a fixed name from the Sunnah either.

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There's no need for you to go there. But just to focus on making dua on that particular day.

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Besides making dogs, oh, how else can a pilgrim benefit from that day of Arafah? What can he do well, acts of worship, can he engage in to benefit on that day of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us a very,

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very beautiful door

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that hieromonk called to Anna wouldn't be human cuddly.

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that the best thing that can ever be said on this day, and that what the prophets because as we know, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they performed Hajj as well. There was Masjid Al heif, which is in Mena, the more than 70

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prophets have prayed in Subhan Allah Lord La ilaha illallah wa de hula Shetty, Karla Homolka? Who will who Allah coalition in particular, this and if you read the translation of it,

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you think what do I mean is that I'm asking for something. And if you read the translation, there is none worthy of worship except Allah, who has no partner. And he has the ability over all things. Whereas the dura in that you're not actually asking for anything. But the prophets, Allah Some said that this is the best draft for you to make. You must remember that doesn't mean that you're always asking for something. There are can mean that you are praising Allah subhanaw taala Allah and Allah knows what your need is, but you didn't ask, but rather you praise that Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala gave what you what you needed without even asking for it. And another beautiful

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example of that is Eunice Allah, He said, When you and as Ali Salam was in the belly of the whale, what did he ask for? Oh Allah save me. Oh Allah take me out of here. La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in the country middle.

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Management also of the sending Salam Salam upon the processor, na Santos. Yes, the prophet has told us to benefits of that. Sending salah upon the salutations upon the Prophet at his rambles, is to remove him to remove anxiety and forgives you of your sins as part of so making dua doesn't mean you always ask Allah Subhana Allah knows what you need. Allah's panda knows you better than your own self now, but at times praising Allah subhanaw taala is the very best thing for you to do. For this reason, the prophet racism told us the best drug that can be made on this day is that there are an ole is praising Allah subhanaw taala.

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Is it permissible for a pilgrim to fast on the Day of Arafah

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it is permissible, it is allowed for the pilgrim to fast

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however, we do know that the Prophet sallallahu himself did not fast on that day. In fact, many of them were the majority of the element so it is better not to

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as for the person who is not making the Hajj, not making the Hajj, then it is highly recommended for them to fast on that day.

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Because we know that the Prophet Ellison informed us that is taught that the year of Al Kadima will mount the sins of the previously and the following year to be forgiven by last Panther if they forced that day. As for the pilgrims, the stakes are different for them. They are there to ask Allah subhanaw taala to be freed from the hellfire. So to remain strong on that day. And one of the added reasons to support this is that when you first reach out of her, you pray the Lord and so straightaway, you get the prayers done, so allows all the way to salata, Margaret, free for you to make your own. So if a person is in a state of fasting, maybe they feel tired, they feel weak, they

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may not benefit from the day as they would like to it is allowed some of the ultimate they do allow it, we must respect that view. However, the majority says

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the person on the plains of elephant should not fast but rather engage in

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the doer if the profit is new is best for us to foster he would have fostered on that day and he did not first and the last panel knows best

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ship now I'm sure the viewers are as I am right now living these moments of halogen, where we're going the steps that we're going through located on for taking the time and diligently going through the steps according to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His messenger. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant you a philosophy on what you say and what you do and to make it weigh heavily in your skills of good deeds. Their viewers, unfortunately, we've come to an end of this episode. Inshallah. Join us next time in our next episode, while we continue on this journey of Hajj, the fifth of Hajj as we get closer to Allah subhanaw taala through this act of worship, asking the last Patau to write

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for us a hedge one day soon Allahumma Amin until next time, a Siddha Mata ecom rahmatullahi wa barakato