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Mohammad Elshinawy
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I will be la mina shame upon Iran ggmbh is upon Lula you sufu who have both been mean?

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to blue sofa or ah hoo hoo, boy, Lola co como Jia, who have been comb water kuno

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illume in whom ladapo tolu Yusuf ladapo no Yusuf our al oofy via bateel job bl tiempo

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para el campo.

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De thing Korn ferry lien

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smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah.

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In the name of Allah all praise and glory be to Allah. its finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who dread his path. May Allah allow for us and you

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a share and a space among the people of the Quran. iluminar illuminate our hearts and our minds with his glorious book and help us rinse away the mud that accumulates day in and day out by our sins and our evil earnings. Through our humble weekly dedication to his words and reflecting on here again the words of Allah azza wa jal as he tells to us the glorious story of Yusuf Ali Salaam, the profound story of Yusuf Ali Salaam, we welcome everyone back. And I will inshallah tada jump right into the chat we are today studying at eight and nine and 10 of Swords Yusuf. We concluded last week with a lot of xojo saying what can we use with our hottie is this alien certainly there are in use

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to friend his brothers in the accounts of use of his brother's many signs. For those who inquire those who are inquisitive, those who are asking for signs asking for guidance.

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And so the conversation begins here. It's a new scene with use of Allah, his salams brother saying

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usofa wahoo Yusuf and his brother, a Habu, Ella Edina, Amina are more beloved are more loved by our father than us when neurospora when we are a clan when we are a strong clan. And so they are a clan of brothers and clan doesn't just mean a large number. They were a large number, they were 10.

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And so they were large in number and they were also all from the same

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mom and dad, they were full brothers to each other and so they were closer. So a large number of more closely knit or so they perceive them brothers is what they mean by that because Yusuf and his brother are from a different mother. And so they're saying we are possible, you know and

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and we can talk about the lessons of this in a second and child law and then they say in a vana Luffy abahlali mubin Our Father, our whole valley Salaam is in a clear error.

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lol here does not mean misguidance in the religious sense or else they would have been disbelievers to call the Prophet of Allah, religiously misguided but they're saying that he has just misplaced his his reasoning in loving use of an his brother more than he loves us when we are a large strong clan.

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And so we are 10 strong, full siblings and they are too dependent youngsters that don't even share our mom. And so this is the first lesson right when you confuse quantity for quality. When you think numbers mean anything no numbers can be very misleading. Alonzo Jett himself said lentil tags that are meant for illegal guns and he didn't know if you were to obey most people on earth they would deter you are mislead you from the path of Allah Subhana Allah tada

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and also when you have large numbers of like minded people

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that's a way

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That you delude yourself, you know, lots of days, lots of times nowadays with social media and otherwise we talk about the concept of echo chambers echo chamber is not a new thing, where you basically bring around you, the people that think like you, so that you're only your thoughts occur around you, only your ideas, your sensibilities are reverberated in your presence. That could be the beginning of the end, when you don't allow for dissenting voices, you don't allow for criticism and disagreement, to keep our thoughts

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precise to keep them rightly guided. And so people do this all the time, and it sends them in very unfortunate places. I mean, just look at this here. Now, we don't need to go far away. Don't be surprised at 10 grown men

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having such a crazy conversation, like a contempt filled conversation about the younger brother, how did that ever become? Well, think about it? How could he even say these things in the presence of those brothers, except that he already knew that his brothers would never relay these words to the Father, he already knew that everyone would agree with him. And so when he said it, you get that echo effect of Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And so whenever you're in a place when you're when you're only surrounding yourself with voices that agree with you,

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you should be scared, this should be a red flag for you always.

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the second thing you want to say here is that they reinforce the wrong fact. Wrong fact. I mean, first of all, let us say it was true before we say it's not true or not justified the favoritism of equal value system.

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Let us say a whole rather he said, I'm loving certain child more than another child. Is that wrong? No, it's not wrong. Because loving a particular person over others many times, is uncontrollable. And so if it's not controllable, you're not blameworthy for it in the sight of Allah Zilla Jen, Allah owns the reins of our hearts. And so he fashioned us in a way to love people more than others. You know, we love those that are more impressive, more than those that are unimpressive. We love those that are kinder to us and those that are cruel to us. We love those that are more considerate of us than those that are insensitive or inconsiderate of us. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam did not love all his wives equally, he had unparalleled love for Khadija on the low Donna. And then when she passed away, he loved Chateau de la Juana more than any of the other lives of wives after Khadija.

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So we are not blameworthy for this even if it were true.

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We are only blameworthy when that love translates into injustice against our objects of love. You know, and this could be even expanded to a wider discussion to love your country or love your ethnicity, or to love your culture or to love your people.

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More than others due to similarities due to just familiarity, all of this is totally fine bone that leads you to feel like you are inherently superior than others or leads you to dehumanize others, that's when it becomes a problem. Likewise, with your children, if you find yourself loving one child more than another, whether you can pinpoint the the reason or not there are reasons you just sometimes don't know them.

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Make sure it doesn't cause you to swerve from justice. And remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the father of a nomadic depreciate,

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Fear Allah

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will add in our de lubaina, Allah decom and be fair and just between your children, so be fair and just with everything possible for you. Even the division of hugs and kisses and quality time, do your level best to remember that the prophet SAW Selim said fear Allah and be just unfair, because that is what is in your control being just unfair. And then we want to say let us say some sort of preferential treatment has to happen. Like you have a reward system at home. And you want to reward someone more than others because they they've earned it.

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Or let us say you have a child that has a particular need at home. So that would be justified to give them preferential treatment or extra treatment based on need. That's just the vacation.

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But what we want to say here is that I'm just saying that it would be justified to give use of Allah, he said, and his brother preferential treatment

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because they're younger, and they needed more. It's just natural and it makes sense and it has nothing to be held against you. I've already said that not just internal love, but even the expressions of care. It's a smaller child. a younger child.

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But what we also want to say is, even though it's justified the envy between peers, siblings, or you know, whatever, anyone who shares the space with somebody else, that's where envy, the battleground for envy ensues and we will get to that in a minute.

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They may not accept that they may not understand that. And so apparently, even if he's justified in His sight of Allah, to give preferential treatment to one child or another, they should, at times try to hide this from other children. Sometimes it can be an encouragement to other children, but you need to be aware of your children's demons, you need to be aware of your children's weaknesses. What if this was animosity between them you need to know and be careful and be calculated maybe sometimes there's greater benefit in hiding some of this preferential treatment, even if it's justified, even if it's just I mean for us about a salon. It's not just he was young, he was also

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far more virtuous than his brothers. I mean, can you imagine compare the difference between that statement we heard before? Yeah, Betty. Oh my dear father, and between what this brother is saying in benalla feedlot alley movie and my father is just he's lost it he's so you know lost about how he distributes his his attention and his care and otherwise so use the valet Sam deserve that on every level, but hiding it from their brothers as much as possible.

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is something that Yahoo probably did, but it wasn't enough so you should try to minimize it when you can. Then the next verse we move on that the brother said, Oh Cthulhu use of kill use of just crazy kill our little brother.

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And don't be surprised right? Total use of kill yuzu elettra Whoa, whoa, autobahn, or just like cast him away to like a faraway land. Yes, Lola Kumar, who have become so that your father's face will be all yours meaning undivided attention, you'll have undivided the undivided attention of your father, your father's face will be all yours. otaku mean baggy here, calm and silent in and you will be after that, you know, we'll just will purge that from our memories and you will you will be after that action or righteous people.

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Okay, your father, first of all, your father's face will be all yours.

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I want it mine, mine mine all to myself. Why? Because they can't all have priority with their father's attention. That is symbolic of everything in this world. Our impatience as human beings, the finite nature of this world. We can't all have it all whether we're talking about attention, we're talking about fame, we're talking about the intelligence, we're talking about money, whatever we can, none of us can have it all. And so the nature of this world

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and our impatience as human beings, this is what causes envy to be such a widespread problem in the human race.

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And even in the January's, and it was even shaytans problem right? He couldn't be number one and add the malayalam couldn't be number one at the exact same time. And so whenever a person's piety or absent or you know, God consciousness is absent or is shallow, we will fail at shackling the desire to always be on top, in every

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category. And so

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think about anything at all. Like it's not just you know, use of it sit down with his brothers, it bleeds with Adam, we said, Cain and Abel, right, the brothers of the sons of ad and the two brothers that killed one another. The prophet SAW Selim and his adversaries, it was jealousy at the end, how come you get the message? Why not? Why not somebody else? They meant themselves, right? Even happy marriages and other couples, why can't I have the happy marriage?

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It can extend to like valedictorian, or like some award any award that's shared with people, every noticeable distinction, specifically enjoyed by one person in a group of equals people that could have potentially had it that spawns envy. And so envy exists in all of our nature, because it's the nature of this world and the nature of the human being lend themselves to envy. And that is why

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one of the setup said mahalo just has one Manhasset, in there is no just said that there is no body except that it contains has said just said has it, except that it contains envy. He said the only difference is the pious person. As I said, When piety is absent, the pious person suppresses it, and the wicked person expresses it

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expresses it in so many different ways. You can

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you know, extend harm to people inflict harm upon people because of your envy, physically or with the evil eye without even realizing it. Or you can

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fail other people desert other people upholding their rights when someone else is harming

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them, you don't defend them or say tequila or otherwise because you're envious, right and so you may not harm them yourself. But you may also not a lot them their do right as a Muslim or as a human being of supporting them when they're oppressed. It just it needs to be suppressed. And that's where piety comes in. And that's why Allah also helped us by diverting our competitive nature to the hereafter because that is an indication, as some scholar said, that you can't remove has said like envy and jealous admiration wanting to be like others, you can extract it from the human being. And so Allah azza wa jal did not tell you remove it, he told you suppress it when it comes to this

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world, and channel it into the competition's of the hereafter.

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And it was one central hassle. vasilia Rahim Allah.

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I asked,

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Can a believer be envious, like envy is so evil, it eats up your good deeds just it eats up your good deeds. It doesn't just like annoy you emotionally, which is part of the problem of envy. You know, envy the grudge you have against someone because they're distinguished or they're privileged. You're objecting to Allah, giving them that so you're objecting to his wisdom and you're also objecting to the most generous he may take it away from them and give them 10 times more so you'll never be happy. The solution is to get like to get this envy under control. And or else you know that grudge will make you more oppressed than that person. As you know, I'd love to miss early on he

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said that I never saw an old presser that looks more like an old pressed person because like it's self inflicted harm. He said like the end of the year, the mother has sued

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MRI to the elimination of aluminum and hustled back to the house and was really sorry, Rahim Allah, He said

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a believer envy, like he said, Matt, and secondly, a call to use of how fast can you forget the brothers of use of meaning if people that are raised by a prophet

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can still have this problem festering inside of him then how can anyone else expect to just get a buy get a pass away from he's not saying that you can be a perfect believer while envying, he's saying the baseline believer, obviously envy is haram. It's contrary to belief contrary to faith.

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That is important to mention as well that no matter who you are, you don't want to be that parent that's in denial about the potential evil of your children in just embrace it, your child's not an angel. And, you know, you'll be one step ahead of the game, once you embrace that, and you help to mitigate it and look out for it and shaytan will not leave your kids alone, you know, and we're all human. And so get past the denial and get to the the rehab or the the mitigation phase.

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That's extremely important. And I'll mention two last things but before I move on to the next verse, notice number one, he said we're gonna kill us, let's kill you. So for let's throw him away like faraway land. Let's banish him. And then so we can have our father's face and you can be after that calm and slowly him a righteous people. That's called premeditated. Toba. Okay? premeditated repentance. premeditated repentance is not repentance, okay? It's not repentance. It's you lying to yourself tricking yourself thinking you're tricking Allah subhanho wa Taala. And since it's not true repentance or love will not reward you with the fruits of repentance, like turning a new leaf and

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the determination to do better after and all of these things, all you're doing is just like

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giving yourself a religious sedative to make yourself feel better.

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Because you did something you think is good after you're doing something bad, that it doesn't work like that. And everyone does this, by the way. It's not just shedding blood is going to be like

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remedied by an artificial intention to repent with his brothers. You know, missing the federal prayer is is justified by being punctual, punctual, the other four, know, we need to be praying our Five on their times the same way let us accept this all out before it's signed, well not accepted after it's time. You know, having unlawful income is, you know, varied by the fact that we take some of it and we put it into charity or we do your own or otherwise, you know, silence about the oppression of others, is remedied by the fact that we cry some crocodile tears, but don't do anything about it. And so the list of religious sedatives is actually endless and we ask a lot of

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To protect us from from fooling ourselves.

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And then he said, we're going to be a righteous people. He didn't say we're gonna be righteous after we kill you. He said, we're gonna be a righteous people.

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And the scholars said, there may be a subtle secret here, there may be a reason why he worded it that way. And maybe it was suggesting that they will at large via righteous people. Meaning not necessarily every single one of them is going to be a righteous person.

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And so it's as if perhaps a Lazo jealous allowing us to peek into his psychology that like the psycho spiritual state of this person that he does not see himself can't even imagine himself being righteous after anymore.

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And that is the reality of people that don't repent properly, and those that, you know, have have fallen sunk into this state. Like, murder is forgivable if you genuinely repent. Right? It is, anything is forgivable, even what's worse than Murder, She had great associating partners with a lot of diligence and an equals to God, if you repent while you're still alive, but the idea is your repentance

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may not be genuine, you may not feel like I can actually do it. And so you don't intend on being determined and about your repentance.

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Because of a very sad state of feeling pathetic that you fall into and that is of the of the greatest harms of sin, by the way, that you don't seek Allah's forgiveness because you feel like you can't be forgiven anymore, and you can but because of that feeling that you have about yourself, you project it on Allah and so you don't try to love it and say, you can be forgiven you felt you can be forgiven. So that's of the punishments of sin is that you don't

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feel resolute about chasing after the door of Toba. before it closes. It hasn't closed, but you told yourself it did. May Allah protect us. So he's saying we're going to be our righteous people, as if saying, not every single one of us will, at least most of us hopefully will be.

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Then the last verse to close up today.

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One of them said, Call a call it'll mean home last up to low use of don't kill use of wild goofy viability job and throw him into the depths of the world. yota Tuvalu sejarah, so that some of the past survivors can come pick him up in content at fair, Eileen, if you must do something. And I wrote this, some of you may see it floating around on social media that this verse, I've, I've still have not found closure on it. Like, why did he say don't kill us and throw him in the well? Was he feeling really bad for you? So Friday's setup? And he couldn't do any better? And so he said, let me at least minimize the harm.

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Or did he feel like I'm better than everyone else? So I'm not going to accept that ugly suggestion, I'm going to be the person that mentions a less ugly suggestion. Meaning was it for us to follow his setup? Or was it for him to silence his own conscience help him sleep at night? I can't tell. I want to lean to the fact that

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wanted to help you provide a system, especially because at the end of the verse, he says, If you must do something like if you're gonna do it, fine, do that.

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inshallah, that's what it was. But in any case, even if his intention was to give himself a religious sedative, as we've been saying, today, that's still fine. Like you don't be that person that's so worried about your intentions, that you don't actually do righteous actions, because he will always say how do I know I'm doing it for the right reasons. That's important. You always want to be questioning your,

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your intentions within a healthy way. Because why does shaitan want to ruin our intentions, so that our actions would be worthless, right. But if you don't do actions in the first place, you just made sure Dawn's job so much easier. And so what you want to do is do the right thing, and never stop doing the right thing and continue doing the right thing and continue being critical of your intentions throughout. And so whether or not he did it for use of to save a life doesn't matter if you can't remove harm, minimize harm, that's part of doing the right thing. Regardless of what his intentions were, hadn't really said what he said. And also think about he just made a statement like

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he made a statement in a very sinister gathering. We said the gathering. They knew beforehand that we would all be in agreement we're going to cover up on each other. That's why he even opened up the topic.

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The first speaker, right? And so the fact that he had he found the guts if you're gonna do something, and he said he throws a suggestion out there

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was was a brave contribution. Because it is, you know, a disagreement of sorts. But hamdulillah he did it. And so never underestimate yourself. never sell it. sell yourself short. Always make your suggestions. Always pass your ideas, always, you know, share your constructive criticisms, always warn those who may be deterred by the warning, just say it could make a historic difference. I mean, that one suggestion is how to light was so tied with the color of Allah. He said, The pastor vital pick him up a pastor by did pick him up. It's not guaranteed, right?

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It could have been, you know, too late, by the time the pastor by came, or the pastor by could have picked him up and you know, brought him back, a pastor by picked him up and took him to a place where he would make his theory where he needed to be, because a famine was coming right in the story that you know, in Egypt, all because of an utterance and so many events in the course of human history have been altered by Allah's permission because of a suggestion, an idea, an objection, a candle that someone lives in the darkness. And so never underestimate yourself. Don't sit there on the sidelines of history always contribute even if you don't think your contribution can do much.

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May Allah make us a new instruments of clay or keys of clay as the province outside them says, among Allah servants are those who are keys for blade locks for short. Meaning they unlock much good and they put a lock a preventive you know, seal on much evil. He said an among Allah's servants are those that are keys for shot or wherever they go, evil spawns and locks for good. They hinder so much good and so May Allah make us and you have the first group and we seek refuge with his with his might from ever slipping into being the second group. The latter allow them I mean, that's all for one day. There's like a little play and everyone will see you all next week with the next scene of

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the story when the brothers take this suggestion

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to their father, so panic alone. family should or later learned and I still feel kind of too late like a lot later on and don't forget our jumada especially the locals online with us tonight at downtown said I want to go

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