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As we learn to shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam wa. mousseline Sayidina Muhammad Ali he also be a Jamaat in my beloved brothers in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala our Lord, our Creator, sustainer La Ilaha Illa who none has the right to be worshipped except him. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us and as of tomorrow, to forgive us all our sins that we've done this past week. The sins that we will do in the week to come from Allah is most merciful, most kind. And we send our love our greetings and salutations, beloved Levy, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pure and perfect family, to his companions and to his oma, every muslimeen those that have come those that are here, and those who will come until the end of time we send our greetings and salutations to them. We ask Allah

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subhana wa tada to bless us and to forgive us. And to be part of that oma, I mean, for a start discussing the diseases of the heart of a disease of the throat. So please bear with me, if not just recovering from from from a bit of a bit of a sinus issue and the lighting many people are struggling with the change of seasons changing with them, Alice, brown brothers, all Shiva and all those who are going through extreme difficulties. You know, mela, make it easy for them. We know the catastrophic incidences that are happening in Syria, where hospital was bombed. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, Grant mercy on those going through difficulty and May Allah take retribution on those who

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are guilty of this crime. I mean,

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we continue with our diseases of the heart. And we discussed a number of

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a number of diseases that we see all of us, we suffer to the, to a degree to some degree or another. And it's for us to look at these diseases, these issues and say, is my heart safe and sound because Allah subhanaw taala says, only the one who comes with a cauldron Salim a pure and clean heart on the day of karma, that is the only one who will be saved and successful. And we hope that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he takes us away from this dunya our heart is in a good state with Allah, that everything that we do have evil. It's hard, it harms our heart as the Hadith says, a black dot appears on our heart. And the more we do of evil, the more that blackness that corrupt condition

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covers our heart, and if our entire heart is spoiled, and all of us is spoiled, and similarly, our heart improves and it benefits and it grows with the goodness that we do. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada that whatever disease we have, the cure is only with Allah, there is no tablet that we can take to fix a sick heart. The only cure is a man and a man is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today the disease as we've discussed, we've discussed so many diseases, in V. In V, pride, ignorance ungratefulness apathy, today we discuss a disease that affects some people, more than others, the disease of anger. And we know, we know that anger.

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As a Muslim and non Muslim, we know the dangers and the evils that anger can cause how many people are harmed through anger, how many things are said and done out of anger, and you wish you could take it back. And if we look at we we live in a lifestyle that we live in, we're living in a time where emotional diseases or emotional problems are on the rise. Why? Because we live in such a pressurized environment. Each and every one of us, we are pushed daily financial pressures, job pressures, we are constantly

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on the edge all the time. We live in an environment this fear is paranoia. We have stress with regards to our kids, our family, all of us we go through these things all the time, but dunia has become as a rat race. The dunia has become such a huge concern on our minds and our heads that many of us we suffer with stress. And all of us can relate to these things. We can all relate to this. And interestingly, the last one, if you struggle to sleep, that today, we know depression, and all mental kind of illnesses, paranoia, being you know, aggressive, being emotionally unstable. A lot of it is linked with the inability to sleep. And if you're a person that struggles to sleep, but you

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don't get enough sleep, a lot of these kinds of problems, you'd find a fix you, you'd suffer from depression, you'd suffer from anxiety, you not be able to handle stress correctly. You can't avoid stress. We live in a time we say something which you can't really avoid. It's how you deal with it and cope with it. And we live in a very stressful environment and a very stressful time. And therefore, it's easy for us to flip. It's easy for that pressure to build and it gets released in a bad way. So that's something where you don't need a psychiatrist. As I say people come to the Imam first

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Why because we cheaper than psychiatrists, we cheaper than psychologists. So they first go to the email. If you can't fix you, can you mentor me out? Okay, that doesn't work. Okay, now we'll go to the psychiatrist. So I handed out some free emotional counseling here as well. And you diagnose yourself, and we all become angry. And in fact, we'll as we'll speak on anger in itself is not an evil quality, there are some things, if you don't get angry for those things, like we said last week, if you don't get angry for the sake of Allah, you don't get angry for the sake of the dean. But that's also a problem. If you don't get angry, when you see children are being killed, it

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doesn't affect you. And that's a heart that is dead, it's become numb. So we should feel anger. But how do we feel anger? And how do we express it, and when is anger a bad thing? So some of the symptoms that I say psychologists say, if you have these symptoms, or you fall into one of these categories, you might have an anger issue, for example, to be angry, but indeed become physically abusive. So someone in the office says something, that's something and instead of being able to have a discussion, you want to talk with your fists, right, someone cuts you, oh, you know, does something wrong, he cuts in on in on cut you off on the in the road, he you know, he does something

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he drives, not correctly, he annoys you. And immediately you want to get out of the car and you know, punch him to pieces, or when you're angry. And this is one of the characteristics of the monolithic when he becomes angry, and he argues he becomes abusive and offensive and uses obscene language. And this person's name, this person who did the mistake, his mother and his father, and everyone else is also a target. This is an example of your anger, getting the better of you or emotionally abusive, belittling others, when you cannot

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argue a certain issue, or you're upset about a certain thing, but you make it personal and you attack the person directly. as well. Some people and I've met someone, we use this when I become so angry, actually, I lose consciousness. I don't know what I did, I become like blind rage. If you are losing consciousness because of your anger, you have a problem and need to find a way to fix it if you become so angry. And so read that you can you're completely out of control that you do things that you couldn't you can't imagine how to do that. You go into a your mind switches off, then that's a problem. And I know from personal experience counseling, we know the brother is in tears,

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how could I have done this? How could I have said that. But he says when I'm in that mode in that age, I don't think anymore, I'm gone. It's like someone else takes over. You don't need to be mantra, you need to have some psychological, you know, problems, we have all have problems. And it's a disease, we shouldn't be also afraid to acknowledge these diseases. Sometimes. And especially I find today, people say if you have depression, you have anxiety, your mind isn't strong enough. Now they are in the brain is also an organ in the brain also gets sick. And this is one of the areas where you can kill yourself.

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If you find yourself excessively impatient, that you can't wait, you know, someone delays you, and that person is wrong. I'll get you in in five minutes is still on. But you become you boil. You can't stand in the queue, the person in front of the desk is taking a sweet time we sweet time, and you are boiling to the point where you lash out. Maybe there's a problem the You can't let go. You can't compromise if you don't get your way you become upset. You're never going to get your way all the time. Part of being an adult and part of having a man and taqwa is to realize that we at the end of the day, we get things our way. And sometimes we don't. And we said hamdulillah for the things we

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get things we don't get. We don't have to become angry when we don't get away without Of course, not defending our rights. I said the other side of it is to be a pushover, which is also not good. And not able to let things go when people transgress against you. And they were in the wrong, not being able to let go and to say, Alright, it's fine. I will go to continue to harbor that anger, that this is like a poison inside you. It doesn't harm that person. It helps you. And we'll talk about a lot of animals speak about how you deal with anger. And how does the machine how to deal with anger. When your kids are scared of use of Allah when they live in fear of you, your wife and your kids,

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your employees. They live in fear people around you they escape is the guy that loses his top. There's a problem, when the only way you can get respect is through fear. That's not a good way of conducting yourself and ultimately acting in a way saying things we afterwards and you yourself can diagnose this by how many times have I been in a situation and afterwards? You know, spotlight shouldn't have done that. I wish I didn't do that. I wish I didn't act that way. I wish I didn't say because as they say the alma mater words can be taken back. When you say something. Sometimes words are more hurtful than physical abuse. verbal abuse is sometimes worse. When you say something

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to summon up literally, your wife, your kids, your parents, you say things to them so hurtful. They'll never forget that. They can forgive you, but they'll never forget. And how many of us maybe in that category, and even in the time of vehcile, salaam for silly things, people became angry, and they ruined their life. Look at this, Heidi.

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So how becomes the end he mentions, I was sitting with an obese, I'll sell them. When a man came to him, I man comes leading another man in the rope. So another man is being tied up and this man is leading him. And he said, he also lost a limb. This man has killed my brother. So the Messenger of Allah Salaam asked him, did you kill this man's brother? And he said, Yes, I killed him. And then I asked him, like, how did you kill him What happened? And he said, he and I, we were, we were hitting a tree to make the leaves fall. So we were working together to cut the tree down

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for animal feed, and he slandered me, he said something bad and like it. So I stuck him on the side of the head with an axe and he'll be over what he said one or two words, it's not gonna be so solemn, these two men could possibly have been Sahaba. Right? As we said, Sahaba humans, some of them committed sin, and asked Allah to forgive whoever he forgives, but simple.

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One word, someone said, and you kill them. you deprive these kids of a father, you took away this woman's husband, you took away someone's child, why? Because they said, some small word to you, you know, affect you and swallow you last year.

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And there are some people and majority of you might feel harmed. And if that's the case, I don't suffer from that when hamdulillah it's something good, Allah has not tested you with that. But for some of us, we have that rage in us. And if you are in that category, then you need to think about this panel. How do I fix it? All of us are born with certain weaknesses, it could be money, it could be fame, it could be anger, it could be the dunia, whatever it might be. None of us are born perfect. But the heart is something which goes up demand goes up and down. This is the belief among our athletes. Our belief, you believe is that demand

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fluctuates. Yes, Edo young hospital I will not see it increases with obedience to Allah. And your demand decreases with this obedience to Allah, every heart as Allah says institutions should do. So the chimps have one. But after Herman Herman, this book called how God

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could have been the sir, that every art has the potential to be the Wali and of evil in every art as well as is the sun and the moon, the night and the day, Allah gives opposites. And almost every heart has this ability to be the best or the worst. So it is for you, who succeeds, who purifies his heart, and you failed, if you let your heart become corrupted, it's in your hands and the hands of Allah subhanaw taala,

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a man comes to the visa Salaam, and he expects an abyssal Salaam, he wants to get some advice. I want to be the best CEOs who seldom Tell me what I need to do. So I can do it. And I can be you know, like a pious person. So he said, advise me out of sort of law, and then I'll be so

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don't become angry.

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He expected gr he expected fast for the entire year make salado something big, then I just told him don't become angry. So he said, Okay, what else do you advise me Rasulullah and don't become angry. And he said the third time and what lcrs was a Salaam and that is to say the third time don't become angry.

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Why? So this Sahabi perhaps he had an anger issue. And then a business of selling him focus on your anger. Don't worry about making extra zakka extra frosting extra soda. You focus on the issue of your anger. If you get that right Alhamdulillah other things will come right and this man he reflects and he says I thought about so he wasn't really convinced about what the Navy said. You know, it's kind of anticlimactic. But he said I began to think about what the Navy SEAL said. And I realized that anger brings is the doorway to all kinds of evil. You can even kill someone through anger. All the evil things you say, with your mouth can cause anger, something more realistic or

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something that affects all of us. We will become angry. If you're if you're a husband, if you're a wife, husband and wives we have issues and even the bees also love with his wives, they will sometimes friction. What if you follow now you know the husband? If he says antibiotic, you are divorced, or I divorce you anything of this nature? It falls it falls. It's binding. What do you say out of anger and how many people come to the moment and say I didn't mean it I was just upset with and I say you divorce get lost? Does it counted as about count or llama even Tamia Rama says the anger which is not so intense. So we took for a person

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who suffers from such extreme anger that he loses his mind completely, this person might be exempted because he's got a serious problem. But for the rest of us

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with anger is not so intense as to affect a person's mind, or his rational thinking. He's still in control. And he knows what he's saying and what he means. When he says there is no dispute amongst the scholars all format. I agree that the divorce in this case counts that you divorce your wife like this, she's divorced, you can ruin your marriage over an argument over what over something small. None of us will say from that Jamaat Muslim and I must say do not say, we don't know how much how much of the pressure at work, kids family builds up, we just take one Spark. And that word is so easy. That word is so easy. Side note here. People always complain, why should the husband have the

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right to give the talaq and the wife not? It's a mercy. It's a mercy. We know our sisters, and we don't like to generalize but this is the reality a lot makes generalizations that our sisters are both more emotionally and sometimes the anger by get the better of them the frustration and violent life kalokhe was in the hands of our wives, all of us would be Tilak daily. We know that. I don't want to I know we all know this. So Allah has pardoned him that even if they say that he doesn't take into account but a man you cannot let you and get to a certain point where you say yeah, Allah, I see things out of turn No. You angry You must master your anger. And that's why Allah subhanho wa

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Taala Allah speaks about the husband and the wife relationship Allah Subhana dialysis woman Aya T and Haleakala, cumin and fujichrome as Raja and Avi signs that He exists a lot of my science is I created for you from yourselves spouse's latest schooling la ha number one, that you find tranquility, you defuse each other's anger, and this

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Sakina is tranquility. So when the world outside has made you out of balance, your wife your husband, brings you back in a state of Sakina jalepeno kumada Rama and Allah says I am the one that is placed in your marriage. My what that what is my what the deep passionate love that thing that you feel on your wedding day. That's my word. And then it is no cause for marriage to succeed. You don't only need love you need as well, mercy as well. Why? Because the day will come when the love isn't the when you are not happy with one another. When you see the ugliness of each other. And at that point, the respect must still be there. Even if it's no love, there must still be respect. So

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let's say even at the worst of the worst, even if you're in the worst situation, you can't harm this person with your words, let alone with your hands. Still, there must be a degree of respect and key. So how does the vehcile salaam and he advises us how to deal with anger? This issue of anger was so serious, we so serious, but nobody actually gave advices how to defuse it. And if you suffer from anger, or you go through a moment where you're frustrated with your, with your spouse, with, you know a customer with your boss, my boss is sitting here. you're frustrated, right? What do you do? What do you do and don't use advices he says if any of you become angry, listen keep silent, rather

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not speaking anger. Never as someone that hamdulillah I spoke well when I was angry. No usually being a rash being upset results in saying something that you regret. This is the norm we all know this. So when you're angry and you realize and it's difficult to think clearly at that time, rather keep quiet. So that mother in law is on on your head. rather keep quiet. Right base to keep quiet. That's the base that is to keep quiet. If what else now vsas sulaimani been sort of said I was sitting with an abyssal Salaam and two men were arguing and swaying at one or slandering one another one of them was so worried in the face and his veins in his neck was standing out to the blood was

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flowing. And the professor said I know a word which if he were to say it would what he feels would go away at this extreme angle would disappear if he said I would be let him sit on the regime and this angle would go away. Now brother my sister one I've seen this regime and nothing goes away. But saying it with conviction, saying it was in the mindset that this is from shavon

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Yeah. Oh Allah, you make me do without we say I will be left with just like you know nothing. So Allah, Allah I seek refuge with You. Oh Allah protect me from shaytaan if you say that with meaning, at that moment in time, when you think of a lot of things, how can I be angry? A lot must be angry with me. And what's going to happen to me? At that moment, if you say it with conviction

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insha Allah, it will diminish your anger will go away.

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Now visa sentences if any of you becomes angry, and he standing, let him sit down and so his anger inshallah will go away and if he does not go away

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Let him lie down. See in the office, you ought to be angry with someone lie down, sit down, or lie down.

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And we know this from a psychological perspective, when the when you become angry, the blood is flowing, the blood is rushing, the blood is pumping, you want to calm, you calm yourself and how you calm yourself, by sitting down by becoming at peace. And when that blood starts to, when the circulation in the heart starts to calm down beats less fast, your mind starts to control again, your emotions go away. And you can think clearly. That's why people will say, you know, count to 10, count to 100, whatever, whatever it might be, and you'd find yourself becoming calm. So if you suffer from that, try these things. Insha Allah, it comes from abyssal Salah, from any psychologist,

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or from any doctor, but from other sources, Allah says anger comes from shape on and the shape on was created from fire. And fire is extinguished only with water. So when one of you becomes angry, take blue. And we know once again, if you are you're, you know, your blood is pumping, and you're feeling hot under the collar, the minute you add some water you take with you and you take the time away. And you think of Allah subhana wa tada when hamdulillah. So next time, we have an argument with our wives, is it just math, let me just take with you, then I'll respond and see if the respond will be better, the response will be better. Right?

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Now visa Salaam

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and this reward for controlling your anger, and it's an honor to control your anger. Now these are some says the strong man is not is the one who when he gets angry, and his face readings and his he rises, he's able to defeat his anger. He doesn't act on that anger. This is through strength resourcing. In other Hadith, he says the strong man is not the one who can overpower others physically or mentally or physically overpower them. But through strength is the man who controls himself when he gets angry.

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Now this also says, shall I tell you who is even stronger than him? Right there was there was there was so and so they were competing with wrestlers and said this guy is the strongest guy that Sahaba and this man stronger than him. He said Who is that? The man who when he is mistreated by another. So he is angry for a justified reason. Sometimes we say I'm right to be angry, this person did XYZ, we say this is wrong. And this person saw me for no reason. And this person cheated me for no reason. So yes, you have a right to be angry. So when he's mistreated, he's still able to control his anger. He has the resources, you know, when you do that, you have defeated your shape on and the

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shape of that person. Because that person shaytan wants to provoke you, to overpower to shout him, when you're able to do that in a moment of anger, even when you are right. in Hades, which is not mentioned here. Let me say this, again to police in the middle of gender, whoever avoids confrontation and arguing even when he is right.

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Of course, the balance here of we arguing for the sake of a law or for the rights, your rights, the rights of someone else, we don't keep quiet. We don't say I'm the police officer. So for the sake of Allah, I'm not going to stop this guy from stealing No. But for a personal reason that you can forego. I do it for you. I don't do it for this guy. Or for this person, I do it for you. You're Allah, avoided anger abuses, we get into your place in the center agenda for that. So to summarize,

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how to avoid anger. remove yourself from the situation. If there's something bothering you stressing you out. Take a moment away. Just get away for few minutes.

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Keep silent. Don't speak in anger. Try to sit down or lay down take with you. And remember a lot. And this is one of the most greatest things when you think Yeah, I'm angry at this guy. And I have the right to punish you when I'm going to punish meetings vahana Los Alamos have that attitude with me.

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What's gonna happen to me? How many things do we do? In front of Allah, knowing it's wrong, or doesn't do anything and he can do whatever he wants, no doubt distribution,

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won't harm online release, yet we disobey Him night and day. And we expect Allah to forgive us without us even asking. So every time we want to enforce your anger you Huck, remember Allah subhanho wa Taala can also do that with you. And there's a reward for the one who goes through this life and he masters his anger. Now visa waiver controls his anger at the time when he has the means to act upon it. So this is not only being angry, but you're angry and you may be the boss, you're angry and you're the husband and the wife You alone in the room. No one is need to see what you're going to do. You can now act you angry and you can enforce your anger and he abstains. But starting

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from that level full his hearts with contentment on the Day of Resurrection, and Allah will make sure your heart is okay. on piano. Look at this as for the brothers and the sisters as well. Maybe that's first

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When you say contentment, not so, so much, but this one you're gonna want, whoever controls this anger the day at the time when he has been and he has the means to act upon it. Allah will call him before of mankind on the day of his addiction, and he will say that you choose which evil who he wants, right? So maybe this is a beta cell, line up you say which one is that one come here. Right? So think of that shall consider the anger is a great reward. And this reward would not come if it wasn't a great deed, isn't it isn't a Buddha would, this reward would not come if it was not a great deed. But as we talked about our personal anger and mastering, mastering our anger, and as we said

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that anger in itself is not a bad thing. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala he describes himself as having anger.

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his anger, so Allah Subhana Allah says, we need to answer of Allah. Do not let us be of those who incur you anger, who are liable for your angers or loss. bannerghatta describes himself as having anger, but his anger, like his pride is majestic. It is divine, it is perfect. It's an anger befitting Allah subhanho wa Taala. All of the qualities of Allah is perfect, without any negative to it. But yet Allah has an anger and why he has a biller, we should fear the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. When Allah describes the people, that they have his anger,

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what can we say? If you know that the boss is angry with you? How do you feel? Now if Allah subhanaw taala is angry with you? It's a big problem. So who are the people that could describe as having the anger of Allah, this to this believe Allah says, Man, Catherine Billahi min by the Imani, whoever this believes in Allah, after he's a believer, whoever becomes this believer, except for one who is forced, what is hard is secure in faith. But those who willingly open their hearts, this belief upon them for Allah even harder, harder, boomin Allah upon him is the anger of Allah, and for them is a severe punishment, we know that differential is the worst and the worst of sins. And we look in the

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context of Surah Fatiha versus ladymum dubya lay him on a ball in these two categories here. In fact, these three categories in Surah Fatiha will ask Allah in a certain setting, sirata letting Allah guide us to the path of those who receive your dream, those who you are pleased with, and not like them of Dubey Allah him, those who are angry with Darlene so three categories, those who you are pleased with those who are angry with and those who have gone astray Who are these three categories. The people that alleged pleasers are those who receive guidance, Allah guides them and gives them knowledge. And they act on that. The ones who Allah is angry with and maybe some gifts of

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cdac is the yahood. Why, and anyone who resembles this character, that they receive guidance, they know the truth, but they deliberately disobeyed Allah, that they have been given blessing upon blessing. And if they still disobey Allah, then you are liable for the anger of Allah. And then the law lien those who have gone astray, and Syria then Asara, then those who emulate them in acting sincerely, without knowledge. They want to love online worship Allah. They want to obey Allah, but they do so based on their own desires without any text or evidence, so they've gone astray. So we are between this and therefore having guidance and blessing and turning away. This this is one of

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the reasons why a lot gives anger. Being a loving angry with you is worse than having misguidance.

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What else incurs waders although use the word, I am angry with this person in liquid analysis, or may actually mean and Mohammedan francesa who jahannam Khalid and fee How

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are they

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gonna look at this, Allah says whoever kills a believer intentionally. When his position is in Jannah. He's jaza his reward is Jana, forever will he be the eternal in Jannah. And on top of that, Allah says, I placed my heart My anger on him, and my Lana, I curse him as well. And he's prepared for a great punishment. This is the worst thing you can do off the ship is to kill somebody. So how many people have been killed? How many Muslims kill Muslims, but next time someone tells you what you see in the name of Allah, you're going to cause some killing or some think about this. We ever killed somebody. whoever killed somebody he's positioned with a lot the anger the Lana the

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punishment and jahannam forever, whether or not a slight thing to take a life of somebody.

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One of the other things about that we are mentioned in the Quran we just mentioning the places in the Quran, Allah mentions his hot tub in relation to jihad. oma, you will Li him yo Ma, even dubara who, whoever turns his back to them on such a day of jihad during the battle in the

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The middle of the warfare and you turn your back you retreat unless as part of a strategy of joining another party and this is part of a strategic maneuver. In other words, we really think out of cowardice as certainly about because of him.

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Then he has earned and justifiably earned the wrath and the anger of a lot more than any splices. Jana will be Selma seed and not a bad place. That is one of the other places in which anger Allah is the one who flees on the battlefield.

00:30:32--> 00:31:00

As with an abyssal Salaam, beautiful Hadith, it says, maybe I should tells us that he also lost a limb. He never got angry for any personal matters. Never in his personal capacity, did he take retribution on somebody when someone harmed him personally, and he was insulted personally, his character, his family, physically insulted, his neighbor took retribution. But when it was something small for the heck of Allah, now visa Salaam will take action.

00:31:02--> 00:31:32

When the Nabisco gets upset, interesting, some places we never knew any good. How would he respond in anger? And this shows you that anger is not bad all the time. You should be angry, whenever you are angry. What did he say? Did he scream that he shouted this way? The Sahaba would say we would see a vein on his head would throb and the vsas alarm would use his silence. If there was somebody that did something wrong. And this person made him angry, because alarm would look away from him. And this would be your reprimand.

00:31:33--> 00:32:10

But all the things that nobody says I'm quite upset about was, for example, when you heard Marvin Jebel rhodiola and he was a leading scholar too long, he was an Imam. And the people became frustrated and they became annoyed and some not so they're not coming to the masjid. So become civic minded. Are you annoying the people with your Salah when he heard that other companions Oussama we love so much came to him and said, You're so solemn, the lady was told she's a prominent lady. Don't cut off our hands. You want to make favoritism between the rich and the poor. This upset him. This made him angry when he heard Muslims arguing and questioning about the deen and questioning him

00:32:10--> 00:32:30

about unnecessary things. When nevison said, Allah has decreed for you to make Hajj, a man said unnecessarily every year must we go for Hajj? So let me see if I say yes, then you're gonna have to go every year. Don't ask unnecessary questions when you know what I mean. became angry with that. So these kind of things made the narcissism angry and of course, oppression and evil.

00:32:32--> 00:33:06

And we just discussed this in sort of in the Battle of boyhood, in the Battle of origin abbyson was struck on his face. So the personal thing, someone hit him for the sword and he had armor and the armor went into his face. And then the result said something out of anger. And he said, How can ALLAH forgive a people who strike the face of the newbie when he calls him to gender? And a lot of you is is Allah Subhana Allah says, You don't have any right in saying who Allah will forgive and having punishment. It's only for Allah. They have already mean they only mean what they do is haram I'll deal with him. But

00:33:07--> 00:33:46

Lisa, like Amina haka, you have no harm in this in this regard, the mercy of Allah and the punishment of Allah is an unless prerogative, and then they do offer forgiveness for his people. So when it comes to the anger, we only realize that right and we only get angry for the sake of Allah. Maybe so Salaam. Canas told us the prophets of Salaam was not a person who insulted people? No, did he ever in his life use obscene language, and he never cursed people. If you wanted to rebuke and he had to check people, his job is to see someone doing something wrong. He would check him and the man still persistent, he would say what is wrong with you What is wrong with this person means for he'd

00:33:46--> 00:34:29

been up in dust, like a small thing like, you know, when you come right? Allah guide you, that's the level that he had to do when using a piece of Allah subhanaw taala. So for us, one of the qualities of the believer, and it would not be easy, it would not be included in the Quran as the quality of the more sin. But sin is a good person, I believe the ones who Allah is pleased with, it would not be a quality of them. If they did not control the angle was an easy thing. So this is a lot less they are the ones who fast and they play, and they give zakah and they give charity. Allah also sees and living in a facility with barah that they spend a lot of the good people, the ones he is pleased

00:34:29--> 00:34:59

with. They spend in prosperity and in adversity. Well, the meaning of life and the police the anger. When they're angry, they control it with our feet and in us and they pardon others. But when they when they are wronged or translation is done against them. They choose on the side of pardoning. And we know in fact, four of the four all four of the Imams are the former that all of them had

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Run ins with the law, because they did something wrong. But because the government asked him to do something, and many of them were beaten in prison and they were lashed. And afterwards, obviously they were brought out and people said like even Mohammed was left so much that he could never use sometimes his body was never healed fully. Why could you say the Quran is the words of Allah? So the US Don't you want to take it tribution on the people that punished you. So you should know what benefit is it for me if I see them in punishment? I'm not gonna get any joy out of that. But rather, if I say Allah, I let go my right over them of punishment. Allah will let go right that he has over

00:35:36--> 00:35:37

me of punishment.

00:35:38--> 00:36:08

Right? So think of it like that. Don't only let go of your anger and at that moment, make dua and say yeah, Allah, I am I can exercise my anger. I can assert myself here and no one will stop me. But I do this out of taqwa. So that one day when I stand before you, when you can exercise your angle on me, I hope that you will hold it something small like that inshallah, to block all those angles Panama. What more do we want? And Allah says about the bookstein and those who

00:36:09--> 00:36:26

you know, inshallah will get Jana. When they are angry, they forgive one Latina Ah, tebboune acaba, they, they swallow the Arabic is not in line here that Allah says of those, what do they do, they avoid the major sins and Firewatch. And when they become angry, with whom he

00:36:27--> 00:36:34

is correct. When they become angry, they become forgiving, they forgive, they choose forgiveness. And it's known that nobody's

00:36:35--> 00:36:40

ever forgives or make easy a burden of a person in the dunya

00:36:41--> 00:37:23

you need to be paid for that, and alone will pay you for that. And he will take away a burden and remove something which you are liable for. So for that, we also lost primaries made this law is a law, by your knowledge of the unseen and you power over all of creation. keep me alive, for as long as you know life is good for me and cause me to die. When you know this is good for me, Oh Allah, I seek you to make me feel you in secret and in public. And I asked you to make me speak the truth, in times of contentment, and in times of anger, to be truthful and to be honest, and to say the right things even when I'm angry. I asked you not to let me be extravagant in poverty and prosperity. And

00:37:23--> 00:38:04

I asked you for continuous blitzing, and for continuous and for contentment, that does not ask you to let me accept your decree. And for a good life after death. I asked you for the joy of seeing your face to Allah and for the longing to meet you without going through the stress in the dunya without going through fitna and disease in the dunya. Allah adorn us with adornment of Eman and make us among those who you are guided, those who are guided and all hamdulillah Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. So this makes specific dua in anger literally speak truthfully and speak the right thing, even in Angola except Allah bless us with

00:38:05--> 00:38:10

Robin Allah. Allah don't deviate our hearts by the data after You have guided it will happen

00:38:11--> 00:38:43

and bestow upon us Your mercy in the candle who have that you are the one that bestows zakat. Hey, just a few announcements inshallah across Sierra continues this Tuesday evening of the mothership, you can email me and the slides and the audio of this lecture is available from office bring the USB please. And then of course Wednesday evening, after Asia is our Mirage program. And we'll discuss in sha Allah Palestine and Mazel Aqsa as, as our topic insha Allah does aka hate or sola say no Mohammed Abu Salam mousseline

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