Waleed Basyouni – Reconciliation

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The upcoming prayer and national holiday celebrations for Islam include the signing of Prophet's name and the signing of the Salm, as well as the signing of Lucy's name and a fight between two tribes. The importance of peace and reconciliation between cultures is emphasized, and drugs are suggested to stimulate desire. The transcript also touches on the use of drugs to stimulate desire and offers advice on forgiveness and bringing happiness and peace wherever possible.
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Now hamdulillah hemudu want to stay in who want to start Pharaoh who want to be lahinch rhodium phocoena Amen. See ya sejati Anna Maria de la vida de La Hoya you will follow her the Allah wa shadow Allah ilaha IL Allah hola Sheree Cara. Wash ana Muhammadan Abdu l su Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam limb in Houma, Sleeman, kathira and bad.

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All praise God to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters,

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and Naboo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time he was late for the salah

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and the Sahaba the Allahu anhu Mandala whom they were looking for him waiting, waiting waiting for the prophets of Salaam but he didn't come.

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So banal came to Abu Bakr and he said to him, in the nebia sallallahu alayhi wasallam Kenobi Sana salette for Sol livingness.

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He said to him a bill answer to abubaker the processor lamp looks like he is not able to come lead the prayer.

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After hesitation and thinking abubaker said, Now I'm also live in NASA insha Allah, I would lead the prayer and the Sahaba they land on wondering where the prophets Allah but they know that he is not in his house. He is not in here were at home. So Abubakar radi Allahu Allahu Allah, starting the Salah, shortly after that, and nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam arrived

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and when he arrived, he already saw Abubakar leading the prayer. So when the Sahaba saw the Prophet Arsalan came, everybody start clapping

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and the Salah or club in making noise like this under Salah.

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That's the way they clap not like this, this. So the making this noise, our bokaro they allow and what cannot do and lie and defeat of a Sadat abubaker is a man when he entered the Salah. He wouldn't notice what's around him, he 100% focus on the Salah. So finally because it's too loud, he noticed the noise untethered. So he looked and with the sight of his eyes he saw the prophets Allah Allah Allah said limbs behind farakka Sha la Hindi EBU salsa lamb and so livingness in Ibiza already lined up and he said to him continue he made a hand

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Faster, which means continue praying Abubakar Rafael de Mohammed Allah Yanina Nabi Salam Salim a worker raise his hand and he was grateful thankful to Allah, that initial Salam is safe and nothing wrong with him. But what Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah did he start stepping back to join the first line line and to meet allow the prophets or sunlamp to come forward. Even in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wants him to lead, but he didn't. Then, in the Salalah Sallam led the Salah, and the Sahaba the Allah and unfollowed him, he led abubaker and the Sahaba follow up ibaka or the Alon Anyway, after the finish in the Bissell Allah He was seldom said either when something happened in

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the Salah don't clap in the mythos vehicle in Nisa, clapping for a woman, not for men doing like this to warn someone in the Salah for a woman, not for men. That's number one. Then he told a backup of their loved one. Why didn't you continue leading the prayer? As I asked you to do so.

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Then he said mcanally Abu hanifa and you suddenly beignet, they also realize that Allah is Allah will never happen, that Abu Bakar will ever be in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will never allow this to happen.

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span Allah see our buckle the allow Anwar the utmost respect, even though it is normal, it is acceptable for him to be leading the prayer as it started. An individual Salam proved but out of high respect. He said I will never let this happen to be in front of the prophets Allah. Then the Sahaba the Allah Adam, can you lead up a demo? anabaena de la hora. Surely they will not put themselves ahead of Allah and His Messenger Salalah Salah Rahim Allah and obey Him Kulkarni majima Carly the can Allah Kadena and Rafael Swati casselton Nabi sallallahu Sallam la mano Karim Rahim Allah said,

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Allah have forbade the Sahaba to raise their voice over the voice of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said Don't raise your voice over the voice of the prophets Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Latifah swatter. confocal salted NaVi. If you're not allowed to raise your voice over the process, Adams voice parliamentarian for Keith MB manual demo alpha ARRA who focus on Natty sallallahu Sallam What about those who raise not their voice only they're raised their culture. They raised their desire they made it take presences precedence over the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What about those who when they know the Sunnah, but they will prefer and they will put their culture and their

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habits and whatever their desire they have their opinions, their their logic, you know, above and higher than the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sin. Now that no doubt that this is very disturbing. Anyway, so in the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam accepted from him that now the point why the prophets of Salaam was late. Solomon is telling us that shouldn't be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard that people from Benny Amrit now can have a new home sheet for halogen nibio sallallahu wasallam he lay him loosely have a new home. He heard that among the tribe of American elf. There were a fight

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that require and they basically fighting among themselves. So in the bisa Salam went to their place which is a little bit far from where he is, so Allah, Allah you and he was alum. And he went to the group of his companion telling them is how bobina nosily herba in a home, let's go together so we can reconsolidate between them so we can reconsolidate between them and bring peace between them. That what led the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to be late for Salah that day, that something was so important for the province of Salaam to be late for the salado Gema it is the importance of making sure to bring that peace and to reconciliation between those people who have fight among

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themselves. rautavaara You and anacin and then also in Qatar, Canada cannot be in the home and our fungi helliya and so the alarm said the two famous tribes of Medina allows the US to fight one another a lot before Islam. And when the prophets of Salaam came to Medina, they have our alphabet in epilobium sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One of the first tasks the provinces voluntad in Medina was to make create a reconciliation peace, harmony, love again between our son

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100 to the two tribes, no more fight you brothers. And one day, one of the house on his right. He remember one of the poetry's that used to St. J helliya. Praising this tribe, on the expense of putting down the other tribe. So the other person from the other tribe, another person from another from the other tribe, let's say also start on hazaragi. He came and he said another line, which is put down the other tribe and praise his own. Then they bring another statement and bring another incident you remember when we beat you guys in the battle? You remember this? You remember that? And in no time What happened? A fight fester Lucio for whom everybody pulled out their swords, and

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they're willing to fight to prove who is better.

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It is so easy for the shaytaan to break a fight. It is so easy for you to lose it. It's so easy for you to get angry at others. So in the B cell, Allah alayhi wa sallam was hurt fudger and abuse asala masurian haziran and khademi that inhibition Sallam was running, holding a pulling up his phone because he wants to take big steps. So he pulling out his status stops on allow anybody to sell him whatever he was wearing sallallahu Sallam so he can run and you can see his full leg sallallahu wasallam or his legs at least from the knees down

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and running towards them until he arrived and when he saw them, he said with a loud voice. Yeah, are you Hello Dina Armando tequila helper to party one Tomatina. Illa and to Muslim mode. Do not owe who you believe have Taqwa of Allah, and do not die in any state other than Islam. Because if you die fighting one another, over a dunya of a worldly matter, you die in a state of janelia a state of ignorance and Islam. Allah forbid in epilobium and Islam made us brothers and sisters.

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And when they heard that hash will be asleep at him, they pull away their swords, and they drop it and they hug each other and start hugging each other and apologizing to one another. For 10 up above whom Baba, often Buhari and Isha.

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nebia Salah Salem semi alpha su mutton, B Bobby alley attend a sua, to whom he hurts Allah Lysa lamal is in his house. And you know, in Ibiza salams house was a small room, had an act direct access to the masjid, which is a public place. So while he's in his house, he heard those two people inside are in domestic that they were arguing in each other's and the argument became something higher and higher, and they raise their voice. And he said, Please, just give me a break. He said no, can you please learn reduce it? He said no, Allah Allah Hina file.

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He basically one of them have lent the other person and he said I need my money back. The person said I'm working my best to pay you back. I'm doing my best. Then he said no. Then he said can you please help me? He said what law he no help for you winning the visa solemn while the person coming out? Kellerman how the Lydia Allah and Allah elf Adam Clayton

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who is the person saying Allah will not he's because the mentioned will lie. It will not happen yeah, I need that break that no reductions that break in time or in my one line Not gonna happen then he never saw who is the person to speak in behalf of Allah saying, Allah will not allow this to happen, our light will not happen.

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Then the man said, Yasser Allah, sorry. Would Allah love me to do sir, with Allah love for me to do so on? And he said yes. And in one narration that that man was scared of pneumatic. Then he said, What would you like me to do? Then in the vessel saddam said like this.

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He made a hand gesture, which is give him break of half of it. If it's 100 drop 50

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if it's 1000 drop 500.

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Then he said let Baker era sort of like advance. Absolutely out of Sala done

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in the visa cell and try to reconstruct between both of them.

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Jabba came to the Prophet Salim he said Dr. rasulillah My father died and he left a big debt that I'm trying my best to pay it off. Like in Catherine

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but too many people asking me too many, too many

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The payments I have to pay. Then in Ibiza saddam said, look at Mohammed Salah. Now he cares. He said Iijima la hora acquire teeny Bhima indeck Tell me what you have and you know and that day most of the money or the currencies what that's merchandise like dates and things that's how they basically exchange with each others. He brought him a little bit of dates Okay Then he said to him he basically also that's all what I have now then in Ibiza solemn him and Abubakar on aroma and Java, who's the one that trying to pay his father's that

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they have a bucket Ramana said Go, go get me all the people who want money from his father. Oh, my God, I'm on the left and in the middle. And that small amount of dates became so blessed and so much that individuals are giving this person this was until he paid them all off.

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And in one duration, he said, Would you give him a break? Would you reduce the amount? Yes. And he start basically negotiating with them just to give a break, for jabber until matter settled.

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Then he said now go tell a working model that it's all paid. So they'd be happy because he knows that this is something make them happy. Allah Subhana Allah said in the Quran

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are the blemishes on the regime. La Jolla. Rafi Kathy

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I'm on all the solder pot in a woman

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Oh, is

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this woman fun? Then he got it he was bought in.

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First of all fennel tea I do not know.

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Unless why the lesson? There is most of their private talks. There is no good in it. Except the talks that it is about encouraging one to give charity or talks about how can we create How can we reconsolidate between people who don't talk to each others.

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And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In many a hadith talk about the importance of this topic. And our bureau can be awfully handy to me Dada, and our bureau can be of Bunnymen diraja to CME was Salatu was sadhaka and he Noah Feldman. Hello, Mo. Carlo Bella, Karla Salah who that will be in the inner facade that in vain he'll have a law called the technical shop. What I can tell Dean or without that enemies asylum basically in this hand is saying Rican slating between people is more important and more rewarding than the volunteer prayers volunteers set up a volunteer fasting because animosity, hatred, not talking to one another. disconnected from one another.

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It is something that will destroy your deen will destroy your society. It is already destroying families, destroying friendship,

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destroying relationships.

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And we should not allow that to just happen without trying to be involved in to reconsolidate and to help ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us among those who cares about reconciliation between people? According to mostofa Allah honey welcome first of Euro

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam on

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our hacky movin mustard Rockman Hadith the nse metaphora

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vein Mr. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam a journalist in the inner harbor HCA had an idea

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for Carla who Omar haka. Kiara sutala. Me and

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Hakka reported that nsra Allah answered we were sitting with the prophets of Salaam and all of a sudden we saw the process alum smiling and laughing

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I almost said jasola what have made you smile that much? What happened? What did you see what you've been informed?

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Then he said I was informed about two men and the Day of Judgment they will be

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on their knees before Allah subhana wa tada Jeff ianya Allah Okabe Hema Imam Allah azza wa jal

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and Allah subhanaw taala will allow them to speak so one of them said Dr. Rob kodaly mother lemma team in Effie

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take, I want revenge from my brother. You have taken things from me. You have done wrong to me.

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I want my revenge now Yala. That's the Day of Judgment.

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Then Allah subhana wa Taala said to the man, He will say to the man out there How can I pay him back? And how you pay him back?

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From your good deeds?

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You give your good deeds to him. Fair polio problem Yeah, because he has an attache feni at Kaluga you have nothing left everything I got reward for it. I give it because I have done so much to people so much run through so many wrong things to do. It's been taken all I have nothing left to give

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takala has mov allume takadanobaba loon, Rob defoliation Milani. I was

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then the one who been oppressed.

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He will say out, let him carry my sense. If he doesn't have anything to give me from his good deeds, let him carry my sins. Karla Anna's father to a&r also to leisel allow he was Salim Hina deck and I said I saw the process of his eyes filled with tears at this moment, when he told us that

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then call in early kaoma

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yet urgent national eliminator Hamelin whom I was

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forgotten Allah who thought fabrisonic in Ibiza Salam said, this is a very serious day, very serious day where people want to free themselves from their sins in any way. Even if they dump it on their friends and relatives, or anyone.

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Then Allah will say to the one who's seeking that event,

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raise your head and raise your gaze. Look up there and he will see this beautiful, beautiful garden in paradise. And he said, look at it. Allah Allah, Allah muda in I mean, Memphis will pursue I mean there have been Moksha or I'm not going to be any below look.

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At in a be in hatha yoga. So yeah Allah, I see this beautiful, beautiful area or spacious place, filled with building building and things made of put looks like pearls from distance are made of gold and silver, for which profit is this, for which some deed for which shade, rich, righteous person or other Shaheed would be giving this, Allah said this is the one who will do things equal to it, or like, you know, something that it is the reward for for somebody who did something specific? And he said, Yeah, what's that thing that you can do? To be reward was such reward? Allah hoonah entertain lico you have it? I have it. What did they what I have Yeah, Allah to offer for this

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beautiful place for a court of law tie for an ethical young than a lot of time. All what you need to do is to forgive your brother. Today, if you forgive him now and you ask for nothing, I will reward you with all this.

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Kind of alpha one, alpha two and fair all Allah who the big e kerogen.

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I forgive him. Then Allah will tell him, take your brother's hand and walk together to john

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in the business. At that point, he couldn't hold his tears anymore in his eyes, it start coming down. And with words, mixed with tears, he said sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, for duckula who are slicker with that Obi nukem for in Allah usili, who obey in many in a omocha Yama, he said, Allah in the Day of Judgment, he will reconsolidate between the believers. So make sure you today in this dunya reconsolidate between your brothers and sisters, if you know a couples who are married reconsolidate between them, divorce reconsidered, it doesn't matter necessarily to go to each other, but at least there is no hatred. If there has been somebody been abused, the rights taken away. And

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there is something tried to reconciliate someone in debt couldn't pay and in trouble try to reconsolidate right to help to bring people there is no need for all these stories that are here, lawsuit cases and nasty divorce cases. I nasty business, you know,

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breaking between people in business and attorneys to animosity. Now, you should looking forward to help and seek help, instead of allowing this to grow and to became a bigger problem between friends between brothers between, you know, family, relative family members over inheritance or over worldly matters. It does

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Matter What It Is what it matter the most, that we should not allow this

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to happen among us, and we just silent and we just don't care

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as much to be said, but I help seeing how the prophet SAW Selim cares so much about this. Say how much that's so important in Islam and Allah Himself do that troll on the day of judgment will be an inspiration for all of us to have two things clear from this hotline. Number one, if you can help help.

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Number two, when the reconciliation introduced to you, don't be arrogant. Don't be angry, don't refuse. Don't slay her up. Don't you know what? Come and look, even if you lose something in the dunya

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what I guarantee you that you will win so much in the NFL insha Allah to Allah.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring peace and harmony and love between all those people who are in any, there is a problem between them and to help them to solve this in a very peaceful manners. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to purify our hearts and our intention and to always make us among those who open doors for higher forgiveness and closed doors for evil. We help us to always bring people together and to bring harmony and peace wherever we are. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins and to forgive our brothers and sisters and to forgive our parents alarm of when and what alarm of early Muslim or non Muslim at alarm of Minami not allowance or a radical mother will mean Allahu

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Mahi up are you alone me either Jelani economic fallen alpha Halina Allah no mana no Dr. On out well Jimmy, Jimmy and I'm equally sure any other Jelani econ law most of our Bella our

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econ Allah Houma in Nana silicon alpha one alpha one more effort at the EMA video in your dunya will manual earlier all along is an alphabet and moody kuliah Asante tamanna or sallallahu wasallam Allah hi Rena wannabe, you know also, you know have even a Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam de Sleeman kathira whirpool Melissa do have newer hemco qumola

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a lot

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