Waleed Basyouni – My Mother, My Eyes, My Carrots

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of green food during the last 10 days of the year, as it is a habit. They stress the benefits of eating a variety of foods, including vegetables and fruits, to achieve vision. The importance of creative ideas and solutions to improve vision is emphasized, along with the need to work together to achieve goals and create impact. The success of the Aladdin app and COVID-19 are also discussed, with a mention of the need to protect older people and change one's attitude towards older people.
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Now Mohammed muda Rasulullah

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I'm Laura

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in the handler who want to stay in who want to study here and stuff, when I was with him in Cerulean fishermen Surya Molina Maria de la hufa mobila wanna Euclid fellow Henrietta who I shadow Allah Allah Illallah hola hola Shari cara, wash Eduardo Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, Allahumma Sleeman kathira mvat all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his

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last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, first of all, today is the last day of the days of judiciary. It's one of these some of these blus days in the year, and they are a days of Vicar, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioning of Allah azza wa jal and honoring him and remembering him and glorifying His names. Still, the tech beer is Sunday until the prayer as of today, until salata Lhasa, and if you have not do you're all here yet, you still have a chance, you can even go online. And technically, I doubt you can do it by sacrificing now, but at least you can do it online if you have not done and it's a highly recommended act of worship to do. So as we are living this last

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final moments and hours of our blessed days, which is the days of the Sree of the days that comes at the end of the 10 the first 10 days of the ledger, make sure that you took full advantage of it.

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You know, and I want to switch gear talking about someone who was dear to me

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was my first teacher.

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My first friend,

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my first therapist,

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my first counselor,

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my first doctor, a nutritious, nutritious and also my first love. It's my mother.

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She play all these roles and more in my life.

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brought him on low to middle of me mercy on her and all our mothers.

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Many things that I have learned from her and I want to pick from my life and many of her advices something to reflect upon today.

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She is almost to tell me. First of all, we have a rule we have to eat green every day.

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Every meal like in lunch, which is the main meal in our culture, it has to have something green can

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Just pass a day without eating something green, which is a very good habit. I'm saying this because unfortunately, a lot of parents today, they don't care about the kids eat. And even sometimes, us as a community, here in the mustard when we have events, always bring pizza, bring pizza, bring pizza. And I learned something that you have to make sure that your kids eat like adults, as adults care about eating variety of food to be nutritious. Same thing with your kids, you can just let them rely on, you know fried food and mac and cheese. And that's all they eat when you go, because it's an easy thing when you go to

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restaurants or events. So anyway, my mother, one of the things that she used to tell me you have to eat carrots, carrots is good for your eyesight, carrots.

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Just Oh, another, you know, carrots will empower or improve your eyesight. And I'm sure many of you, your mothers have said the same to carrots, definitely still not my favorite list of food that I like to eat. First take too much time to eat thing you know, to chew. And just it's not my thing. But you know what? I used to do it I used to be first then she always told me about that. You know I sighed strong eyesight in case you want to be a pilot one day, you know, she will figure anything out to make me excited about eating carrots as I grow up older. And I found out that after all the carrots I had my youth and my childhood, I still need eyeglasses a little bit disappointed and a

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little bit mad, you know that my eyesight is not that good. And I need the glasses.

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Like many of us, I start doubting and I said oh, this is an old school things. This is just a cultural thing. I'm not sure if she knows what she's talking about. But I am Allah muskie and I, you know, she is even though my mom, which is an educated woman, but you know, like, you know, parents weak as young always thing the parents don't know much. So I really doubted that this is just a math like all these, you know, there's so many math that we're so used to it and we hear it like one of these methods, we will accept one size fits all, which is I found that

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absolutely not true.

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But there is so many methods we just accepted. And I thought this is one of it that carrots good for your eyesight. But as I grow older, I realize that carrots by itself, not necessarily to be good for your eyesight. But definitely it does help.

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Because as you will read and you most likely most of you, most of you are aware of that, that it helps you to produce vitamin A, which is vitamin A, helps utilize the basically the eyes to convert light to a signal that sent to the brain, allowing you to better to see better in low light. So it's a it's a quite a bit complicated. I'm just trying to simplify the wording here. So I realize you know what she was right, that really helps. But as I grow up, I learned several things from this experience that I'm sure you have similar ones with your parents. Number one helps. I wish we can apply the same concept to many things in our life. So many times we simplify things I found in my

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life and my experience in life. You know, most it's very rare that I come across a problem or a solutions that based on just one reason or one, you know, tip that you do and everything will be fixed. That one single shot or one thing of change, you know, and everything will be perfect. That doesn't work. Me being naive thinking or that you know, eating carrots helaas that will your eyesight will be perfect. That doesn't help doesn't work that way. It's a combination of many things. And it's a complicated matter. You know, so for you to think that you know this is the only reason for my marriage, for example is falling apart. This is the only reason I'm not doing good in

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college. This is the only reason you know my business is not working. It just simplifying things like this is more of a naive way. And it's not practical or can be worse when you think that just one thing would fix everything. You know if I make this everything will go perfect. Everything will change in my life. You know, very rare I would say that I found something like life doesn't

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work like that very rare would things really based on one solutions on one change, and I give you a real example, even in our dowel work. For instance, some group think that political and civic engagement is the way to create change in the society. But we must understand that other methods and tools are as important as civic engagement, political engagement, for example, education, you know, is strengthening the society's moral and strict moral and spirituality is as important as the other one being engaged in now and helping people educating people will create that change. It's a multiple things working together. Number two,

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when are you used to hear that carrots improve your eyesight, I would think at that time that it will have an a direct effect. But as I told you, it doesn't work like an adapter, it's actually helped me to produce that vitamin, you know, something in your brain than that to to help to produce vitamin A, that vitamin l helping your brain to receive these signals to improve it's it's many steps. And I want to learn from this experience, and what I learned from this experience and want to share this with you. So you might agree with me to look at this more deeper. That things not necessarily will have a direct impact, but a ripple effects. When we think about solutions, when we

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when we think about impact, we should not only look for a goal over time, until will produce a great results. In the end, we need to work on things that will cause short term results and long term impacts. I give you an example. Sometimes we think with our children, a direct advice to your son or daughter about something that it will make them change their behavior.

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But actually,

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you're kids might not listen to you. As much as they will look at you see you watch you watching, you will have way more bigger impact on them as they grow older than just these direct advices that you give them.

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And that's something we should keep in mind. The third point that I want to share

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something that is so important, especially for young people who are listening to me today.

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This experience led me to realize that not everything my parents are older generation saying are wrong. Especially when it comes to science or live experience. We have this idea that you know what they are old school, they don't know what they talk about, or different generations were different. We're different, we're different, we're different. I understand there's a difference between, you know, millenniums, and I did iPhone, iPhone, you know, 12 generations and blackberry generations and, you know, flip flop generations and all these kinds of, I understand that I understand the changes kind of and very quickly, you know, sociologists saying it takes it used to take 20 years

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for a generation to be built to have to have their own vocabularies wave thinking, where blah, blah, blah. But as we sing this does it doesn't mean that correct, by the way.

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And this reality, and what's important for me that as this is some culture thing, but I found out Gina was she was correct, and much of what she was saying about characters correct.

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And the same thing for you, I want you to know that not everything, not every advice, not every or it's not right, or the don't know, I just simply wrong. Because we don't.

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I don't also advocating the opposite. We have to have the right methodology of recognizing correct from wrong, right from wrong.

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correct information from false information. It doesn't make it bad or wrong. It's just wrong. That arrogance that we have as we grow up in western civilization, thinking that any other civilization know nothing, or don't know any better is by some of the thing that people who have not, they don't have that high education, but they have discovered and amazing things in many different fields.

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And life will turn us to be arrogance, ungrateful towards those who are before us. I think we need to change our attitude towards those who are older than us. Not see them know what I will listen. If there is a word of wisdom, I'll benefit

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from it, I opened my heart on my mind to learn from them.

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Your parents are not your enemy.

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Or not your you know, bad that at one moment, I thought that she was she doesn't know what she was talking about. But that was just my arrogant, my prejudiced. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive her and forgive all of us. I hope that this will inspire us to learn from even these little things that at home, that things can change our way of life or prospective life akuto Massimo Mustafa de la jolla composto fellow in the hall of horror

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hamdulillah Eduardo Salatu, salam, ala, Moana.

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Many of the early Muslim generations have said one of the highly recommended acts during the days of tertiary and maybe we only have few hours left in it, but maybe you can take advantage of these few hours left

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that the US to say it is highly recommended for you to say this to rob Burnett RTF Jr. has an awful awful lot he has in Okinawa but not what another agenda can be administered have this be reported from a large number of setup that used to say, I've been at an effort dunia has no Avila karate house in Okinawa. Now, you're up, give us on this dunya good, and give us in the UK are good and protect us from Hellfire and good. That means all kinds of goodness. anything good you can think of. You're asking Allah Subhana Allah for and don't ever think that this is too hard or too many or too much for Allah. In the vessel Allah Sallam said that Allah said, if all of you all humans in origin,

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from the beginning to the end, come together in one place, and everyone Make a wish. Everybody wish, whatever you want.

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And I give each and every one of you what they ask, that will not decrease what I have nothing, nothing from what I have will be decreased.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is so rich, so powerful, so capable, so don't ever doubt and you ask him from all the goodness of the author,

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what are your archistar from the day you die, Yanni whatever good at the moment of your death in your grave in the resurrection, in the Day of Judgment until you intergender and all the goodness engine

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and to protect you from Hellfire and protect you from Hellfire means to protect you from the things that lead to Hellfire also means to protect you from its impact because the Hellfire has an impact on you and your grave. If allow the life you belong to it, or you've been decided to be punished by you will feel the heat of it in your grave. So you asked about protection from that. Any protection from it in the Day of Judgment you will be terrified or affected by and will be protected from it when you walk over the salon, the bridge, the bridge which is above the whole file. It's a beautiful new app, and the Muslims should care for it and they highly recommend you to sit. So we say Rob

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Benner attina Jr. Has center of it I felt he hasn't woken up and not alarm of Ireland or ham no i've you know i for under llama Taco Bell. Sorry, I'm out in Loma Taco Bell solea emmalin Aloma Taco Bell Mina in the cantus Amir Nadeem were to garden in the cantate awaba Rahim robina in the novel I'm Nam husana Lm tolvanen an akuna Minal hacer in Overland everlywell Idina Luma heart you know about you know, words dad you know the dirt you know i'm i'm you know I'm not you know, a Hawaii no Hawaiian little Holla Holla Tina Allah homovanillic karate Nevada we have hermina Allah homophily as well as in our Aladdin I mean, Rob Bennett Phil and only one in livina seven I believe and when I say alfio

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COVID-19 Linden Avenue Allah homophilic mininova me not one Muslim you know what a Muslim at a minimal amount Allah Muslim Anna how they're gonna have medical and welfare article Baraka together jelajah economic alarm my father now I'm in Allah my father now I'm in now I'll be done in a short order you will Bella yada yada yada a crop along lapena shovel feet and motherhood I mean home about on so far now I know that you know the reality no beauty no I'm arlena yahaya you along or suddenly was a limo barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim ala Amata Sleeman kathira como de Sahaja hungama

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