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Study who want to start when I was learning theory unforeseen I would say it or not in me yeah he lovely fella

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from a young fella who was shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu La Sherry Cara wash Edwin the Muhammad Abdul Hua rasool Allah masala

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Muhammad cannot sell later.

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Brahim indica Hamidah Majeed, as

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always do to align his prayers and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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our witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final message. My dear brothers and sisters,

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I've always been fascinated by people who are constantly successful at what they do,

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especially those who experience success repeatedly in many areas of their life through the lifetime.

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When I study the lives of the prophets of the messengers, especially the life of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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When I read about the fourth philosopher, Abu Bakr, Omar of MT and

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or other great colors and leaders, Murali evisa piano devisees Halima sheet were analyzed the life of great scholars of Islam who achieved success not only in one area in their life,

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but truly areas like the forefront.

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Khalifa, man, Shafi Ashman, they are not just successful, in fact, of Hadith, Buhari was just not a great Muhammad. He was also a great man, a great leader in his community, shahada, Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah Rahim Allah and so many names. Even when I hear the story of successful businessman and businesswoman today, CEOs of companies,

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people who made it through their life, sometimes they are famous, and sometimes they're not flatbacks artists in any area of life, it's always been something fascinated me. I like to read about I like to inspire by these stories, learn from their success, to add to my own personal success. When they hear the story of those people, I always see an example for me to come. We all have our own examples of super successful people that we look up to them. But so many times it's a very vague picture or image. Yeah, I know that my prophet was very successful. But I never really tried to understand why this person was very successful. Yes, I heard about. So it's also a person

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who is very successful and made this company and made a fortune to lie. And I don't know really why he was very successful.

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And I think the big question that we should ask ourselves, how do they do it? How do they do, I really became very successful.

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Over years of studying and looking at the stories and life of numerous successful people, I come to a conclusion that I would like to share with you and the struggles by looking at studying and analyzing the lives of many successful people in the history of our religion. And even in modern days. In history in general, I found that there is a relevant elements between all those peoples, all these successful stories. And I think that there is an absolute great potential for every one of us to emulate this success story that you read about in your own life. And to make it a success story that can be seen, and the legacy that can be seen by the your children, your family, your

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neighbors, the people around, you might not be able to change the world, that you might be able to change the world for some person for one person alone, which is maybe your children, maybe you inspire inspiring your family members to became something great

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or even friends and so forth. So what are some of these points that

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not because those people were different? I think because they did do things differently, they will make they will be very special. So first one, what Allah subhanaw taala said about your profits and Willmar trophy at illa biLlah. That is very clear that they always rely on Allah Subhana Allah

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Under success, in a sense, they always attribute their success to Allah, not only to their own personal egos and their own personal skills, even though he were very skillful, even though they were they worked hard, it's still the attribute this Thomas patata. Why? Because this will always put you in your place. Whenever you become arrogant you lose number one element of success, which is success cannot be given to arrogant people, even if they succeed in a temporary time, they fall apart to see those who are humble, humble and down to earth are successful in any area they are in any area they are in the study. This is the trend between all successful people in different fields

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in life to do fine, but they are humble they will not arrogant people, because arrogant prevents you from benefiting from others. And that's one of the most important element to succeed, to learn from others. So they always attributed to Allah subhanaw taala and be great and grateful and thankful to Allah. That's why I was anakata set water in Chicago to Allah as he then when you're grateful and thankful to me, I will give you more, I will aid you also our Openmoko success for you, you might succeed in one area, but other areas of your life you still struggle. So if you're grateful and thankful to Allah for that area, Allah might open another door for you another success to be granted

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in other areas of your life. That's why some of us decide if you want to succeed. And look at this. They said if you want to succeed in obtaining for sure in the salon to be able to concentrate them Salah Ali, the the hustler confessional

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that you might give a church

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making vicar and Allah will reward you for that good deeds that he allows you to succeed in the area that you're struggling with, which is having for sure, or maybe with the family or maybe fasting. So success and other day and being grateful to Allah opened the door for success in other areas as well. Number two

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successful people they create and pursue SMART goals. And I'm gonna say they pursue SMART goal as a

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team. Successful people are objective people, they have realistic targets in mind. They know what they are looking for. And when they are fighting for successful people, successful people create and pursue SMART goals. Look at Musa alayhis salam studying the Quran, very clear what you want. Actually all the prophets, Allah smart Allah made it very clear that their goals was very clear. Allahu Allah to sneak obeya they have no even question about that worship upon us to serve other with him, look at loose, very focused on his dog, let the children of Israel leave with me. I came to Free the Children of Israel from being a slave to human being to be only slave to Allah subhana

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wa. Look at any one of those names that I mentioned earlier.

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was installed when he became the Khalifa amount of blood. Aziz, what was his score when he became funny, like one of the things itself, very interesting, good to see that one of his goal is to build a strong economy for the Muslim country, at that time, strong economy. Look at the decision that he made in two years. One, he controlled wasting spending in the government before they used to give money to pilots to relatives in the royal family, spend money to gender roles, he stopped all this wasting of money to people who don't deserve and number two, he reduced the tax and then invites people to invest him use the top tremendously to bring it to the same grade. It was

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when a thing that he did he did not spend so much money in wars as a matter of fact,

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is you never declared a civil war because there was no need for

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like other people to engage in so many wars for legacy for being destroyed emperor, stone king he never engaged in any war will be.

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Also one of the things that you read about him how we organize markets, and regulate so many things in the markets, even though the currency does speak about the inflation of the currency you don't

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know when it comes to the issue of bets that the business that he supported the poor people. He did a social, as we call it, Social Security Services for the open. He was very just in the way he distributed the war between the citizen of his country

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Muslim and non Muslim slave nonslip,

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and so forth. So it's very, very interesting how he has a clear veneer, very clear vision how you will achieve this goal. That's why SMART goals, it's not just a smart because those smart there's a reason for that, because S stands for specific, a general, order b,

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for example, Jiminy boy would be something like, get a cheap,

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I wouldn't get anywhere close to the ship that you want. That's a very genuine Jimmy bake, I want to be her, I want to have a good relationship with the Quran, I want to be a good person. That's a very vague goal. That's not a SMART goal. That's not a SMART goal. It's the opposite actually, a doable goal to

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get in shape. But to be specific now, I will say, on a specific goal, I will join a health club, I will have a personal trainer workout three days a week for the next 52 weeks.

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I want a specific goal, I know exactly what I want. I want to read everyday often often. But I want to know what I sifted from the formula, I want to read the whole chapter in one year or in 10 months. So that means every day will be that amount of juice or habitus and so forth. So that's it, you will be able to achieve the goals that you want is basically to be very specific about your goal. So that smart progress on the end, noting, there must be a logical system of measuring the progress of your goals.

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To determine, if you will, is manageable. Ask yourself questions like for example, how much time

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I will meet? How many taught how many dates, how much I will spend on that we can answer these questions. That means mergeable are way more than the goal is accomplished and not eccentric, just ask yourself this kind of question to see if you'll go on into because if it's not, you never know when I achieved it or not attainable. Don't ever put goals that cannot attain. Don't ever put go for yourself, you cannot have, hey, I'm gonna finish the whole Quran in one night or memorize the Quran in six months. If you if you're not, it's not a table to you.

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A goal must be represent an objective toward which you are willing and able to work. Don't forget that.

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Also, you must be relevant. I mean, it wouldn't make any sense to have God that has nothing to do with your business that somebody comes to me. So I decided to study you know, the details, books of football, NFL sharpener, medical humbly, and that has nothing to do with your line of business. That's what your background is not relevant to you to go that direction. Well, I want to go deep learning the Arabic grammars and stuff like that. It's irrelevant. That's why very soon you will fill up asked me can go relevant to the thing that you're customed to relevant to the thing that you're interested in relevant to the time of flight which you have in your life.

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Also, so smart, the T which is the last time God has been grounded within a timeframe. If you just keep it loose, you will lose it.

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Giving the target date a commitment to Deadline helps you to focus your effort and the accomplishment of God. That's how I always deal with people in synchronous and other people think I said when

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just learn to do that you have somebody walk up

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to the show one hour do that when this will be finished. Otherwise you will not achieve goals. And I choose this topic specifically because we are coming to the summer where a lot of people have so many goals they want to achieve during the summer. But unfortunately don't the summer baseball and nothing changed in my life and the reason for that but successful because they don't know how to be how to succeed achieving the goals will be worth and

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so the first point that most successful people have in common when

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they're grateful to him to the put SMART goals and you know that now what it means three they take decisive and immediate action.

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Sadly, very few people ever move to become the success story, the deterred they dream about you know why? Because they never took the actions and just dreams

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acquisition of knowledge doesn't mean that your grand

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grand happen when what you know change how you live

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When what you know change how you live, that we manage will be beneficial. That's when Islam criticize knowledge that doesn't lead to actions.

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Person has the knowledge and he doesn't benefit from the example from that person in the Quran can Hey Maria,

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like a donkey carrying books have not

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as the example of those who know, but

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it doesn't matter if you have mashallah genius IQ, or a PhD in quantum physics,

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it can change anything, or make any sort of a real world progress without taking actions

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or huge difference between know how to do something and actually doing it. That's why it is so important if you really want to see how those people come successful because they immediately took action. So make that decision and take actions. Number four, the focus

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on being productive, not being busy. On this very tricky. A lot of people think because they're busy, that means they're productive. That's not true.

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And I want to say that again, because I see this in my own life, my business, I work with people,

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I work for people. And even just because they're busy, it means I'm successful. I achieve success now. Not because you're busy with your kids at home, it means it's about productive, how much you productive, how productive you are, in the thing that you're engaged in, how much you accomplish every day, not how much I have to put, you know, we are the same.

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Two very famous Crusher, be a smart worker.

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You know, it's a cliche, but it's like so many other cliche, unfortunately, people know it, but they don't practice it. Just take a quick look around.

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The busy outnumber,

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the busy outnumber the productive people around us. Actually, the marriage is wide between both those who are service and those who are productive or productive in life. Busy, people are rushing all over the place, running from here to there, but still want.

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Basically, you see them running everywhere, taking calls to conference meetings, blah, blah, blah, engaging, but they barely have enough free time for their family for to get together for themselves and so forth. They don't accomplish much in their life. And I'll tell you, those who are too busy in their life, usually they don't. They always complain about running out of time. But this all productive in their life. Don't complain about the shortage of time, solution, slow down brief, review your commitment, review your priorities in life and set it up correctly. Remember, it's about smart work, not necessarily hard work.

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Or something before we make logical and informed decisions. That's very important to achieve success in life. You can't be just emotional reactions. Look at the prophets of Allah and you got to send them to build came to him. And he told that person to you the angel of the mountains. Now the process of an emotionally charged he was hacked and assaulted, driven out of the city of epi rejected people show me the even hurt him physically, he was bleeding. He was humiliated by those people he loved so emotionally, can you put yourself in that position? Then the angel comes and says, Hey, I'm gonna send this angel to say, go ahead and restore this.

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You might say

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yes, he was trying to come.

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He erased the vision of this the city the success that you want, is it No, it's a rational listen maybe from the children will come people who struggle with with worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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So that's why successful people they make logical, informed decisions. Sometimes we do things that are purely foolish simply because we are temporarily upset or too excited.

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I don't mind following your gut instincts. You know, we say Follow your heart but don't forget to take your brain with you.

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You know, you can just follow your heart blindly like that. You have also to use your brain.

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Number six,

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the work outside of your comfort zone. Any success story? You will find that this person never succeed because he or she worked inside their comfort zone.

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Is it your comfort zone?

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with your kids, for example, you think you're going to achieve success when you have children with your parents. Don't look at the comfort zone, look at the challenging part.

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What is the challenging part for you, so many people succeed in certain line of business, that's the comfort zone, he or she will not go out of that comfort zone.

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You know what, I don't think you will achieve the success that you deserve. Because you just want to relax and being lazy to staying fat and staying in your bottom and not to move. Successful people, they challenge themselves, the work out of your comfort zone.

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The number one thing that I persistently See, holding smart people back is their own reluctance to accept a new opportunity, a new challenge, simply because they think that they are not ready. And I'm gonna say to those who said, I'm not ready for this year, I'm not ready for this job. I'm not thirsty for this deal or whatever, whoever is giving you an opportunity. You know what there is nobody ever was 100% Ready.

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Because if you can await continue to be 100% Ready to accomplish anything in your life.

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The truth is, no one ever feels 100% Ready, when an opportunity arose, because most great opportunity in life force us to grow emotionally and intellectually. Now we're taking this opportunity,

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the force to teach to force us to teach ourselves and our and to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

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Which it means you're not gonna in the beginning, feel comfortable ready.

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But you know what? When you don't feel comfortable, usually you say, you wouldn't feel ready. And I want to tell you that this is the challenge. You don't feel comfortable. So that will lead you to be ready. Number seven,

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those successful people, they keep things simple. And I wish I'm keeping things simple. Okay.

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Life is, this is something I see gloomy and the prophets are solid in the Sharia. And you know, the Sharia is not complicated. Like

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God said, he said, the

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knowledge the Sharia is one drop that ignorant people made it complicated. Otherwise, the Prophet said that if you look at his statements, look at his word. He inspire people with the simple teaching with simple steps with simple tips.

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Once divisions, definitely Leonardo

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said I don't remember that. He said something like that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I think that's what he said. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And that's either nothing closer to be true to the to the statement

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could be closer to the truth. It is the most successful way is to make things simple, it to make things simple, especially in our time, in this 21st century, when we have information flowing in the speed of light around us. There's so many ways we can use technology to make things simple for yourself and your success and whatever me that you want to simplify, don't complicate it. Don't complicate the process Don't complicate the process. The great the focus on making small continuous improvement. And this is something we learn from the prophets, Allah Allah Sullivan said, Even little bit little that you can make to it. It's better than so much. He said it's also

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the most beloved to Allah.

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Eduardo and the thing that you're consistent in, even if it is a little bit, even if it is a few things that you do,

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nothing is particularly hard, if you divide it into small pieces once Henry Ford said that you just put it in a small pieces, you know, they said how can you eat an elephant? They said one bite at a time. You know, according to the those who believe in Hello, do you feel the elephant but it's just to say

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just divided turn to pieces. So these big projects that you want just divided into small pieces and be committed to remember that whatever goal you have just to follow our our mamas or read every day.

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Two lines in the Quran. You know what if you do that, I guarantee you you will finish the Messiah twice every year at least

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two lines, three lines every day. Commit to

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you don't finish so much wouldn't believe it. Just break these big goals into small ones and be consistent and that's what makes so many people successful in their life. Make sure that you measure and track the progress. Successful people have the dot

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I'm not only working in their business but the working on their business. Don't work do work on your success. Make sure in the process you follow up, you see how much I made the process? How much I have basically progress check or what are the elements of your success net any element of your failure, the element of success, what are the things that made my relationship very close to my spouse, focus on not anything that gone wrong between me and my spouse.

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They maintain positive outlook. As they learn from the mistakes successful people concentrate on what is possible. They look for the silver light in the silver looking close to the silver lining in every situation, they know that it is their positivity that will take them to greatness. That's a prayer even in the time of filming you know that you learn from your mistake so you can grow and you grow strong. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us success in the dunya and

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according to Mustafa and welcome

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So, remember,

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maintain a positive outlook,

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major truck, your products, focus and not making small and continuous improvement.

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Keep things simple.

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work outside your comfort zone.

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make logical informed decision.

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Focus and being productive not being busy.

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Take decisive, immediate set of actions

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have a smart goals. Something is timely, relevant, attainable, measurable, specific and that's what smart goals.

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Trust ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And finally,

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be in the company of good people successful people. And make sure in this process you balance your life. I have seen mashallah brother who have a good body shape, successfully build his body but miserably failed to have a living or to have a career. I've seen the mashallah very successful businessman and businesswoman. They make millions, but they are absolutely failure. Spouses absolutely fail your parents. That's your success. Don't look you're successful in one area and expensive another. That's not how successful people like look at the profits are solid. Look at the great names that I mentioned in the beginning of the Hotbox you'll see for success as relevantly

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appeared in the lives balance your life has not the success that you want to have. And the worst of all, to be successful in the dunya and loser in the eye.

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Make sure that this will be balanced the dunya and the alpha in your life. Make Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who listen to the speech and follow the best of it. Allah morpholino Hannah Rafino welcome Muslim and Al Rahim in in fusina Adam can only when he crop lawmen and silicon who took on iPhone Hina at UCLA was a woman's occur until the U haul muda launched in the midst of off UniFi Surya last one and if you Surya alum Witheridge Are you hola hola hemorrhage

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throb will be nursery Mia Yatta you hola hola. photogenic one NFE Baba, Allah

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crop mustafina hemispherical

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Allah if

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you haven't yet you are somebody who knows

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Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah. Muhammad Rasul Allah law. Hey our solar