Is Love Truly Enough To Sustain A Marriage

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning behind certain emotions and how they can affect relationships. They also mention a situation where a woman is pregnant and the potential for divorce. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding certain emotions and the need for love to sustain a marriage.
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one time one sister was telling me, you know, I wanted to marry this person I said Why should mashallah he his voice of Quran is very good. I said, okay, just follow his YouTube channel.

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Listen to the citation if you need to get married to someone like that

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that's not love, or oh he miskeen he went through so much in his life, or Myskina she has no one did that's petty.

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You want to give her financial help, or you want to give him money to help him that's PA, you know, he needs a counselor. Doesn't mean you need a wife or husband, you to become his wife, that's petty.

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That's the very big difference between these and a lot of people mix between them. So make sure that you don't be and it's hard sometimes to differentiate because these emotions comes mix this nut like okay, they are well identified and no, but just you have to be careful what not to be deceived in the part of the mystery of love. Okay.

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One other thing that you have to be careful about that

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researcher telling us that people who are newly in love, produce

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decreased level of hormone

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serotonin, as low as level seen in people with OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder.

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What that means, it means that intense love can cloud your mind can make you unit obsessive and to the relationship and sometimes that can blind you because I hate to break it for some of you. That love is not always enough to sustain a marriage.

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Love is not always enough to be married to that person. There are so many loves does not mean can lead to marriage.

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And after a while people realize that I will never forget a sister told me she I need to get divorce.

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I said what happened? She said Jeff, you don't know what I had to go through to be married to my husband. I lost almost my family.

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I said tell me

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i She was crying so hard because she's pregnant.

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She can take it

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she loved that man and I think she was still in deep love with him.

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She grew up in a very rich family. She told me I had maybe two meats

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one of them 24/7 dedicated for me or like all the time for me right for me. Another one for the house

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I lived in a very luxurious life and a fall in love with this guy who from a different culture different country. And he was very poor but his religious and my family is not that religious.

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And I fell in love with him. I loved him and love how righteous is my parents? My parents told me If you marry him we have nothing to do with you. I said I don't care. I will drink water I will eat bread I will dip bread and oil doesn't matter. This is like the nice you know words but when you start living like that, okay? You're not going to have love for dinner

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every night

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should love was so hard. But it's not only the materialistic part of it and the money in the short term and we living in a very bad house broken himself get frustrated very quickly. I get tired I'm not used to work he get angry because I'm not I never cleaned the house in my life.

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And he was angry. He kept telling me my mom My mom My mom not your mom. You better be like my mom Everleigh

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one time the raise the voice another time he pushed her third time you know became more violence

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and love just got lost.

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I I'm sure they will love when they decide to take but love was not enough to make this marriage work.