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hamdulillah who want to stay in who want to study who want to start Pharaoh? When I was in Sudan Pacino and Satya Molina Maria de la who Fela mo de la la? Mama Euclid Farah ha de Allah. Wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah hula hula Sheree, Kara. Wash Sedona Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar o Kabira al hamdu Lillahi kathira o Subhana Allah He bukata wartsila la ilaha illa Allah Allahu Malik Al Hamdulillah Al Jazeera Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Oh La ilaha illallah wa he'll hand

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in the near Mattel hedayati min Allah mini me la hora de one of the greatest blessings and bounties that Allah subhana wa tada have blusters Oh my word is the blessings of guidance will will hamdulillah Hilary Donnelly, Heather McInerney netta de la jolla and Hayden Allah, they said, All Praise to Allah, the One who guided us to this we would have not been guided if he did not guided us aluma command to the come Deena come to our equanimity and the album Nima he and Emily Dyer, Allah Subhana Allah said today I complete your religion and I fulfilled my bounty upon you my favor upon you will lead to the common Islam Medina yamano Nuyorican assalamu Lata manohara Yes. lahmacun

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Barrie La Jolla Monterey caminhada Camille Imani in kuntum saw the pin they show a favor to em Mohammed that they become Muslim know the favor it belongs to Allah Subhana Allah Allah He guided you to Eman Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that the people in general

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they will say as I said earlier when they gather wakad will hamdulillah Hillel he had an early hada we all praise due to a lot the one who guided us to this. Al Bukhari and Muslim reported in his sorry, that didn't be Salalah you it was seldom in the day of 100 up in the day of the Battle of will conduct as involved as many as him said, I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam transferring the dirt and the rocks that they were when they were digging the trench. And he said hatao or Tara Boucher Andre? Well Canada Julian Kathy Rashard in Nabi sallallahu Sallam he was his chest was not covered. And he said, and he has a very

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thick and a lot of hair in his chest. sallallahu wasallam. He said, it was

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completely covered with dust was completely covered with dust from the sand and the rocks that he was carrying sort of lasala moving from one place to another when they were digging the trench. And while he's doing this salia Salim carrying the things from one from the trench. He was saying, Allahu Malala and Timothy, Dana, and he will repeat what Abdullayev that Allah has saying, and will be kind of, you know, repeating these lines of poetry and entered Allahumma Lola, Lola and Dana, voila, so duck now what else Alena, for en Zeeland Sakina Elena was that between academics in piner in the APA, who

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is to fit net anabaena he said that a law it wasn't for you, we would not have been guided and would not have been able to or know how to donate or to give charity nor how to pray.

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Allah Subhana Allah has guidance on us or for us are two types. The number one that is known as hidayatullah Bella hidayatullah, erscheint hidayatullah ban, which is a like guide us in a sense, he explained to us, he inform us he educates us subhana wa Tada. So last month, Allah said, when you call liko mainhand for each nation, there is a hat there is a guide. And insalata right and Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah to sure about Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam were in Nicoletta de la serata must have been you guide people to the straight path and Allah subhana wa tada said for intoa later on Phantom or Anima annato Sunil but I will move in that the role of Mohammed Salim is to explain is

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to inform is to educate and abuse Allahu Allah Yuan he was said to eliminate article the Allah and the Allahu be covered, you know what I mean? Harmonia

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If you are able to guide someone in a sense, to invite some to educate someone to inform someone about the religion and that person will accept the truth, as is better than whatever wealth that is exists in this world. The other type of guidance that we see in the Quran and Sunnah, the guidance, in a sense when Allah guides you, in a sense that he opens your heart

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to accept the truth. So just not informing you. Knowing that information is one level, accepting it, letting it sink inside your heart, adopting it, practicing it, you know, believing and it's a completely different level. How many people they heard the prophets of Solomon's message many they are equal when it comes to the first hedaya you know, in the bisazza lamb deliver the message to abubaker the same way he delivered to our lab.

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But that person opened his heart and that person his heart didn't open for the Hidayat that he died that type of guidance. We call it he dieted to fit

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he there to help elliana to help on Shara has suddenly solder This is the Hidayat of, you know the guidance that leads to success. The guidance that says from Allah subhana wa tada versus the first one, it is done by the messengers by the scholars by that darat but the second one is only in the hands of philosophy Python, he is the one who opened the hearts in Kanata demon apt. You heard me earlier saying what the law said Dr. Mohammed, you guide people to the people to the straight path but to Allah saying Yeah, Mohammed you don't guide whomever you love. And you don't open their hearts. It's not you don't control their hearts. You don't control their belief. When I can Allah

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Heidi Masha, Allah who Allah mobile Mata Deen, Allah guides whomever he wishes, and Allah knows that people who are guided and deserved guidance, what OSHA auto book at a minimum fill out the German and the tukui, who NASS had tariku, meaning when I was shooting it nakulan I've seen houda if we wish, we will make every single person a believer guided every person, open their hearts except Islam. So this type of guidance, the second one, it's the thing that

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we all

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enjoy today as Muslims. And we all wish for other people to have. We all enjoy it when we do good. And we wish that those who know about good deeds that are open their heart to do it as well. Because it's not the lack of knowledge. It's the lack of termination, the lack of well, the lack of commitment. Otherwise, many people know the same information that you might have, or know. But not everybody responds in the same way. So anytime you find yourself that you get to know something, then a lot open your heart for you open your heart to do it. That's the great thing. I can give hope. But once here in the master a few years back,

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and maybe a decade ago, and somebody came to me and said, I just want you to know that this hope inspired me. And I decided to sponsor a student of knowledge. And this year I sponsor somebody in

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any overseas in Jordan, and he said he finished his PhD this year.

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I got him sponsored from college, all the way until he finished his PhD.

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And I'm willing to take a second one now.

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You don't know many people listened and heard the hope. But not many people did what this man did.

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So here we say that the issue of opening the heart to to commit to practice is not something that you know, in the hands of the speaker. It's in the hands of a lost Paragon. That's why newbies are seldom used to say Allahumma kuruva absorb it could be anabolic. That's why in the PSL NW so someone told us that these hearts in the hands of our last panel,

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he guided to whatever direction he wants. Yeah, anybody could look him volume 11 had a to fester duty and become my servant. You're all misguided except those who I guide. So ask for my guidance and I will provide it for you 17 times a day at least an hour in a regular day.

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Not a Friday, Friday 15 times. But in the weekdays basically

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Every we we do 17 times except on Friday 15 times we say in a Serato study, at least

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you Allah Guide us to the straight path and sort of

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any because the straight path, the deen of Allah that's so big, so huge. Yes, he guided you by telling you that it makes you able to know the information. But there is something beyond knowing which is committing, which is the commitment which is the practice which is the love, which is that faith that you have inside your heart. That's why one of the means and one of the reasons and one of the most important means to receive this guidance from Allah is to ask Allah Subhana Allah for it. Do what the prophets of Salaam used to say every day and so Muslim Canaccord Aloma India so local Buddha, what Toka well, FFR Alina, y'all I asked you guidance. I asked you taqwa I asked you to be

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satisfied, to be protected and Alina to be self sufficient. And in the B cell, Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to her and even abitata say, Allah who may Dini was a Disney World web curbelo houda hidayatullah caparica Casa de yonny Allah guide me and show me the right way and guide me to it make me committed to it made me able to achieve it.

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In nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to pray for his companions and you pray for your children for yourself and for your family member for your children, for your spouse, for your parents and for your friends for for your fellow

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Muslims and neighbors and so forth padina visa Allah Home Depot Swati Bohemia Allah guide dos he sits allow you to sell them to be howdy Jerry ribbon abdillah when he complained to the prophets of Salaam about how he had a hard time riding

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any horses in nebby selasa lambs put his hand on Jerry's chest Baba ba the other surgery he did like this and he said Allah home with a bit yeah Allah make him SATA well, ride well. That's it. Now then he said what child who had the Madea Yala make him What? guided and a person who will guide others

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among the thing that means that will make you receive this guidance from Allah, you honor or unreason. You honor that? Or that what Allah said and what Mohammed Salim said, believe me those who when you tell them God Allah Allah sola the honored the seed as something valuable. Those people Allah guide them, those will keep them on the straight path. But those when they hit the Quran center, they start making question mark doubts, you know, I'm not sure those people don't succeed.

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Why don't

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you I want to be here to kind of higher on the hamartia if they practice what they've been ordered to do, that would be the reason for them to stay in the straight path. When Ludhiana tado xad home Buddha

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reciting the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah said in huddle or Anya de relatie upon Al Quran guide to the straight path, Al Quran one zero mineral or Anima Hua she found it's a healing and a mercy for the believing men and woman. Allah subhana wa tada said, Why are Latina melody unzila la cama Rob Beco and help the people of knowledge realize what Allah sent down is the truth. Well, yeah, the you know, Surat Al Aziz al Hamid and it guide to the strength of the surah of Aziz al Hamid subhanho wa Taala.

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Among the thing that also the means is following the sin of the prophets of Salaam, Allah said, we're in total you do not know if you follow Him, you will be guided, and you read the stories of the process of them the seer of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the life of Mohammed Salah alanya sevens which is known as a Sierra and the seal of the lifestyle for his companions as well. One of the means for you to stay in the straight path. Also, make sure that you surround yourself with good people

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hang on and who else hallelujah Do we know who either Luda Tina

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as the way that he has a companions the asking him to come to the straight path he's confused or lost. But his good friends inviting him to come to the straight path in with Allahu Allah Huda in at 10am and will be robbing him was the story of the people of the cave shows you how important this group of young men because they were

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Together they were able to maintain the hidayah even though their whole entire community or whole entire society was not on the straight path. It is important for you to know that one of the means to receive this guidance to receive that gift from Allah, it will be the result of a struggle so struggle.

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You know, so disciplined. It's not easy to do that, when Latina jaha delphina. Those who struggle and are say, Lennar, the unknown Sivananda we will guide them. Eventually Allah subhanaw taala will guide them way ahead, the LA HeMan an app a lot guide to him, those who always goes back to him, the so always commit themselves to repentance. And that's one of the ways a Toba and Allah Subhana Allah and always repenting to Allah from your sins, it will guarantee for you to receive that he died and will guarantee for you to continue this way. Increase your good deeds as a milk I am Rahim Allah said for in America bear

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tooth mural Hoda the good deeds, the fruit of the good deeds is for you to be guided person. And the fruit of sense is to be misguided person. The more you do good deeds. The more you save this guidance, the more you'll be a guided person to that cut it off. But remember the accurate one of the means for you to achieve is to have this guidance for my last marathon, though so always think about the author those who when they pray in the night they remember the whole fire in paradise those who when they go to sleep they think about what is you know there is a reduction going to be those who when they wake up in the morning they think about the alpha men among us but how about

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ohama the alpha is their main concern. They are the one who follows what Allah guide them and lady in a Corona La Jolla Mercado de Juana jugnoo beam. Wait a Corona v Hulk a semi watch you and Ron Ben and Mahabharata had about live in subhanak of a pinata. But now connect your heart with Allah. If you want this guidance. Ask yourself how much your heart is attached to almost petard.

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Just ask yourself, how much you think about it.

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And look at how much your heart is attached to him attached to his to the mentioning of Allah to the book of Allah.

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Today somebody shared with me something very profound.

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asking me questions such as

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when you die

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or an will proceed or proceed you to your grave.

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We're proceeding to your grave.

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That's right. We'll be ahead of you. They're waiting for you in your grave. Whatever mobilisations Sue rememorize whatever sort of that you recite so far, your cell phone

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just one example of materialistic senses you live surrounding yourself with

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doesn't apply to you but your cell phone

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Okay, your cell phone is one of the first and will be taken away from you.

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When you die

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when Naira go with you anywhere

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but compare which one that you're attached to more

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compare which one of the two that you read more

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that you care for more.

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Your must have

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or your cell phone

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when the heart is attached to the last one this the dial will be granted. But if your heart is not attached to Allah there's nothing to guarantee you

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that this he died will remain with you. Well my human Billa Yeah, the caliber Miyata symbol la casa de la serata Mr. P say a veker my yaksha Kula Minato ku. Why am I attacker a llama you need a lot connect all these great things that can happen to you as a result of guidance based on how much your heart is attached to Allah subhanaw taala for melodien a man who

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also mubi the holding in dollars, my God.

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I say

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why de la serata mas la serata Mr. Prema

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asked by his names and attributes to guide all of us and to make us some of those who guided hula Massimo Mustapha, la nueva.

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La la la la la la, la la, la la la la, la La Cienega denodo carry hell coffee rune. I mentioned tech beer just to remind all of us that these days should be filled with the beer filled with the catalyst panel with Anna because one of the things that the process alum encouraged us to do in these 10 days. One of the great things that we enjoy and celebrate as hidayatullah the guidance of a lot to us make sure that you remember that also on a diet can be blocked from you can be stripped away from you can be taken away from you. And one of the main reason for this to happen when the person turn his heart away from a line his book and his Dean falam Zaha Hola Hola, Uber home Kela

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Bhavana Kuru BMP ma can we xe boon when either Tahoma Busan Cayman amusement will be a one Amara, Allah Subhana Allah said sort of Allah hoopoe Bombay unknown life cone and all these verses Allah Spano Tata saying to us and telling us both Baba Allahu Allah to be him because for him for acaba, whom he found them via poo beam in Iommi, alcona Bhima Allah for LA Hama, I do what we can we are the boon. All these verses saying that Allah sealed their hearts, strip away their Eman, block them away from the hedaya as a result of their actions as a result of their hypocrisy as a result of their denial as a result of their sins. That's why Allah subhanho wa tada said

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in the law Hallelujah, Amen faster clean a lot do not guide the facet in those who insist in the Harlem insist in the in doing the sins karateka Karima Torah Becca and a lady in a foster home and whom do you mean those who insist and fist those insist and not following the rules of Allah they will not be among the believers Allah tala said in the surah Yunus no doubt one of the main reason also surrounding yourself with bad company listening to them being inspired by them, those their hearts always inspired and look up to and take them as a role models and all meat and all sense of that words to the people who are disbelievers, or people who are you knew immoral and their actions

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and their deeds, not people of guidance, not people of morality, not people of good character, if that's the type of people that you're attached to, and you're so obsessed with, and that's the one that you follow in your life and in your Twitter and your social media in your life. These are reroll modern life and none of the righteous none of the guided people are ones that come to the righteous, they're boring, they're this they're this. You know what, that's a sign that this heart is attached only to what is materialistic attached only to what is you know, from the dunya that's very dangerous that heart is a heart in a danger route because that route not necessarily to

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guarantee salvations Well, some will be like Ah, I die man Himmler in Germany de la coruna. Roman phenom Jaya homina do Mazda the home Ilana for when the reminder come to them. They went way more any. They basically they became more stray.

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He got deeper into the cover. Why? his stick bottom fell out of my craw saying when I hear called macro senior in Libya, Holly, it's because of arrogance. Because these hearts are so attached to what is held on these hearts are so filled with doubts and so filled with ignorance. And these bodies never prayed. These the wealth never was giving into the right cause pilu masaka confy suffer What led you to the Hellfire and sultanahmet death palolem document and mousseline what I'm not gonna travel miskeen we're gonna hold him on Carlene well could no no Can people yummy Dean had attentionally have been format and Federal Home chef to chef in format at home and karate marine.

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Also, those who always say oh, I will do later you know I will do this later. You know procrastinations and thinking that they would live for very long live and they will can change those people usually death attack them on the least expecting it. A lot in

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Live when they do not even expect it to be into insertion, those people who think that they can repent in the end of their lives.

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I wish everybody Allah guide them to repentance before they die. But that's nothing to guarantee you, we knew hundreds of people who did so much evil in their life, and they died upon that.

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Also, I will end with this. So there's so many points to be shared about what things can block us from the hedaya.

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And no doubt one of it is

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that you just want to fulfill your desires. You're not willing to give up.

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Have you heard of a man his name is Asher. Asher is a very famous, famous poet during the prophecies of time. He is and his poetry is just so powerful, so famous, so good. And that said, if an Azure become a Muslim, the message of Mohammed will spread all over the world. All over Arabia, he will because he's very influential person. So what they did, they went to an Asha and they said, they were there while he is basically he will who want to go and join Mohammed Salah Medina and became Muslim declare his Islam so in the way they stopped him.

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And they said to him, what are you going he said, I'm going to Mohammed Salah Luddism he loves what the process alone calling people for theoretically makes perfect sense everything in Islam to heat and all those kind of things. Then they told him Yeah, Baba so you're

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tired of them and no, you heard him a Xena. Carla, if a human error you know the tea saying that adultery is haram if you became Muslim, he cannot be you know, having any girlfriends or woman or prostitutes you can't do that anymore. Oh God, I don't care.

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Do you know that he says this harm? So I don't care. They mentioned several things. Then they told him how to attack them and know you had to remove them. Do you know that a hammer is forbidden

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in Islam if you became Muslim, you're not allowed to drink

00:27:21--> 00:27:25

kurama hardy enough enough Sinha? La La

00:27:27--> 00:27:34

This is hard. No no drinking. That's gonna be very tough. I need to think about that. For car

00:27:36--> 00:28:02

cannabidiolic fakuma Luke, what do you think you still gonna join his religion you're gonna take that away from you. Then he said in Nissan LEAF adore I mean her army had I will leave it for now became Muslim, and I want to be I want to do or don't want to accept Islam now. I will for a year try it out stay away from uncommon on my own for a year.

00:28:03--> 00:28:07

If it works for me and I was able to survive, I'll become Muslim.

00:28:08--> 00:28:18

And if this is something I can't live without, I'm not going to be Muslim fermata Minami. He died in that year. He never accept Islam.

00:28:20--> 00:28:32

That love for the desire and the ignorance and the company. All these three together was the reason for this man not to be guided and to block himself from the guidance of Allah soprano without

00:28:33--> 00:28:34

our brothers sisters.

00:28:36--> 00:28:42

I think the main thing that you should always watch how much you're attached to dinner versus

00:28:43--> 00:28:46

how much you think about the author and how much you think about the dunya

00:28:48--> 00:29:36

make sure that you listen to that advice. Make sure that you avoid a lot because the last part that I said, We will live in Lahore vilely mean Allah Miss guide the line of transgression is a terrible thing. It's one of the reasons for people not to see the truth and not to accept the truth. I asked Allah subhana wa tada in these beautiful 10 days of that hedger to forgive our sins and to reward us and to bless us to continue enjoying this hidayah and to open our heart to know more and to do more. And we ask Allah to grant us success on the slide and next lamattina human had ate a lot of Madden a few men had a herdade aloha Medina or zoek now if you know I couldn't, I couldn't listen to now

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hamara Haman, la manana silica gel Allah economic raffia Mahabharata de mfe de Nueva dunia O'Malley and

00:29:45--> 00:29:52

also Lila masala and Amina Mohammed, la mina silica and Tara and 100. An MK Rabin one in the model LA

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City in LA Masseria a lot more.

00:29:59--> 00:30:00

A lot more fun.

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Hyderabad, Hyderabad, la familia que mucho de Montano, Shiva avana Allahu Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa Annamalai Now I know that you know, Lena Juan de arena, and dorina Anjali and akula sharoni other jewelry Ekrem Allah May Allah Allah economia Surat I love them so I love them so I then either Gerardo Ikram, first hand massage Ed or Lauren Nancy La La McKinney other general a coffee man yahaya album,

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arena and salaat Allahumma

00:30:37--> 00:31:01

Giordano George Judo homophone Nova Nova Nova home, water hammer hammer home yahaya you follow my behalf the coconut antibiotic? Yeah, the general economy ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect all of us to protect us and to protect our families our or wealth or homes or community, our society and to bring relief to the world very soon asked Allah subhanaw taala by his names and attributes

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to protect those who are on the first line those who are protecting us those who are serving us those who are working so hard to make sure that this place is safe and that our community, our society and our community at large is safe ask Allah subhana wa tada to bring up to give us the strength to to to worship Him in a way these 10 days that it will please Him and it will make it be the reason for us to be among a pseudo deity or Shahada Hema discipline in them InterAmerican moqtada Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala hamata Sleeman, Kenya