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Prayers of the Pious – Episode 30 – Show Us Guidance and Error

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Omar Suleiman

Channel: Omar Suleiman


Episode Notes

In the final episode of the Prayers of the Pious series, Sh. Omar Suleiman reflects upon the du’a of Umar (ra) and praying for guidance.

[ Day 30 Du’a ]

اللَّهُمَّ أَرِنِ الحَقَّ حَقّاً وَوَفِّقْنِيْ لأِتِّبَاعِهِ، وَأَرِنِ البَاطِلَ بَاطِلاً وَوَفِّقْنِيْ لِاجْتِنَابِهِ

“O Allah show me guidance as guidance, and allow me to follow it. And show me error as error, and allow me to avoid it.”

Episode Transcript

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So now I want to come on up until I but a cat. So everyone, welcome to the final episode of prayers of the pious.

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So as we've been going through all of these different prayers, how do I know what the truth is? How do I know what Allah really wants from me? How do I know that I'm upon that which is going to enter me into genda and eventually earn me that mercy? If you look at sort of the Fatiha there's a prayer for guidance. And I felt like you know, it would be fitting to end this series with a prayer for guidance. First and foremost, understand that there is no way that you're going to ask Allah sincerely for guidance 17 times a day and he leads you astray. So if you are sincere, and you're asking for guidance, Allah will guide you. And that's what I tell everyone that's searching that's

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looking for truth. ask Allah for guidance, ask Allah for he died. And that's what made

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the Allahu anhu is that which I'll end with, with the series so special. It's a drought that has different variations, it's been narrated by different companions. This one is particularly from our model, the Allahu anhu where he asked the last panel to Allah He said a llama I didn't even have to have God. While we're sicne li teaberry he what additional valtellina vallila while sicne HD NaVi again, Allah I didn't even have to have car while

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he was adding in multi level lt that will fit neatly HD NaVi which means Oh Allah, show me the truth as truth and guide me to follow it and show me the false as false and guide me to avoid it. Sometimes you might be doing something that feels right, but it's not actually guidance and righteousness. Sometimes you might be engaging in something and you're not so sure about it. Sometimes you hear different people telling you different things about how to get close to Allah subhanaw taala and you're unsure. The most important thing to keep in mind always is the do ask for guidance. And then I'll sit off on this looking guide us, guide us to understand your message

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properly, guide us to practice the sin of your prophets lysozyme properly guidance to see our faults guide us to see our shortcomings guide us so that we do not take a path unknowingly, that leads us away from you. So I hope in sha Allah to honor that as you've benefited from the series and you've benefited from the month of Ramadan and from the prayers of the celebs that you don't forget this particular prayer and these particular dramas, may Allah allow you to be upon the path of guidance and to guide others may last time never let us be led astray by the by the recursive double or by the the lowliness of ourselves. May Allah subhanaw taala allow that path of guidance to result in a

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full path to paradise and an entering into his mercy on the Day of Judgment allama and Ameen desert malachite and I'll see you all next time in sha Allah, hopefully not until the next Ramadan. But somehow it just started raining and so the end of the series so I'll take that as a sign that can be located on or even robotic May Allah bless you and your families said I want to come to LA he will be our counsel.