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The speakers discuss the consequences of bad deeds and stress on individuals, including the importance of good deeds in shaping one's life and bringing peace and joy. They touch on the negative impact of poverty, lack of privacy legislation, and lack of success on individuals. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to be conscious of their actions and find what is good. They end with a treaty that cannot be quashed.

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In the hamdulillah Hinata, who want to stay in who want to study he will still Pharaoh want to be like him and surely amphu cinnamon sejahtera Melina Maja de la dama de la la warmer Euclid Farah howdy Allah who are shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wa shadow, Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim ala hamata Sleeman kathira amudha. All praise de to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam is lost I'm final messenger.

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Just as a point of attention for all of us, you cannot be on your phone while the hold was going on.

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That will invalidate your Joomla and in a sense invalidates the reward of it. That the Nabi sallallahu Sallam forbade the person to be distracted with

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things while the hot water coming even if play with the stones on the ground, because in the old days, they don't have carpet, it's basically there are stones and there are sand. So those will make lines on the ground or playing with the stones, the puzzle, some said that this will invalidate the hope.

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So definitely playing games or watching the results or the update of things of that nature will invalidate the hope or reduce your reward. Unless you are someone who am call or doing emergency service. And you have to check your phone. In this case, you're allowed to do that even on the hotbar is going on.

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One of the common things that we always talk about and we hear a lot is the consequences of bad deeds and cents, I thought on my house, and how the impact of sense on your soul in yourself and your family in your community on the globe. And there is plenty of lectures, books, written talks or given about this. But not very often that we speaks about the goodness of good

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the consequences of doing good deeds. So we know the dangers of doing bad deeds. But what is the beauty? What's the virtue? What will happen to you when you commit to do more good. And I thought this will be very relevant to us today, as we just two weeks away or to jump away from Ramadan, where all of us in hamdulillah participated in this month, according everybody did his or her best.

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One of the first impact of good deeds on the person, it start from within it that Sakina here.

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serenity comes that the person feels it inside his heart, that his soul will be in peace and peace of mind Allah Subhana Allah put it so beautifully. Allah subhanaw taala said la operasi movie, Bella diva and the hilum behad and Bernard wadhwani de

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la powderhorn abona Sanofi cambered Allah subhanaw taala said that human beings were created and struggle macabre these struggle all the life

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holy utterly insane who helluva he damn so Chavo Joshua

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and in SAM by nature is Hello, get terrified quickly get scared quickly. worked out very quickly. worries very quickly. That's the nature of human beings that we worry we get we get scared. We be stressed out. That's natural. But Allah Subhana Allah sudd in MSL shuttle Jesu era, when bad things happen are expected. You will see him terrified and worrying stressed out will either Miss Romano when good things happen to him he forgets about who provided goodness to him. Then Allah subhanaw taala said who will be exempt from such a stress from such worry from such status. In lol mousseline alladhina, Houma la sala to him that image and they are exempt, not 100% but definitely the salon.

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Those who consistent in their salon. They

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Get sense of tranquillity, sense of peace and a loss of Hannah garrison. You felt bit alone Latina man will bill, Koli, therabis, even higher to dunya, will Afro Allah give support to the believers

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in this life and the next. So that support that would bring peace would bring trust would bring tranquility will bring serenity to the heart is the result of your commitment to goodness.

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And when you look at the history of the prophets and messengers, how they were so calm, so confidence, they're live in serenity and they're of this trust in their heart, no matter how the situation is, and how hard it is, not only the prophets and messengers and the companions, but in general, the righteous people in general. And one of my favorite example I like to give as the example of Ibn taymiyyah Rahim Allah, when you think about him, been put in jail, threatened to be killed, taken away from his family and stripped away from all his books in a darkroom but still his student nope am Rahim Allah said, well, Adam Allah moto I had an appeal by Ayesha min Mama canovee

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human vehicle he was with Rafa here to name Belkin and a Buddha. Well, I never so someone so happy in his life, so comfortable in his life, like even taymiyah even though he'd been through a lot, and he never was spoiled. He never had a lot of money or a lot of wealth, or a lot of essence or anything like that. As a matter of fact, it's the opposite. He was taken to jail several times. He was threatened to be killed several times. He was always exhausted to work hard, so he can provide for himself man helps you with the deed you will ever have. Who am I Danica kulemin Apia Venetia, washa home sobre, la caja home kalba. Whoa, I saw him NASA. He said with all of us, he has that his

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heart is so open. His mind is so clear. He is so happy person. He's a very happy person. You look at his face, and you see napolitan name you see that he's a happy person just by looking at his face rahimullah. Listen to this. Then he said, and that's the most amazing thing. The next sentence. He said, Well can either step Debian health will help we, when we are so stressed out. When we're so scared. We see things so gloomy. We go visit him in jail.

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We go visit him in his cell. And by few minutes later on, things will change he will be so positive so optimistic that he will change our you know, feelings and how we see the future and how see the world and our hearts will be in serenity and peace. Fan Caliban Shira Han, via pin and Nina

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Urbina that will fulfill so strong, so excited by just talking to him.

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That's an amazing

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that's that's a result of what

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have a dedicated worshipper by the name of Jamia Rahim Allah, that the result of so many good deeds that this man used to do every day and every night.

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At state of your heart is the result of your commitment to the act of fortune. It depends on how many time you pray, how many days you fast, how many time you make Vicar. How many time you repeat your outcome. How much that you donate you give, the more you do have the garments are on that you read and you memorize. The more you do the more you find the result of this on your soul. Another point

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from the goodness of good humbleness, Faina who masala hell Abdu was the head of America, in the hub Baba la hora de vida. The more you do an act of worship, the more you are loved by the people in alladhina amanu.

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Those who believe and do good deeds, what is for them? Saya Gerardo de Moura Lu de

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la Mora Manuel de

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modo de maribou bien minuteness that Allah Subhana Allah promised

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Such people that they will receive wood which it means love, love from Allah love from the angels and love from the people as we know the head either Buhari the famous Hadith that on last panel to Anna when you love someone, he will tell gibreel I love song so Sullivan and he will tell the angels will love that person and he will be giving out Kabuki acceptance and be loved by people.

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That's why tomorrow they allow and when he passed a funeral passed by him and he people started saying things good. Okay. About such Gavin then Amara, Allah answered this person will only receive good wherever he's going he will only receive good so but I sorted so dirty said to him Yeah, how can you tell this is the unseen you didn't know what's next live as you didn't know what a lot for him. Then he told him no. I was there with Mohammed Salah Salah when a janessa funeral passed like this one. And people said good things about it. And in Ibiza Salaam said what Shabbat and Ibiza Salaam said when people testify that this is a good person and deserve agenda, his agenda.

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That's why I'd be happy in his funeral. His son set will lie. Not I'm very confident with my father agenda. I think his Torben in general. Yeah, I knew him with his turban. He was famous to wear a very special toy. He said he's wearing it in general. Karla Layla coonan suatu. Abbeyfield Jenna, Tila Tequila, how ferula How can you say that? He said, No. This meant the oma have witnessed for him that he's a righteous person and the Ummah will never agree on something wrong.

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And we talk about righteous people, not corrupt people witnessing for a corrupt person.

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We talk about a righteous good people witnessing for that person.

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And Romero the Allahu wa setpoints decided not to be with us in the law. Hey, the hubbub in the lie that a hubbub and hyperbole

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when Allah loves someone, he makes him loved by people. Factor Berman Zilla to come in Allah, where lm and America in de la mithila Malika in the nurse. That's why one of the results of righteousness, the love of your children to you. So you talk about people loving you. Start with your family, the love of your spouse to you. That's why it has celibacy. rahimullah said, Well, I can see the result of my sins on the way my life loves me or treat me it's affect the relationships.

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Your friends, their love for you will increase as you increase your righteousness and your good deeds. And Rahim Allah, and the role model of how much he offers every day, and every night from the good deeds. He said, I don't remember me and oh, Masada, his wife. For the last 30 years. I think we never had a real fight.

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Like like a real destructive fight.

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Things are excellent between us. And I do believe that this is the result of many things, one of it definitely won't be the righteousness of the person.

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And it's interesting, some scholar pointed out that when Allah subhanaw taala talk about the issue of divorce, he mentioned in the middle of the verses in Surah, Al Baqarah. The issue of a Salah

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in the middle of the verse talk about, you know, divorce and a battleship have fallen. So some of them have a serene set or some discolor set that always you find when a person neglect the salon, not consistent in his prayer and offering the prayer impact the relationship with the closest people to him or to her.

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One of the results of goodness, the sweetness of Eman that your soul will taste it.

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You can eat and eat as much sweet as you want.

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You will be happy your body will be happy. But there is another type of sweets and sweetness tastes that your soul only can taste can touch can feel. It's that happiness when you were raising your hand and you're praying to Allah Subhana Allah and one of these nights and donavon even though your tears were coming down, but you're so happy from inside because you feel you're connected with your Lord,

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even though you're giving your money but you're so proud

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out of yourself that you helping someone in need

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even though might be an afterthought lining up with me, you know, donating your blood and somebody was telling me Chahal it isn't enough that clicked took our money now you guys taking our blood next, what's next?

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So, I saw you know, even though you get the you know, donating the blood but you feel is saving somebody's life, that feeling that sweetness is something beyond any materialistic things that you can think of.

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Even Jamie Rahim Allah ser ylim Digital Emily Halawa fear pelvic when she wrote to him for inara Becca Shaku here any unknown about the new thi Bella amino and Imani dunya behati needed to have a 101109 for inland digit valic, Phantom and Nick and

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he said, I've been Timmy Rahim Allah, if you do a good deeds, and you don't feel that sweetness, there is something wrong in your deeds. If you pray, and you never felt anything, you never it just a matter of no one is going to be over.

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Oh my god, I have to pray before the time finish.

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Law, Murphy's Law, Santa can loosen, you just want to get off, get her get rid of it.

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If that's the only thing you find, you don't find any sweet doesn't happen to me, there is something wrong, either you're doing it wrong, not according to the sin of the process. Or your intention is not correct. Or there is something else in your life going on ruining that feeling for you. And that's something required from you to pause and to go back and to start to check.

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And there is something not right in my life need to be fixed.

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Also one of the thing that committed to the goodness of the good deeds and doing a righteous deeds will lead to a sense of contentment that your content have canal you're satisfied easily to be satisfied

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with the believer, easy to be happy, easy to be pleased, easy to be a content with what he has an even if he seeks more, but when he seeks more, he's happy with what he has, or what she has. There is a lot of people want more, but they never get satisfied.

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It's like you know like that is a you know, the saying Arabic there is a say in Arabic but it's not really related to us here because it's a different culture. But they said it's in the Quran that's why I'm mentioning it should have been him. You know sure about him is that the disease that happened to camels, that camels are drinking, drinking but water never quench their thirst, so they keep drinking until they die.

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It's when you can't even feel it anymore. You just eat it and you know when people have kind of this or shala you don't but if somebody have a food disorder, you know he go and he get like three dozens of doughnuts and start stuffing one after another one after another one after another and totally throw up eating never enjoyed the doughnuts.

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It just about stuffing your mouth with the food. So some people that live is like that they never enjoy life. They just more and more and more and more and more and they never ever enjoy what they have.

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And in the midst of them said

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you have been Allah said you have been Adam or son of Adam. The ability amla or sodre Karina

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should do fabrique Mishra kakani ally shake loose LA. Yes,

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sir and Tucker in a dunya Abdullah dunia

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in a visa Salim said that Allah said Oh son of Adam,

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focus on my in worshiping me focus on doing the act of worship, the righteous deeds, the good deeds, and what I will do, I will make you rich, and I won't take away your poverty. What that means I was not going to send you you know, in the mail, a cashier's check of a million dollars if you pray 100 Taka today is not that maybe he will give you money. And I'm not saying no to anything. But that's not how the system works. It means that Allah Subhana Allah will make you satisfied, happy, open doors for you. Because poverty, it doesn't mean less money. It means less satisfaction. Poverty means you never get satisfied. That's why when someone told him I'm rich, he said how much

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Yeah, he said I have 2 million pieces of gold and following said would you like to make them three? He said Yeah sure, he said Sir not right yet. You still in need of more money

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per anthemis is

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the ticker actor

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good deeds

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is the result of the righteousness of your children and offsprings Believe it or not.

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Allah says in the Quran Makana abou Messiah, in the story of a mother, these two orphans their father was a righteous man. And because of the father or for father was a righteous parents, they had righteous parents. That's why I was wanted to protect these children.

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And one of the interpretation said abou may and in the sad

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tale it is the basically the great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great seventh generation up

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grandfather, because of that one, I was still the prediction came all the way down.

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That's what I say. When we say you are one of the Imams of the tambourine can smell it.

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Can you feel this a lot if you live? Well devotee that

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will lie in the multi Rufus allottee in larger unusally, Hakka mahavihara he will look at his child staebler

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after he makes long prayers in the night, and he said well, i the only reason I increase my number of prayer, I belong my number of prayer and make it longer only because I hope that a lot of reward me for this by making you righteous.

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Remember this, maybe when you donate You said you know what? I'm doing that extra money because I want the law to show me the result of this and my children.

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I want to see that my children are the children, my children for generations generations to come.

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And I have seen it. In most of the people I've met in my life who memorize the Quran. I asked him a question I said

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your parents used to meet the MLA or your mother mixed family your father met the MLA 99% of them said yes.

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My mother or my father is a person who always met the MLA. And I see the result of this and their children

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in the life of orajel of silence

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in the latter half of the module Saliba who, well well I duality woman how the who mineral Gian femora is aluna v heavily la Jaco Mohammed Abdullah Al Qaeda. He said Mohammed Al Qaeda, the righteousness of the person who result will impact his children and his grandchildren and even his neighbors and his relatives.

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That's the blessings of being a righteous righteous deeds. May Allah subhanaw taala in and Oh yeah, come

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to Moscow.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Milena, ba ba the Hobart

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I own the son of Abdullah in Massoud said Lola near the Corolla fear of flirtiness. Lala kindness. It's because of those people who mentioned Alon remember Allah and thank Allah Praise God. Why people unaware or not paying attention or people neglecting that is because of those few a law protecting the people. One of the reason for our loss of Allah to protect me from being punished from nations to be destroyed it because there is among them good people.

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And as long as there is a good number and the majority of people are good people doing good deeds, Allah protect such society.

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And let's just don't look into the society to start with the families start with the community.

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A lot protect a community where the members of this community are committed to good, do more good, more protection comes to your community. You want to community protection one of the ways not only one of the ways is to make sure that we are righteous are so if you want to make sure that next generation among our children are good, make sure that you're righteous yourself.

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One of the great impacts of goodness of good deeds is the blessings of time. Allah bless your time that you accomplish so much in such a short period of time.

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I know some of the people I met here in America. This started 3020 years ago and now Masha Allah Allah bless them with so much big family good

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Business goodwill well established people try for that for years and years and years couldn't make it

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those people very young but complex so much. And no Rahim Allah Allah died when he was 45 years old. That said 45 years old, but you know, molars work known by everybody everywhere you go you find that coming from the other side of him

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everywhere you go you know about a lot of very no here.

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You look at the scholars how much they were accomplished in a short period a period of time. Even taymiyah was what 67 years old when he died, Rahim Allah, he wrote more than 300

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volumes books. And they Rahim Allah said it could be way more than 500 easily way more than 500

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when you look at the NMR a human Milan Mohammed's work and so it's the result of what

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it used to pray 300 rock every day just in the daytime haha time.

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Rahim Allah.

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And I will end with this.

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Malik alphabeta Malik, his son was captured by the people of Mecca. When they were still pagans, we should have came.

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He came to the person he said my son was captured by the Bureau of MCC. And you know, there is a treaty that he cannot do much about it and nobody saw them. But he said what I can ask you what can I recommend you to do? And to caramon Kohli law, how would our quwata illa Billah. Just say as many times as you can say now how 11 law. He came to his wife, his wife waiting, what the problem said is you're going to send an army he's going to do this, but there is a treaty he cannot touch them. He cannot declare war.

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He said he told me to say that how Allah Portela Bella,

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look at the righteous woman call it funny. Mama Amara cabbie rasulillah best advice.

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He said so me and my wife will start saying it as many times as we can. He said in no time, few days. I found my son coming to Medina. And we asked What happened? He said, I was capturing taking a prisoner by a group of them Shekinah Mecca and they didn't pay attention to me I cut my robes the tight me with and actually take their swords. And he took them as prisoners.

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Those three or four people who imprisoned him and they want to sell them as a slave anyway, he reversed he let them go. After they give him all the sheep. He came back with 300 chips. That's a lot of wealth.

00:27:52--> 00:27:54

It's like coming back with 300 cars.

00:27:56--> 00:27:58

You will be in 45 opening a dealership.

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You know, so here you go. You basically you have this as dossier of Rasulullah salam, it's a good deed. And it was said and because of that incident alone revealed the version sort of the Torah. Or maybe tequila. Maharajah wild Zuko Min hatorah. Whoever have Taqwa of Allah, the law said, Allah will bring an exit for him or her from the hardship that they have. And Allah will provide from the for them from what they never expected. A provision to come.

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malice data to help us always to do more of good deeds, and to be always encouraged and excited and love to do what is good. And ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect us from laziness. And ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from what distracts us from what is good. And to make it easy for us to do good. mela except all our good deeds and forgive our sins. us and our parents our family. A lot more than our home. No, no, I know. I couldn't miss Elena. A lot more Fernando valley Valley Dena llama Fernando valley Valley Deena la Mosler Helena,

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Montana modern era Jelani cron Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik. ala nabina. Muhammad Omar Satya Ramkumar