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The hedger is the beginning of a 12-month calendar and is important for educating the public about deeds. Pranksters and praying during the daytime and evening are recommended to increase prayer and increase prayer volume. F fasting during the daytime and giving charity are also recommended. The importance of socializing and sharing experiences to avoid socializing too much is emphasized.

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The hamdulillah Hinata who want to stay in who wanna study he want us to Pharaoh on our belimbing Sharon em fusina Omen sejahtera Melina Maja de la hora, Mo De La Hoya Euclid farhadi Allah wa shadow La Ilaha Illa la hula sharika kara wash Madonna Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was like he was telling me la Mata Sleeman kathira

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de vida la

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inshallah tada as we expecting next week, and when is day the 22nd of July might be marking the beginning of the month of the hedger. And I'm saying it might because it's the declaration of the lunar calendar is based on the citing the moon and this is just an idea for you to get ready. It could be the 22nd and it could be the 21st.

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Either Tuesday or one is day depends on citing the moon. But in any case, this is the beginning of a very special month known as the month of the head Jan, the month of the ledger is the 12 month and lunar calendar or the Hijri calendar.

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And in these this month, there is the first 10 days of this month known as the 10 days of the ledger, Allah subhanho wa Taala said one factor while in ash, while federal is where he made an oath by I swear by alpha ledger that the dawn or the time of federal which is right before the sunrise and he said and 10 nights kind of a bad spot to hear Asheville Mindell hedger the 10 nights in this verse, or that 10 the first 10 days of the ledger. Adam Nicosia Rahim Allah said in his

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ear that these are the 10 days of the hedger these are the 10 days of the hidden

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chef on a Sherman idemia Rahim Allah Tada. once was, he asked the people, he said

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if someone offered a good deeds, if someone offered a good deeds, and 10 days of the head, such as sada for donations or recycling, or praying to America during the daytime.

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And someone did the same thing exactly on the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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The last 10 days of Ramadan

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you need to keep a space between each other

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like sit on one of the marks.

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this question was addressed to the people of the person

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did the same exact deeds in the last 10 days from a bond or the first 10 days of that?

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What will be who is reward will be more. They did exactly identically the same deeds. So one of the students that CIF definitely the one who did it or Milan because the blessed month of Ramadan. And another student said no, it's the law it's the first 10 days of the ledger and the reward is much higher and the 10 days of the head

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and shahara him Allah said now we have two different opinions. And these opinions are distinct those two disagree with each other and a lot told us in the Koran internetseiten fishy for do who it Allahu Allah. So if you dispute over a matter look at what Allah and His messenger said in regard to this matter. So then he said so let's see what a lion has messenger sallallahu Sallam said and regarding to this man.

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We find that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said very explicitly, Karla Mammon am in Allah Maru asylum fee in our vamos in the last video I have brought in Allah, greatest deeds that can ever be offered, or the most beloved deeds can be ever offered.

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can be ever offered

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are the deeds that is done during the first 10 days of the head, the one that is done and the first 10 days of the head, and that shows you that this is the best, the most rewarding the most beloved deeds to illustrate

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Data when it comes to timing.

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So, he said, show him a lot. So that means that anything that you do during these 10 days, the reward of it is way more higher than any other time in the year, more than any other time in the year.

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And because of this, he said, It is so important for us to educate the public about this rules to educate the public about this rules, because a lot of people don't know the value of these days, and the value of the deeds, the reward and the amount of reward that you get, because of these days. So, if this is the case, it is so important for us young and old men and woman to make sure that we plan to invest so much in these 10 days as much as we can. And we do as much as we can good deeds during these 10 days because the reward and them are tremendous, or tremendous amount of reward.

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Again, in nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam beheaded the jam beautiful. The hurry that I mentioned earlier in the story, will Buhari Mammon I mean I am in Africa, there is no more or greater reward or better deeds you can ever offer.

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Other than the deeds that you offer in the 10 days of Ramadan, they are the most rewarding and another word. We had the jabber of a yummy dunia eyelash for bizarre jabber they all said that the process of them said the best days in this world are the 10 days of the 10 days of the ledger. And unfortunately because we are so used to the

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Gregorian calendar the 10 days it comes to so many Muslim without even knowing that it does exist because we don't know these months and we don't know these names, but I'm Yvonne has a special you know, meaning to many Muslims, you know, still hummed a lot of avant means a lot even though you'd be surprised that there is some people so called themselves Muslim they don't even know when is that I'm online and they don't care about ramadan ramadan for them like any other month. See, I'm never done.

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That sad, but there are a few but the Ramadan still have that you know important because it's one of the pillars of Islam, but also the so important to know the value of these 10 days. And even taymiyah Rahim Allah show the debate between the scholars about which one is better than 10 days from Yvonne, the last 10 days of Ramadan are the first 10 days of the hedger. And he came to a nice conclusion. He said that no doubt that the nights of Ramadan are better, but the days of the hit jar are better, the daytime are better. So that's why I will highly encourage you to take advantage of the daytime from February all the way to Maduro and to increase as many as much as you can. From the

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good deeds as much as you can from the good deeds

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during these days, so

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among the thing that you should try to care for during these days, number one, a solid overview aka to pray in the beginning of the time. And nobody saw Solomon he was asked what is the best thing I can please along with Asana, oh, what do you actually have had in your suit, he said to pray in the beginning of the time, and to try to improve your prayer more for sure. And it more more lengthy, you know, more reading and during during the Salah. And also to increase your Salah to the daytime, maybe you're not used to pray during the daytime. And I encourage you now to increase your prayers during the day time. So you pray way more during the daytime before the only time it is not

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recommended for you to pray during the daytime. It's actually after the pre fader until the sunrise. After that you can pray and the 20 minutes before or 15 minutes before the vote. That's also a time we're in Ibiza Sallam asked us not to pray. Okay, when did the sun in the middle of the sky about 20 to 15 minutes before though, but other than that you should pray as much as you can. And we had it she saw the process of him during the daytime praying at archives and in Debbie sallallahu alayhi wa sallam companion used to pray and to care for Buddha and the Navy so solemn encouraged us to print a lot of candle rahimullah sometimes pray about 300 hours during the day times.

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And that's incredible shows you the amount of care and for that for this particular Salah.

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Also among the thing that Allah mentioned to be done during the 10 days of then the first nine days of that hedger fasting too fast. And there is a hadith made up into harlot

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Honey, I've been to Khalid she said that one of the prophets are Saddam's wives and I think she meant to have saw that she said that in a B cell allowed in southern Kenya sunedison Mindell hedger why Omar Ashura was referred to a young woman kulesza, the nine days of the hedger and the day of Ashura and three days from every month this Khalid reported that to him Allah and know him Allah Palacios seems to have been did the the fasting of the nine days of the of the hedger are highly recommended. But there is other scholars disagree with that said no, actually, the only recommended fast and during the hedger is the ninth with the autofill only, but not the other nine days, except

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Monday, Thursday, you know, as your habit of praying or fasting or to commanded to fastest even if you don't have the habit during these days. But to say that it is recommended to fast the nine days you need to prove and this hadith in particular, Hamid Haneda is weak from leerdam anime a lot, a lot of them said it's not authentic. And even those who would say it is acceptable at Chateau de la and karatu in encounter should either I should know, and maybe some did not use too fast the nine days that's not true. And I lived with him to be Salalah. Solomon, he never prayed. He never fasted the nine days. And even if we say maybe she didn't know, some of them said that in the honeyville

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sukanya sama discernment that hedger used to fast the ninth of the hijab, they said she might meant the nine of the hijab, not the nine days of the hijab, say she was referring to the ninth, which is Yeoman alpha. That doesn't mean that he prayed the nine days, the wording is not very clear and explicit. And anyway, I will recommend you to fast if you can, but definitely the day that you should care too fast the most as the day of alpha, because it tends to be so Southern said arrays the sin of the previous years and the common year. One of the best thing to do during these days, and that's what Mohammed Salim recommended for us.

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What did you recommend it for us to say and to do during these 10 days?

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The recommendation of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was is to increase our Vicar and

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to say as much as we can sapan allowed him to allow it I'll allow lockable and takbeer under

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a clear roofie Hyndman decree law and increase your liquor and salatu salam ala during these 10 days. Kind of Nero moto. Originally supercab Iran will come naturally to kabiri Hema in Oman on a bowrider often Buhari used to go outside and to remind people of the computer so people will say that that can be in your model they allow uncanny you kept the tilka yam will alpha Salawat Rafi Rocio he was starting with female or female Shah in Ramadi used to make the Kabir on mega dicker out loud everywhere he walking in his house on his bed. You know, working if you're working in the kitchen if you are sweeping the cleaning the house if you're working in the backyard, you know if

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you are driving if you're under light, if you are in your hospital, your store, whatever you make sure that you increase these kind of car Subhan Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Okamoto, Kabira Allah Okamoto Kabira Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah in him, how do you see the kannapolis at Jumeirah Alia Jamaat a minute Abilene Mujahid Eva Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah Al hunt in any format as much as you can do that. It is highly highly recommended. You play soccer, you play your game, you know on your PlayStation or whatever you use, you know, I just everyone should be engaged

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and making the calendar out as much as you can keep reminding yourself have a plan from now write a reminder, put it in your screen, put it in your phone, you know that is add that call as a reminder pops every 10 minutes and say make sure that is a plenty of things. Now you can have to have it as a reminder for you read as much as you can from the Quran. Every letter you read every word, every letter edited 10 has an instant reward.

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Also a SATA giving charity. It is highly recommended because it's one of the greatest deeds that allow someone to reward you for it. Men the lady Yoko la Harbin has an unfair

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advantage and kathira. Allah said that he will multiply so much

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Your setup so many multiplications so many times it will be multiplied. You're Soraka Caleb neurochem Rahim Allah and listen to them obey him said in regard to a silica especially in our days, conifer in interesada kata Theon adji even fear of L Bella. Wa l Bara What are we can at min fer Gillian wovodat im Bellman careful for in the La headfort will be her Anwar Amina libera will have the unknown Loon. He said Rahim Allah. a surfer has an amazing impact on people and protecting people from all kinds of calamities. Even if the setup is giving from avant a transgressive a facile wrongdoers, not righteous person, bell cafard even if he's a Catholic, but he gives charity and he

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helped others. Allah protect that person so much.

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So what do you think of a Muslim when he gives us a moment and he gives us

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no doubt that the impact of it is even greater? adobo it, Allah Subhana, WA Tada, the reward retain, make sure that you reach out to your parents do good deeds to your parents, this young men and women who are listening to me today, make sure during these 10 days you do something nice to your parents, say something nice to your parents, make something in their behalf, maybe even set up on their behalf, they are alive or dead. Make draft for them. Tell them how much you appreciate them that you love them, you care for them, do an act of service for them.

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Maybe you can, if your parents passed away maybe during this 10 days, you go on your make a donation or dig a well for them.

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And it's only a few $100 you can do that. It's not that expensive. Donate to a mustard or to a sacajawea or, you know, an educational institute or $1 program that you spend money in it. And I'll tell you every time you do something like this, make sure that your intention is for your parents and yourself as well and your family for the law. Liam not to have enough Sigmund out there. Don't ever stop yourself from the hair.

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And do this before a day will come and you couldn't offer.

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And I will end with this.

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A judge

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in Saudi Arabia, a friend of mine telling me the story from the judge.

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He said I had somebody who passed away.

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He said I looked for his inheritors. Everywhere. I couldn't find one.

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No parents, no children, nothing. They say in some country mcdorman shadow, any have no roots, no branches, in a no, no one to inherit his mother his money. He's a rich man. He said I looked they looked and it became over a year and the money and the court and the judge looking for where are the inheritance because before a decision is made, because if there is no one to inherit that person at all the money will go to baytril man will go to the public funds and benefit the public. Finally he found three cousins distance cousin, the inheritor,

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very distant to call them and got them from whatever city they are, they arrive all the way to the capital and rehab. They were scared and you can tell from the look that they were not like you know, in a very good shape financially, you can tell from that type of dress the clothes that they wear. So they were so scared What what the judge wants from us.

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He told them, you know, so and so they said, yeah, we know of him. He's like, related to our father, but we live in a different city. We haven't seen him for a long, long time didn't even know that he died. He said he passed away a lot. You know, we don't care for him because we have nothing to do with him. They were scared that any connection or anything like that. Then he said no don't need to worry. The guy passed away and I'll look for anyone to inherit him and I couldn't find anyone except you guys. You are the legit inheritor for his money. And he gave them three envelopes. Each one has a check. And each check was 15 million rails

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which is almost $4 million.

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But you anything these guys never even had a form of 1000s cashed out $440,000 in their hands at one time.

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One of them he said fainted. couldn't take it. Other thing was breaking tears couldn't believe it. You kidding me out. He said nothing. That's that's your money. The third one

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hamdulillah thank you very much that you talk to us. Then he said, but I have a request for you. The man who passed away have no children to make the app for him after he died.

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Even his distant relatives you are and you know, for bad for me didn't write anything as well, to benefit him after his death.

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I can ask you guys, each one of you to put some money so we can have a master that I know of need to be finished to everyone will put, let's say 100,000 or 50,000, something like that a big amount of comparing to the 15 million that they just have

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15 millions, some people think never dealt with millions before like me. So they don't understand what million means six zeros as a lot of money. So he said so what do you guys think I have this project, you guys Chen and Charla we build a mustard for him and his behalf? Jerry? The first ones that will I shot. That's a good idea. But she and I have a lot of debts. And you know, there is a lot of responsibilities. I'll think about it when I go back. You know, I'm not sure right now if I can. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this. The second scenario, a lie that's also excellent and shallow and make a lot of data for him. And I'll never forget him and my daughter, but you know,

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yeah, and yeah, I have a lot of kids and children and maybe my children deserve this more.

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But the third one was straight shooter.

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He said chef

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Illa manifest and after listening

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to Jeff, he did not benefit himself. Why do we care to benefit him?

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benefits benefit yourself.

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Make sure that you invest for your alpha before you go to your grave.

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This 10 days of the hedges and opportunity,

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hair loss paradise and retirement okitama come

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to my seminar to Mustapha lollywood

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva la Vida.

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So the goal for these 10 days that we maximize our ability to benefit ourselves in the dunya maybe we invest in something that will continue create reward for us after our death.

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There are simple things you can do during these 10 days a gift a friend a gift to your family. Even the gifts that you buy, it's his reward to have just the good intention next time we'll hire dinner and

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one of the best money that you spent the money you spent your family but just have the right intention for it

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make sure that you don't miss the fasting of arafa you know I know these days somebody sent someone a food he ordered online and he sent someone food and he said I know that these days we don't get to socialize with each other. But you know what, that's my gift to you as simple as that

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a meal or maybe you cook to somebody drop it off that's all these small things but it's very rewarding call someone from that we don't see each other

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unfortunately because of the situation that you're in today, but you know what, just picking up the phone sending a good message to someone of your friends or relatives or or family members even your friend just make them happy

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smiling at them

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make sure that we invest on these thing days as much as we can. And one of the easiest thing is that the Quran or andrina Quran listen Quran and learning the deen

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you know maybe you can plan to read a book or to read or to listen to lectures and and hamdulillah in our mustard here inshallah, on the 10 days of Ramadan, we have a joint event or a joint effort with a number of Institute, we will have a 360 program during these 10 days. A very well prepared inshallah so make sure that you log on every day that is something to learn every day that is something to inspire you to benefit you to make sure that you be involved. Also will have some even events catering to the younger generation in for the general public.

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I have this message finally to the to the community. I know that we can't come to the master and you might be wondering if there is people coming or not. The message stay close to public and unfortunately

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until the red level

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removed from the city, the mustard will be closed and I see some people in the mustard but I will

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We'll make sure that next time, if the level is red, there will be no one on a strict rules 100% will be allowed to enter the mustard except three people, or for maximum 100% strict rules. Because it's not about you might not make a difference being here. But unfortunately, that's open the door for people who are outside saying, What about me? What about this? What about that, and that will not be right. I have nothing more beloved to my heart, then to welcome everybody do I want you to come more to the muster. But as long as the level is read, as long as the orders stay at home, and no gathering and listen to very essential, I will be 100% strict about that. Because the last thing

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I want, I want any one of us to get hurt, or our family members. I was in a meeting with the Imams last week. And one of the moms told me about his own community where somebody just just a young man, just pick it up, nothing happened to him. But guess what both parents did, both parents in his own community dead here in Houston. Today, my family telling me about one of or was told by, you know, Institute, that one of the young men, young men and his like maybe 30s or later passed away two beautiful children or maybe early 40s died.

00:26:30--> 00:26:31

This thing is a serious

00:26:33--> 00:26:42

and we should take it serious. And I will take it serious anyway. Because of that importance of keeping all of us

00:26:43--> 00:26:49

safe. Somebody told me, but you know what I go to HBS not my problem, don't go to HGTV

00:26:51--> 00:27:05

ordered online, just doesn't mean because you don't follow the best practice that means I this is a public place. And it is a responsibility for us to keep it to the minimum minimum amount of people until the red

00:27:06--> 00:27:11

level removed. And the doctors the last it's safe to open it for

00:27:13--> 00:27:38

you more than the very, very minimum amount of people and hamdulillah you are fully reward hamdulillah you can engage Listen, make sure if you're home that 130 you bring your kids and you be on your family and they listen to the hot button you guys pray together to log out to work make sure that you take that time off and he said you know what, that's my hope button. So you still have that connection with that club.

00:27:39--> 00:28:13

And Allah knows that I asked Allah subhanaw taala and I we all asked him together. Yola, we asked you to bring relief quickly to us, and to make us able to bring to come back safe and gathering the massage and to even be more committed to it. Yeah, Allah make us all hard connect to your deen and able to practice it and to the best of our ability. keep us safe, keep us out of reward loss who can tell if you run out of stamina on behalf of the Coca Cola and I bury it What did you make out of Haiti other general economic Irfan

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00:28:16--> 00:28:34

la Maddalena Dean and a lady who is meant to Marina alumni for Latina Dean and under the hood, Marina Jacobi da da da da da, da da da da da da eco. Latina. Deena No, Amanda. No Islam. No, I'm sorry, y'all. I mean, I didn't know how to

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interact in the button. Yeah, that agenda do it. Come on. Suddenly Allahumma salli wa barakaatuh Nabina Muhammad Ali he was off de la Mota the radical Muslim enough equally McCann a llama dontnod I'll help you will fit native in and Muslim in a gelato economic dialogue. So Anna bombala today Ah ha ha me. Issue Madonna she coulda Murray or Hamilton or Hamilton or a motel giant mountain Muslim any other gentlemen Ekrem

00:29:03--> 00:29:09

mininno Minato Muslim no Muslim at a minimum What? Allah who may

00:29:10--> 00:29:11

react in

00:29:12--> 00:29:59

a modern aloha along the vertical and if you could live out eternal Gerardo Ekrem joaquina Sharon, Phaeton Mahara. minha Matan a La Nina we came in on how arriba de la manera de la la la mina know to be coming on Howard. He will cover the other jelajah economic Naruto bkr Hamada me, a novella owner Zilla, another Lima novella, Nigella huge arena Allahumma Dora and our father no behalf of the kiya hai after you graduate from a llama sorry, boo Tina, Angelina Tina and Mr. Lena Lena. Wanna Dr. Nino Antonia now on Ignacio to Marina Chavo del Bella yamawaki. me yeah Shafi anta Shafi la Shiva Shiva ends and she felt la Sapa

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If you

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allow masala Salima Baraka and Amina Mohammed Radha early he was he was a limb como de Senado como la