Do Restrictions of Travelling with Mahram Apply To Safe Air Travel For Women – Shaykh Waleed

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The speakers discuss the importance of traveling without a home for women and how it is the responsibility of the woman to travel. They also touch on the idea of traveling without a home and the need for permission from the mother to allow women to travel without a home. The speakers encourage viewers to help the group to continue sharing their views on travel and donating towards them.

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I understand there are some people who say woman need my home to Trump.

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If this was permanently due to the safety concern, does it still apply today? air travel is a very secure and safe way of traveling today. So do we still have the same restrictions about woman traveling without? Wow?

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That's a very good question. That goes back to the reason behind

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the permission of traveling without a home is the Illa of saying it's how long for the woman to travel without the home that allows for her to its home for her. It is the traveling so the Traveling is the reason for her.

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To need traveling is the reason for her that she must have him. It's like when we say traveling is that reason for you to shorten the prayer. Somebody said hey, today we traveled on airplanes and so comfortable to so far. Why would we need to shorten the prayer let's pray to complete we should know the hardship is not the reason for shortening the prayer. And the same thing that safety and security is not reasoning for for woman to need Mom, it's the traveling itself which is required for the woman. so here if we look into those plus will not be the point of argument here. But the question is bigger than that. Is it really woman need mom to travel? If it is safe and good for her?

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is is basically is it an opinion? Yes, it is the majority opinion said woman when they travel without Muharram. When they travel, they need a mahatama them that's the vast majority of the scholars to the extent some relevant centers each mechanism but there is no age amount and has been bustling. I was at Ohio law that would apply here at some of the Shafilea. It's the old opinion and the Shafilea on the Shafi also some of the hanabi that had been Tamia Rahim Allah supported the opinion in the end of his life. That woman can travel without Mahara if it is safe for them to travel and there is a permission from the mom and Shana shut up the Rosa afifi in modern day she

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happened to bring all these people said that traveling without to my home if it is safe for them for the woman to travel and there is you know, the what is okay with that her husband or her father, there's no problem with that. They said it's a lot as long as there's a need for it. Because traveling with mom was made for the purpose of protections for her one of the wisdom part. And if there's a need for her like study or work or her parents are sick and you need to go visit them, or her children or her child or her son or daughter study in another state and she want to go visit them and something of that nature. Yes, they said she or had Ramadan or attending a class or seeking

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education or knowledge. As long as it's medical Kamala if she traveled with a woman No, but the group of women with safe group Yes. And invited him along reported that give the permission for the process on his wife to go for Hajj. And that was not the hydral Islam because they already did that with the process of it's a volunteer head and they had no Mohammed and with them even Isha sister

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and rithmetic now follow the alarm

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went with them.

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And they are not maharam to or to this woman. So because it's safe and secure. So for this outside, that did happen, a lot of the sister will travel for a neat

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with the permission permission of her wedding. It is in sha Allah to Allah allowed for her to travel even without Muhammad Allah. Allah knows most. But this is should be known as exceptions from the rules. The default rules should to be well

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