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Waleed Basyouni
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In a Hamdulillah, who want to stay in who want to study who wants to Pharaoh, when I was a villa Himanshu, the ambu cinnamon sejati a marina Maja de la dama de la la, oma you Bill Farah hodja Hua Chateau La ilaha illallah wa una serie Cara Kara, wash I don't know Muhammad Abdul or a pseudo all praise do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last on Final messenger. As we are halfway in Ramadan, we must reflect upon the last 15 days of Ramadan,

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which is already gone.

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How did we utilize and what does our plan for the next 15 days from Yvonne are so

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it is important that just not to let the time pass by, without realizing, I know time hard to keep a track of with this whole pandemic and staying home. Because a lot of people can tell the difference between weekends and weekdays. And it's barely you know, recognize that even Today's a Friday for those who are staying at home. And if that's the reality, this is just shows how fast this dunia and how fastest live is going to go and how fast also we also inshallah we'll put this pandemic behind our back as we go. No matter how long it is when you compare it to the to the amount of resilience we have as a as human beings when you look at and you comparing to the time that we've been here and

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we've been around and we will have in the future ahead of us. It is a short period of time. I love one of the scholar used to say

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whenever calamity strike him paint me you submit better yeah polyester habit safe. Anytime when there is a calamity strike me would say this is like, you know the summer's clouds

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gathered together rain, and quickly it is clear and you have the sun comes out. It's like Houston's clouds. No, and rain. It's quickly it's finished quickly.

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A suburb. It's one of the great lessons from them. We learn from the month of Ramadan, it teaches us suburb and I always point out this concept when it comes to a suburb. There is a very specific concept about Southern we have to be always aware of a suburb, it doesn't mean to be passive and not doing anything. A suburb, it means you control yourself. But also a suburb means that you're able to adjust to the new situation that you're in. That's what a sober is really about. It's your ability to adjust is your ability to you know to continue living your life while you are in this difficulties while you are in this new situation that you are being put in.

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The big questions will be what will how our life will look like as we keep going. How our lives will become after this pandemic behind our back. It is hard almost to predict the future especially when you're dealing with something unpredicted like that nature of this virus. But definitely, there is many things we can see. And there is many things that there is an agreement between specialists and professionals upon as we come in for that in for the years to come. But even without going into details, I want to ask myself and each of us, each one of us must ask themselves this question. What am this finish?

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When I became a better person?

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Well, I would just become the same person or I became worse.

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Is this experience making the better? Make just didn't make any change on me. I'll just go back to my old habit to my old way of life, or is going to be making the worse.

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This is applied to anything major happened to you in your life, or even minor? I can ask the same question about Ramadan. Ramadan when it's finished, are you going to be a better person? The same person you're going to go back to the one before Ramadan? Or are you going to be even worse afterwards? There is a Danish philosopher said something very interesting he said life can be only fully understood backwards but

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It must be lived forwards, which is very true. I remember something similar to that said biohazard and bustling. He said when troubles comes, scholars understand it as its approach, and everyone understand it after it's finished.

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And everybody understand the nature of that test and trials that also have the person after it's finished. But when it's coming, only few people can see through it. Every few, very few people can see it coming. And it's easy. And it's much easier to understand what actually happened, when enough time has passed to process the reality of how this pandemic has shaped our life. But we don't have unfortunately, much time or enough time, we must act swiftly and start thinking and preparing ourselves for what is coming.

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There is many things we can learn from what is happening. And I'm connecting this as we are halfway in Ramadan. I'm not sure if I can say we are halfway through that crisis. Or, at the end or the beginning of last month, Allah knows best. But definitely, we are, you know, we've been through this for a while and I have a very, I can assure you, that human beings are so strong.

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Allah Subhana, Allah created human beings, so resilience, so strong, dealt with much worse situation than this. And I wanted to have the trust in the abilities that Allah has put in you and He created you, when he told the angels in the animal monitor and the moon, I know of humans, what you don't know. That's why Allah subhanaw taala honored human being, and he made them put a fat fill out them, they are the one who run the earth, they are the one Allah give them the responsibility to live and to run this earth, because of their ability to survive. Their ability to to live.

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They are very strong creatures and the best of Allah Subhana Allah has creatures no doubt, as a creature. And you add to this when they became a believer that they became in a status that made the angels frustrate them a lot, or the angel commits to do it for them. Or for for Adam and Sam. And that represent also his the Ria.

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For me, the most interesting part that I really love about in the experience that we going through that that shows us the very important lesson.

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I knew it as a Muslim, I know it as a believer. But I'm glad that the whole entire world and society and members of my community and myself see it as a reality. see it as something that is so important, because sometimes we know theoretically, but we never really thought about how important it is that we are interconnected with and interdependent on each other in a way we did not fully understand before my health and well beings are dependent on your health and well beings.

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Farm sick, I can make you sick.

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If this country has a pandemic and hide the news, and don't share the information can make the whole world sick.

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If just somebody careless enough to come to the mustard, and without taking the precautions, doesn't think about others, he can make this whole crowd sick.

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If somebody is careless and goes to the store, he can make a whole entire, you know, a nursing home. Just somebody didn't pay attention didn't focus didn't realize that tea can cause the death of hundreds of people. That

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it's that sense of awareness of how we are so connected to each other. And that's something we need to focus on. And I can't emphasize it enough. Because we are in this for a quite long time. We're going to be practicing this kind of social distance for a quiet long time. Every expert saying that is nothing before a year before you get the vaccinations or even a medication to be fully approved.

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So that means we have to learn how important that is how connected we are to each other.

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You know, we live in society that we learn individualism that is all about to me and I'm the center of the world, but that's not how it is now.

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We so how our health beings is so important to keep a healthy economy.

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Our house have made all these business owners survive or bankrupt. It depends on how responsible we are.

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I'm amazed and it's a harm. It's a heartwarming, really, when you see how people care for one another,

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how people respect each other, when it comes to their health and for their well beings, you know, when I see in my neighborhoods, you know,

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website, and when the neighbor talks about who needs what, who needs help, who needs their grocery to be picked up with last week here in this parking lot, we gather over 150 pounds of fries and food for the people even in a time where I know people giving when people donated 20 and $30,000 just on the drive thru, made me feel that we still have that sense of community that even when I need I know that other people needs as well. And I will make sure to help. Some companies even have repurposed their productions to deliver much needed medical, unproductive equipments. I'm so appreciative not only for the doctors on the first line, but also for my grocery stores, clerks and cashiers and

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people who put food on the shelves. I'm grateful to the restaurants they still deliver food to people to the pharmacist and to the people in the pharmacy, but still provide our medication, the put the live literally address for the workers who pick up your trash for the people who go outside every day during this epidemic, to make sure that your life continue.

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This is something we should reflect upon, we should understand and appreciate and to know how to adjust to this new life by realizing this fact and acting upon it. May Allah Subhana Allah general Yakama Philippine on your father now you're contributing our morlino Alina Apoorva, Sumitomo stavroula

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala la vida Hobart

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good news,

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we're going to be at our home

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much longer.

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Students honor the reality of the upcoming reality that students will or homeschooling unschooling from home will be a reality that people have to deal with, a lot of people will still have worked from home

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for a quiet time.

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And that can be a new reality that we need to live in. And that's one of the submitter comes here, adjust. So that means that I have as a parent, to know how to deal with my children's going to school, through basically in a virtual classroom. How can I adapt to that I know that there is no teachers over their heads all the time.

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That means me as a person who have worked,

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I need to learn how

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to deal with technology more. That means me as an Imam, or our religious Institute's how to deal with people and more of a distance relations.

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That means also, as a family, we need to know how to communicate with each other better.

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We stuck together at home.

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We need to improve our line of communication because an average father or parents needs to spend six to seven minutes with their children. Now they spend more I can handle seven minutes

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but now you spend way more time with your children. You need to know how to connect with them with your with your spouses.

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We need to make sure that we need to nurture our soul.

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Not everybody was able to come to pray Tara we have to pray in Juma.

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We need to maintain our Eman. We need to put this as a priority and we started thinking about it. And there is no a silver bullet or no like magic words. I can say it make you figure that out. It's going to be your responsibility.

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This this pandemic reach us teach us something so important. The importance of you know you need to work on yourself. You need to have self discipline you need to have so you know motivated

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alum in an acetyl k at Hamilton. Medical athletic law we ask your mercy and your alpha. Your alpha Leno Hamlet laughing Oh, I know I couldn't use it enough. Often beside a hottie, Amanda no me neither Gerardo Ekrem mela except from all of us our deeds a lot protect all of us. Now last patata heal the sixth and forgive the dead Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad May Allah subhanaw taala bring a quick and fast relief to the world as to for this pandemic and make the outcome of it the best for all of us.

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