Jibreel AS on Battlefield & Dressed for WAR

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And he says he is God dressed for

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the name of the horses from the clouds above and saw the sparks of the

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saw his heart burst

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so when the Rasool was summoned to the Office of Prophethood he can to the people with this message, yeah a Yohannes Hulu La Ilaha illa Allah to flow of people, make the declaration, make the proclamation, that there is none worthy of worship, save one mighty Allah and success will be yours.

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This is a matter of the heart. Like in your heart of hearts, there should be nothing that you rely on are subservient to save the one mighty Allah.

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And this is the utterance of the rasool Allah Allah is the size and diverse of law help me known in the doll those with the correct belief are successful. So the Rasool cam and a time where there are 360 idols in the Kaaba

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to one Arab population, you know, easily offended sensitive creatures, swords by the side, tribal, and deeply devout to these idols. A holiday Bill Walid remembers that my father sacrificed 100 camels for a single idol,

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a lot of devotion, a lot of love,

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a lot of reverence and yet wrong belief. Can you imagine man bowing down to a stone asking help from it?

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So Allah or Buddha is a set the messenger to correct the belief first.

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So the Rasool cam that declared that there was none worthy of worship, like it was a pretty courageous statement to make. You know, for people with 360 Gods you say none of this is true. There's just one God.

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And in an autonomy, there's no police protection. difficult time. So you saw harassment started abuse started, imprisonment, started torture, started assassination started execution started, they bore the brunt of it.

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within the few years and those that kind of accepted Islam,

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the superstitious hocus pocus of idols disappeared, and a true belief of the one mighty God and the dots and dear ones that did a few things.

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The first one

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is that gave access to the normal human being to the majesty of the Creator.

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For years, they were turning to a rock that couldn't do anything. Now they had access to Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth.

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And that is a game changer. You know, in the time of Mr. Malhotra they fought the Persians. So one of the mighty generals of the Persians was caught, brought to the quote of Amara tied up.

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Summer looked at him. You know, yesterday you were on a throne, and you had a crown and Persians were big on crowns, you know, the emperor had a crown 92 kilograms of gold.

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Or the question you should be asking yourself is what type of NEC handles 92 kilo grams of gold and no Persians didn't have big picnics was just suspender of the ceiling just to hover on his head. And so magnificent that if you entered the presence of the emperor, the king, you saw the wall we fell down inside you that to him.

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So this was a general with his crown and with his entourage and with his pomp and ceremony, and now he's tied up and brought to amadablam hubub.

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So, Amara, Allahu Anhu asked him what what happened?

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Like you were all that.

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So he says what you should have known. He said, when the fight was against between us in you, it was easy. But how do you find the one in the evidence?

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Do you understand?

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Like now Allah's in the equation

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We have no power against that.

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So this simple people latched on to the creator

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and with that cam

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all the treasures of the Creator. So here first campaign button

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how many Muslims ha

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prefect mashallah 313 313 and brother 313 the opposition

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1000 strong

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and scholars differ scholars differ but they as a coil to say there was only eight swords amidst the Muslims

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they hadn't come for a battle that come to write a caravan you don't need so many weapons you know you

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so Allah gives the reason of the cause of the success but out you know they will victorious uprooted the enemy one

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so Allah Allah is the size. If the tester V through now rob the combustor Jabba come underneath me do Combi elfin mineral mela aka Moodle the thing

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that remember when you called out to your Lord, and Allah accepted your coal, your please your doors and he said I will help you with 1000 angels coming row after row.

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So Allah sent them and the Rasool is on Battlefield and he says he is Gibreel dressed for war

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and you will think hollers you know Muslim testimony biased you know the prophets encouraging them maybe there were two people standing on a mountain nearby non Muslims you know, waiting for the battle to finish so they could come down collect the what's fallen from the swords and this and that, and one of them died.

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So they asked them Why did your friend die? He said, his heart burst. So why did his heart burst he said, you're out of fear what fear he said, we heard the name of the horses from the clouds above and saw the sparks of the

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saw his heart burst. So in inside the campaign, you would see a Muslim chasing an enemy and before he reaches him, the man is slain and and another instance the Sahaba called one person or so and so come and he goes, I'm not him. I'm like angels, we're on Battlefield. Do you see

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that what it did is it gave them first and foremost connection to the one above the heavens.

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And if Allah or Buddha is on your side, everything else will take care of itself. So lesson number one here, dear ones tonight, you will face difficulties and obstacles and challenges and hardships in life. Keep Allah on your side.

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Keep Allah Allah is on your side. And success is yours.