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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves deeper into the reason behind the slander of Aisha RA which was the need for revenge by the hypocrites after Allah had exposed them in Surah Munafiqun.Abdullah ibn Ubayy capitalised on the opportunity the minute he saw it and sought to get even through Aisha RA.

Here we see a mention of her aunt - Umme Mistah who was in fact Abu Bakr RA sister. And how a conversation with her makes her aware of the fact that a filthy and evil act of slandering against her has begun in her vicinity. She then rushes to her parents house after seeking permission from the Prophet ﷺ who sees that something is amiss about her.

When she reaches her parents home, she expresses her shock about whether people are actually indulging in this horrible act and this shoes us the innocence and sensitivity of Aisha RA and how this made her cry endlessly.

Three others of the sahabah made it even more difficult as they were prime factors in the spreading of this disgusting rumour and they were -Mistah (Aisha's RA second cousin), Hamala bint Jahsh, Hasani bint Thabit.

Testimony is sought from Ali RA and Usama bin Zaid RA by the Prophet SAW and each of them suggest the Messenger of Allah what they think. Then the help of Bareerah, the maid servant of Aisha RA is called for in citing details on the matter that transpired that night.

The end to these false rumours and the horrendous slander of Aisha RA came in the form of Allah’s intervention through verses and revelation to the Prophet ﷺ. The first section of Surah Nur is a firm declaration on the punishment that shall be meted out for slandering .

This story reasserts the honorable and high stature of Aisha RA. She is the mother of the believers and is pure, the daughter of the pure, and she is the wife of the Prophet ﷺ. Her purity and dignity has been verified by Allah SWT and one who does not uphold this  is not from among the Muslims.


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