Adnan Rajeh – In Preparation for the Season of Hajj #8

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of good deeds in the first 10 days of the year, and how they can be used to increase one's chances of success. They encourage people to practice good deeds and increase their chances of success, even if they cannot do them at work. The speaker also mentions the importance of good deeds in daily life, and encourages people to practice them.
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He also he has been invited.

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Here we can even I'm walking with him yesterday he said I just saw him and Abdullah having a party and all the Allah who and whom I call by interview Salalah. Holly Are you saying you said and he's in a collection of Imam Ahmed and it has an authentic generation, right. It was by Abdullah bin Omar. So this is the first night of the first 10 knights of the hedges. So tomorrow is the first day of their hedge up. And that puts eight on on Wednesday and not this Wednesday. They went after and puts out alpha alpha on Tuesday, and we will have some events and we'll let people know inshallah as we go along.

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But for sure.

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It's worthy of observing these 10 days in which in whatever capacity you are capable of observing them. And that differs from one person to the other depending on what they can do. And the Hadith tonight is basically focused on that and is what he says out of his thoughts and I'm Paula nomina Yamin yah Mo and Allah He, what a hub boo, la de la mano Sorry houfy Hina minha the hill uh yeah, mille Asha xe roofie Hindi I mean, at the Hellene What the kabiri What the Hamid, which is, your thought was RAM there are no days that are more magnificent in the eyes of God in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. Nor are there days where good deeds are more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala then

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these 10 days,

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and scholars forever have deferred or discussed, which are better the last 10 nights of Ramadan, or the first, the last nights over the last 10 days are alone in the first 10 days of the hijab. And the opinion that I find to be most amusing. And the one that I kind of think is, is the best is that the last 10 Nights of the last Sunday's Ramadan are better than the last 10 Nights of the first 10 days of the pigeon. But the first 10 days, in the daytime of the days are better than the first last night. These are the last 10 days of Ramadan, I confused you more, it doesn't matter. All you need to know is that these days are extremely important. Allah subhanaw taala says that they're most of

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their most magnificent. And he says 200 He says that to Allah subhanaw taala that good deeds within them are most beloved. So his advice to you which is I'm going to I'm going to leave you with but actually Rufina Minister led with the community with the Hamid increased to the best of your ability, the amount of invocation that consists of saying that you know, in the law to Helene or Allahu Akbar kebele or Alhamdulillah Hamid, so any form of invocation of Allah, where you are reminding yourself of his oneness, or you are in showing gratitude or your magnifying Allah subhanaw taala in your mind in your heart, this is something that is heavily advised for us to do as muslims

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during these first 10 days. So if you don't have the ability to do all of the other good deeds, because there's so now of these nine days, obviously, because the 10th day is eight is too fast as much of them as possible. The Sunnah is to pray as much pm as possible. The Sunnah is to give as much sadaqa as possible, as soon as for you to intend to perform obey on the 10th day. And in that case, you kind of go into a similar state of haram, even though you don't actually wear it, but you don't cut your hair and you don't cut your nails. Even if you do that you're still acceptable. But these are all things that the Prophet saw that you saw to us and unperformed. But if you can't do

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all of that, and that's difficult for you, which is understandable. And if you're working at a hospital, I can't go 10 days without cutting my fingernails, they'll kick me out. So you have to do something you're obligated to perform, but at least increase your invocation. Because that's easy. Again, maybe you don't do that in a public mall or anything and a lot of boys but do it in your daily occurrences as you kind of go through as you're driving your car or as you are walking home or you sit and sit in your house increase your to Hellene and that can be given to Hamid and that's what we're supposed to do in these first 10 days and then we're supposed to carry that along by the

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way on the day of Eid Loghain Engelmann no huddle and continue it in the days after you actually do it in a in a loud voice where you actually walk around and you do the the tech that you do on eight. So this is the Sunnah of these days. So if all the good deeds that are recommended on these days and nights that you find difficult or you don't have the ability to do all of them which I encourage myself and everyone here to do as many of them as possible. At least that piece at least increase your to Helene and to be and to Hamid more than you would or more than you do outside of these of these 10 days and that's the reminder that the prophets of Allah Allah He was like to send them gave

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us when he when he talked about the magnitude and the importance of these days. You have a real email Mohamed Hussein was steady he'd be sending us an Abdullah HIV Muhammad Abdul Hatari probably Allahu Anhu malerkotla nebules Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam mammon, a yam in here album were in the Allah He would have boo la him in Hoonah Allama la sala mean her the Milazzo Berkeley roofie Hinden I mean, at the hilly with the community, what do I need? Sort of Rasulullah hiss of Allah Allah was like so speckled honey, I should have learned to stop YouTube Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala carabiner

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