Mohammed Hijab – Nigel Farage Taken Down By Muslim On India

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The British Empire has been largely unproven and controversial entity for decades, with the likes of Faraj, the democratic party, and the former UK minister all using the " Free centers of the world" concept to describe the situation. The government has been largely unproven and controversial for decades, with the likes of the former UK minister and the former UK prime minister all using the term " Free centers of the room" to describe the situation. The conversation also touches on the recent election of Modi, which was criticized for being too liberal, but was described as a loss on the conservative party. The use of democracy in the political world and the influence of media in the political world are discussed, as well as the potential for terrorist attacks.
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Have you are you wasting your time on social media again? Your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a masjid a Dawa center. Establishing a masjid to convey the message of Islam is one of the best deeds a Muslim can do. There's a huge need for an annoying, do you know this and I know this, so that makes even greater. So give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even more

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so I want to come on, I'm going to do what I had to how are you guys doing? It's been a long time since I've had the champ with me. We've had the big man with me. Yes. That had the man the plan. With the with the new new station was the new station called STG Really? Oh, yes. Fantastic. And what you've been doing on this? We've been covering news on a regular basis that's related to Muslims and Islam. And working with volunteers. Really? Yeah. Welcome. I have to say I'm very impressed. 100 I tried to do a new station myself, as you know. And this is full functional. Yeah, fantastic. Writers we knew was it critics? Yeah. CCN continues. Yeah. So but it's not as

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operational as your one is. And that's why I want to say to my volunteers or the people that work with me, you know, you gotta let them outstrip us. You gotta let last trip. Well, if you delegate failure, 10 Fs and more 10 F as soon as the Quran says, This is what the competition let the competition happen. Let the games begin.

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Where if it doesn't do well, then no. It's not my fault.

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I was gonna say something has been good on the news this week. And some impressive, yes, I think is this individual here? Yeah, his name is Shaquille Afsar. We're probably familiar with him because of what was going on with LGBT being taught in Birmingham schools and mashallah, again, he was very vocal, very active there and represent a group or anything, not that I know of, to be honest, is mashallah just just come to the forefront. And he's been doing a fantastic job. I was very impressed because I saw this clip recently, Andy, and he's taken off of biddable opponent he's taking on Nigel Farage, who for those who don't know, was the leader of the UK party, for some time, British

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politics, was instrumental in Britain actually going independent from the European Union, breaking away from it,

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and has a record of success politically speaking, from his perspective, at least. So this is a formidable opponent and the way he deals with him here, I was very much impressed with him. I'm very struck watching this, that the politics and division of the subcontinent is now playing out on the streets, and cinemas of Birmingham. While we must remember that this is a film being supported by the current Indian administration, but more the one thing you can already see kind of like a colonial narrative here goes like, what's happening in your countries is coming to us. Yeah, he's speaking to a person whose country was colonized by England, and the British Empire for more than

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200 years, or more longer than that much longer than this, and the divisions and the revolts and all those kinds of things that happen. So this using this as a way to start the conversation in first place, already shows you what kind of Tony was set with this, what we must also remember as as, as British citizens, we have accountability to the people of Kashmir, this film directly perpetuates that if you say free Kashmir, you are ISIS terrorists, as British citizens is bringing it back to listen, I was watch British as you are. Do you see why and this was a good good way to get center of the ring, I think. And this is a good demonstration of how to deal with an aggressive opponent

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actually, you know, get center of the ring, you'll see this.

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He does this he doesn't allow Faraj there, sir himself, this film perpetuates that if you use the term Free Kashmir, and as you will know that according to the United Nations resolution, the Kashmiris have been promised the right to self determination. And the British is directly responsible for the mess that has been left behind in the Asian subcontinent. We cannot wash ourselves away. Well, just as just

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I guess just to answer your question. I do. I believe I believe that this is propaganda by the Indian administration and the new Indra Modi, who has made this tax free. However, this is really good, because now he didn't let him interject. That was fantastic. That was brilliant. He brushed him away. It's now the analogy of the center of the boxer in the center of the ring, the aggressive boxers coming in, and this guy screws up or cuts and left hooks, and so he's not letting him take the center of the room. At the moment. He's winning this. Let's see what Nigel Farage, I would also add as well to the point that he said about British involvement is the Radcliffe line, which was

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when the British left India, Pakistan, they actually drew a set of lines and one set of lines was the Radcliffe line. And the Radcliffe line is directly involved with the issue of Kashmir that we see today. And that was

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drawn by somebody called Cyril Radcliffe, which again, was a British individual. So that's why, like Jeremiah Wright, who used to be the

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pastor of Obama, and use this phrase for America, I would say it's quite evident for the UK as well, which is America's chickens come home to roost are coming home to roost. And that's exactly what we're seeing now. British involvement indeed in India for 200 years, the drawing of the the Radcliffe line, and also the Durand Line, the Durand Line again,

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drawn lines Mike Seco, Sykes and Pico agreement and they all the lines that they've drawn in Africa in Africa, the Berlin Conference, you see, yeah, so the truth of it is, this is what I'm talking about anyway. I mean, if he's, if he's talking about these things that happen in less time, Birmingham, and this

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is that the violence is talking about, like, well, what are we talking about here, who was killed, who was who was hurt. And in 2011, the head of the conservative in fact, the head of this country was David Cameron. And he said that a lot of things this was I think, in The Telegraph, or the Guardian, we can show it on the screen. He admitted that Britain has been a big cause to the many of the global issues that we see. And he mentioned Kashmir. So the prime minister of this country has admitted that and you're saying, Oh, why are you bringing over here? Yeah. Are you not aware? This is ridiculous, right? Yes, it's the colonial narrative. But he's doing very well, this man. I accept

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that the rapid breakup in 1947 of Empire was done quickly, with a huge loss of life. And in retrospect, should have been done differently. Absolutely. No question about that. That was then this is now. But what I said to you at the beginning, are you bringing the politics of the subcontinent onto the streets of the West Midlands, and we saw this last year in Leicester. You've just talked about Modi? The BJP? That's correct. But here's the point. Modi is the democratically elected leader of India, he's been elected twice. He'll probably run for a third term. And also to answer your question, he's also the the democratic elected leader that is holding the G 20. Summit

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in occupied territory, international. I love this. I love the way he does this. That was good. I think g 20. Is he shows that mashallah he's researched the topic, while he is aware of the global politics of G 20 thing is a big thing, because that was being held in illegally occupied Kashmir. He's reminding people of the main issue at hand, what he's doing his effective counter punching. He's not allowing Faraj to say what he wants to say, and use keywords which will resonate with a western audience democratically, for example, democracy, of course, being one of the things that would energize the base, he's doing a very good job in countering all of the points that he's

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making. So I would say also that Nigel Farage seems to be whitewashing what he is saying, by using democracy. Oh, you you've mentioned all this, but he's a democratically elected leader. But Hitler was also democratically elected. Excellent. Excellent. And that doesn't that doesn't mean what he did was correct. Just because he was democratically elected, we still hold him to account just like we should be holding.

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This point you just made about Hitler being democratically elected before it became the furor. And you know, done, what you've done is important because actually the BJP as you've as you've mentioned, in your public output, as I've I have actually got connections as the RSS and the BJP with the Nazi Party. And they've, they've praised them, they have they have a we're seeing this unusual collaboration or coalition between kind of far right conservatives and people who maybe would sympathize with them, and the BJP, and we're seeing it kind of play out here a little bit here. And him mentioning democracy, I think is, is a loss on his on his behalf. Because John Stuart

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Mill, come on, in his book on liberty, he talks and this is a case against democracy. He calls it the tyranny of majority of the majority. And that's what we're seeing in India at the moment with the extremist Hindutva majority that are harming the Christian, the Muslims, the Dalits. So we're seeing an excellent point. Excellent point is that you want to talk about democracy when it talks about the ballot box. But we're not talking about Democ. Because democracy you can talk about it in in many different ways. It's not just a democracy, is it a pluralistic, Liberalist kind of democracy? Is this the state that is referring to itself as if so let's hold it on the standards.

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And if we talk about tyranny of the majority of the idea of minority rights and so on, which liberal democracies in the West, for example, pride themselves on and theoretically I'd be mentioned by the founding fathers of these ideologies, then are the Indians doing what these people in the ideal world would have wanted them to do? That's fantastic, fantastic. And to kind of add a little flavor on that as well. Well,

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Another critique of democracy is its leading, and how it leads to populism and demagoguery. And that's exactly what we're seeing here with Modi. He's able to finesse the crowds with whipping up hysteria against and using a minority, again, reminiscing reminiscent of what Hitler did with the with the Jews as a fair comparison. And we were seeing this. And the thing is, if you're bringing democracy, can you also mention how, in a democracy you can manipulate public opinion by, by by controlling media and we know, in India, there's a typical term that's used as the god the media, with the media belongs to Modi and his party. And we saw this even with you. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Even

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with you. Last year, we saw with that thing that happened in Leicester, there was a specific picture of you going round. And the way the Indian media had used that picture and how they talked about your involvement. And obviously, we know each other, the viewers may know you, but the way and they may, you know, have watched those clips and those videos as well. But the way the Indian media was able to mass manipulate that, just like that, it shows the effect because here we have a case study closer to home. They do that regularly. But here we saw a case study of where they're doing it with the UK as well, and recently with the BBC documentary of Modi as well. So it's actually ridiculous

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some of the stuff that they can say. And one of the lead anchors in India is on a Goswami who is an absolute vial crypto crew. And Modi is on stage praising him and saying, I watch you really

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is recognized that Kashmir is occupied trade tree, and this Prime Minister is holding his g 20. Summit in occupied territory. The fact that the Saudi government the Chinese government have backed down to clearly show you the level of propaganda that this individual and his organization is going to we have no issue with people watching the film. Our issue is the fact that the false propaganda, the false narrative that it perpetuates. The film starts with the fact that it's saying it's based on true events. The film had its whole trailer removed, because the unfactual data from our 32,000 Girls, we as British Kashmiris, we as British Muslims believe that this film has been pushed out by

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the new Indra Modi to discriminate and disproportionately affect Muslims, you would never have an anti Hindu film, you will never have the anti Jewish view.

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The 36,000 figure is of course, I need to speak to the fact that we're just on the ground and he knows that's a fact. He knows this would never fly in the Jewish community. No chance at all. No chance at all. You know what he's punching way above his, his height hair. And you know, it's an opponent. He's clearly underestimated him. He's been shamed. Live on GBM. Is this actually, to be honest, I've never seen Nigel Farage get taken down like this. He absolutely. Did you know why? Because actually, Nigel Farage was so good on his issue. He was very strong. And he knew the facts, you know, on his issue, which is the EU and all these kind of things. But when he when he delves

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into other issues, yes. With people who know more than him. Yes, he's not versatile enough to take the blows. And the thing is Shaquille hasn't promoted himself as an academic. Yeah, he's literally what's the opposite of South Pole, Orthodox orthodox. So he's seen him as an orthodox. And on this interview, Shaquille has come with the South Pole, and totally,

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totally caught him off guard. Because look at the facts that he's coming out with. Yeah, yes. And we can also add in stuff like when when he's talking about Britain and India and stuff like that. Britain has clearly been involved in Indian politics, because when he was the Butcher of Gujarat, the UK didn't barred him from entering the country. The United States didn't give him a visa. So the UK has been involved in Indian politics. So I mean, what on earth is neither talking about? It's actually

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it's infuriating doesn't know what he doesn't know what angles will take you from young women. All traffic by some extremist Islamic groups and have been involved in the wars in Syria and elsewhere cannot be denied. It cannot be done at the same way the right wing activists who are shooting up people in schools, the right wing activists who have their beliefs, you will have terrorism in every community you will have a you know violence in every community as a British Krishna, what

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do I like about it? Yeah, well, I like about what you've done here. Or he said he repeated the same thing. Yeah. That was a brought a Slack has been trained. Yeah. I don't know who trained him but he said the same thing. He said it cannot be denied. He didn't deny the point. So yeah, this is there. He took it. He parried the punch and then he just gave him one back. Why

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And look, I mean, it's just like, just just like this because you can't deny this but yes, so it's making the case for the unremarkable nature artistry. Yeah. Oh, he's really fantastic. Now this is what we want to see, bro. This is he's really demonstrating assertiveness, and the kind of Heiser that you want to see as a Muslim?

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If you can do it, Brian, he's not been we haven't seen him. We have him around the baiting forum. Yeah, then a lot of people can do this, bro. This is the kind of model we want to see. It's the assertiveness is to take in the center of the ring is not allowing the interlocutor to dictate the the trajectory of the conversation that he's doing fantastic job. B, I want to urge to every single one of you watching this, you can watch the film. But what you must remember is this is being directly pushed by the Narendra Modi government just to finish because you've really just to finish this been pushed the fact that the government of India is making this tax free in certain areas said

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gender said democratically elected whatever we say about India, it is a genuine democracy the largest app can walk up to come back. What a pathetic

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face though he looks genuinely Yanni desperate, he looks like he's upset, disappointed. It is honest. Yeah, it's a joke for active democracy in the world. So I say I want I could argue that Well, I think it is but but I just wonder for you should you really what we're seeing playing out is the extreme distaste that many Hindus have been Muslims and vice versa? Well, I look, there is a large degree look, I personally have a large degree of racial hatred between the two grounds to completely disagree with these are not racist, though. What

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Muslims are not is not a race,

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per se. It's a real big mistake, man. That's a real big, that's a big racial hatred. That's a big blunder, frankly, yeah. And you not only is that a blunder, it's it's got nothing to do with a point. Well, on that bombshell, I'll say that. I think this is the kind of representation we want as Muslims Confident, Assertive representation where the facts are laid out. He's done an excellent job. And this this film that was you know, Bollywood film that they put out these individuals, it really was only adds to their foolishness because no one's taking this stuff seriously. Indian media and film industry and all this kind of stuff. It's not really credible as a source of information.

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People are seeing this now. And that's why your man he couldn't even defend you guys properly. And with that, I conclude with salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us who ever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah were built in a similar the house in Jannah. And we know the great reward that will not only be gained but rather will fill your grave after your death. Whenever someone prays that whenever someone gives shahada in the masjid whenever someone learns something in the masjid, yes, that will be something that you will have on your scale.

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