Quran Dua #18

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We'll be learning in a shape on your Audi Bismillah your Walkman your offie Alhamdulillah Ledi Allah RBD heliad kitab our lamea da la Why would

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a human only the robots *gy then me ledum Why are you bashing me? Or you wish me the levy I am an owner saw the hottie and Andrew on how Santa murky Thien Fe

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or you lady you know call who just was a long one or the murder been in I knew an early

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Gabor Afghani meten dehulled room in for him. Ae aku Luna in Kariba Salah al laka Belkin nepsac Allah Sadie him in lamb you may know via the Hadith he assefa In dal namah all these in

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Are you whom

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are in da

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saw either do Rosa Pacifica and also have a few or Marathi mica and who mean

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the LSVT two wheel Alka FIFA all who

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have been

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Tina I mean Lego

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GASMA Robina

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Tina me Lego I'm

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happy learner I mean I'm Marina wash