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The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "ivigence" to protect one's life and defend their religion, and the use of "has been" in relation to past events and misunderstandings. The importance of taking advantage of opportunities to change one's behavior and promote Islam for all people is emphasized. The use of "overcome" in the dispute with Allah and the negative impact it has on people's lives is also discussed. The conversation ends with a reference to a video about a woman named Sarha who lost her life.

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So we see over here also this man is defending Musa alayhis salam, just like Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu defended the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and in defending the Prophet of Allah, Who were they putting in danger themselves. And this was not a small thing. This was really not a small thing. They were putting their careers on the line, their status on the line, their wealth, their family, their dignity, everything on the line for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in order to defend the truth.

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And every now and then Allah subhanaw taala brings about such people through whom he defends his religion and his people.

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You see, there was once a time when and I've mentioned the story too, earlier also, there was a new belief that came about concerning the Quran. There were some people who said that the Quran is not the speech of ALLAH because ALLAH does not speak. They said that if you say that Allah speaks, then you resembling him to the creation and there's something false because Allah does speak. He says in the Quran that he speaks, we'll call our a book home. And your Lord has said, how can we deny the speech of Allah? So anyway, in denying the speech of Allah, they deny the Quran is also the speech of Allah and the Quran is the creation of Allah. Now, this is a very problematic belief, all right.

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But what happened that this turned into a political issue,

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because the Khalifa of that time he got influenced by these beliefs, and he wanted to make sure that this belief was common amongst the masses. So he wanted he needed the scholars to say the Quran is not the speech of Allah rather, it is the creation of Allah. Right? But what happened? Of course, the scholars they refused, they said no way. Now what happened? He started using violence against them. So some scholars have said, You know what, our life is in danger. And when your life is in danger, you can even say a word of Cofer isn't we've learned that in the Quran to protect one's life, a person can even utter a statement of disbelief. So this is not a statement of disbelief.

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Yes, it's a wrong statement. But we can say it without really intending it, just to protect our lives. All right, so the side that you know what it is the creation of Allah, and their lives were spared. There were some other scholars who used trickery in order to protect themselves. So they said things like, I believe that the Torah is the creation of Allah and you see, they use their fingers. So one finger out on the side, I believe the Torah, the Injeel, the Quran, these are the creation of Allah. So again,

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the Torah,

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the Injeel the Quran, and as they're saying that they're taking their fingers out, and then they said, these are the creation of Allah. But when they said these, what were they implying? Their fingers, all right, but for the listener in mind, okay, this man is saying Quran in Gu all these books are creation of Allah says that, okay, past you go, you're safe. All right. So anyway, they use different ways to protect their lives.

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There were some scholars, they said that no, this is not a matter of personal safety.

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This is about the religion of Allah.

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This is about defending the religion of Allah. And when the religion of Allah when the truth has to be defended, then you put your life on the line.

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And so scholars, for example, Imam Muhammad been humble. He refused. He refused to say in any way that the Quran was a creation of Allah. He refused. And so he was jailed. He was publicly humiliated, he was beaten. He was tortured by people who are Muslim, he was tortured, he was abused. He was jailed for a long time banned from teaching, you know, cut off from the rest of the people, but he refused to say any such statement that would please his oppressors. And so what happened eventually, the Khalifa he died and other Khalifa came, things changed. Alhamdulillah Imam Muhammad he was out he was freed. And this is the reason why scholars say that today the majority of the

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Muslims believe that Quran is indeed the speech of Allah. If Imam Ahmad was not strong and firm. The masses today would probably believe that Quran is a creation of Allah imagine what kind of belief we would have concerning Allah.

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That Allah does not speak that he does not laugh that he does not smile that he does not possess these attributes. Such a wrong belief concerning Allah subhanaw taala so you see how Imam Muhammad he put his life in danger. He remained firm to up

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Hold the truth, to uphold the truth. And this is something necessary. There's something very, very important. Many times we analyze a situation we see that, okay, you know what my life is in danger, my money is in danger, my security is in danger. So I can take this risk, and that's fine. That's fine. You have the allowance to do that. But there are people who will take the risk. And then Allah subhanaw taala will grant them victory. Recently Alhamdulillah, I had the privilege to meet some great women of our community. And these are women who have been standing up in the past, before the new government came in the past, defending the rights of Muslims in different ways. One of the

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people I met was actually a professor from U of T a law professor. And she is the giant behind. You know, this whole case that came up of defending the right of Muslim women to wear niqab. She's a non Muslim woman, a professor, law professor from U of T. And she is the one who persuaded, you know, the lawyers and she's the one who found our sister Zuniga is how to pursue this case. And you might argue, I remember at that time, that you know what, it's not a big deal. If you have to go take your niqab off, go ahead. It's not a big deal. And that's fine. It's a personal matter, right. But the whole idea is that if today a woman is being prohibited from practicing her religion, even in this

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way, tomorrow, it will be something else, isn't it? And the day after, it will be much worse,

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isn't it so? So? Look at these people who remain firm who put their lives, their careers, literally in danger. Right? They could have been living private, comfortable lives, nobody knew them. No news media knew them whatsoever. But they put all of that online in order to defend the rights of Muslims to practice their faith freely. And from that, not just the right of Muslims, but the right of all people over here.

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Right. So this man, similarly, he spoke up over here, defending the Prophet over here. But that was a big, big risk. It was a big risk. Majority of us we want to practice Islam, we want to talk about Islam. As long as it's easy. As long as it's easy. The moment on risk comes we want to take a step back. Another lady I met recently, she is an amazing woman, Mashallah. She's pursuing her PhD in University of Georgia in something related to app development. And she's an app developer. And she is lady who has made different apps for alHuda. And the ideas that she has to make different kinds of apps to promote Quranic learning Quranic understanding, to make Islamic knowledge more

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accessible, and more discoverable for average Muslims, the kind of ideas she has, but she's taking it to the level of her PhD, her entire dissertation, the case studies she's doing, the projects she's doing are all about put on and Hadith being more accessible and discoverable.

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Amazing. And she has these master's students who are non Muslims. All right, working on these projects with her.

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It's amazing. You know, for us, it's like talking about Quran and Hadith is good. And Elijah. All right. But as soon as we're sitting in a dinner party, or we're at school, for our Arabic Nana, I don't know a word of Arabic, right? We want to pretend like we are, you know, disconnected from all of this just for our safety and well being. I'm not saying don't be smart about it, be smart about it. But realize that if Allah subhanaw taala has given you a certain position,

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to be somewhere, to make a change, to do Dawa, to let people know about Islam, through your skills, through your knowledge, through your ability through your status, then you must take advantage of that. You must take advantage of that. Because the way this man and Roger movement is defending the truth in the court of fit our own could any other person do that? No, his voice was heard because he was mentally fit our own.

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And these opportunities are not given to everybody. So if you have been given the privilege to be in a certain program, to be in a certain place to talk about Islam, to let people know about Islam to let people know about Quran, take advantage of that opportunity. Don't shy away, it's scary. I know. It's scary, but ask Allah for strength and take inspiration from such stories. Go ahead.

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Yes, in Surah t as seen also we learned about the prophets that Allah subhanaw taala sent to prophets, they were denied. And then Allah sent the third Prophet also but then what happened? People denied all of the prophets and then who defended them

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man who came from the other side of the city running, right? So here also similarity from the court of Finnur own a voice of reason. A voice of justice. He says yeah call me all my people locomole Malkiel Jung Lacan for you Al Mulk the Dominion, sovereignty, authority ownership, kingship, rule A Yama today meaning today, you have power. Yes, the rule is yours.

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Law heating, you are law heading plural of the word law hit who is law one who is dominant prevailing.

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You are law hitting prevailing Fill only in the land over the rest of the people. Meaning you are above the rest of the people. You have sovereignty you have power. However, think about it. You just have it today. For man so who Yun suna He will help us member silay from the punishment of Allah injure Anna if it came to us, if the punishment of Allah does come to us, the threat that Musar ism is giving. If it does come who's gonna protect us? All of it our own new fit our own. He couldn't resist anymore. He spoke up he said MT od calm. I do not show you od I show calm you Illa except mad that which are our I see. Meaning I'm only telling you what I believe. I'm only showing you what I

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see myself. Meaning in all honesty. This is what I see. Musa Lisanna he's a threat to our society. And he must be stopped. He must be finished. He must be killed. Ma od come Ilana ora, I'm only telling you what I see wama Adhikam and I do not guide you in that except to Sabina Rashard to the way of right conduct rectitude. Rashard from the route letters rushing then rushed, right from the same route, right conduct for our own. We see over here his response is somewhat mild compared to before, right before he was very agitated. He was saying, the Rooney octal Musa, let me kill Musa he's very angry. But then when this voice of reason comes, it speaks for our own is a little calm

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over here. Alright. But he's insisting that he is right. He says Wilma decom Illa sebelah. Russia was really calling to the right way. Was he really calling to the right way? No. is killing children ever right? Is Killing someone's child just because they believe in something? Is that right? No. And why kill children? Understand, why not kill the adults? Why the children? I mean, this is not right, logical in any way whatsoever. But it's amazing how he believed himself to be rightly guided into who they are. 97 Allah says for terbaru umuofia our own alma unroofing. Our own Bureau sheet that people followed the commander of in our own and the commander fit our own was not at all

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rightly guided. In surah Taha 79 Allah says what Allah Allah fit our own Okoma who were mahasiddha for our own misguided his people, he did not guide them in sort of fat that is eight Allah says FM and Xuyen Allahu suwama. Li for Allah who has Sunnah the person for whom his evil deeds are made beautiful, so he sees them as good. In reality, they're evil, but he sees them as good. And this is exactly of our own was he's committing crimes. He's saying atrocious things, but he thinks that he's being very just unfair, very reasonable. We'll call Allah the Amana and the man who had believed he said, he responded, he said, Yep, oh me all my people in the Ahafo. Indeed, I am afraid are late

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Come on you Mithila similar to Yeoman Aqsa the day of the company's meaning I'm afraid that you will have a fate similar to the previous people. And he called them as a plural of the word has.

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All right, and yellow mill Aza the day of the various groups, what is this day referring to the day of their device, the day the various factions encountered

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the punishment of Allah for their denial. So he said, I'm afraid that you're going to meet the same result. I'm afraid you're going down the same path, which acts up Mithila similar to the be the custom of he further explains

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myth, let that be similar to meaning. I'm afraid that you're going to see a day that was similar to the day encountered by the past nations.

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You're going to end up on the same

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place? And what is that myth? Let that be? What does that mean? That Hamza, the other is to continuously walk, all right to continuously walk. And when you're walking continuously, nonstop, nonstop, then you know, it's like you cover a distance without even realizing that you covered that distance. We don't walk as much. All right. Let me give you another example. If you're driving constantly, right? You have a habit. Does it ever happen that you drive out of your house, you drive out of your street, and then you are going on that typical route? Right? And you get to your work. And you think, how did I get here?

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Does it ever happen to you?

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No, because you're in the habit of driving on that same route every day, every day nonstop, that you don't even think about it anymore.

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So found is the word that is used for a habit, a custom a tradition, meaning things that are done, just because they're done. You don't even need to think about it. It just happens. Habit. So Mithila B Comey knew when the people of know what happened to them.

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What happened to them, they denied their profit. They were drowned. Why then and also odd. Same custom meaning history repeated.

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All right, history repeated are also denied their profit punished was removed some would also deny their profit, punished. Well, Lavina mimbar the him and those who came after them, they also denied their profit and they were punished. So what are you doing? Where are you going? You will end up repeating history.

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One will Allah Who and remember that Allah does not ut do intend lol mon injustice live very bad for the servants. Allah never intends injustice for His servants, meaning he never punishes without cause. Way out call me. And he says all my people in the Ahafo indeed I'm afraid I lay come on you meaning against you. I'm afraid for you. That what's going to happen to you on yo McDonough had the day of calling a tenacity from the letters known dial? Yeah, neither. What does that mean?

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Niddah call to call someone and then add the feral Tannat is to call one another. To call who? One another mutual calling. I'm afraid for you the day of calling meaning the day when people will call out to each other. For what for help, but who will respond? Nobody. Instead people are going to run away from each other. When a person will come to his father for help. He will call out to his father the Father will run away when the Father will call out to his son helped me the son will run away. I'm afraid for you what's going to happen to you on that day.

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He's making them fear, the day of judgment and the Day of Judgment is described as Yoma tonight the day of mutual calling.

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Also the Day of Judgment is called Yeoman tonight because that is the day when people will call upon destruction for themselves. They will wish for death thou Hoon Alika Cebu ha they will call upon death destruction. But will it help not at all. People will be called for hisab on that day Yo Ma another rucola on SMB email me him the day we will call every people with their email meaning for the purpose of herself in total out of I have 44 We learn about how the people of Jana will call out to the people of hell and the people of hell will call out to the people of Japan and the people of our off will call out to the people on either side. These conversations will happen when adda us

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Hubble Jannetty us have enough one hour there was Hubble natty as Hubble Jana one dowels How will our Rafi the de Jalan so this calling out will happen on the Day of Judgment. The word dyad also is derived from the root letters known dal dal. The word is also read as a dyad with a shudder on the doll. That's another recitation. And then from the letters of noon dial, and that means to run away. So Yamata net is the day of scattering.

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The day of scattering and this is very relevant over here. Today, you are so close together, you're sitting together, you're still united. You're together in your denial in your oppression. But that is the day when you shall scatter away from each other Yoma the day went to Aluna you will turn your backs more

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To be Rena fleeing,

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you will turn away from each other fleeing away from each other manner calm you will not have min Allah against Allah MENAUL slim any protector you will have no one to protect you that day the word are all seen from the letters I inside meme awesome is one who defends from the root letters all summer and all summer is basically to to save someone or something how through him sack what is M sack to keep something with oneself?

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You understand saved someone threw him sack that you keep them with yourself and you don't let them get hurt you don't let anybody hurt them you protect them from any danger any harm any suffering. So malah ko min Allah him and ask him, no one is going to come and protect you against Allah.

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No one. Why am I yield Lily Allah and whoever Allah sends a stray from Allah home in had, then he shall have no guide. We see over here that this man is repeatedly warning his people. He's using proofs. He's using logic. He's using evidences he's quoting history. He's quoting facts. He's confident yet he's gentle. Then he says what occurred uncertainly. Jah come, he came to you. Who came to you useful use of earliest Salem men called Blue before bill by unity with the clear proofs. Because remember, this has been around in his people right? And the Bani Israel they were living here but where did the Bani Israel come to Egypt from?

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From who through use of artisan, right? So use of artisan remember, many years ago he was brought into Egypt as a slave. Correct. Then he ended up in jail in prison. Then the king had a dream. And so use of art is Salam came out of the prison. And he held a very noble position within that society. Right. So it was well known that use of our lesson and his religion was different. And then his family also came and settled in Egypt. All right, so this man is saying that one aka Jack accom use of a man called Bluebell by you know it.

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Meaning the message of Musa is not something new. is not something that you've never heard of before. Check your own history. Look at your own records. Look at your own tradition. Don't you remember Joseph use of Peninsula who lived amongst you and who believed in the Oneness of Allah spoke the same things that Musa is speaking of. He talked about the same thing that Musa is telling you about. Like for example, instead of use of fire 39 We learn about how use of artists and I'm the Dawa, to the people in the jail in the prison. Right? When he said that? A little baboon with a furry Hakuna Hi, Ron. I'm Hola Hola, hadal Baja. So with us via 39 where he said that what is better

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multiple gods or just one God? Who's better? So he gave them proofs off though hate.

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But what was your reaction from as Ill Tom Manziel Tom Mazza Allah What does that mean? To remain? Okay? MA Not literally if you break this word apart, man means not an Zillertal. To cease, you did not cease as in you continued, you remained fish shakin in doubt. You remained in doubt menma concerning that which Jah Combi he brought you with, meaning the message that use have brought you you continue to remain in doubt concerning it. So in other words, you never believed in him had that until either halacha when he died, who died use of died? Autumn you said Les Abarth Allahu Allah who will never send mimbar the he after him Rasul and any messenger

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when you survive Hassan was alive, living amongst you, giving you clear proofs of the Oneness of Allah. Did you believe in him? No, you didn't. And when he died, what did you say? You thought that Allah would never send any prophet and look, Allah has sent you a prophet.

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Because there Lika thus You'll deal Allahu Allah sends a stray men who are mostly from Mahtab, the one who is mushrif, a transgressor. Mahtab one who remains in rape in doubt. Mahtab Raya, one who entertains rape in his heart. Now here the raja movement is quoting is mentioning recent and relevant history.

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Before he mentioned ancient history, people have new odd some old, right and the

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These were nations that were far off. But here, the Roger Moltmann is quoting recent and relevant history. What is he saying? That look, the message of Musa is not new. It's something that came to you before also, through use of you lost that chance to believe in use of our his sunnah and to benefit from him. And you thought Allah would never send another prophet to you. But Allah has sent a prophet to you. So don't lose this chance also,

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don't lose this chance. Also, you see the statement, hotter either Halakhah cooltone, lainnya Bharath Allahu embody Rasulullah. The statement, some scholars have said that what this means is that they actually felt very sad, the people of Egypt felt very sad when use of autism died. They felt very sad. They said that the likes of Yusuf will never come again. Because he was so different. He was so amazing.

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And they knew that they didn't fully take advantage of use of renesola. They took advantage of his worldly knowledge, right. But they didn't take advantage of the religious knowledge that he possessed.

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Right? If they benefited from him concerning their worldly matters. Remember the famine that happened?

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The seven years of drought.

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And before that, seven years of a lot of produce, right? So use of our lesson I'm suggesting to them save your food in this way, so that in the drought you are prepared.

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I mean, that civilization, it survived because of the strategy of use of renesola.

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Otherwise, that Egyptian civilization would have been finished right there and then

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isn't it so? So imagine how much they had benefited from the worldly knowledge of use of artisanal. And when use of artists that have died, they realized that they had not taken full advantage of Prophet Yusuf because he had more to offer but they doubted it. They didn't believe in his religion. So it's as if the logical movement is saying don't repeat your mistake again.

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Allah has sent you a profit now take advantage and find success in this life and the next

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Gallica you will Allahu men who are Muslim for more tab notice the word Muslim is coming again. Why because this was how the people of our own word Muslim Muslim in so many different ways let's listen to the recitation of these verses everybody stand up

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while ponder other outsell Sammy Tina was born in a movie in town.

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Hall enough up on

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been gaming. Deena all botol oh

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one Mercadal caffeine.

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Walk all

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the only bottle moves.

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In knee a half or a human Deena Deena Come

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do we are on me. MC

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limiter can

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mean Obeah

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walk on.

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tomo Imana whoa oh Toluna I moved on

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we're at the bank.

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We're at Echo foggy, foggy,

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bound levy

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in the lawn. Neiman more and more cities

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follow following Mila Kumeu removal cool young Millwall Harinath you believe me you're gonna

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see lahaie

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all ready

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for fall on a

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myth ladder be

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the was

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warm along with

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me a whole lot Athan Melmoth

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yo metal Juan Luna

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Mina law HeyMy Neilsen warming your men in love

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in Iowa number 34. The Rajala movement is advising his people to take advantage of this opportunity which they have, isn't it? Because they had the same opportunity before a long time ago and they did not benefit from it. And now they have another chance, but they weren't benefiting from it. And this is the reality of many people. When they have an amazing opportunity, they don't take advantage of it. Once they lose it. Once it's gone, they say if only we had taken advantage of that opportunity, just like the people have had our own set had that either. halacha culto, Millennium Arthur long. Remember the Euro Sula, the words lainnya Bharath, Allahu Akbar, the Rasulullah is expressing their

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regret also, that the likes of use of will never come again. He was such an amazing man. Where could we find another man like him? There is no way that another person like him could come.

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They despaired but Allah gave them another opportunity he sent Prophet Musa alayhis salam to them. But again, they did not benefit from that opportunity. You see an intelligent person who is the one who lives in the present. All right, the one who doesn't dwell on the past, nor does he keep hoping for the future. Right? He doesn't say, Oh, I lost that chance. I lost that chance. If only I could have this chance again, know, what does he do? He lives in the present. He sees what can I do right now? And he takes advantage of it. And people who are just always regretting over their past and dreaming about the future than they just keep dreaming and they don't get anything accomplished.

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Allah subhanaw taala says I number 35 and Levina those people who ujet the Luna they dispute fee I Atilla he concerning the verses of Allah, the signs of Allah, how by refuting them by finding fault in them belay this whole time and without any proof or authority attached whom it has come to them, meaning their dispute without having any authority. They had no Soufan come to them. They had no proof that came to them on the basis of which they're disputing with the verses of Allah. They have no authority. They're just arrogantly disputing without any proof. Capoeira, such people, this action of theirs. Allah says Cabrera it was great mochten in anger in the LA near Allah, or in

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hatred, rather mucked is more hatred than anger. All right, meaning, the hatred in the sight of Allah for such people is great. There Judah doll is hateful and disgusting, near Allah, and also wearing the Ladino Amano and also near those people who believe meaning Allah hates such doodle. And even the believers hate such doodle. And this is a test of our iman. That when we find when we come across people disputing concerning the verses of Allah, how, by refuting them or by finding fault in them, and things like that, instead of accepting, they are doing doodle. They are disputing they're resisting. Then what is the state of our heart? Do we say all freedom of expression or do we say

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that no, this is from Allah and it should not be treated in this way. What is the state of our heart? Allah says Gallica thus Yoruba, Allahu Allah sets a seal, Allah overcooling every heart of who moussaka Behringer bow of an arrogant tyrant, meaning the heart of every arrow.

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against tiger in person is sealed, and the seal is a result of their denial of their cover. And once the seal is there, then what does it mean nothing goes in. So then no matter how clear the proofs are, the truth doesn't sink in. And that's exactly what happened with fit our own. And this is illustrated in the following verses. We'll all have in our own no and fit our own set Yahama and all Herman now this is an example of G Dollfie. I Atilla he said, Oh Ha, man.

00:35:32--> 00:36:20

Ibni This is not even as in son. This is a command it's a verb, from the root letters Babylonia, B, Na is construction. So here this is a command that you construct li for me, Sarhan, a fort, a castle, a tower, saw, remember, saw mandala Dominica worries we learned in the story of Solomon, or the history know that when the Queen of Sheba came, she thought that the palace was that the ground was covered in water, alright, but it was actually a structure that was very beautiful, made with glass. So the word saw is actually used for a lofty structure a castle, right a tower that is decorated from outside. And inside, meaning it's not just a structure, but it's, it's beautiful.

00:36:20--> 00:36:40

Also, it's made really well. And it's tall. It's visible from far. So he said make it sorry for me. Why lonley so that I made a blue I reach as Bab the ways as bad plural of the word sub what the sub me

00:36:41--> 00:36:45

means, right? Some of us actually use for a rope.

00:36:46--> 00:37:08

Right, it's actually used for a rope because a rope is a means of getting somewhere right you want to climb up a mountain you need a rope through the rope you reach the top right. So sub then is used for a means a means to reach something. So the word sub is also used for let's say a road

00:37:09--> 00:37:10

a pathway

00:37:11--> 00:37:49

because when you will go on that road you will reach the destination All right, sub can also be used for door a gate and this is what it's also referring to over here gate because when you go in through a gate then the gate becomes a means for you to reach a destination so he should make a fort for me oh hi man make a fort for me so that I can reach the ways the paths the doors the gateways, which gateways us Baba sama Watty the US bath the gateways, the pathways, the doors that lead into

00:37:50--> 00:38:01

the skies. Why? For a Toliara so that it may look at inner towards Isla he Musa, the god of Musa

00:38:02--> 00:38:05

because Musa claims that he receives revelation

00:38:06--> 00:38:36

and his god is high above. So build a fort for me so that I can go up into the skies and find those gates, find those doors, find those pathways that lead into the heavens so that I can go to the God of Musa and see him to find out if he's really there. What in me and he said Indeed Isla a will know who I surely think him meaning Musa to be Caliban to be a liar. I don't think there is actually a God up there. Musa is lying.

00:38:37--> 00:38:40

Now this is g dal fi I Atilla

00:38:42--> 00:38:46

this is g Dan. Why did he say this? Did he actually mean it?

00:38:47--> 00:38:59

Did he actually mean it? No, he didn't. Because everybody knows no matter how high you go up in the sky, you will always, you know be in space. You can't go beyond the summer, can you? It's impossible.

00:39:00--> 00:39:48

And through a fort through a building? Impossible, there's no way you could do that. fit our own did this simply to mock at Musar de Sena. He said this to ridicule him and to embarrass the modular movement. Because here, Roger men he's defending Musar Islam, he's talking about such serious matters. He's warning his people, his words are so serious. And look at how frown is distracting people from the message by such laughter What are the Alika Allah says thus, zoo you know, it was beautified live in our owner forfeit our own su or Amma li the evil of his deeds. Meaning he was actually doing something very evil.

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

You know, that momentum that Roger movement had built up, right how he had started talking about it, and how he was warning people of the Day of Judgment and he gave them example from their history. He told them

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

Don't lose this opportunity. And for only he kind of destroyed everything by this cheap joke.

00:40:08--> 00:40:41

Allah says, what are their Lika Xuyen. And if it our owner, Sue ormally, he, his evil deed was made beautiful to him was sued, and he was prevented on his severe from the right path. As a result for our own himself was prevented from the right path, because the logical moment was still a believer, he didn't lose his faith, Womack, Ada fit our own. And the plot of in our own was not Illa except feet above in ruin, the worth of AB, the bethia, the abelia have been whatever the

00:40:43--> 00:41:11

same route. The bad is, when something reaches complete destruction, right meaning when something is completely destroyed, how and why, due to suffering one loss after another. So it's not immediate destruction, it is step by step, step by step, one thing after the other, and that is how fit our own was destroyed. Also.

00:41:12--> 00:41:15

The plot of fit our own ultimately destroyed him.

00:41:17--> 00:41:23

What do we see in this aisle? For our own demanded to see Allah in order to believe in Him?

00:41:25--> 00:41:27

Are there people who say this today,

00:41:28--> 00:42:09

so it's nothing new? You know, we're like how to respond to such a demand. Or you don't have to respond to such a demand. Because this response is coming from arrogance. It's not coming from genuine curiosity. It's not coming from genuine search or desire for truth. It's not coming from that, because of a person is really eager, genuinely eager, sincerely interested in finding the truth in knowing God than the proofs are many the eye Arthur many. You don't have to see God in order to believe in Him, and those who demanded to see God in order to believe in Him. This was pride and this pride resulted to their own destruction.

00:42:10--> 00:43:00

Musa alayhis salam also requested to see Allah. Right. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala chose Musa al Salaam for conversation. So Musa lism could hear his Rob All right, he could hear his wife he's talking to Allah. And in Hadith we learn about so many conversations that are not mentioned in the Quran. We learn them from the Sunnah that happened between Musa Simon Allah subhanaw taala so it was as if mozarella Sam couldn't help it he could hear he wanted to see Allah to that was out of love out of greater Iman. I mean, it's part of our faith we should all desire to see Allah this should be our greatest wish, our ultimate wish to see Allah this is out of Eman but for now when he said this,

00:43:00--> 00:43:12

this was out of denial and spiritual arrogance. This was out of pride and this is why this request was never fulfilled. It was never granted recitation well

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Corbin will be in different magazines magazine to finish it can

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