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A Treasure from Jannah – Last two verses of Al-Baqaraah

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Salah la de who either early he was like me he was sending him to Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallam was it were vertical so you know whenever you know Mohammed in early he was off he was settled him.

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We're continuing with our Ramadan therapy. This is day two of the month of Ramadan We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant its its Baraka and its blessing. Allahumma Ameen. Pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us more than we seek in this blessed month of Ramadan, and makes us from those who are blessed with his mama and his mother Farah, Allah home I mean,

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the last time we met we spoke about a liquidity which is from the second chapter of the sort of the bucket and we said that that is the greatest verse that was revealed in the in the Koran as per the words of the prophets of the Lord he was selling. Today we continue with the theme of sort of Bukhara, but we're speaking about the last two verses of Sultan bacala, which are referred to as how our team and Baccarat the seal of that sword up. Now, just a little bit of background. It's important to note that these two verses need to be linked with the verse that precedes them, which is verse 284. Allah subhanaw taala says To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth.

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What you need to do Matthew, unfortunately, out of four who has him can be Hilah. If you were to display or conceal what is in your thoughts and in your hearts, know that your Lord will call you to account for them pay out unfairly magnesia He will give pardon and forgiveness to whom He wills and he will hold accountable in punishment whom He wills while Lackawanna coalition Kadir, and Allah is capable to do all things. The moment this verse was revealed this habit panicked. The Companions over the long run and they said Yasuda, la caja aka melon nucleus, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, this verse has come to you with something we cannot withstand a lot is going to hold me accountable to my

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thoughts or is it my actions, and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then there upon received a new revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala, to quell their fears and their eggs. And in that new revelation are these two verses that we're about to study? Now a little bit of important benefit in virtue of them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that these two verses caphyon cavea that they are, they suffice any one of their needs. So if there's any need that you have physical, emotional, health, financial, reciting and maintaining these two verses, suffices that need in your belief that Allah hears you invoking in through them. Number two, the prophets lie

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Selim said, OT to mean kinzel I was given from the the treasure of the of the auto showboater of man, the magnificent out of the ever Merciful simpana went to Allah from beneath it meaning from the gardens of Jenna from the treasure dogen now are these last two verses of Sodor and Baccarat? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is no house that they are recited in it that does not find its protection with a loss of Hannah to Ana or individual who finds himself in need except that their need is sufficed. I remember the Allahu anhu knowing the blessing of this from the prophets. I saw them being emphasized so much. He said, I'm astonished Agim. I'm astonished that a

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person knows these two verses and does not recite them in their mornings in the evenings as a protection and as an ailment as a healing from every ailment. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us wisdom and the practice of the Sahaba and the Prophet Mohammed sigh Selim Allah subhanho wa Taala says m&r also will be mad when Zilla Illa human Robbie, Allah begins these verses by showing love to the prophets. I tell him that the messenger has demonstrated faith. And it's as if Allah is counseling the Sahaba you should immediately believe in what I've revealed to you that I said to you, I'm going to hold you accountable to what's in your hearts and in your practice, that you

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should be willing to submit in it. And the whole theme of sawtell bacara is that there were those who would receive verses and they would reject them, they wouldn't practice them home wholeheartedly. As the whole Bakara put a cow to slaughter, which cow From where do we get it? How much What color is it? What shape is it and so on and so forth, which was a theme that and that was the undoing of previous generations of those who were given the Scripture from our lords of Hannah Montana.

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Could you do an M and A B? Let me know in a law that says the Prophet has showed demonstrated faith now the believers must do so could learn to show your faith in a law, the angels, the books, the messengers, Llandovery, kobina hadn't been Rosaleen that a lot doesn't make separation between one messenger and the next. Their message has always been the same. What can I do all of them would say to you had you asked this question, send me an offer.

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Let that be the Constitution of you this Ramadan, oh believer, I hear the word of Allah and I obey the negligence I have in my life, I'm going to change them the things that I want to improve in I will make efforts in them. The things that I know a law has ordered a law has maintained a law has asked, I will do and fulfill them as best as I can. cod who sent me, the Constitution of a believer I hear and I obey, will fall under carabiner. My Lord, I remain asking you for forgiveness because although I hear and obey, there will be negligence on my part, internally and externally what he like and we'll see if I acknowledge that to you, I will return later you can live Allahu nevsun in

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Laos. I love them gives us Krishna, something to have a high aspiration in him. Allah says Don't you know that your Lord Allah will never burden you with that which you are unable to bear. Now you can live Allah who never said the law was your first thought should have been our Lord would never burden us more than we have. That what's in my heart Allah is not going to judge me more than what I what I should be judged.

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Lucha Mecca saboteur la hamikdash. A bit, a lot has made a decision that whatever gain we have of good It will be done and whatever suffering that is a bad It will be held accountable for or benna. What we should say immediately when we are confronted with an instruction from Allah with an order that we are unable to perform something that we're scared of, or abana, Tamil Allina

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is Salam kemah Hamels dehiwala levina in commelina robina Willa, Mila mela Takata NaVi y for a network fildena warham. net and demo Lana from sadhana Allah COVID caffeine, that we should recognize that our Lord is never going to give us more than we can withstand, or better lead to fly in se now.

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Remember, it begins with you knowing that Allah will never give you hold you accountable for that which you have forgotten, or that which you made a mistake in unintentionally and you've asked him for forgiveness, or bene you make this led to him that don't hold us accountable for what we have forgotten, or what we have made a mistake in or bend now what I mean Elena, it's not uncommon to do what I love 11 koblin Our Lord do not burden us with something that is beyond what we are able to withstand as you have not burden those who came before us. Island lithium and commelina robina Welcome to hominem Allah tala nabee Our Lord don't give us more than we are able to withstand a

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burden that is greater than for us to maintain in our life. And you will find that the actions of worship the actions of remembrance of God are always things within our means or they are things those two that are obligatory there are things within your means five daily prayers fasting and hamdulillah as we're doing the blessing month of Ramadan Allahu Akbar Ramadan midnight and I mean along with the herbal tea he saw that and I will see I'm no Fiamma no of course I know what to do that a little bit I mean man looks at all of our actions are so the hot tip on a blind I mean wow for our Lord pardon us. It's not just forgive us, but pardon us. It's as if it's never happened.

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Welcome Filipina And forgive us Warhammer and show us mercy I for his pardon, as if it never happened.

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In the film is over la give me time to work good deeds that will cover up the sinful deeds waterhen show us mercy in the ones that were undeserving of your forgiveness in anti mowlana You are our Lord our master Our Allah funciona give us victory and ascendancy give us eight against those who seek to wage war against you. Oh our Lord, Allah Coleman, Catherine Allahumma. I mean, it's a powerful verse, how do we apply it in your mornings in your evenings at any time of weakness, any time of illness, you can clap your hands, recite it, place it on your neck, place it on your back on your knees, wherever you find that pain, make it a healing for your heart, reflect and ponder its

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meanings and go a little bit deeper than these 10 minutes that we spend together. Make sure that I the last two verses, how our team and bacara are done in tandem with a youth and courtesy and that it's something that you recite and make as a daily routine. You can also use it as a rookie after yourself and your children and you can make drama in it. Breathe on your hands and wipe it over your children. This is also from the practice of the tambourine and the aroma of the past and the present. We ask Allah subhana wa Tiana to give us the treasure of Jenna that we practice it in this life. Use it as a healing in our life. Make it our Ramadan therapy for us in the second day of the

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bloodshed month of Ramadan that is soon to be upon us. And that Allah subhana wa Taala accepts our past and join us in gender to be filled out with our NaVi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahu Mahaffey now if you have done you know as Mary no applauding at all like give us healing in all of our conditions in this blitzing month of Ramadan, you have been either mean, or suddenly left Mozilla Mozilla baddeck LSA. Now whenever you know Mohamed Ramadan therapy