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Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Prophet's teachings for personal and professional growth is emphasized in the title of the Prophet's teachings, which provides guidance and action advice. The title is a book of guidance, not just knowledge, and is designed to increase one's faith and achieve success. The importance of hard work and dedication is emphasized, and personal attention during class times is encouraged. The Prophet's teachings are seen as a source of guidance and action advice, and individuals should not miss out on the benefits of learning and practicing.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are older bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi were Siddeley Emery wa Hello lokta melissani Yfp who Kali Allahu Mahadeo Colby Kobe was so deadly Sandy was thrilled Serena to Kobe. I mean, you're behind. I mean, I want to begin by welcoming all of you or seekers of knowledge. I will say the Hidary Radi Allahu Anhu said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that people will come to you seeking knowledge. And when you see them, you should say to them marhaba marhaba Welcome, welcome, according to the instruction of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. So the Companions, they would welcome the people who would come to them in order to learn the religion and carrying that same tradition. I want to welcome you today. Because there are many things that you could be doing right now, there could be many things that you could be studying. But today, right now, you have chosen to study the book of Allah. You have chosen to study the Quran, to learn the meanings of the Quran. And to connect with the Quran is truly a great honor. It is a huge favor of Allah subhanaw taala upon a person that a person gets the trophy, they get the ability to connect with the book of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has his own

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people among mankind. Allah has his own ethylene, his own people among mankind. So the people said, who are a lulu he meant home, who are the people of Allah among mankind? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a halal Qurani home, Lulu, he will have sought to the people of the Quran are the people of Allah. And they are those who are special to him. They are the people who are special to Allah subhanaw taala. The question is, what does it mean to be of the people of the Quran? Who are a halal Quran? How can we become the people of the Quran? Do we become people of the Quran? Just by owning a copy of the Quran? Or by reciting the Quran or by memorizing portions of it are all of

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it who is really a person who can be called a halal Quran? We learn it will claim Rahim Allah Allah said that some of the pious predecessors would say that the Quran was revealed in order to be acted upon. The Quran was revealed so that people actually follow it. But people have taken its recitation as its action, meaning majority of the people think that to recite the Quran is sufficient, it is enough. But he said that the people would say the people before us would believe otherwise. They would consider the people of the Quran to be the people who act by the Quran, the people who follow what is in the Quran, even if they do not know the Quran by heart, meaning even if they have not

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memorized all of the Quran, but when they actually follow the Quran, they know the meaning of the Quran, then such people are the people of the Quran, and it will coincide, that the person who merely memorizes the Quran, but does not understand it, nor does he act by it. Then such a person is not of the Quran, even if he recites the letters perfectly, even if his recitation is perfect, just like arrows are straight and perfectly if his recitation is perfect, but if he does not understand what the Quran says, if he does not follow what the Quran says, then such a person cannot be counted among the people of the Quran. So Alhamdulillah Allah has given us the ability to recite the Quran,

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every single person is in their own journey. Some people Masha Allah the recitation is excellent, others are just beginning. Others are still learning how to recite some people have memorized the entire Quran. But ultimately our goal is that the recitation and the memorization is a means to follow the Quran. It is a step towards learning the meaning of the Quran. And why do we want to learn the meaning of the Quran?

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so that we can live by the Quran, why? So that we can be of the little Quran, the people of the Quran, because it is such people who are a hula, who are the people of Allah. So let us set some goals over here for ourselves. And I want you to write these goals down for yourself that I am going to learn the Quran. I am here to study the Quran, for what reason for the purpose of iman for the purpose of action, not just knowledge. My goal over here is not just to increase in my knowledge, but my goal over here is to increase in my action in my armor. We learn that when Allah subhanaw taala sent Adam or you send them to the world, Allah subhanaw taala said at the time that for Inma

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yet to yen Nico mini who the feminine Tabara who Daya Fela yo Lulu wala Yasha that if there should come to you guidance from me, then whoever follows My Guidance will neither go astray in the world nor suffer in the hereafter. So Allah subhanaw taala has always sent guidance in the form of Revelation, Allah subhanaw taala sent many messengers revealed many scriptures many books, and the Quran is also guidance from Allah. But you see, it is not enough to just read the Book of guidance. Allah subhanaw taala says, for many who who Dyer, then whoever follows My guidance, and we cannot follow something unless and until we actually understand it, we know what it is saying. Even our

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best will do a lot more and who said about this idea that Allah has guaranteed for the person who learns the Quran who reads the Quran and follows it, that such a person will not go astray in the world and will not suffer in the hereafter. So this Quran, when we learn it, when we follow it, then we are upon guidance and if we do not follow it, then we are not upon guidance. May Allah protect us and remember that it is through the study of the book of Allah. When we study the book of Allah, only then can we draw near Allah azza wa jal, we learn in the Quran in surah Allah Imran Allah subhanaw taala says, well our kin coonara Benina be Melkonian turn to Allah Muna al Kitab will be

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malcontent. Tedros, soon, that you all should be Rabbani gene, you all should be pious scholars of the Lord, meaning people of knowledge who are devoted to their Lord, who are sincere in their worship, who are close to their Lord, who are pious worshipers of Allah, but how can you be of the Rabbani Yean. Because of what you have taught of the scripture, and because of what you have studied, so it is through the study of the book of Allah, that a person is able to worship Allah better. It is through the study of the book of Allah, that a person is able to know Allah better. It is through the study of the book of Allah, that a person becomes more sincere and more devoted, more

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conscious of their Lord or xojo. So we are going to study the Quran, for what purpose we are going to study the Quran for the purpose of guidance, for the purpose of drawing near Allah zoologia so that we can be more sincere, we can be more devoted servants to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, that Khadija can mean Allah He knew Ron Wakita Obama been there has come to you from Allah, a light and a clear book. This Quran is a light and a light. Yes, it shows you the way it gives you awareness of your condition even because if you look at your reflection in the mirror in the dark, you won't see anything. You need to have light in order to see yourself better in order to

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understand yourself to see where you are. So the Quran brings us self awareness. It brings us awareness of our circumstances and it also helps us recognize right from wrong. It helps us stay on the right track. So Khadija are coming Allah He knew Ron, there has come to you from Allah, a light and a clear book. This is Kitab Omu been the message of this book is not ambiguous. It is not unclear it is not difficult to comprehend. It is very clear in its message. The Quran is very clear in its instruction

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And in the guidance that it offers. So Allah subhanaw taala says in the next verse in verse number 16, of Sodoma ADA that ye had the biller who many tubber are the one who sabula Salem, that Allah subhanaw taala guides through this book, who does Allah guide through this book, The person who pursues the approval of Allah, the person whose goal is to please Allah or Zoa, Jen, then such a person, Allah who will guide him through this book, to what to sabula Salaam, to the ways of a Salam, the ways of Allah meaning the ways that lead to Allah, and the ways of a Salam meaning of Jana, because Jana is the home of safety and security, the home of peace Sula, salam, where you read

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your home in a lulu Mati Isla nori be Edney. And through this book, Allah subhanaw taala brings such people out of darkness into light by his permission, Wei de him, ILA slid off when was the team and He guides them to the straight path. So over and over again, in the Quran, what we see is that the Quran the book of Allah is a book of guidance. So let us study the book of Allah for guidance, not just knowledge, not just information, not just so that we can be more knowledgeable of the Quran and we can quote the verses of the Quran and we are more familiar with the text of the Quran. Know we want to learn the Quran for the purpose of self improvement for the purpose of guidance. And

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remember that the person who studies the Quran, then such a person does not suffer such a person benefits and studying the Quran for the purpose of guidance, then an optimal and action than such a person is truly benefiting from the Quran. In a hadith we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the example of the person who recite the Quran is like that of a Citroen. The person who believes in the Quran and recite the Quran, then such a person is like a Citroen, meaning a citrus fruit, which tastes good and smells good. Meaning inside it is good. And also its goodness, its fragrant spreads around it. And the person who does not recite the Quran is like a date, which

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is good in its taste, but it has no smell, it has no good fragrance. And the example of a wicked person of a monastic who recites the Quran is like that of a basil, which smells good, but it tastes bitter. If you were to take, you know, for example, a leaf or two of basil and you put that in your mouth, the flavor is going to be extremely strong. So it smells good, but it tastes bitter. And the example of the wicked person who does not recite the Quran is like the CoLo synth, which tastes better, and it has no smell. It's a certain fruit, which tastes horrible, and it doesn't even have a good smell to it. So the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam explained to us in this hadith, that there

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are four types of people in relation to the Quran, there are those who believe in the Quran, who recite it, who have the Quran in their life, then such people experience the sweetness of faith. And because of how they change the goodness that they bring to the people around them. They're also fragrant, just like the Citroen. And then secondly, there are people who just, you know, believe in the Quran, but their actions don't really change. Their actions don't really change. They don't really recite the Quran that much, they don't really follow it much. So yes, they have, you know, sweetness of faith in their heart, but the goodness that they have doesn't spread around them. And

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then the third person who recite the Quran without any faith is just someone who spreads goodness around him but inside he is hollow. And then there are other people who neither believe in it, nor do they recite it. They don't benefit from the Quran in the least bit. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. So our goal is not just to recite the Quran, our goal is to increase in our faith also increase in our worship also in our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And remember, that the person who studies the Quran, then such a person does not miss out because you might be feeling that Oh, every weekend, five hours, two hours, three hours, how many ever number of hours that you have

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committed to this course. It is a long commitment. And this is not just a commitment of a month or two. In sha Allah this will be for many years. But remember that when we connect with the Quran, we

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You receive blessings from Allah subhanaw taala because Allah subhanaw taala describes his book as Mobarak as a book that is blessed as a book that is a source of baraka and the MUFA see rune, some of them said that we occupied ourselves with the Quran, we became busy with the Quran, and the blessings and good things enveloped us. Any we didn't miss out. Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with so much good in this world in this life. So remind yourself that learning the Quran, spending time with the Quran, studying the book of Allah, this is one of the best things that you could ever do. This is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for yourself, you are doing this for

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yourself, this is part of self care. You deserve to learn the meaning of the book of Allah. You deserve to experience the joy of knowing the book of Allah, understanding the book of Allah, relating with the verses of the Quran at a personal level, you deserve that. So the time that you're spending over here, any investment that you're making over here, whether it is that you're paying for this course, or you are buying books, or that you are spending hours of the day of your morning or of your evening, you deserve to do this for yourself. Because learning the Quran is one of the best things ever. We learn in a hadith in Sahih Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he came to the Companions who were sitting in the masjid and he asked them that wouldn't one of you want that he goes in the morning to such and such marketplace, and he gets from their camels for free. A huge camels, you know, and the Prophet sallallahu Urdu, some describe those camels as being very precious, very valuable, very expensive. And he said you get them for free without committing any sin. Any would any one of you want that? So imagine with any one of you want that you go in the morning to a dealership and you walk out from there with your own Ferrari without paying even a single dollar. Would you like that, that you get something for free like this every day? The

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companion said that of course we would love that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when one of you goes to the masjid, and he learns for Yara Lama, O yatra. He learns or he recites two verses of the book of Allah, that that is better for him than two camels. And if he learns or recites three verses, or four verses of the book of Allah, they are better for him than three camels or for camels. So think about this. Every time that you learn a verse of the book of Allah, you recite the book of Allah, you increase in your knowledge, you increase in your understanding of the book of Allah, then this is better for you than the most expensive things of the world, who will

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hire oh my god my own. So when you spend time in class, don't feel pity for yourself, that oh, I'm missing out. Because you might find out about people who are, you know, having fun on a Saturday morning or on a Saturday evening. But your commitment right now is with yourself with Allah. So you have to remind yourself that I'm not missing out, I'm actually getting something that is better than the things of the world. And in order to achieve this goal, the goal that we set for ourselves that we want to study the Quran for guidance for Amel for action, in order to draw close to Allah subhanaw taala. In order to become better worshipers, this goal requires effort on your part, this

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goal requires hard work on your part. And by hard work, I don't mean that this is going to be impossible. Know what I mean by this is that you have to be serious about this. You have to pay attention during class, you have to bring yourself to focus in class, you have to spend the time required to do your homework, you have to Insha Allah, you know, learn the lesson that you are given, you have to do the assignments that you are given in sha Allah, because only then can you benefit from this class. Of course, every person when they spend time with the book of Allah, they benefit in one way or another. So just listening to the class in sha Allah, just reading the verses

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that will also benefit but there are levels of benefiting from the book of Allah. So what level do you

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Want to be at the higher you want to go in sha Allah, the more effort you're going to have to put in? And remember at the end of the day, it is the effort that counts because on the Day of Judgment were unnecessary. Yeah, who so for Euro, it is our effort that is going to be examined. How much effort did we actually put into this? How much time did we invest into this? So we learn in an Irishman about how a man came to England or Vasco de la Mourinho. And he asked him that, can you tell me, what is the best form of jihad? Can you tell me what is the best form of striving in the way of Allah? What is Afflalo, jihad, and even our best radula horn who asked that man, are you

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asking me about jihad? The man said, Yes, I'm asking you about jihad. Ibn Abbas said, Shall I not tell you of something that is better for you than the type of jihad that you are thinking of? Because the man was thinking about jihad as in fighting in battle. So even our best said, chillin, I'll tell you if something that will be better for you than that. He said, You go to the masjid. And you recite the Quran in it for Takara official Quran, what attire Allah Murphy Hill, and you learn Fick in the masjid, meaning you learn the understanding of the religion. And remember that understanding of the religion is rooted in the study of the Quran. So studying the Quran, yes, it is

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like jihad, you have to strive against yourself. So for example, you might be tempted to just pick up your phone during class and see if somebody sent a message, right? If somebody has posted something, or check the news, or check your Twitter feed quickly, or check your Instagram quickly. So these temptations are there. And because we are studying at home, we're not studying in a classroom setting. Each one of us is studying on their own, there are distractions, why, for example, you might want to get up and you know, walk around, and you might want to get up and go do something in the other room, you might want to get up and go do something else in the kitchen, there

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are going to be those temptations, and it's okay this is understandable. You need a glass of water, you need to stand up you need to stretch you need to allow yourself to take a break that is understandable. But Alhamdulillah Allah the schedule is such that you are given breaks throughout the class, and inshallah during the fsid class also, I will give you a break. But what I want from you, what I request you to do is that during class time, give your 100% sit in a quiet room, you know, close the door, put your phone away, physically distance yourself from your phone, close all the extra tabs on your computer, have your most have in front of you hold your pen, or have your

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fingers on your keyboard if you're typing, but be 100% attentive because when we focus on the Quran, only then can we benefit from it properly. And you know, if you ever feel like you're missing out, remind yourself I'm not missing out. I'm getting the best over here. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that hydrocone Manta LML Purana were a lemma. The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it so the best of you is the one who learns the Quran. So we have to see how are we going to learn the Quran? We have to do it in the best way possible. So let us begin with Da let us begin by asking Allah subhanaw taala for help Allah whom and forany Bhima Alam Tani or Allah

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benefit me by what you teach me while I live me Marian Ferroni and teach me what will truly benefit me. What is zucchini or Illman 10 For only be and give me knowledge by which you will benefit me. I mean

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