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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Smolov Mahima hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam proficiently sundry us silly I'm rewatching the lock that Emily Sani of Oh Kali Subhana Allah in Milena Ilana lantana in Mecca and Taleem Hakeem My dear respected brothers and sisters in STEM and everyone does that law Hi Ron for tuning in Welcome back to lifestyle today is one of the most important actually when we talk about lifestyle our our lifestyle as Muslims in this dunya I think this is one of the essentials and that is good company or software the you know the workers are the hola Anwar la before the migration, you would go to the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam every single day every single time prior to the migration and he will tell them sossel and a soft baya Rasul Allah a softball ya rasool Allah meaning companionship or messenger of Allah when when you decide to migrate, I need your companionship. And this is basically the meaning of friendship in Islam or SAPA is not simply to be on my contact list on my contact lists on social media on my phone. This is my friend. No, no, it's something more deeper than that. That's why I lost planet Allah says in the Quran was good enough Sekar ma Lavina, the owner of down below that you are Archie, and be patient with those people mean meaning you have you as an individual you must

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become very patient, in being friends with those people who remember Allah subhanaw taala by day and by night. This is the quality or the most top quality of your friends you really do in our job. They love Allah subhanaw taala they worship Allah day and night because the only seek is pleasure, while I try to do it NACA on home, and don't let your eyes stray away from from them because you desire this dunya to lead to reduce Xena piety, dunya wala tutor Armin and fauna called the one the Karina and don't ever follow those people who we have made their heart heedless in our remembrance meaning those people who don't have attachment with Allah they don't like to be in the messages they don't

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desire Allah spathe don't don't follow those people what Tada because they follow their desires. were kinda Unruh photo and Allah Subhana Allah had determined his destiny already is a fear in this dunya became you know, scattered May Allah protect us all. So it's absolutely so essential for us to have righteous company righteous friends, I mentioned in one of the previous episodes that our mushy our net

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they defined for us friendship by saying that your friends true friends, are those people that when you look at or when you meet, they immediately remember remind you of Allah subhanaw taala immediately remind you of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala these are the friends that you should stick to. And that was the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his companions. That's why he said I'll mark or Roger Lu Allah Deen Havili if you wanted to know who your friends are, or if you wanted to follow a path or if you wanted to follow the deen of Allah subhanaw taala Your friends must be upon the same Deen. That's why the process M said a person will be inclined,

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most likely inclined to follow the religion of his friend. If you're attached so much to your friends. You're not only attached to your friend because of how he looked or how she looked but rather because of what they do. So depends on what they do. If you like what they do in a halal way you will follow if you like what I had to believe what they do and if it happens, it's haram. Also you will follow the ways Paola fell young Laura Hadoken may you Hollub so the prophets are seldom continue by saying so let every one of you look and watch who their friends are, monitor them because they might become your source of happiness in this dunya and next and the next Subhanallah

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Imam Malik on the Allahu La the Imam of the people of Medina. Someone asked him Yeah, Imam

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Only Alia armor you the whole new Jana like tell me of an action that if I did I will enter into Jana. So Imam Malik told him ya rasool Allah you can behold the salah hain. You must, you must love the righteous people you must surround yourself with the righteous people superhalfs that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanho wa Taala will view their hearts will look on will look upon their hearts and he will find your name in their hearts in a dua that they have uttered that they have recited that we have supplicated with asking Allah to forgive you, Allahu Akbar. Look at the good company. Look at the good friends, my brothers and sisters in Islam. Your good friends are those people who

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will make dua in your absence for your forgiveness they will make via Allah I love this friend so much so assist him in whatever Halal way that they desire. Subhan Allah love him. So

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I like a bit of the Salah Hain you must stick to the righteous people and love them and be in the company. So perhaps Allah the Day of Judgment will see your name in their hearts one when they make dua for you to ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive you. Subhan Allah alim.

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Allah is not only encouraging us and the prophets of Salaam is encouraging us to befriend the righteous but also is warning us from befriending those people who are heedless. Those people who do not, you know find themselves attached to the deen of Allah who Allah, Allah subhana wa Tada. Fell now Kobelco Andy Karina don't ever follow. Don't ever say I love him. He's my friend we grew up together, so long as he is following the lead of Allah B's friend, be your beer friend. But the moment you realize that they are deviating further away from Islam, invite them once, twice, thrice but after that do not follow them. Well, today our men are felner called Bhawan. The Cleaners don't

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ever follow those people whose heart is not attached. They are heedless, with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is something very, very important. Subhan Allah That's why Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah Yama, even Bob only bothered, they will learn more talking friends on the Day of Judgment will be enemy of one another except the righteous Allahu Akbar. So, on that day on the Day of Judgment Subhanallah Ravi, you will find that those people who used to call themselves friends, too for one another, they will they will turn to be enemies, they will testify against each other. I did not do this. He told me to do this. He advised me to haram he

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advised me to view that website and so on and so forth, Ill talking except the righteous ones, they will remain in good company Subhan Allah on the Day of Judgment, why? Because they have nothing to hide. They have nothing to be ashamed of the advice to each other in this dunya to do what is right Subhan Allah. You know Imam Shafi, sorry Imam Hassan, mostly Rama to lie Ali. He said as a stick fiddle with us how many of us have solid pain, increase your circle of righteous company in this dunya why? Because they will benefit you on the Day of Judgment, Allah Allahu Akbar, they will benefit you so they say how will they benefit us? They say that Allah, the people of hellfire while

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I have to believe that

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they will, they will be like confused on the Day of Judgment, looking at the righteous people and saying Subhanallah amongst us there are some friends some people who left hellfire and went to Jana.

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Is there any prophet who intercede on their behalf? Is there any Shaheed a martyr who intercede on their behalf? That's why they left hellfire and the enter into Jana. So they will be told no, no one no prophet or Shahid have intercede on their behalf. It was the righteous company. It was the righteous friend who was admitted to Jannah Subhanallah It was said that

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honorable Hopdoddy Allah Anwar during the migration when he migrated Abu JAL or Abu Lahab if I'm not mistaken, I think he catch up with our new hot tub and his friend. I asked him Do you mind if I'm not mistaken also for the name please those who are watching live please if the names if I if I'm mistaken the name please correct me in the in the comments inshallah. But it was Ayesha annamite. If I'm not mistaken, Abuja catch up with them during the migration. And Abuja then lied to is and he told him or is your mother swore by

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Law that you will stand in the sun

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all day until she died and she will never compare here she will let the lice you know spread all over her hair and she will never eat you will never drink until you come back to Makkah with me right now. So I asked felt so bad honorable hubbub was smart he told him Do not listen to me he's lying to you. If she was hung, if she got if she would get hungry, she will eat if she's thirsty issue and drink. If the lies we know it cause her each issue will calm her hair. So don't worry she will choose to deal with her own situation come back with me. We are migrating to the Prophet SAW seller. He said No, I will go back to my mother.

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So all I told him if if you must then take my camel

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take my look at the friend look at the care of a good friend or papa or the law or law. Your friends could take you Jana brothers and sisters and stuff and they could also send you to hellfire on Avila. He said take my camel go back. So as soon as he took the camel and went back to Mecca he wanted he was handcuffed, tortured, and he was you know forced to renounce Islam and go back to worshipping the idols Allah Billa years later Subhan Allah Allah in the I was revealed to Leah i by the Lavina a software other unforeseen Loretta Natoma Rahmatullah in Allah for the Nova Jamia in now all of whom are Rahim, tell my servants, all Mohammed, those who have transgressed against

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themselves, Despair not from the Mercy of Allah, for ALLAH forgive all sins. Indeed, He is the most forgiving, Most Merciful. When all part of the Alon or law read or heard this idea, he wrote it down in a letter and he dispatched secretly to his friend that is in Mecca, that can Mecca and the letter reached to is he opened the letter, and he read the area and upon rising his head, he saw the candle of audible Hatami remember the good days of his good friend Omar. Then he mounted the camel, the escaped Metka he rushed to Medina, he renewed his faith and he took shahada back in at the hands of the Salah, one friend, my brothers and sisters, Islam could take you to Jana, the same Abuja and

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SubhanAllah. He had another friend who was inclined to embrace Islam, and he was about to take Shahada. Then he made that friend of his Abuja, and then he told him, Where are you going? He said, You know what, my heart is so attached to Islam, I'm going to take Shahada. He said, Well, Allah if you become a Muslim, we will never be friends again.

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either me or Muhammad SAW sirloin. And he convinced them not only to to leave this idea of becoming a Muslim, he convinced him to even go to the Mohammed Salim and spit those on his face on his noble face Salam haematoxylin And he did it. One friend, my brothers and sisters in Islam can take you to Jana, another could take you to hellfire. Guess what this same man and Abuja both of them died in the battle of better Subhanallah both of them so he was about to become a Muslim but because of the influence of his friend, he was deprived this blessing my brothers and sisters Islam, this has been the lifestyle of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to choose righteous companies for his codes to assign

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good people loyal people that will most Allah Barak Allah as soon as you know the Prophet SAW Selim pass hundreds if not 1000s of the companions spread around getting the banner of Islam carrying the message of the friend Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and we work with severe for the alarm or law he was not only the best friend of Mohammed Salah Salem and the the the righteous company that that accompany him throughout the misery mission until he passed away. He was also a man Subhan Allah who would favor Mohamed Salah Salem over his own needs look at this BRB and our own meals will Allah in every sentence almost a workers will say May my father and my mother be sacrificed for your for your

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sake or messenger Allah no one talks like that. If you look at the migration and the steps and the the stories that took place in the in the cave, and how Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Allah cleaned up the cave, and he cut tear up his garments to pluck all the holes within the cave to protect his best friend Mohammed Salah Salem from being bitten by any of the snakes or the scorpions in the desert. You would know the true meaning of friendship. Now you

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evaluate your friend list, go into Facebook, Twitter ins

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Take out all of these social media accounts and look at your friend list and ask yourself, are these people benefiting you in any way that is good in any way that will be pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala or maybe being being on your friend lists, makes your news feed on these platforms, toxic, makes it full of music and sit songs and actresses in nudity and whatnot. So you ask yourself, and then do yourself a favor and filter those friends without any ceremony. May Allah subhanaw taala grant good company in this dunya that will aid us and help us to be in Jannah I mean, I mean, the Zakon Aloha, my brothers and sisters, don't forget to share the video with your friends, real ones,

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with the good ones. And in sha Allah Allah we'll see you tomorrow with another concept that is part of our lifestyle as Muslims As Salam alaykum warahmatullahi Birgit