Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L146C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The phrase "harassment" is used in Islam to describe a person who has a strong will and will. The use of "has been" or "has been yourself" is used to describe a person who has a strong will. The importance of shattering in music is discussed, as it is the only thing fixable and metered. The use of shattering in children is also emphasized, where they are asked to recite the Prophet sall immran, and the importance of learning music and making changes to one's thinking to improve one's recitation is emphasized.
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim that's number 146. So total Islam I am number 64 to 65

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Was this an insight to senselessness minister Tara come in who? Whoever you can among them how be so deca with your voice?

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lead people astray how with your voice is that

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is that this is from the roof letters fair they they from the word fuzz and the word fuzz is stiff. Dez has several meanings. First of all it means do, be terrified, do get startled, do get frazzled.

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And when a person gets startled when a person gets terrified what happens? Either he jumps or he runs away. So the word fuzz is to jump up to bolt to be terrified.

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Secondly, is to zazz also means to uproot something,

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to completely uproot something.

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It is that fuzzy bunny Fulani,

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so and so harassed me, frightened me, scared me and forced me out of my place. So also harassed me so much. He frightened me so much that he moved me out of my house. First Danny Fulani. Like for example, it's possible that you go and sit somewhere in a waiting lounge.

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And perhaps somebody comes and sits next to you and the kinds of things that they start saying to you, or in a way that they're looking at you How do you feel threatened, you feel scared.

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Like Imagine you're sitting and there's a man he comes, and the way he's talking to you or the way he's looking at you, you get very frightened. So what happens? You get up and you leave, you go and sit somewhere else. Similarly, it's possible that a person lives in a house, lives in an apartment, and the neighbors, they are constantly a threat to him constantly. So what will happen, he will move his house, he will move away from there.

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This is what funzone means first any fool and that he threatened me, he scared me You frightened me, he harassed me to the point that he forced me out of my house out of my place, I could not stay there any longer. The same word is also used in total Islam and number 76. There were in caribou layer stuff is zunar coming in early. Leo, did you come in

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that the machine of Makkah, we're about to uproot you, and move you out of the city of Makkah, that they had harass the Muslims so much, that the believers they were forced to leave that city, they were forced to leave that holy land.

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Thirdly, is this as is also to find someone, the need to find someone very humble, very miserable, very insignificant. And as a result, duped them fooled.

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By when someone does not use their intellect, it's very easy to fool them. It's very easy to make them change their mind.

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If somebody is not using their mind, if somebody's not sharp, if they're not clever, if they're not that intelligent, if they're not that aware, they go to a particular store, and the person he makes him sign a contract in which he has to pay so much money. This is what he has been fooled into something because of his lack of intellect.

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So if you look at all of these meanings, it is to get the better of someone do fool them to deceive them to harm them to move them from their position by frightening them by threatening them by leading them astray. In total Islam and number 103 for Allah Dania Sufism in and out, fit around. He intended to Yes, the physical home in and out he intended to lead his people astray.

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How, because he saw them as foolish, they did not use their own mind. So was this Minister 30 minutes?

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How will you understand this now

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that a police has been told, go ahead and terrify them, startle them, confuse them, shake their faith, uproot them, shake their faith and lead them to

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try your best to move them from their position to move them from a man

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to move them away from the good that they are doing.

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And you see one of the meanings of his tips as is to uproot something.

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How do you uproot something by shaking it constantly.

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Like for example, if there's a weed and you have to put it out, if you just put it out like that, what's going to happen? The stem might break off and the root will stay inside

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to complete it.

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Take it out what do you have to do you have to shake until the roots they become loose, and then you put it.

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This is what a police does to the man of a person, to the good deeds of a person, that sometimes a person is fully grounded, he is established, he is very firm upon certain good deeds, but cheered on keeps coming to him. One was was an after the other until what happens? A person loses himself, he loses that stability was Justice Minister Parata whoever that you wish, whoever that you're capable of whoever that you're able to

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mend home from them meaning from the people? How should you incite them? How should you startle them? How should you do them be saltiga with your voice?

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What is soap? soap is the voice, the tone,

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and what is the soul of shavonne This has been understood in various ways.

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First of all, the south of shaitaan is his was was that is his voice.

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That is the way he addresses people. That is the way he calls people. He talked to them how through his was was

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that he puts these beautiful thoughts of evil actions in their heart. And as a result, what happens they end up committing those actions.

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So it's tough this be saltiga a person is firm Upon doing something good. Go and do what swiza talk to him again and again until eventually he gives.

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Like for example, many times it happens that a person opens up to cry in order to recite it in order to read it. It's a regular habit. They recite the Quran every day. But shaitan comes with his vice versa. He is very persistent. He does not leave until one day what happens. The person picks up the Quran and he says, Okay, forget it. I'll do it tomorrow. And he puts it back.

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A firmly established habit firmly grounded but Chitwan does not leave a person until he defeats the human being.

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Secondly, the sort of shaytaan the voice of SharePoint even or best for the learning who said that under who couldn't do Darrin, Dara, either merci Attila

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every diary,

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every caller that calls to the disobedience to a loss of

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any call, any invitation to sin, any invitation to disobedience is what the sort of shadow whether this voice is coming in the form of a hidden whisper was was

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or is coming in the form of a human beings words.

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Because remember, I mean Elgin nutty, oneness. shaitaan comes to us directly putting was saucer. And he also comes to us how through other people through other human beings.

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For example, there could be an opportunity to do something wrong. You see it or like a stuff that I shouldn't do this, and you've tried to go away from there. But what happens? The person who is next to you, the person who is sitting in the same room as you, who has the remote control in their hand, they're like, what's the big deal?

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What's the big deal? Relax, no big deal. You don't do this. You're only watching it.

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And besides, it's not that bad. It's not that wrong. Here, I lower the volume, final change the channel as soon as there is a dirty see.

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And they will say things such as everybody does it. You think you're very righteous? You used to watch this stuff with me before what happened to you now? You think you're becoming very pious now? very holy now.

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So shaytan comes to us, through us fossa. And he also comes to us How? Through other people.

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And when other people say such things to us, it's very difficult to stand.

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Because who does he come through?

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Which people, those who are closest to you.

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Sometimes your best friends, sometimes your closest relatives, your siblings, your children, your parents, your spouse. This is how shavon comes to you.

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And you feel guilty in your heart. You're made to feel bad

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and somehow they convince you but at that time, what should you remember chevonne is talking to me through this person. Chetan could not convince me with his Westwater. Now he's trying to convince me how through this person, he's using this person against me.

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So we see that any person's voice that calls to sin is what

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The voice of shaitaan whether it is coming through your parents mouth or it is coming through your best friend's mouth or it is coming through your teachers mouth, any person who calls to sin know that that is the voice of shaper.

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So do not listen to it do not respond to it.

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Thirdly, the voice of shaitan

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according to Eben or bass and vj and hasn't bursary anyone assumedly and many others,

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they have said that the soul of shavonne is Alina Wilma zoomies singing and the sound of music.

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This is the voice of shavon

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Elena well mermaid mermaid is what as a meme say? And if Mimi our

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singing and the sound of music, musical instruments,

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vulgar lyrics,

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because if you look at it, through songs, or through the sound of music,

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a person is made to feel heedless of a loss,

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isn't it? So?

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If you walk into a store, and there's a lot of music, blasting music, what's going to happen to you naturally? Are you going to remember Allah?

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Only if you are not willing to hear it, and you're saying a Safar constantly, only then. But otherwise, if you're paying attention to that sound, if you begin to enjoy that sound, are you going to remember a lot? No. It's going to make you completely heedless. And the kind of words that are being said, what are they going to make you feel?

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Or look, they have someone who they love? Who do I love? I wonder.

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This is what people think. Unfortunately, our young generation, this is what they're concerned about. I think I love that person. I think I like that person. Where do they get out of this thinking from by the songs that they're listening to day in and day out? This is the voice of shaitan This is how shaitan invites people to sing, invites person to heedlessness. So any sound any word that makes a person negligent of a loss of penalties. Vicki Andrew members

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we see the truth on he knows the weak points of every single person because he observes human beings from the day that they're born.

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The cycle mother, she sees her child from the day he is born and she knows this my child really likes this he does not like he is sticklers here, he is not ticklish here, right? parents know their children very well. And shaitan is also constantly watching the human being because with every person is an angel, and also a Sherpa.

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So, we see that because of that reason champion, what does he do, he approaches a person according to his weak points, sometimes he uses a vice versa.

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He knows that there was a will work. Other times he knows that at this point was was I will not work you need to get to him through another person. So he uses a person. He knows that you will always listen to your mother, you will always listen to this friend of yours You don't have the confidence to say no to your friend. So who will he use your friend.

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Similarly, he knows that you like singing you like music in your heart is some kind of desire to listen to music, you enjoy it even a little bit. So what is he going to do? approach you through that?

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He's going to approach you through that.

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This is the voice of headphones so

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and he uses different different sounds, different speeches, different ways in order to get to us.

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We learned in sort of medium, I number 83 lm Tara Annette autosol Masha Tina ilevel Katharina zoom aza. Do you not see that we have sent the devils upon the disbelievers who incite them to evil with constant incitement.

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shavon constantly incites them to commit evil, how? By constantly inciting them by constantly inspiring them with wassa by constantly approaching them through others by constantly approaching them through music.

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Now, some of us might find the voice of shaytaan being music and singing to be very strange. Because we live at a time where music isn't everything from machines, do innocent children songs, do ringtones on the phone,

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everything. There's music everywhere. So we think

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It's very strange. How can this be the voice of shaper? The thing is that music and thinking

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they have a very deep connection with poetry.

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is what it's versus lyrics through which you get a message across. And this is of two types.

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The first type of poetry is that which is good, that which has beneficial, how that when you listen to it, when you recite it,

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it encourages reflection.

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It makes you more appreciative of something,

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it perhaps motivates you to do good. Sometimes there might be some humor in it. And all of this is done in a way that is appropriate, meaning there is no music involved. There are no vulgar words,

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there is no words that are sinful, that give the meaning of disobedience to our last panel, Tada. It's all positive, it's done appropriately. And we see that this kind of poetry is completely acceptable. In fact, this is something that is a son of the Prophet sort of autism. Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he would recite verses of poetry sometimes, in order to encourage the Sahaba.

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at the Battle of hanoch, when everyone was busy digging the trenches, you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used reciting verses of poetry. at so many occasions, he recited poetry, why in order to encourage the people at read, there were these young girls who would come and they would sing versus a poetry and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam allowed that. However, we know that once this young girl she was reciting something, and she said something that was incorrect. So he told her, don't say this, instead, say that. So this is one kind of poetry.

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The second kind of poetry is that which is evil. How is it evil? Because it arouses a person's desires, sexual desire,

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or it makes a person feel enmity, or jealousy, or anger in his heart.

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Or when he hears that, he feels very sad. He feels very depressed.

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All such negative feelings are aroused. They're incited.

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And ultimately, it is such poetry that makes a person heedless of almost.

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It makes a person not hopeful of Allah's mercy, but it makes a person heedless of almost.

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And if you look at it, all the various types of songs that are out there today,

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what kind of songs are there?

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I'm sure you know, love songs.

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Similarly, do people have broken up on is thinking about it? I don't want to see you again. Don't come to me. Don't call me. I mean, what's the point of this? This is your personal affair? Why do you have to publicize it to the entire world?

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Think about it. Or that if I've been hurt once, I don't want to be hurt again. It's sometimes you know, if you're passing by you hear some lyrics? Like what are you singing about?

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so we see that poetry is of two types. And poetry is something that really moves the person that really touches the heart of a person. Now, what does Chevron do? He uses this tool in order to lead people astray as well, because he knows is extremely effective. It touches the heart of people. Once you hear some words of forgery, once you hear these lyrics, what happens? They get stuck in your mind. And after years and years, even what will happen, you will continue to read them, they will continue to buzz in your head, right? This happens. So this is how champon has used this tool in order to lead people astray.

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What does SharePoint

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he inspires the boats. Instead of boats. I'll use the word songwriters, because this may be more familiar to us.

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And inspires such songwriters who commit sin, who listened to music, who play music, who commit how long which is why you will see that many times. music and singing has a lot to do with alcohol and drugs and adultery and fornication. It has a lot to do with all of these crimes. Because sad songwriters are inspired by shadeland.

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Just as when a person is doing good, he is inspired by who

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an angel remember has sent him in savate when he was going to recite verses of poetry. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam prayed for him Obama you do below him kudos assist him by Angel gibreel that he should say such verses a portrait that are very effective. So similarly Shantanu also inspires evil songwriters, so that they say such words such statement

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They make such poetry which only leads people astray, which does not encourage people to do good. Rather it takes them to sing. It takes them to fashion.

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It makes them vulgar. It makes their thinking vulgar. It makes a words vulgar. It makes their perspective on life vulgar. This is how he changes people through music.

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We learn into the sharada i a 221 to 226, about such songwriters that help una Bo comala mantenerse de Lucia, When shall I inform you upon whom the devil to descend? Venezuela Allah Cooley effect in a sea they descend upon every sinful liar,

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every sinful liar. Because the Arab they used to say that the best poetry is that which is the farthest from reality, which has the most lies in it.

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You own a summary of what acceptable homecare the boon they pass on what is heard, and most of them are liars. was sure out Oh, yeah. Who whom will have a wound and the bullets. Only the dvh responded? And I'm Tara unknown frequently where the new moon? Do you not see that in every Valley their own were unknown, Miyako Luna, mela falloon, and they say what they do not do in their poetry, they say such things, which they in reality, never do. They would never do such things. I will get the moon for you. And I will do this for now I will do that for you. They don't do such things. It's far from reality.

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So we see that music and singing. This is a tool that children uses. Now one question, what if music is being used for machines?

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Think about

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this is something so common today.

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And we're talking about music that is produced from musical instruments, we're not talking about the remember death, which is a percussion instrument which is a hollow, which is empty from one side, it's different from a drum. That is the only thing that is permissible. Some have said that Oh, because Deaf is percussion instrument, therefore anything that you hit on any other percussion instrument is also permissible. Well, for that reason, a piano and everything would be permissible, because, in essence, what are you doing? You're striking something that is producing the sound. So if music is being used in a sheet, is it going to increase you in your email?

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Is it going to make you think about Allah? subhanaw taala more? Is it going to make you more fearful of Allah? No. Many times if you go to such, quote unquote, concerts, were an issue. They're being played with music. There's more emphasis on clapping along with the sound, instead of thinking about the dean and the message of that machine. Unfortunately,

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I'm not saying that machines is discouraged. No, it's a very important thing. Children learn so many things from machine. I remember as a child, I grew up listening to many machines, and I memorized so many things from machines, which, you know, till today, if I have to remember some facts, I think about, okay, what did that machine say? So it's a very good way of teaching children. However, if there's a lot of music involved, then you're missing the point. You're missing the point. And this is how Chevron comes. He says, Do this good deed. You started off as a good deed, but you end up doing something wrong.

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And when a person becomes heedless of the record of a loss of penalty, then what happens? Chevron becomes his companion. We learned through Zoho fire 36 woman Yahshua and Victor virmani, Nicola who shavon for hula hoop curry. Whoever becomes negligent, is blinded to the decor of a lot and what happens, we avoid for him, a chef on the companion, who becomes to him a constant companion, and he continues to lead him astray.

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So in summary, the voice of shaitaan is what the call to disobedience, whether it comes through as fossa or it comes through other people, or it comes through singing, and music.

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There's a very interesting incident,

00:24:20 --> 00:24:22

once our beloved DNS and are delighted, and

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they were passing through a marketplace, and they saw a little girl who was singing

00:24:31 --> 00:24:42

a lower than what she was thinking, or whether she was singing what's a musical instrument, but she was singing. And even a model that Arne has said, If shavon would have left anyone, he would have left this girl alone.

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If she upon would have left anyone, he would have left this little girl alone. But he is using this little world to lead people astray.

00:24:53 --> 00:24:57

He is using this girl, delete other people astray

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Fortunately, when we see young children singing, we say, oh, what talent?

00:25:05 --> 00:25:35

Yes, it's a very good talent that children are able to sing. As long as they're singing Hillel statements in a manner that is permissible. Not that they are singing at a very young age, 11 years of age, nine years of age, seven years of age, they're thinking and they're shaking crowds and little girls are being influenced. And at a very young age, at the age of nine and 10 girls, you're thinking about a young boy who's singing all across the world. And a lock of His hair is more expensive than your house. And

00:25:36 --> 00:25:40

just recently, actually assigned the news, a seven year old child,

00:25:41 --> 00:25:43

seven year old child from Sri Lanka.

00:25:44 --> 00:25:56

He was dancing just like Michael Jackson. And he was singing. And they said that he has a lovely voice, a beautiful voice. And I was preparing these verses, at the same time that I was thinking Subhan Allah,

00:25:57 --> 00:26:19

soprano, people are amazed by this child's talent, and yes, Allah has given that talent to him. But look at how unfortunately, that child has been used to arouse other people's sexual desires. When he dances in that way, when he sings those lyrics, what is the motivating in people what is encouraging in people, and a seven year old child is being questioned? So do you have a girlfriend?

00:26:20 --> 00:26:22

seven year old kid?

00:26:24 --> 00:26:26

Tell me if this is not satanic than what is it?

00:26:27 --> 00:26:54

If this is not something that is leading people away from Allah, then what is it? We think that there is no problem in music, and it's just okay. You just have to change your thinking. You just have to take it positively. There is no harm, you should look at the positives as well. But overall, when you think of the entire industry, what does it revolve around? adultery, drugs, how long? This is what it rolls around. All of this.

00:26:55 --> 00:27:24

If you look at it, human beings naturally have a desire to sing, to express themselves. Children sometimes are born musical they love singing. Some families, their children are always singing, you know, everything they're singing, it's a natural ability that God has given and it's a very good thing. It's a very good thing. So if you have a child or someone you know who likes to sing, encourage that, but how should you encourage in a positive way, and the best thing that allows the parent that is given to us is the recitation of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said whoever does not adorn his voice with the plan is not wrong amongst us.

00:27:32 --> 00:27:38

It's an obligation upon us that when we recite the Quran, we must focus on beautifying our recitation.

00:27:39 --> 00:28:01

beautifying does not mean that you focus on you know, singing it. But beautifying means improving your third read, reciting it with your heart fully involved in it, your emotions in it, then it comes out from your heart and it touches the hearts. I'm sure you've seen so many videos of children who are reciting the Quran. That child recites routine. That's just amazing.

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So it Look how it moves your heart. It's a natural thing that Allah has given. But what does Amazon do that instead of using the civility in a good way, he makes us use it in a bad way. So, in itself, singing is not bad. It's about how we use it. It's about what we say.

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