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AI: Summary © The story of Ibrahim alay's time is about a man who has been tested in various ways and is now considered dead. The story also mentions a man who has been tested in various ways and is now considered dead. The success of Islam in the United States is highlighted, including a former president who has the potential to bring a revolution. The importance of seeking the dean and not just being a person is emphasized.
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In the third Jews, Allah subhanho wa taala. He mentioned two particular stories about Ibrahim alayhis salam. And this is a very single passage. So you have it of course the writer Arthur Corsi, there's a small passage and then after that ALLAH SubhanA wa that talks about money. He talks about Southpaw he talks about riba he talks about the etiquettes of taking loans from each other. And what are we supposed to do? So in this small passage, Allah subhanho wa taala. He mentioned the very first thing he mentioned is ultra low, the high Ibrahima fee Robbie and atta hula hula Ibrahim Ali son comes across a very arrogant king. And this and during this debate, he is claiming that he is

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robbed and Ibrahim Ali sums claiming that there is no there is another Rob and then finally brought him out in some asked him a simple question and challenge him that my Rob he brings this the sun from the east and he sets it in the west and you if you think that you are robbed that you will rate rise it from the west and you set it in the East and the Quran says for boo Heaton levy covered basically he this man was absolutely speechless. He had absolutely no answer to give to Ibrahim alayhis salam. And then the next story that is mentioned is unnecessarily Ibrahim Ali in some story, but nonetheless it is mentioned between the two stories, Ibrahim Ali Islam Some say this is a story

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of Jose Rodriguez some some say it is not him but someone else but Allah subhanho wa Taala nonetheless he mentioned a story Oh calorie Mara Allah Korean ye Aha, we had an ALA Arusha a man is traveling through a land, the land has been deserted. No one is living over there. There are houses there. And the Quran says that how much time has passed on these homes, that the roof has fallen on these homes meaning that whenever you look at a structure, you look at a home, the very first thing when a home becomes weak, what becomes weak, the walls become weak. And when the walls cave and the walls fall, then the roof falls on top of that too. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying that this is

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how much time has elapsed. And this place has been so deserted, and there is no source of life there it is completely dead. And this person he's asking Allah subhanho wa Taala that Ocula de mer Allah Allah at NYU, however, to not allow Arusha follow up heavy Hillel by the motiva How are you going to revive this back to life? And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says for the whole law Homi utter Iman, Allah made this man go to sleep for 100 years from Mombasa. Then he raised him all the cannabis How long were you asleep? He says the beef to Yeoman Oh Baba yum. I perhaps was asleep for a day some part of a day. He says all abilities tummy time in that you were asleep for 100 years. Funnily

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enough for Amika we should all be Columbia to Santa wonder Isla ematic he says look at your food. Your food has gone spoiled. But then look at your animal your ride your donkey that you were on wonder ILA America what do you Naja Iloka Yetta. Lynas, wonder Italia Yvonne que Fanon, she's who has some money to her llama, your animal on the other hand has become bones, it has become bones. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala will revive that Subhanallah look at the power of Allah. On one hand, the food didn't go to waste, but on the other hand, the animal was completely dead, completely lifeless. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala he then mentioned the story of Ibrahim on Islam. Now the

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reason why this story is very beautiful, is I'm not going to mention the story. But what do we learn from the story? The story is very simple. He says Ibrahim it is Soundwave Khalid Ibrahim Robbie Adeney k factorial Mota Allah when I'm talking he asked Allah the how do you revive things back to life? How do you give things back? How do you give things life once it has been dead? And that time Allah subhanaw taala asked him that Do you not believe in my powers? Like do you have doubts in my in me? And he says, oh well I'm talking to Paula Bella. He goes I have absolutely no doubt in you. Oh Allah subhanho wa taala. Now I want you to understand this. So in the life of Ibrahim Islam, this

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is a man who has been tested in terms of his Iman, this is a man who has been tested in terms of his family. This is a man who has been tested in terms of his love. First of all, when you talk about his commitment, even though he's being thrown in the fire, he did not let go of Allah subhanho wa Taala usually when it comes to difficulties, people let go of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a man who did not leave Allah subhanho wa Taala he gave He showed that he is more committed to Allah than his family when he had to leave his family in Mecca all by themselves. And then not only that, but his love was all was also put to test when he was told to sacrifice Ibrahim Islam smartly. So we see

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that this is a man who has been tested in so many different ways. Yet, when he asked Allah

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Allah says do you not believe and he says I do believe but I want to do this I want to see for my own contentment of heart. I just want to see it so that I can bring some Raha to my heart and then Allah subhanho wa Taala told him to take a hose out of atomia plate that take four different kinds of birds, chop them into pieces, put them in different places from mother Ohana yet Tina kasaya then you call them and they will come to you and they will revive they will they will become revived and they will come back together as they were in their original form. So this is a story that is mentioned. Now what is beautiful about this part is that today, many times we all are going through

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the fitness we see the different kinds of fitness today in our society. It is one fitna tomorrow it's an X factor. And you know the people who usually are losing your iman is our youth. And not only that, but there's a lot of times even adults, they say that you know they look at these kinds of things. And especially if there's someone who's not connected to Allah, you're gonna get caught up into all these fitness This is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that by the noble family Phaeton, Dr. Elaine and Muslim these these fitness that will come after one after another. It is like a dark night, when you go outside a dark night you have no idea where you're

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going, you have no idea you might be stepping on something that can be harmful. So this is why the Pavarotti summons informed us. But at the same time, the question is, what if I do have a question about my Iman? What if I do have some kind of doubt in my heart about something related to Iman? Can I even ask or can I even do I just stay quiet for the rest of my life? And the answer to that is that yes, you are allowed to ask questions. You are allowed to ask questions, but there's a difference. See, one is asking a question and one is questioning. You cannot question Allah subhanho wa taala. But you can ask a question regarding Allah subhanho wa taala. You can ask a question to,

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you know, to gain an answer. And the one thing that we always have to understand when it comes to our deen is that there may not be an answer to every single thing. It does not mean that our deen is incomplete. But if for example, you come to me and you ask me, the Why do I have to wash my face and then my arms and then do Messiah? Why not wash the hair? I cannot tell you that because Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us this in the Quran, you understand? There are many aspects of our deen that sometimes we try to provide logical reasons. But at the end of the day, the real The answer is that because Allah told me to do it, that's why I believe in it. Because Allah told me in the Quran,

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that's why I believe in it. And that is why there are some aspects of our deen that we're never going to understand. I have not seen we have not seen Jana yet. We believe in Jana. We have not seen Johanna yet we believe in Johanna. We haven't seen the other type of cover or how people are rewarded in the cupboard. Yet you and I we believe in that. Why? Because part of our deen is a Lavina you don't have been avoided. We believe in the unseen. So if something has come to us through Allah from Allah through Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we will believe in it. But once again, if a person says that, you know what, I do have some doubts. And I do need to ask these

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questions because I'm just looking for some clarification. There's absolutely nothing wrong in that. Why? Because of this idea of Ibrahim adding some pictures that this is regarding Ibrahim Ali Islam. And one time there were two Sahaba Radi Allahu anhu, Abdullah ibn Abbas. And I'm blaming the Omer, they both were in discussing, they were talking to each other one said to the other, that according to you, which I have the Quran provides the most amount of hope. So Abdullah Abbas, he's the one who's being questioned, he said before I give you my answer, I will ask you, I'd like you to Omer, according to you, which I have the Quran provides the most amount of hope, and he says that it is

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the ayah polyamory by the Alladhina Astra for other unforeseen takana to me Rahmatullah that all you people who have who believe when you have transgressed against the limits of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now Takara Tomy Rahmatullah do not become despair from the mercy of Allah. Then he asks, if not bad, so he says that this is mine, I What about you, according to you, which I provide the most amount of hope? And then he says this idea regarding Ibraheem Alehissalaam when he asked Allah that show me how you do things, this aisle provides for me the most amount of hope. Why? Because this is till tells me that no matter how much strong my Iman is, no matter how much I'm dedicated to my

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Deen, yes, we're human beings. And yes, tight on time, there might be questions that may come to our heart. And there are questions that we that we think about, and we might be looking for some clarification, but this is teaches us that if those questions that come to my mind, it doesn't mean that I have

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We're seeking my dean, you're absolutely allowed to ask those kinds of questions. But once again, we have to understand part of our DNA is that you cannot be questioning Allah subhanho wa Taala you can ask a question. And if you get the answer that satisfies you, Alhamdulillah but if you don't get the answer that satisfies you, you may not understand or we may not understand. That's fine. That is where we stop and we say, You know what? This is from Allah Subhana Allah Allah. Allah understands the wisdom, we don't understand the wisdom. Allah is Al Hakim, he's the one who is all wise. We don't have the same level of intellect of course, and understanding as Allah subhanho wa taala. But

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I put my trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is what we learn from the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam so always keep in mind, yes, we're human beings. Yes. No matter how much we're committed to Allah, there might be questions here and there. Go in as someone as someone who is knowledgeable as someone who has knowledge about that certain matter, ask them Do not sit there because shaytani uses that to take you away from deen and no matter what doesn't mean that you have forsaking your religion. But at the same time, you have to understand that if I don't get the answer I'm looking for or it does probably doesn't make sense to me. It does not mean that then I forsake

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that I believe in it. I will continue to do it because my Rob Allah subhanho wa Taala has told me to do it and that is where we stop. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring them into our heart. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bring Yachty into our heart and mirabile Alameen is that Kamala Haider, Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Lola

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