Yahya Ibrahim – Last 10 Nights of Ramadan #01 – Morning Dua

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting their work and family, as well as the need for forgiveness and compassion from parents. They also express their belief in protecting their work and family, and encourage others to be careful with their behavior. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of a door to remove sins, and a woman in jail who refuses to give her personal information and refuse to give her her parents' privacy. The speakers urge people to let go of their anger and allow them to come in, and to sponsor 100-pounders for a year in payments. They also mention a campaign to sponsor 100-pounders for the 20th day of Rooney and express their love for art projects.
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More often local law here will occur too and handling their handshake in whatsoever to a settlement so you didn't want to sell in so easy now whenever you know some of the law whether you are selling them or bad for the vast majority of the world Mashallah we're entering into the final 10 days of the month of Ramadan. This is day 24 many about to begin Alhamdulillah for most of us here in Australia in Perth, and

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we've just finished on how to find your hair so who will hamdulillah it's something that I want to make a daily habit insha Allah as the as I make up for myself and my family for you and your family. Whether you are breaking your fast beginning your fast still in the middle of your fast. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala joins our hearts together. And I worked at mean and saying I mean together for each other's love, I mean, and I pray in beginning before we begin with the dua which I'd like to make maybe about 10 or 15 minutes and it might get longer as we go closer to the final nights of the month of Ramadan. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes our do are one that is beneficial for us

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that we receive of the higher that Allah subhanaw taala has set for us Allah I mean, I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala uses you for good and uses you for the assistance of others in sha Allah wherever you're listening in from do let us know in your comments I'd love to see who is listening and where they are. I know my shot love this is different times in the world and I pray that Allah subhana wa tada accepts it from all of us. I love him. I mean,

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this is a Darius in sha Allah that I'll try to prepare maybe a PDF or something that you can kind of follow along later or may go out for yourself. I'll put it on my website. Yeah, Abraham calm maybe later on today in Sharla. And I'll put a link to that in the evening. So it's February here in Perth in a little bit of time in say about 10 hours or so we'll make another day in the evening after a lot of tarawih May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us in sha Allah, the day that I wish to establish with you as a do art from the Quran and from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we will try to confine ourselves to the words of Allah in the words of the

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prophets I send them but also as for our own needs, so May Allah subhanho wa Taala make this fair to had higher an opening and the beginning. We begin with salt and fat however, the villa is semi and administrate en rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or Walkman or Rahimi Maliki only de Cana I'm gonna do what he can a Stein.

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Dino sirata mustafi masirah tala Deena and I'm Danny Himalayan in Malibu via de mano por lien

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or benna Taco Bell Minh in NACA and the semi Alani robina Taco Bell Shia Ramadan Amina or hammer wah. I mean, Rob Benner Taco Bell Minh in NACA and the semi on while Eileen or I'm benna Tina Fey dunia has another movie. It has another opener other been a lot better after a while I saw the wrong with a bit of them and are banned forever Riley now saga wrong with a bit of them and I want so now I'll call milker theory or benalla to feed him Messina.

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Robin I mean, Elena is from Cameron Hamilton who aladeen I mean kabhi Lena, Robin to have min mela Thor catalana Obi Wan foreign well Phil Lana water Hamner and demo Lana Folsom a little coal mill kaffeemaschine are better in in volume four. So now we're in limbo. Fill in our water hamdallah raccoon and nominal hos theory urbanna vollum fusina we're in limbo Phil Anna What are Hamner Nicole and Amina ha sirim Rob Benner in common to the feeling of alpha zeta one early volley mean I mean, I'm for Rob Benner. Inanna semia Anna Mona de una de Imani and you know the ROB becomes

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Robin fl fildena do know when we're cafetera anessa Tina what our phenom I'll ever or Allah except for maaseiah are hamara. Hamid Allah we ask you to accept the little that we have done so far in the month of Ramadan. You are the one who hears this you are the one who knows that we're conditioned. Allah we ask you to give us good in this life and good in the next life and to protect us from the punishment of hellfire. Allah pour down patients into our heart to make a stand firm in the face of trials and adversities of Allah help us against ourselves and those who disbelieve in rebel against you or Ben Allah to him in nesina or

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dotnet Allah don't hold us to task if we have made a made a mistake or if we have forgotten your obligation yet Allah, Allah Allah do not burden us as you burden those who came before us here are hammer Rahimi Allah do not burden us with more than we have strength to bear in this life and in the next year Allah, Allah Allah pardon us And forgive us. Have mercy on us. Yeah, Allah. Pardon us. Yeah, Allah forgive us. Yeah, Allah had mercy on us. Yeah, Allah. You were the one who is our protector. Only you Allah can help us against those who rebel against you and disbelieve. Allah we ask you not to make us from those who enter jahannam it is those who enter jahannam those who are

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truly humiliated yet Allah we ask you your hammer rahimian to protect us from being of those of the people of Hellfire area of law. Allah we heard that there was a call that was summoning us to faith Yeah, Allah to believe in you Yeah, Allah we have accepted you in our belief Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah because of our belief in You forgive us our sins even though we are neglectful and make mistakes Yeah, Allah fell for Luna the novena forgive us our sins Yeah, Allah work out for anessa Yeah, Tina, Oh Allah wipe away and cleanse us of our bad deeds. Yeah, Allah

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in Mecca. It is only you who is able to do this yeah, Allah. We ask you your hamara Hamid to send your patients into our hearts and then our attina ma tena Allah Rasul Allah bestow upon us all that you have promised us through the messenger Xia Allah they promised us Jenna if we were arranged fermier Allah, Allah as we begin our fast or as we end our fast we believe this is our only reason because of our obedience to you. Oh Allah. Oh Allah give us Jenna because of our belief in you Yeah, Allah because of our maintenance of our fast for you. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah the prophets and messengers have promised us that there is a high place in Geneva Allah, Allah allow us to enter from

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Monterrey Janya Allah. When out of Xena Jamelia Mati Nicola totally fooled me. All Allah do not humiliate us on the Day of Resurrection as a consequence of our evil deeds. Yeah, Allah. Ramadan NEEMO Kima sala de Roman the reality robina What are compelled to Allah make me and those who come from me my children, my grandchildren, my great great grandchildren into the lines of my generations are Allah make them firm upon their prayers Allah Allah make all of our offspring firm upon their solida and commitment to you Allah Allah be Gianni multi masala to you have in the reality yeah Allah make me and my children and my family firming Allah Allah now what are compelled to Allah we

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ask you to accept this draft from us from Benefit Lee Will you led

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with me and email me a form with his app or Allah forgive me and my parents and the believers on the Day of Judgment Oh Allah forgive us and our parents on the day of judgment to Allah. Allah Allah there's many of us who have lost loved ones this month of Ramadan Yeah, Allah Allah allow them to have the mercy of our door upon them and in their graves Yeah, Allah Allah Allah forgive them their sins and remove it from them yeah Allah Allah that they no more been a hot idea on camera but they've been overshadowed by the way all law separate them and us from our sins The way you have separated the east and the west. Yeah, Allah Allah forgive us and hold us into high regard Yeah,

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Allah make us from those who hold you into high regard in their life yeah Allah or benevolent him that info center Oh Allah we agree. I acknowledge the wrong that we have committed from our own selves and our own souls. Were in limped off Elena It is only Uriah Allah forgive us if you do not forgive us. Yeah Allah if you do not show us your mercy, a Londoner who didn't have enough capacity, we will always remain from those who are lost. And only you never will you will muster lafay or law you are protector You are the protector of those who are weak and totally you never filled in our Hamner You are our protector you Allah forgive us and show us mercy when the how you will have been

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You are the best of those who forgive work to learn if he had the hidden he has no right for us good in this life of a fairer and in the next life. Yeah, Allah Allah Allah we turn to you via Allah now that you like a lot we returned back to you. Yeah, a lot of benefit if another epogen in other but how can haraam Allah turn us away from the punishment of Hellfire it's punishment to severe Allah. Ya Allah keep us away from the punishment of hellfire. Yeah, Allah, Rebecca Hamlin I mean as well as you know whether we teamed up with our union and that in with Davina imama Allah make our joy that of our spouses and our children Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah put happiness in our hearts and delight for

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each other. Yeah, Allah make us good examples for other other believers. Yeah, hammer Rahimi La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in equal to in a Bali me we acknowledge our mistake, as was acknowledged by Eunice halys La ilaha illa Allah there is none that we worship but you Yeah, Allah, glory and all completeness and all perfection is with you alone. Yeah, Allah. Truly we acknowledge and we stayed that we me and everyone is of those who are wrongdoers, yeah Allah in the end

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couldn't do it avoid the mean Oh Allah I acknowledged my mistake before you yeah Allah. What do Ballina indicator web Rahim Allah except I will repentance You are the one who is the most forgiving yeah Allah Allah forgive us yeah or Hammurabi Robin Allah chose afolu whenever it had atena will have let him in let them curve with an indicator that will have our Lord Do not let our heart deviate from you Yeah, I mean Oh Allah Do not let our hearts turn away from you yeah Allah after you have shown us the guidance and the truth yeah Allah give us from yourself send this mercy from you Yeah, Allah send this mercy from you. Yeah, Allah. Indeed. Yeah, Elia are hammer I mean, you are the

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only one who is able to give this gift of forgiveness and compassion and love to us yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to forgive us and our parents who Allah Allah we ask you to make us from those who are truly thankful to you Allah, Almighty God and ash qurani I'm not I can let you and Allah Yahweh Allah, Allah, Yahweh and masala hunter da who was literally the reality Allah was Lennar fever realty Neha Allah what else left leafy the realty in me tube to LA koa in naming and Muslim in our la you told us here Allah to make this door out to your luck. Allah grant us your power and ability from you yeah Allah through our gratefulness for the favors You have bestowed us here Allah we

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acknowledge all of the near may you have given us yeah Allah Allah bestowed upon us and our parents your forgiveness and your love yeah Allah allow us to continue to do righteous deeds in your name Yeah, Allah me because from those and our children upon righteousness, yeah Allah, truly we have repented to you. Yeah, Allah, Allah O Allah will allow us to repent to you before our return. Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah was to live a life of surrender and submission to you yeah, or hamara Jaime, Allah O Allah allow us to me from those who surrender to you yeah or hammer I mean, Rebecca Taco Bell Mina indicate the semi Allah Allah. Allah Allah the W sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would

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ask you he would make this door as a door that removes all sins from his from our lives. Yeah, Allah. He taught us to make say you do still ferrea Allah, Allah and Terra Bella Illa Allah and Allah we know that You are our Lord there is no worship that we will give to other than you yeah Allah Hello Tony when Abdo and Allah Allah You created us and we acknowledge that we are your slaves in your servants your Allah Allah him that in that IV Oh Allah we acknowledge that we are your slaves. Yeah, Allah Ya know, I think our advocate Allah and all of us acknowledge that we seek to uphold your covenant and the promises that we have made in our belief Yeah, yeah a lot messed up on

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as much as we are able yet Allah forgive us yeah, Allah our forgetfulness and our mistakes. Yeah, Allah, Allah Oh, they'll be coming to remind us on that. Now that we come in shall remain Asana Allah we ask you in refuge to give us refuge and protection from any evil that we have done yet Allah from any mistakes that may harm us. Yeah, Allah. Whenever we left look at the near emetic, I lay on a nail or hammer I mean we acknowledge these favors upon us and we ask you by acknowledging them and these favors upon us, that we also acknowledge our sins in receiving the good that you have given us a lot when I will be the novena fulfilled and Allah forgive us the sins Yeah, Allah, Allah

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Allah you sent us favor and we returned to you Cinzia, Allah forgive us the sins Yeah, Allah and Greg does he de la Fey no Julio Pharaoh de Nova in there and we acknowledge and know that none can forgive us our mistakes and sins exceed except you Yeah, Allah, Allah Houma, felina hotwire net where Jelena where it's rough enough here every now and then we'll be having our love forgive us our sins and our ignorance our transgressions and our excesses Yeah, Allah and all that you know more about us than we know of ourselves. Yeah, Allah Allah Houma Filipina has learned our jet that

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will help do I know I'm gonna walk through the liquor in denia Allah Oh Allah forgive us in all of our affairs, all of our sins whether we were ingest or in seriousness whether it was an error or was intentional Yeah, Allah forgive us the seeds Yeah, hammer I mean, before the month of Ramadan depart. Weber

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Weber or Neha, Allah whatever we have tried to hide from others forgive us the sins and continue to protect us from making others know over shamea Allah wa Helen Nyah Allah and what we have done as public shamefulness of ourselves in humiliation when and the animal behave in that and what you know of what we have forgotten and forgotten to ask you for forgiveness for you, Allah. And then we'll come demo and tell what I said we are Allah, you are the one who advances and you're the one who holds back and postpones when dalla Qureshi in Kadir Allah you are the one who is capable of all things and astell federal law what are the one or two well he misspelled federal law v one or two

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will la Let's sell federal law v one or two

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They sell federal law and live Isla Isla Illa will Hey, you're on your way to LA. I turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala the only one who is worthy of worship the old living the self sustaining and self subsiding? Yeah Allah we turn to you all live repentance yeah are hamara Hamid Allah indicar for winter for now Oh Allah I wouldn't be taught as taught his wife, Chateau de la and I have the best of your I have the little contract. Allah give us the night of little other Oh Allah blesses to stand in front of you in it and to make this to heart to you in it allow me the kind of open to a ball of water for Allah May nica forward to Impala for for Allah nikka winter Impala for fat for

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Allah who met in Dhaka forward carry when the Javi when Jo and Avi want to him Allah for Allah. Allah making their narrow they'll be coming I'll have me well has an O Allah we ask you to protect us from any anxiety and any grief when are always overcoming alliedsignal Castle we ask you to remove any inability and insidiousness and depression and ladies laziness and cowardice from our lives we are always the Wycombe in a Jubilee. Well both Lola remove cowardice and tight * pneus and stinginess from our hearts Allah when Oh they'll be coming we asked you to protect us from yourself yeah Allah when our Oh the weekend means elevated dayenu region Oh Allah we ask you to

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protect us from the overwhelming sense of debt and from others subduing us and having power over us where we need your mercy and help to remain firm upon the truth yet Allah Allah in no other community will want me to call me lakeisha woman FC lash bow I mean that within you stitch up Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us from knowledge that does not benefit us through practicing it from a heart that is not subdued and in all of you hear a lot from a soul that is never satisfied and always discontent to Allah and from our heart not being answered yet Allah Allah Homer said you've done a lot of hard work of

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Allah we stand before your door Yeah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah do not return that's without an answer yet Allah Allah has written down all the weekends are well idiomatic what the * will you take what would you attend aromatic when you have a psychotic Allah we ask you to protect us from the ending of the fevers you have a partner's or their removal and from the change of any well being that we have in our life to a difficult state. overload we ask you to protect us from the unexpectedness of your vengeance and earning your your wrath Yeah, Allah and from anything that angers you Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah protect us from your anger and your yes wrath. Yeah, Allah through our good detail hammer. I mean, Allah

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Manero the becoming shall remain Amit woman surely Matt? limit admin or ally asked you to protect us from the evil that we may have done and from any evil that we have not yet done and from any good deeds that we have missed that has earned this evil before you Yeah, Allah allow me now now they'll be coming had there been a woman the other will pub room in other words your hand up? All we asked you to protect us from the other half of Johanna and the other half of the grave. Woman fitna dilemma here will Mama 10 from the tests and trials of life and death woman Shall we fit in that in the jail and from the trial of the false messiah and other digits in our life yet Allah? Allah may

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not know the riverdogs come in Sahaja whoa and I will be coming on behalf here to come in alphabetic Allah we ask you to grant us exemptions from your anger and that your forgiveness overwhelms our sins that bring about your retribution and vengeance yeah Allah whenever the becoming we asked you to protect us from you from having aired before Yeah, a lot Nah, nah, see, an alley. We have no deeds that we can make an enumerate in the praises of Yuya Allah we have no words that can give the praise that you are deserved to Allah and to come as neither I know enough sick You alone are as you praise yourself and worthy of it or will not acknowledge our mistakes yeah Allah we acknowledge them

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before you and ask you for for your forgiveness Yeah, Allah. Allah wait Nick I wouldn't I wouldn't have fought for on Allah wait in the car for winter hope will have worked out for an Allah who met in the car for winter it will have for five or under Allah who may narrow the becoming moon karate. laughs they will ever man he will. He will advise Allah, Allah we ask you refuge and protection from all of their immoral and the immoral deeds, immoral beliefs and immoral deeds. And from the vanity of our desires and the diseases of our hearts. Yeah, Allah. We ask you a lot to help us restrict our anger to heal our families and bring love between us into our homes and hearts. Yeah, Allah, Allah

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who may now know that we can do better whether it is Sha wosu, whichever tatil Allah protect us from the distresses of any trial that we face and from the low levels of our miseria Allah and from the

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perversity of our fate and from the maliciousness of others, rejoining rejoicing in our downfall in our heat difficulties Yeah, Allah. Allah Muffy Lana what happened where did water softener Allah forgive us? grant us Your mercy guidance give us good health and provide for us thus in its Allah muffled letter What happened? Where did he know what is often a lot of often letter what have now Why have you Why do you know what is often a hammer Rafi mean? Allah suffice us with your risk Leah Allah so that we turn not away from you. Yeah Allah. Allah enriches enrichers with the halaal so that it turns us away from the haraam. Allah but you know, we had a leak on her arm it was in the

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Navy cartomancy work and allow us to be enriched by your presence in our life. Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah forgive us. Yeah, or harbor Rahimi. Allah we ask you to bring us closer to I wouldn't be as a Lola and he will sell them through the love of his suniya Allah, Allah we ask you to honor I wouldn't be Salalah How do you ascend to elevate his status and to make him from those who are the highest and the Masters? Yeah, Allah on the Day of Judgment. We ask you to allow him to ascend them up and or the highest station Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to bless us with the shaft of our profits alumni, how are you SLM to let us drink from his hand of the Day of Judgment from the co

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author of a drink that will never bring us thirsty again? Yeah, Allah. Allah do Naveen never he never met in Salalah what he was Selim Allah Habib, Sunita, Hosea for luminae Allah, Allah Allah we ask you to make us from those who earn is shefa Allah Michelle Fairfield and Mohammed in Salalah. It was

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a lot of us could have been here the sheriff at the shore of Atlanta.

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harbor Rahim, Allah wa student of his alma mater here when Allah gathers in his group on the day of judgment to Allah, Allah Allah may come from those who will recognize us with the signs of our wuhou and traces of our sada Allah, Allah Hamas letter dunya and allotey latifi hashmatullah Marina along with secular deviant, lovey houfy harrismith Marina was the Helena Junior analyst if you have I use Masha Allah we ask you to set our religion straight so that it safeguards us in all affairs and allow us to set our worldly life straight so that it safeguards us in the livelihood that we seek. Whilst ferrata let if you have a hardware overload we ask you to set us towards our next life in a

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straight way so that we will have a good return to you Allah Why do I live here a higher Xia that I learned I mean quality higher Allah we ask you to make this life and increase in all good for us when they'll melt a cool rotten lemon coalition that death will be a relief for us from every evil and hardship Yeah, Allah Allah homeless what I would do you know what happened? raumati Allah Allah we ask you to conceal our faults and to remove our fear and our and our shame Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah. Allah in Dennis education for what I have here fidi did, we're done yet what I learned what am well and Allah, Allah we ask you to forgive us and give us freedom from the evil of all matters in our

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religion, and our worldly life and our family and our property. Allah we send our greatest blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, upon the family of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah we ask you to send your blessings and your peace upon Ibrahim and his family yet Allah, Allah we ask you to make eye whenever you say seldom praiseworthy and honorable on the day of judgment and in this life, yeah, Allah. I will not continue to bless the family of Mohammed and I will never use Allah who only recently as you blessed Ibrahim and his family Allah indeed you alone are the one who is praiseworthy and honorable Oh Allah grant the auditor I will never use a

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law the US or law you told us that when we ask of you that you are near us yeah Allah way that's very bad the idfa in the hurry. Allah we know that you are near a sinner hearing us and see us in this moment. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah accept our word. Allah, Allah Maha the hood. woman can Egypt other Oh Allah this is I withdraw from you is the answer. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah each and every one of us has our personal drive in their heart and in their minds Yeah, Allah. Allah enter us of that which is good for us and turn away that which is difficult and in your knowledge not good for us. Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Mohammed. Mohammed kemosabe Tada Brahim on early Ibrahim

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along with Ricardo Mohammed, Mohammed kabarak. The other Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Delilah Vina in kV Majeed also Lilia wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whenever you know, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy we're settling into Sleeman kathira. To those of you who are watching, I asked you by Allah to increase your good deeds and in the month of

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from Milan, one of the campaigns that I've just launched a few minutes ago, I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala accepts it from all of us Allahumma amin is this campaign to sponsor 100 orphans each and every day. And these are orphans that are not nameless, and Pamela, my request was that if I'm going to do an orphan campaign, I want to know who they are and where they are, where their families are, where they live, and what their needs are. And so Pamela, if you go back onto my Instagram page, my Facebook page, my LinkedIn page, my Twitter page, you will see a poster with 100 names and each and every day, I'm looking for 100 sponsors, for these orphans to look after them for

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a year in sha Allah. Um, for those of you on my Facebook page, and on my YouTube, I'm just going to share a screen with you.

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And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes us from those who are virtuous and accepted Allah whom I mean, these are the names of these 100 orphans for today for the 20th day of Ramadan, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from all of us alone, I mean, I want it to be something that we can work together in this height and that Allah subhanho wa Taala eases for us all of our affairs. I'm just going to read some of the names and some of the locations I send to the brothers that I want to make sure that there are people represented across the world. This is something that our whole oma is in need. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala assist you to assist me in this regard. So some of

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the names that we acknowledge and make their art for the Met Allah subhanho wa Taala relieve their harm and make us from those who our wealth is their wealth, our healing is their healing, that our food will suffice them in sha Allah and that we are able to assist them in their needs in life. So just to pick off a few names. We have a beautiful young man 11 years old named Haytham in Lebanon, who was a Syrian refugee. We have Aisha who's aged 18. In Pakistan, we have a shahrokh who's 13 in Yemen. We have faulty Ma and year 10 in Sri Lanka, we have a young man named Mohammed 14 years old and Cyril Lanka we have Mashallah a lot of our karma man pylea age eight in Somalia, either men aged

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six in Somalia Hamza age eight in Somalia, we have ajua who's age 12 in Pakistan, we have min her age seven and Sarah Lanka. So we have Allah inshallah tomorrow there are others from Palestine and Nigeria we have from Philistine Fadi who is age nine. We have Masha Allah Baraka Rahman, those who are from all across the world, we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala brings the healing and happiness Allahumma amin May Allah subhanho wa Taala use you for good if you go onto my social media streams. You will see these posters you will see links for it. It's on my justgiving.com page sponsor 1000 orphans we're trying to do 1000 orphans in the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala use you for good and I will remind you of this each and every time we make your art because I would do art is not just for us, but I would do is elevated through an MLS signer Alabama Sheriff a urato la la he said when that Allah Bella emmalin for who are junoon the one who makes their Allah expecting an answer without doing good deeds to raise up their do well I'm a little slowly here Pharaoh Allah says in the good deeds raise up your raised up with your actions, your dua is raised up with your good deeds. And remember chef he says the one who does good deeds and expect their drop to be entered will be answered. But the one who makes your heart without good

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deeds, it is a form of insanity doing something that is fruitless. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from all of us alone. I mean, may Allah allow whatever you give in this regard to be my skill of the day of judgment and whatever you share and recommend to others and they give may Allah put it in your scale alone that I mean, I mean, all of us as we all know will be in the scale of our Navy Mohamed Salah Lahore, it was seldom the fountain of righteousness and morality and goodness in this world. Peace and blessings be our partner and every year so I sell them and I give you my final salary for this morning. I look forward to working with you in the evening and chat Allah share this

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with others may Allah accept all of our widow, Allah Ameen or suddenly LACMA suddenly was it robotic Alessi Dino whenever you never have met some Allah Allah you are Selim was Salam on equal What about Allah He will Baraka to

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