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The speakers discuss the importance of maintaining healthy behavior and avoiding losing too much. They emphasize the need to take provisions and not miss prayer, practice small practices to stay focused, and not forget to keep oneself busy. The speakers also stress the importance of finding the right person and staying on the path of happiness.

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does my dear sisters as salaam wa Lee Kuan Moroccan de moda cattle, you know does acula Joseph Kuhn Allah hi Ron to hugs UK for inviting me I'm really greatly honored, it's my first time to ever speak to a UK audience and just to mention it is 11 o'clock at night and special ever done a talk this late and hamdulillah

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I just want to begin also by saying that I asked a level to Allah that you and your families are all in the best of health and Amen, especially at this time, when so many people are going through a lot of tests with this pandemic, inshallah.

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So, my dear sisters, just like we entered Ramadan with a certain goal that we you know, wanted to achieve from it. Now is the time for us to review that goal and do and more has about ourselves and to take an honest look at how much we're trying to hold you know, hold on to the lessons and good habits that we learned from the month of Ramadan inshallah because one of the greatest signs that you know, you're from the successful ones in the month of Ramadan is that you find yourself better than than you were before Ramadan came

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and you find yourself you know, continuing to hold fast to the righteous deeds and stay away from falling into those old habits and sins that you're doing before Ramadan Cain as much as you can.

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And just generally, you know, you can notice an overall improvement in your Eman, your manners, you're dealing with people that you should see some sort of difference in Sharla

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now one of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make is they put a lot of effort into what they do in Ramadan. You know, we pray at night we recite for on we give charity, we try to do all of those things that brings us close to a loss of pantalla in this month.

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But then what happens is, very often what we do unfortunately is as soon as Ramadan is over, we tend to let it all go. And we tend to let ourselves slip slowly back into the same old sins, same old bad habits that we were doing before Ramadan came. And that's actually why so many people experience such a huge anticlimax once Ramadan is over. So you need to realize that, you know, the state of your Eman cannot remain upon high levels, unless you're constantly maintaining it by you know, continue remaining consistent Upon doing the righteous deeds and good habits. And that you know, at least some of what you're doing on a bond you should be trying to maintain that after a bond.

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Of course nobody can do on the same level that we're doing Ramadan, but you've tried to hold on to at least some of what you were doing Ramadan. Me to understand first of all about a man Okay, we need to understand you know, we need to understand the man the first place the prophet SAW law what he was saying told us that in early man like Yahoo coffee jiofi aha decom can I get local soap? That's a law Hey, you judge a man a few food will be gone. So he told us that a lot while he was selling that verily Eman with that in the chest of one of you just like a person's garment wears out. So therefore you need to ask a level to Allah to renew your Eman in your heart. So we need to

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be you know, constantly and actively trying to renew our amen and asking Allahu Allah always during a new area, man because very quickly the m&e can become worn out.

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And so this is why, you know, the Messenger of Allah is telling us that we, you know, we need to, you know, in order to keep our men safe, do we need to be constantly striving to maintain our Amen. And like I was saying before that this is one of the mistakes that you know, so many people do make that once Ramadan is over, unfortunately, what they tend to do is neglect their email.

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And so over time, what happens is your Eman with that without you even realizing.

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And then unfortunately, sometimes to what you find that you know, then, you know, we sometimes find ourselves shocked, unfortunately, when we find people suddenly making you know, very obvious outward changes about themselves. May Allah protect us all and keep us steadfast. You know, but the reality is, that couldn't have happened. And this there was something already going wrong with that person's internal state in the first place. Okay, so you know, if you see anything happen outwardly, it means something else was going wrong internally to start off with. So this is why am I do sisters, the greatest thing that you could be given after a man in a law is to have what's called at least the

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farmer which is

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The theme of you know of today's talks and this is exactly why in the hijiki Muslim when soufiane even Abdullah came to the Prophet, so a lot of it was selling. And he asked him will he feel Islam Folan less Edwin, who had done via Yarra through law, tell me something in Islam. Show me some words in Islam that I cannot ask anybody except you. And the prophets that are like us and told him who will am meant to be lucky to miss stuffing, say, I believe in a law and then remain steadfast.

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So this is what we need this to be our aim in this life, not just to say, Oh, you know, let ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, but now it's a matter of holding on steadfast to that.

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And sisters, just like, you know, just like when you go on a long journey,

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you need to stop from time to time to you know, refill your petrol tank, restock the provisions that you need for your journey. And this is exactly like what Ramadan is like. It's like any man stop that, you know, a lot of that has given us this immense stop, where we take a pause from our usual life in order to revive airy men. And the other thing we also need to need to do is to take from the provisions that Allah gives us in Ramadan, in order to continue on in our journey of this life. And this is similar to what a lot of Tyler taught tells us where he says, What is overdue for in hi Rosa, that, you know, take your provision, but the best provision that you can take for your journey

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is a duck off the top of a Lhasa pantalla. The with the the wearing of a loss of pantalla knowing you know the God consciousness of a loss of pantalla. Right. So this is the most important thing we need to take in this life for this journey of life. So that's why what I wanted to speak to you about today are the six habits of the people or at least a farmer, what are the six habits of the people at least the farmer these habits you find that anybody who remains steadfast they try as much as they can hold on to these habits in Sharla. And like I was saying, all these habits are from the provisions that we need to take with us from the month of Ramadan as well.

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Okay, so first of all, and for the most important of these habits, is a Salah, because this is a reality is if you know, we were really praying our five prayers in the way that Allahu taala meant for us to pray them. And when I said that, I mean, you know, on time not missing our prayers, trying our best to stay focused in our prayers, then that pressure could have an effect on us. Right? Allahu taala tells us in North salata, 10 high annual fascia he will muqaam the very the prayer forbids a person from going to sins and to evil deeds. So therefore if we're really praying another way a level Tyler intended us to pray, this should be an effect. Elsa law should affect our whole

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life in every day, you know, from every aspect.

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And that's why, you know, if someone finds himself weak in their Eman and struggling to stay steadfast, the first thing they need to look at is you know, the true state of their, their prayers and how much they they're honestly striving to try to get the most out of those prayers. Okay because the prayers is you know what fixes your life you fix your prayers you fix your life that's what it comes down to.

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Now the second of the daily habits of the people have a list of karma

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is that they hold fast to the book of a loss of pantalla right and a level Donna tells us in the Quran in a hurdle for an yeah daily letting jaquan that verily this Quran it guides to all the is upright it guides to everything that is up right

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now in this time that we're living in where we are so surrounded by you know, by so much falsehood and Bala you know misguidance none of us can afford to not have a habit of you know, memorizing, reciting and you know, reflecting on at least some as every day from the prime

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Okay, even if it's just a page you read each night before you go to sleep or after surgery each morning, but none of us can afford to be away from the book of Allahu taala right

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The reality is that you know when you recite the Quran especially with the dead book or you know really focusing on the A yet you know thinking about how those a yet you know what, what are the lessons or level that is trying to give you through those yet, and how can you relate them to your life. This is what fills your heart with nor from a loss of hands. Allah fills your heart with with light from a loss of pantalla so that you're able to distinguish between the hub and the button between the truth and the falsehood. And especially in in these times. We're in the greatest news

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for guidance to Panama, we're in the greatest need for guidance in these times.

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Alright, so the third habit of the people of Alister karma is being in a constant state as much as possible on the decrypter Lhasa pantalla. Because as the prophets that Elias and told us that the dicover Lhasa pantalla, is history Muslim, right, it is the fortress of a Muslim. So the dhikr of Allah pantalla is what fortifies you as a believer.

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It's what protects your heart, you know, from the whispers, of shape on and from deviation.

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And this is why I always tell sisters, you know, especially when you're not able to pray, you need to increase in your amount of victory that you say each day, you know, as much as you can feel your day with Suppan, Allah and hamdulillah let you learn a lot, Allahu Akbar, as thoughtful along as much as you can. But besides that, you know, we have certain times where we are directed to remember lots of pantalla like after each prayer, you know, in the mornings in the evenings before going to sleep, try to stick to those times and don't don't be from the wall feeling Don't be from the heedless, who forget about a lot in the next life.

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So we need to realize that in order for us to remain steadfast outwardly, it's imperative that we are you know, constantly nourishing our inner spiritual state. Right will never be fixed outwardly unless we fix the internal because the internal state has a direct impact on the outward state and that's like what the messenger velocita Larson tells us that interview Jessie mobile, either Sala had Sala hell Jessa Dooku what he that said that festa del just to do pulo Allah, we're here All right, so, he tells us that you're very early in my heart there is a clump of flesh that if it is you know, correct and rectified the rest of the actions and you know, everything out we will be

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rectified, but if there's corruption in it may not protect us from it, then the rest you know that that corrupts the outwards and what is that thing it is the heart very it is the heart So, we need to be constantly focusing on strengthening our hearts nourishing our humanity in our heart in order to you know, keep ourselves steadfast.

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So, we come to the fourth point from the habits of the people of at least the former and that is that we need to not completely let go and from you know, doing sadhaka from time to time and you know, fasting visit things we learnt from Ramadan and after Ramadan we should try to hold on to these practices even from time to time because when you do these you know activity better. You're constantly purifying yourself and you bring yourself closer to Lhasa pantalla through performing them and as the messenger of a loss of lava is until there's an addict could see that along Tyler, you know, said we're not acaba, la or dbca, a habashi layer ministered to LA that my servant does

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not draw near to me by anything that is more love to me than what I have made fun and obligatory upon him. So if you know we start with the fog things, and then he says when is that what the topography Rabelais never fully had the HIPAA and that my servant continues to draw close to me through and nowhere Phil had that ahead but until I love him

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and then when you get to that level melon make us off from that level.

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A level Tyler you know says in this hadith could see as related by the Messenger of Allah that for either a double quote to some aha lady yes not will be like that when I love him, I become the hearing with Richie he is, you know the scene with which he sees the hand with which he strikes the foot with which he walks what does that mean it means that you become under the protection of a loss of pantalla a lot of time is protecting you from in every aspect of your life. So somehow this is the greatest way to attain le le safarnama through always trying to do those, you know trying to do those there's acts of worship that bring you close to a loss of pantalla

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and that's why I want to quickly mention too that you know one of the best things that you can do as soon as you know Ramadan is finished try to hasten to make up those missed Ramadan fast as quickly as you can Don't delay them to you know, next from a bond right because when you've completed that your obligations towards almost a pantalla then that leaves you free to focus on doing those no athin for the sake of a law that you know they raise you to a higher level through doing them inshallah.

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Okay, come to the next point, which is point five, which is you know, we need to also keep on making Toba and returning back to a loss of pantalla even, even if you don't think you've done any major since. This is from the habits of the people

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Have allistic karma, that they always return back to Allahu taala. And if we look at what is a low dollar sign up for on chubu law Hey, Jimmy, can you help me noona to Allah come to faith? So a lot Allah tells us, you know, um,

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it tells us, you know, oh, you believe, you know, turn back to on all of you turned up to a loss of pantalla that you may be successful to Panama. So, in other words, he's he did not say, oh, sinners, he said, Oh, you who believe right? Are you believers? All right, all the what meaning he actually mentioned them what meaning. So it shows that it's not about being a sinner that you in order for you to make Toba rather than it is from the the characteristics of the meaning that they constantly make Toba back to a loss of pantalla. And, you know, doing a Maha Sabha doing Alma has a lot of the next, you know, calling yourself to account looking at yourself inwardly, always, this is what this

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is what helps your heart to stay soft. And it protects you from from your heart becoming hard. You know, because over time, our hearts become hard sisters, and, you know, the darkness of sins can start to build up on the hearts. And that's why it's so important that, you know, we're constantly reviewing our actions, our words, our intentions, you know, asking yourself, you know, when you do something, ask yourself, you know, did I really do that with the loss? Was that what was what I did something that, you know, pleases amasa pantalla? Or was it really done just to, you know, please others and make them more accepting of me.

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So this is, no matter who we are, we all fall into mistakes and sins of some kind. So we need to, you know, keep on returning back to a loss of pantalla. And, you know, purifying ourselves and softening our hearts by asking forgiveness from a loss of pantalla always Alright, don't ever think it's only for people who do major sins, and I don't need it, we all need it. That's the reality.

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And just want to take also one quick opportunity here, to mention that if you're ever struggling with a type of addiction, you know, please reach out and get professional help. For you know, any type of weakness you you may have, and don't try to keep on you know, struggling with that sort of addiction, trying to control it on your own. Sometimes you actually need professional help, to help yourself, you know, to overcome certain types of what they are, they are sins, but they become addictions. So sometimes you need to reach out and really get that help, and don't try and struggle on your own inshallah.

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Okay, so the last of the habits that I want to speak about, is to hold on to praying pmla, which is the night prayer, because the prophets that alone your son told us about piano Lael, he mentioned a few qualities of pmla he says that it's that will slowly Hien that it's the habit of the the righteous who came before you. And it's, it's affordable, it's good, but you know what peak like it is, you know, a righteous deed that brings you close to a loss of pantalla. And that it's, it's an action, that

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experience for your sins. And it's also something that prevents you from falling into sin. So this is how Subhanallah the Messenger of Allah showed us that, you know, piano lately is actually an activity bear that an active worship, that helps, you know, helps to prevent us from becoming misguided, and from falling into sins. Because what you find is that besides the light that Allahu Allah gives to the person who prays piano Lael, if you think about it, if you can develop this, this the discipline, to you know, wake up in the last part of the night, then it should be much easier for you, as well in sha Allah, to also stay away from, you know, sins or misguidance believe me that

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he Tyler

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and one of the things that the prophets that are lovely was them taught us as well I just want to mention this very quickly. It's important is, you know, don't have the all or nothing approach. And this is something I've even said to myself all the time. Because what we tend to say to ourselves is, Oh, I can't do all that so that we end up doing nothing. But we have to keep on reminding ourselves that you know, the most beloved deeds to Allahu Allah what is you know, the Messenger of Allah tell us I have been madly in a law right? I have been Anna Lila law, at one mu her were involved, that they are the consistent deeds, even if they're small, even if they little but what

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Allah loves the most is you try your best to stay consistent on those deeds, even if it's, you know, a small amount. So, let's say you're not able to, you know, wake up in the last third of the night and, and pray many, you know, records of piano, maybe you can just pray to just rock it. Keep it lights, or something else. All I mentioned is you can pray before going to sleep. If you stay up late, you can pray even just wrap that in before you go to sleep.

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So I want to just mention

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Three quick final points of how to have at least department after Ramadan.

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And the first one is to have Cincy results have this sincere resolve to stay on the straight path, right you have to want to stay on the straight path. First of all, you have to decide that this is what I want for my life. And then you have to be constantly renewing that result in your data in your sector. Right especially in your sector, because that's when you're closest to the alasa pantalla and say to as like Rob Benner, a free Lena slobber on what's a Western cleaning, you know, the dry that's mentioned in the Quran, Allah pour patients upon us and let us die as Muslims, right. These are the kinds of duart we should be constantly saying because it keeps us focused on our goal.

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Then the other thing is surround yourself with the right company. This is very important in our journey towards a lot we need to surround ourselves with the right company, we were talking about friends, which meant lessons who you follow on social media, all of those things have an impact. And the Messenger of Allah says a model Allah Dini Khalid he sang to me You hardly know right? that a person will be upon the same religion, his as his friend. So look, each of you to whom you be friends. And then last of all my dear sisters, always keep the end in mind. Always keep the end in mind, never stop looking forward. You know, this life is hard, no doubt, you know? And yes, holding

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on to our Deen and remaining steadfast is like trying to hold on to a hot coal especially in these times. But when you keep reminding yourself about how short this life really is, and when you remind yourself of the reward that Allahu Allah gives to that person who keeps them so patient upon this path until they meet with him as the origin. And that in the end, for the believer who tried her best in this life, you know, there's only endless joy and peace and happiness in the end right? There's no more pain no more worries, no more sadness. And there's only Jana see her mela I know what it is that which no I've ever seen no he has ever heard and it's never no hot as ever imagined

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no human has ever imagined right. So if you keep holding on to that all your life, this is what makes whatever you have to go through in his life become light on you. And it helps you to cope with what you have to go through right. And I want to leave you in Sharla we want the most beautiful a yet from the Quran. In which Allahu taala describes just one of the rewards for those who remain patient and this is remain patient upon his path right there made steadfast upon his path and this is instead of full slats.

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So a lot of Allah says in these verses

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in Medina po do bonell more we must therefore move

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in levena for new bonell na who don't mess up or move

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from S or mu that and as do our Li mu Bella. He got

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that in less than one day he moved in.

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He came to a letter for food

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and letter for food.

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Then she bill Jun 32 to do

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now, new Audi welcome Phil hi dounia well feel free.

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Well that comfy hammock dash e

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Fu sukoon wala Fie have mad at that moon newzoo la noir for the rocky

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soltana tells us in these verses that verily those who said what boon Allah My Lord is Allah Thomas Docomo, then they remained steadfast upon that path that at the time of their death at the time when you know you're in so much need and so vulnerable and feeling so alone at that moment. A lot of Tyler's since his malayaka down to you and says and they say to you alert a hall full do not feel afraid. Whether that has no and do not feel sad what advice she will be Jenna received the good news about Jana and let me continue to add on that you were promised by Allahu taala Okay, so it is this this is what you know, it's panel. This is how a level Tyler.

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This is the

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Word that Allahu taala gives that person who stayed steadfast upon la isla de la in this life. You know that at that moment, imagine that when you're dying and when you feel more helpless and alone than you've ever felt. This is how a lot of data centers angels to comfort and strengthen you. And he keeps you steadfast upon let Ilana law upon your death, just as you stayed steadfast in this life. And that's how a law remembers you in your time of need, just because you remembered a law in your time of ease. So finish up by saying that I asked a lot of Abdallah to keep us all keep all of us and our families upright upon the straight path. No y'all Allah we ask you to help us to leave

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upon let Elena law and to die upon let you down her law and to meet with you upon de la la la. Yeah, no pilot will follow that bit. Puna Allah de Nick, Robin Allah to do poo banner, Bada it had a tener Wahab Elena mula don't cut off Ma. In kantele Wahab was solo law who was Selim webedi gala Nabina Muhammad wa ala le he was softly he edge nine satanic Allahumma will be handed Nasha La Ilaha Illa and nesto fluka when a tubal like salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah care to Baraka love equal