Suleiman Hani – Powerful Stories of Everyday Muslims #11 – The Story of Paradise

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the story of Easter and the beginning of Easter, including waking up in Jannah and experiencing death of the body and journey of the soul. They also mention meeting with Allah and finding the one who guides them to Paradise, as well as rewarding their patients with Paradise and building rewards for them. The speaker also mentions a woman who has rewarded their patients with Paradise and encourages them to bring others as well.
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Our story today is the story of paradise, Jelena. How do I work for an eternal home in paradise? And how do I think about it? Imagine waking up in Jannah. Imagine we don't know if sleeping paradise but imagine waking up in Jannah your mind is clear. Your heart is purified and clean like never before. no ill feelings, no pain, no anxiety, no negative thoughts, no ill assumptions, no bad memories, no grudges whatsoever, a heart and mind of complete and pure clarity. After struggling in this world for so many years, holding on to one's faith and experiencing death of the body and the journey of the soul. After the Day of Resurrection begins. You experienced the Day of Judgment with all of its

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hardships but the believers of course experience it as ease May Allah subhanaw taala grant us ease on that day. Imagine then the feeling after all of these experiences of crossing over the Hellfire crossing a slate onto the bridge over the hellfire and finally waiting in front of paradise. And then finally by Allah's mercy, entering Janna, entering paradise with your loved ones may Allah grant us that. Imagine that first full step you take into Jannah the first full step into paradise, your two feet are secured, you can no longer ever experience anything negative. Again, no trials, no pay, no anxieties, that first full step. Now you know you're secure forever. How would you feel your

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loved ones, you look for them and you find them instantly, that is if you're not entering right next to them, your mansions in paradise, your palaces, your gardens, you find them instantly, and your gardens and your spacious land beyond your imagination prepared by Allah for you, customized for you, with all of the immediate rewards of paradise that you want and the things that we do not understand in this world. The things that are not that are not possible to describe in this world, and which have not been conceived or imagined by any people in this world. Allah has prepared them for the righteous servants who enter Paradise and the prophets and the messengers, you meet them the

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people you've studied throughout history, your ancestors, your offspring, those who believed amongst the ancestors and the offspring, they almost pounce on it make us righteous, and surround us with the righteous and make our families and loved one's righteous, and a guidance for others to be righteous than most importantly, imagine after meeting all these people, all these individuals and you have forever to catch up forever to really experience the blissfulness of gender in a way we cannot comprehend. Yet in this world. Most importantly, imagine your meeting with Allah subhanho wa taala, or Walkman. You're meeting with Allah the one who guided you to Paradise, the one who guided

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you in this life, the one who gave you clarity, the one whose speech was a foundation for you, a manual for you to make it through the difficulties of this life to pass the test of this life and to make it to Jana, by His mercy. Allah subhanaw taala the one who himself said, I have prepared for my righteous servants in paradise, that which no eye has ever seen which no ear has ever heard and which has not been imagined by any human being. Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who will say to the people of Jana, yeah, Alan Jana or people of paradise, where are my servants who worship me without ever seeing me? May Allah

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subhanaw taala keep us steadfast. What does that have to be male solo janitor? Well, how do you know Allah subhanaw taala says the reward for their patients in this world to make it to parents, the reward, the reward for endurance, the reward for perseverance, the reward for all the hardships that you went through and also the acts of worship that you fulfill the temptations you stayed away from the bad things that you overcame, the reward for their patients is paradise. And also silk garments. One of the rewards of Jana in New Jersey to Multnomah Vmail Salado unknown woman is doing I have rewarded them Allah says I have rewarded the righteous because of their patients because of what

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they went through. I have rewarded them with Paradise they are the true winners. They are the true Izu and may Allah subhanaw taala. Rent us all the highest levels of Jannah and guide us to bring with us as many people as possible as well. Allahumma Amin and may Allah subhanaw taala make our great reunions in this world reunions of remembrance and blessings and of course grant us the greater reunion that of Jana alone.

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