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As Shaykh Yasir Qadhi commences his mesmerizing talk on fear and hope in Allah, we are forced to ponder upon the exact meaning of these words and how one ceases to exist without the other. We come to realize how the healthy synthesis of fear, love and hope is what will grant us peace in this life and the Hereafter.

The Shaykh elaborates further saying that of the branches of Iman, without which you are not a Mumin, is to have a fear of Allah- Khashiya , and hope in Allah (SWT). As for the fear of Allah (SWT), it is a constant theme that is found in the Quran. Allah mentions in over fifty verses, the concept of having internal fear, and generic fear. The level of fear will allow us to get to the highest levels of Jannah.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi also advises us to firmly believe that genuine hope only makes you strive for hope. If not, we are simply put – being lax of Allah’s Muqaam and that is not a situation that any one of us want to put ourselves into. Sharing more information on hope, Shaykh Yasir tells us that Allah has divided His mercy into 100 parts, of which only one has been sent to the Earth which is responsible for all the merciful acts that we may  portray towards one each other till the end of time. The other 99 has been reserved by Allah SWT for the Day of Judgement to distribute amongst those who truly deserve it.

May Allah grant us the strength and firm resolve to imbibe the motivational factors required for the unending belief and worship in Allah – love, fear and hope.


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salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was the one while

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we're still doing our series of emammal. They have these a Shabbat Eman or the comprehensive Encyclopedia of demand. And we have done around 10 of the various branches of faith will now move on to two of them today today will combine two of those branches. And those are the fear of a law and the hope in Allah's mercy. So of the branches of Eman of the branches of Eman without which you are not a woman is to have a fear of a law and a hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala. As for the fear of Allah, this is a constant theme of the Quran. Allah subhana wa tada mentions in over 50 verses the concept of having hope and kushtia and COVID and kushtia are not exactly a synonymous. hashish is a

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type of internal fear and hope is a fear that you have a generic fear and all of them are due to Allah, Allah Tasha will not Don't be scared of mankind will show nee have hashish of meat for Allah to haul food home, don't have hope of them will have funi be fearful of me and the macom or the level of hope will allow us to get to the highest levels of Jannat in Surah Ar Rahman when Allah mentions both those those levels of gender, the higher level is given to whom when the men call from Amara be gender Dan, whereas the lower level does not have that that concept of hope. So the hope of a law will allow us to go higher, and there's a beautiful Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that demonstrates

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what is hope of a law. There is a verse in certain noon that mentions those who give of what Allah has given them, and their hearts are terrified, knowing that they're going to go back to Allah. Allah Dena, tuna, moto Kuma gelatin, Isha listen to this beautiful Hezekiah Isha said Yasuda Lord, their hearts are terrified. Are these the people that are drinking and fornicating and committing all types of sins so they're terrified? The profitsystem said not yet been to sadaqa no daughter of a sudden No, these are the people who fast and pray and give charity and their hearts are terrified that Allah will not accept their good deeds. That is the macom of hope and Harsha, the righteous

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people they are terrified What if my deeds are not accepted? And Allah subhana wa tada mentions that even the angels Johar, funaro, bahaman folta him even though the angels do not really have a sub per se, they don't have a punishment per se. But because the angels realized who is a law, your hall funaro the human folk to him, the angels themselves are terrified of their Lord who is above them. And in the famous hadith of those seven people who will be sheltered on judgment day one of those seven, the person who remembers Allah when nobody's looking at him and overcome with fear, his eyes began to cry from the hucha of Allah subhana wa Tada. And of course the concept of crying from the

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fear of Allah is something that is well known. It is mentioned in the Koran, that the righteous people, when they hear the verses, you find them crying, you find that their eyes are full of tears, and from the lies of the Sahaba we know this Abu Bakar of the law on his own daughter begged the Prophet system Yasuda law, don't put my father as the Imam. Every time he recites out loud he begins to cry, aroma rhodiola one how many times in his khilafah he recited a verse and he would stop at that verse. He couldn't move on because he would be choking. And Omar was a man who would terrify everybody. But when he stood in front of Allah, he himself had that terror of a lord the fear of

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Allah subhana wa Tada, how many times or more would be sobbing, his beard would be wet Earth man rhodiola one every time he would visit the grave, he would be trembling, he would be crying. Once his student asked him, Why are you crying and you are, you know, such a great Sahabi and whatnot. And he said that if I had the choice, and on judgment day, I was waiting for the hisab between heaven and hell, and I don't know which one it would be. If I had the choice I would opt that I was never a human I was never created. I would just be dust and that it wouldn't have to face the history of Allah. This is what a throne would say. How about me and you? And the concept of hope and

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Harsha is a well known thing. Every Muslim has to have fear of Allah. But along with that fear, there must also be hope, hope must exist coexist along with fear and hope in Allah's mercy, optimism.

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Allah will forgive me, Allah will help me, it must be together in the heart along with fear. If you only have one of these two emotions, you will go astray. And it's common sense, if you only have fear, and there's no love, no mercy, no tenderness, no hope. Generally speaking, these are the types of groups that gravitate towards fanaticism, harshness, looking down at everybody. And we all know that type of person that really he just is a person who can't really function in society. And frankly, these extremist groups they characterize what happened when you only think of fear and janome and fear and Jan numb, and you have no love, and you have no hope. But there is a danger on

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the opposite side, the opposite side we also know those types of Muslims, they have no fear of Allah, and they commit every sin in the book. And when you tell them they say, oh, Allah is love for Allah is there a him he shall forgive me? This is not hope this is foolishness. Because genuine hope causes you to act in a hopeful manner. Genuine hope makes you strive for the hope. That's what real hope does. Otherwise this is foolishness. If you just sit back and do nothing, commit every scene in the book and then say yeah, Allah is Forgiving, Oh, you are being lacks about Allah calm, the both of them have to exist together. And of course the evidences of hoping in Allah putting your trust in

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Allah having an optimistic a positive outlook. This is something that is well known in the Quran and Sunnah in the famous Hadith and Timothy Hadith could see, the prophets have said that Allah said, Oh, my servants, as long as you worship Me, and put your hope in me What a joke any, you have your hope in me, I shall forgive and I shall not care as long as you worship. Notice, he didn't just say put your hope and no worship, as long as you're doing what needs to be done, and you put your hope in me I shall worship I shall forgive and not care. And in the ideas inside Bahati, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah divided mercy into 100 parts, one of them he sent down to this world,

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and because of it, people show mercy to one another, so much so a mother animal that shows mercy to its foul or to its chiclet or whatever it is coming from that one 100 In other words, all mercy in existence from the beginning of creation, up until the trumpet is one, then the profitsystem said, Allah has kept 99 that he shall use on Yom Okayama imagine that, all of mercy that any to creation have shown one another from the beginning of time equals one, and a law's mercy will be 99 on one day only asked for actually Allah Rama, it is infinite, it cannot be quantified, but on Judgement Day, 99 times what has been used for all of the creation, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said, that Allah said, I am as my servant thinks of me. If you think of Allah in a positive manner, Allah will deal with you in a positive manner. But I do believe if you think of Allah in a mean or a stingy or whatnot, then that is what you're going to get. You have to have good thoughts of Allah, it is called personal one. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, none of you should die, except that you have who snuck one in Allah, you expect the best from Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And as we said, true Hope it leads to action. Because when you're hopeful that let's say that, you know, whatever the case might be your boss you think is going to give you the promotion, and you're

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thinking and the end of the month, I'm going to be the one that's going to get the promotion that month, you will actually be on your best, you're going to show that you deserve the promotion, you're going to do the best work. This is the sign of real hope that there's an optimism that leads to positive action as well. That hope is what the Quran and Sunnah is talking about. Now, as I said, fear and hope are two pillars of a man, but they must coexist at the same time and this is throughout the Quran. Last time we talked about love these three emotions I want you all to memorize them. These are the three I call them psychological factors or we can say the motivational factors

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upon which worship of Allah is based love, fear and hope and love is the primary emotion but fear and hope must exist as well. And even as sorbitol. Fatiha al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen This is love. We praise Allah, He's worthy of being loved our Rahmani Raheem, this is hope. You are the merciful. You are the right man. And then Maddie Chioma Dean, this is terrifying us there's a judgment there's a dub. So even here in Surah Al Fatiha love fear and hope and also in the Quran. Not everybody and the analog or photo Rahim one either be who Allah

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When I tell my servants my I, well, my my mercy, I am the one who is a foreigner and Rahim but also tell them that my punishment is severe, simple verse that translates fear and hope must coexist tell my servants I am the afford. I am Dr. Haim, but also tell them that my punishment is severe. And Allah praises that Korea and other prophets and other people in this phrase in the Koran. Yeah, the ruin and Robin wa Hubba. They would pray to us and worship us, hopefully, in a state of hope. And in a state of fear, there would be hopeful Allah is going to answer my mouth, but they're also scared What if Allah doesn't, so Allah combines both hope and fear. And the famous scholar of note by him,

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he gave that analogy that we should all memorize simple analogy. He said that love is like the heart of a bird. That is the primary emotion but the bird needs to go forward, these two fly, and the flapping wings, one of those wings is fear. And the other wings is hope. It's hope and fear that caused us but the life of our a bird that is love, but hope and fear, they propel us forward, they cause us to do things and abstained from things. Now scholars have differed, which one should be more love or fear, lots of different opinions. Some say and this is interesting. If you're young, you should increase the fear. Because fear prevents you from committing sins. And if you get older

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and you're closer to meeting Allah, then you should be more optimistic and more hopeful. Other say that it depends on the state that you're in, that if you're flirting with a sin, thinking about a sin, then you have better think fear more, because fear is what prevents from committing sins. And if you need motivation for a Bada, you need to give money, you need to pray to HUD, generally speaking, that's an optimism I hope that Allah will accept and all of these opinions are valid. The point is, they must both most must coexist in the heart. And there will always be a healthy synthesis of love and fear and hope. And once a prophet, the prophet system visited a young man who

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was terminally sick, he was about to die. And the Prophet system said, How do you find yourself and the man said, I am scared of my sins, but I'm hopeful Allah will forgive me. Fear and hope. The prophets of some said, Never do these two emotions combined in a person at this time, except that Allah will secure him against his fears, and grant him his wish and desire. Notice hope and fear go hand in hand, and it must be going together. And finally, we'll conclude it which really demonstrates both of these go hand in hand. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if the men fully understood the punishment of a law, the men would never think he's going to go to gender. If the men

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understood the punishment of a law, he would give up hope of gender, if he understood how harsh it is. And if the calf fear understood the mercy of a law, he would be certain he is going to gender. Think about this Hadeeth if the movement understood that as a job, he would think I'm never going to get there, even though he's a movie is going to get there. But if you understood the idea of a law, he would think there's no way if that cafard who's not going to get there, understood the mercy of Allah, he would be certain he'd end up over there. And what is the correct path? dead in the middle? We should hope be optimistic. Insha Allah, Allah will forgive me. I want Allah Farah, Allah will

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show that Rama Allah will forgive my sins, but at the same time, I am scared, I am terrified. What if he doesn't? What if that is not happening? Those two emotions if they exist together, then know that you're upon good, but if only one exists without the other, then that is a problem that needs to be rectified, and inshallah we'll continue our talk tomorrow cinematic moments with Lucha barakato