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It is a guidance for those who are MacDuffie. I'm going to stop here for a moment and take the word taqwa and split it into three branches. Taqwa is going to be broken into fear of Allah subhanaw taala is rat fear of Allah subhanaw taala or disappointing Allah or incurring the wrath. Second is the hope that Allah Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. Second is the hope of Allah subhanaw taala is mercy and all of his promises, and third is consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala. Watch the progression, you start saying, and I have to get up for Fudger because I don't want to go to hell. Then you go, you know Allah subhanaw taala gave me such so many things. He promised me Jana, if I

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get up and do this, he promised me and He gave me so many things around him. So the hope turns from into love. And finally you're in a constant state of awareness. You are conscious of Allah subhanaw taala your alarm goes off or doesn't go up, you get up and say, Allah created me. Allah wants me to do this. So next time you hear you're going to hear it by verse number 17 and 19 the hola taco and I want you to keep this verse radicality tabula rasa Buffy who didn't leave the pin, I want you to keep that aware. We have it translated in all three translations as God fearing. We are now breaking it into our study, fear, hope and consciousness. Now who are those who fear hope and our

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consciousness, the conscious of Allah subhanaw taala those who believe in the realms of the unseen those who believe and Latina you may know that below AB were your team owner sada when we met was up in our home, Yun Philco and so right off the bat there are three characteristics of the believers. Those are those are who believe in the realm of the unseen