Sisters – What Can You Do When You Can’t Pray

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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One of the questions that so many sisters want to know when it's from a bond is what can you do when you can't pray. So sisters, just because you can't pray, that does not mean that you should stop striving and trying to do as many righteous deeds that you can. Besides fasting and pray, this is still the month of mercy and forgiveness. This is still the month in which in every day and night there are people who are lovable to Allah chooses to save them from the fire. So sisters don't like the fact that you have your menses stop you from striving to do whatever you can to get close to a lot of talent in this month. Focus on saying your morning and evening as car that two hours of the

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morning and evening that you can find in the book, the fortress of a Muslim, also saying as much Vicar of Allah as you can, whatever you're doing throughout the day at night, whether you're cooking for the family with you're driving the children to school, saying sapan Allah well, hamdulillah when they're Isla de la Wa La Akhbar, also saying a lot of is still far as stuff for the law. And also, make sure you're still taking that time to sit and recite and revise your Quran each day without directly touching the arbic Mustaf.

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And use this time also to you know, visit a 60 star for the sake of a law or a relative, give sadaqa attend lessons. And you know, when you're not able to pray, this is one of the best times for you to cook food for those who are fasting and invite them for a star or to send them food in sha Allah. I ask Allahu taala to accept our fasting and praise from us in this month and all of our righteous deeds. Oh my

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