Did Yusuf A.S Blame the Shaytan? – Ramadan Reminder

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AI: Summary © The use of the Prophet's words in relation to actions of his brothers is emphasized, along with the importance of self-crafting and avoiding confusion and misunderstandings. The speaker also discusses the concept of "by the light of the stars" to judge others' behavior and suggests that it is a way to judge their actions. The use of the god's words in relation to actions of his brothers is also emphasized.
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masala cinnamon baddeck and avocado silica Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Ernie he also could be here or sell them to cinnamon kathira panela. This surah Yusuf has so many things that you know cause us to really take time to reflect, and to see ourselves in the different things that are happening within the surah the story of use of it his salon, and I want to stay with the brothers of Yusuf, but I want to stay with them with a very specific question as well. We already established last night that Allah subhanaw taala forgave them. We already established last night that their Toba was sincere and that, you know, there's even a group of scholars that said that they were blessed

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with Prophethood afterwards. We were we saw all of these different incidents play out in front of us now. There's one question Subhana Allah that remains. And it's very interesting in the way that use of it in his salon now interprets the events that happened between him and his brothers, when I say that the way that you surprise them interpreted them, this is after he has forgiven them. Have you ever forgiven someone but still held something in your heart? You know, and you still it's still every time something happens that resembles it, you kind of go back to the initial transgression. So for example, you know, you forgave someone. But then the next time you have an argument, you say,

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See, I know I knew you didn't change. Now, we don't know what played out in Egypt, after the brothers of use of Isla move there with their families in terms of the very personal family dynamics and some of the conversations that happened there. But here's what we do know, use the funny his Salaam, when he mentioned the favors of Allah subhanaw taala upon him, he blamed the shape on for what his brothers did to him. I'm gonna say that again. He blamed the shape on rather than his brothers for what his brothers did to him embody another shade upon veiny within the equity, after the shade bond came between me and my brothers, this is a very interesting point. And somehow it

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still speaks to the mercy of use of it his setup, right? That use of it his setup did not cast the blame on them, but he blames it on the shape on now if you look through the story of sort of abusive you find people actually being self accountable at the end right so the wife of a disease for example, what does she say? She said that you know when that will better do enough See, you know what, I'm not going to absolve myself and enough so that amount of time pursue the self can sometimes command evil so I'm not going to absolve myself the brothers abusive when they speak to your governing salmon when they speak to us the party and Sarah both times they say we were from ad

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hoc Lee, we made the mistake. You don't see them saying it was a shape bond that told us to do it. Rather they own up to it at the end. And they say to both Dr. Kobani Islam and to use the party Islam. This was us this one's on us not the shape on but us if it has Salaam says the shape on came between me and my brothers. The shape bond came between me and my brothers. So Pamela dear brothers and sisters in the same does the same Jews surah Ibrahim is the speech of shape on the speech of police. Okay, where a police speaks to the inhabitants of Hellfire in the law why the kamaruddin Huck wha to confer love to come warm. I can only recommend sovann illa and delticom. Faster.

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jablotron Lee Fernanda pneumoniae 1014 second.

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It's unbelievable. It's in the same juice that it believes speaks to His followers in the fire, and says to them, Look, Allah gave you a promise, I gave you a promise. I never had power over you. I called you and you listen to me. Blame yourselves. Don't blame me. I have You have no right on me today. All I did the entire time was I just invited you to commit evil, but you were the ones that committed evil. How do we balance these two things? The amount of tests gifts of spirituality and the purification of the soul teaches something extremely important.

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As hard as the believer becomes on themselves, as self accountable as the believer becomes, is as merciful they become with other than themselves. That's why for example, you see that the son of said that, you know, you find multiple quotes, quotes from the scholars of the past, about the person who makes no excuses for themselves. But they excuse their brothers and sisters 70 excuses and beyonds and if they can't come up with an excuse to say maybe he has an excuse or she has an excuse that I don't know. But when I'm dealing with myself, I never blame the shape on. I look in the mirror and I own it. This is me. I messed up. I made a mistake. But when I'm talking about my

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brother, I'm talking about my

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sr, than I absolve them from the sin spamela This is a characteristic we find in the most righteous people that have ever walked the face of the earth, the most righteous generation of this oma that, as close to Allah as they became as devout as they became, they never became condescending, or judgmental, or looked down on the people around them. How easy would it have been? For those people? The Prophet specifically on the show had done the Sahaba to become so self righteous, that everything they see around them is It disgusts them now, right? You know, Subhan Allah, I mean, they have such an eye for their own knifes for their own self, and in looking at their own faults, and

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examining themselves and interrogating themselves. But when they look to other people with their eye, the eye suddenly obscures all of those faults. And obscures those flaws. Isn't that amazing? As inward looking as they are. They purposefully cover their eyes when they look outward. Yeah, aim in the NASA lahoma you know, oh, I other people have eyes too. Oh, tongue other people have tongues to be careful. Misano kinda tough could be out or temporary. inficon Luka Ross, would it nasty and sooner when I look at an abductee like am I even. But now how about Boolean angel in a car? You know, the beautiful thing of the mama Shafi Rahim Allah, don't let your tongue mentioned the faults

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of anyone else. Because other people have tongues too. And when your eye falls on the fault of another person shuts your eye, puts your eye back inwards, let it look back in the soul and say, Oh, I other people have eyes too. You have faults, too. You have flaws, too. And so we find this with the righteous. And this is used to fit his salon as well. That as little of excuses they make for themselves. They make excuses for their brothers, they make excuses for their sisters, as tough as they become on themselves. They become easy with the people, not that they start to lose sight of head on and head on. Or they start to lose sight of what's sinful and not sinful. Or they start to

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to let evil you know take place in their presence, but that they separate their brothers and sisters from the evil and they make excuses for them.

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And that is the perfection of their luck, the perfection of their character. So how do I you find from the sun and also, for example, they talked about, you know, you judge other people by the standard effects while you judge yourself by the standard of taqwa with yourself. You take yourself out of the gray area, you don't go for the easiest. You take yourself out of the gray area, you try to push yourself to higher standards. You try to apply not just the abandonment of how long but the abandonment of mcru the abandonment of things that are disliked and detestable, not just the things that are certainly sinful, but the things that might be sinful. But with other people, you know, may

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Allah subhanaw taala, bless them, maybe they follow a different opinion from a different scholar, may Allah bless them. The fatwa encompasses them, they have a fatwa that encompasses them, but as for myself, I'm going to hold myself to a higher standard. So the reason why I bring this up is that sometimes you can see that when a person makes a mistake, they might immediately start to blame everyone and everything else around them. And that's what shape it right. It wasn't me it was those people It wasn't me it was shape on it wasn't me it was the circumstances of how you'll even find some people that get to the point where they actually will blame Allah, Allah put me in the

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situation. If Allah didn't want me to commit the sin, why did I get put in the situation blame everyone but themselves no sense of self accountability.

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And you see the opposite with the righteous. They will blame themselves they'll burn out. Well, I'm not an fusina Oh Allah we wronged ourselves. Oh Allah. We were amongst the wrongdoers in love tougher than I was on Hamlet on a corner, I'm going in a corner I'm going to hustling. If you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, then we will be from the losers. But one is the brothers and one is their sisters. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive them. Maybe they have circumstances that I don't understand. Maybe they have bad influences that I don't understand. Perhaps maybe I made a mistake and I said something that hurt them and I didn't realize that I hurt them. And that's why they're

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speaking to me this way. Perhaps what I see that appears to be a sin. Maybe it's not a cent maybe, maybe they're you know, I misunderstood the situation. Perhaps the poverty drove them to that perhaps the shavon was able to feast on their vulnerability. And so what's the last level of axon the last level of excellence Let me help that person overcome their shape on not to enter shape on it as the Prophet sly Some said don't help a person shape on

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against them. Don't help a person shape bond against them. It's like you separate them from that. Because shape bond tries to make you think when you sin, that your essence is one of disobedience to Allah subhana wa tada you have no hope to return back to Allah subhanaw taala and when you pull your brothers and sisters out of the dark sometimes even after they hurt you

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and you still extend your hand to them and pull them out of the dark you tell them that they're better than the shape on you know your fall was not you That was the shape on but you need to overcome that shape on now. Pull them out of that by assisting them against their shape on that's what use of it is Saddam was doing its power law what a man what a man and what you know what good would it be to us if we read the story of use of it Islam and we're still as harsh hearted towards the people and not forgiving the way that we learned from use of it has set up what a man his brothers tried to kill him and use of hiding his salon would not even mention the time that they

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plotted against them again, because he truly forgave them. And on top of that, he made them feel like they had hope back towards Allah subhanaw taala the shape on came between us. We don't want to let him in our ranks anymore. May Allah subhana wa tada protect us from the shape on coming between us. May Allah subhanaw taala protect our homes from the shape on coming between us and our spouses and our children and our parents and our grandparents and our uncles and aunts and our cousins May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from the shape on coming between us and our siblings. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from the shape on causing dissension in our ranks. May Allah subhanaw

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taala never allow us to be amongst those that refuse to hold themselves accountable, but make us amongst those that always strive for his pleasure and always own their mistakes and always strive to get better and May Allah subhanaw taala never allow us to become judgmental or prideful or condescending that we see our brothers or sisters as less than us. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive our brothers and sisters all over the world, meaning that we may not well Muslim meanwhile Muslim out here even home while I'm watching the living believers and the dead ones May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive them all May Allah subhanaw taala unite us and that which is pleasing to Him And may

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Allah subhanaw taala allow us to abide by the law the characteristics that we are learning from the prophets as we read this glorious quarter Allah I mean or saddam or something bad or Carnaby? No Mohammed wanted it he will be meaningless then I want to come around celebrity