Mohammad Elshinawy – Knowing The Tricks of Satan

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the struggles of a fight and the need for a plan to face enemies. They stress the importance of planning ahead and finding a way to avoid being murdered. They also talk about shavon's use of "has" to make people feel like they have a certain amount of knowledge and longevity. Jesus talks about his desire to live in a kingdom where he will never be again and wants to become a slave in the future. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book about protecting oneself.
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In the

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truly unforeseen our cntr Madam Mayor de la Corolla, fellow with a normal whenever you

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are crazy floating along so a lot of you seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure, his forgiveness and his protection from the hills preserve our souls and the will consequences of our actions. Remember, love guides knowing the history. And remember a lot of the mighty majestic needs history no one can guide and we just the fact that no one is worthy of our worship with alone without any partners, the true supreme King and the Prophet Muhammad Salah party

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property service.

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Yeah, Nina

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Simone, oh, believers have the power of love

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and uphold your duty to act in the manner that he deserves and do not die in such a state of Islam in a state of complete and total submission to a large soldier.

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Above the Muslim exalted, he's has a wonderful opponent inside if he kept that standard for this life, we have created the human being in difficulty. This rollercoaster called life with its ups and downs, and its hardships and disappointments and its challenges.

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That's for everybody. But for the for, in particular, the one that believes in the unseen, and asserts in that he has an appointment with his creator on the last day has an additional mountain to climb. And that is the mountain of being remaining committed, becoming fully committed to a loss of hydrocodone the one that he believes. So he concerns himself at a time when people are lacs, and he takes things seriously when other people think they're no big deal. And that's why his life is more difficult than it all

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the struggle to submit is that the battle within and reality that battle is more than a battle. It's a full fledged war.

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And thus it is not be fitting for a believer who believes in all that to be asleep at war.

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Have you ever seen an army go out into a world without a plan? For example, every army has a plan if they're victorious, what's the game plan? And if they're defeated, what are they supposed to do? And if there's an ambush, how are they supposed to regroup to minimize their losses? Because there's too much at stake. There's nations and lives and resources history is at stake. So what about the believer? How can he be asleep at war?

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Especially when he lives that struggle? Because he's fighting multiple enemies at the same time? There are his desires

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and then there is shavon of the gene but he cannot see. And then there's their shell dean of the humans around them to deter him and tempt him away from Allah subhana wa Tada.

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How can you juggle and balance and carry and resist all of those at once?

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Make a theory mobile says can you imagine how shavon says to Allah subhanho wa Taala for beer he says he can have we ended up married I vow a vow before the fight started. I vow I swear by your mind, Oh Allah, I'm going to misguide every last one of them.

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Even if he says no shade on it, please said to our father and mother Adam and Islam and his wife. I am a trustworthy advisor to you. And he through the amount of paragraphs. So what about someone who did not say he's an advisor to someone who he said, I swear I'm going to this guy.

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And that's why the shavonne is the greatest enemies that a person needs to have a plan in order to face to confront him in that battle requires a very detailed, very fine tuned plan.

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shavon who declares his energy to you before you know who he is, you know, the Korean Muslim, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He says there is no newborn except that he comes out of his mother's stomach screaming.

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That is because shavon has stabbed him at birth. Meaning relax, take it easy. The child doesn't even know his own name yet he immediately is declaring his enmity to the human being. This is yet another descendant of add on is Allah my initial enemy, my sword enemy and refer a Muslim the profits of a

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lavaredo seldom used to take his grandchildren and hassle Hussein and used to say upon them in disguise he would lay near to them and he would say, Oh I love them anymore you Obama I seek protection for the both of them big with you.

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Already orange do Kumar we can imagine let's say I seek protection for you in the most perfect words of Allah mean coolish a bond in Wareham from every devil that means susceptible to the devils. That is shaytaan doesn't waste the moment even from childhood. He's attacking those children. He's relentless and that's why

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when he was asked and I'm really pleased as long as he ever sleep, Allah even legit narrow has it had he slept we would have found some rest. But No he doesn't. He works by night and by day. And this is actually alluded to

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when Allah subhana wa teaches us to see I mean shrubbery was was the cleanness, we seek refuge in our love from the whisper that retreats mean whispers drops away and comes back and this person runs away guerilla warfare.

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And let the West with you feel so Dori NASS, the one who whispers in the chests of the people, he didn't say in the hearts of the people, meaning he sits there by dead right in your chest or sleeping awaiting for a moment that's actually retreating to get into your heart is waiting for any crack to open up. So he may answer and thus opposite he whispers in the chests wishful that he could get into the hearts if you would let him in.

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And so the human being needs to come to terms with that. And it's not even just that shavon In fact, sits there not just waiting, not just patient, he's skillful. He's tactful.

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He actually studies

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to see where can I enter from what would work against this person, he doesn't use the same strategy against everybody in the play or human life as it is his book called The love of the show, which means basically rough translation of the title. It's a big book, that he talks about how to rescue those that are at loss that are confused from the traps of shavonne. He says in the beginning, he says that of the incredible nature of his plots.

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Is that you share the neffs he says he sniffs the soul when he inspects the soul kind of person is this

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to see is he more of an over goer? Or is he a lacks person to see which of the directions he should take him and he does not care which directions he goes, meaning Are you the zealous type? Are you the energetic type? Are you the the headstrong type, when he'll take you off the path over? push you use that weakness of yours against you. And if you're the laid back type lazy, it's like most of us are like this, the type that is negligent, he'll bury you under the path. But his objective is so that you're not on the straight path. So for example, a law surgeon commands, he says

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that everything every single command of Allah shavonne will throw you in one of two directions, he'll throw you to go overboard with it, although go for you ignore it over under his care. Either extremism is fine, so long as you're not on the street path. So what commands you to seek knowledge, it's an obligation Islam.

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So he'll either number one gets you to neglect that obligation. I know enough. I don't know how to pray, I don't know what to read. And so you neglect the obligation you fall under, you shortchange the obligation, or you're the type that is headstrong. So he'll push you to seek knowledge, but he'll make you assume that it's all about knowledge and nothing about knowledge and nothing else. But knowledge and knowledge becomes a goal for you, instead of being a means for you.

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The knowledge will seek you to fear on Monday and to show you how to keep your duty to Allah knows how much knowledge I have, and how I can feed that ego of mine with that knowledge and how I can show people that I can win every conversation and prove to them I have more knowledge the push them over our command to make solid shape either gets you to number one, not loving the salon at all right that's going under your under the bus or push you over to improve your soul and to go overboard and to pray more. Either showing off to the people just as bad you forfeited God or overboard with your salon. You start adding things to the solar innovations in the world except that

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he that he doesn't care. But he has a strategy. He sees which direction are you more susceptible to Can he push you to faster, easier

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to save history

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resources. Allah subhanho wa Taala, for example, commanded to be the maintainer and protector of your household.

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Some fall short in that, and they think all the men means is that I have to spend them my family. And that means I don't have to listen to anyone and I get to say everything.

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He fell short of understanding and some people go overboard, not understanding what I meant, it means either in the other direction. So shavon studies you, and that is why must panna what Allah said to us, in the end, you have any left in any shape on camera, about a minute, gentlemen, there is an indirect reference to that fact. He said, all children of Adam reminding us of our Adam, our father and our history, and our relationship to him, Do not be tempted by shape on in the same manner, underline that, in the same manner that he expelled your two parents from Paradise. What was the manner through which she has gone gotten out of Paradise, he studied them and saw what the

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weaknesses word and he used them.

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Against Adam, Alice 11 is when we have earnings. And we should study those weaknesses because those are also our weaknesses, for our DNA expense from their DNA. And our programming. Our software is an extension of their software. They are our parents. They are the human race. So what he entered through as a rallying center,

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to those made him fearful for his life, and made him fearful for his world.

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And he said to them, as a lot of words are super and the paralysis are off, shall I not inform you? On sent to Anthony Sarah, and to his wife, Alessia de la, de la Vela, shall I direct you to the tree of eternal life, don't worry, you're not gonna die. Here's the way out. If you're afraid that you're gonna die, here's the exit the forbidden tree is the tree of destruction. You call it the Tree of Life, one of the strategies to rename things, but staying with the point the human weakness, one will kill you. And I'm directing you to the mini in a kingdom that will never wear out that will never perish. So that's well, what's the point of living Forever, ever, ever again, enjoy it.

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And so these two he answered with, and he got them to forget our muscle panel data for a moment. They got he got them to overstep their bounds. And by that they were censored here.

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And the children of Adam or the setup, we have the same problem

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with numerical values. And he said, some of

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them were goofy. He's, the son of Adam grows old. But as his growing old, two things grow ever young.

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Man with

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the love of wealth, property, and the love of longevity to live longer in this world, all of us are like, we are all this the person becomes he's still hopeful to live more, why do you want to live anymore? What's the word of life now?

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And the love of Well, you see that a person the older they get, the more protective they become, you have no use for that money anymore. But still, he becomes possessive and equalities to feel like he hasn't let go yet is not being torn away yet is in all of us. And that's why I lost it told us a trade on enters on us too, from those two doors. As for the love of life, and the fear of death,

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a law so justice in nema danek shavon onea fella who will call phoning me

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This is only shaped by

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causing you to become afraid of his allies. So do not be afraid of them and fear me if you are truly believers

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and ask for the wealth of wealth of muscle Panama's alysus as shavon vre Dooku moonflower Pura vida

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de shavon, who threatens you with poverty and commands you with indecency mean he makes you afraid that you're going to become poor. And that's an easy one because you love wealth so much. And then once you're afraid that you're going to become poor, he drives you to indecency to get the wealth from where you're not allowed by lying by cheating by selling a tumor or time by river by otherwise.

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And then he sends those that listen to him to debate with equals those two love of your life and love your wealth hesitations. And then aside from these desires template

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With these desires, they also cast in front of you decoys doubts, suspicions about your religion, about the reality of your existence about our Muslim the hereafter about his religion being true. We're in the shell Lena

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mujer De Luca molasses, and then the devils come forward and they inspire their allies, so they may debate with you.

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We're in the age of freedom and you call yourself a slave, the slave of Allah. What does that even mean? We're in the age of liberating women, you're still covering your hair to debate with you.

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Wait, Michel de una mujer De Luca. So when this is the utility melt of shape, and he has such a long, thick fat resume, and he's been doing it for so long, so well, how in the world can you win this Oregon State law?

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In reality, You are no match for shapefile you cannot.

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But the good news is that shavonne is no match for loss of water.

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So you're only rescues to run to him. And so in Genesis in nemu, laser level Soufan Island, Medina, Amman, where I don't believe

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in Mr. Wu

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alone, indeed, he has no authority. His whispers don't faze his plots, don't scare don't affect

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those that have a man in their lower and put their trust in Him. So to the degree that your Emad grows, to a degree that your shade bond dies, the more image you have, the less authority he has.

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And our ma Sergeant told us that the moment you stop relying on a law, or you become negligent of a law, that is when you slip, that is when you can't hold your own once it leaves you you're finished, even for a moment when neither

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one of us and we had had a deal with Adam previously and he forgot see once you forget, that's when you're susceptible to the attack. And he said some kind of

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inner circle even the pious people consider that even the pious cool people have tough for either Mr. Hooper, min ash shaytani. Carew

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once aka meaning of wind attack, you know, someone blindside you catches you off guard is the jab, like follow up follow up is when you spin around the gallon fast. You're at each point quickly for a moment. I love this one a lot. When she comes around, and this catches you once the people of piety they catch them very few times, or they caught questions on but when they are caught off guard by shaitana Moses,

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they remember. So Adam and Adam slipped. And so he felt when he forgot the verses. And the people of piety were also attacked when they forgot because when they're attacked, they remembered so they were attacked at a moment when they didn't remember. So the vicar of Allah is that fortress of the Muslim, the vicar of Allah is what protects you and makes you invincible and straightforward, although otherwise, without the degree of luck. You cannot you are destined for failure

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam

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rasulillah. Of course, the vicar of Allah embodies everything because you will remember a lot harder.

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And you'll remember a lot with your tongue. And you remember a lot the greatest form is to remember your actions as opposed to

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because that means our law has already there in your heart. And that is why you did the acts that you would only accept to be seen by Allah who did them well observant of him. That's why you didn't do because he was there to kind of what God you were vigilant of him conscious of him soprano.

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But even though the decrees every aspect of our Deen,

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I mentioned to close the next five, six minutes quickly, and I apologize for the delay. You know, I come from a traveling department that was filled I didn't know where the alternate place was. And you will be out of the restaurant as you're accustomed to that is your right and you have commitments and we understand that and forgive us once again for the delayed

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arrival and start with

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the first most important victim of love to protect you and your family is the one

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and notice

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the moment

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teaches you a lot so you become confident in him that despite shavon masterplan, it's nothingness once I'm with Allah once I'm sheltered by him, and also the Quran tells you about yourself. This whole book was proof of that.

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