Reciting The Qur’an When You Have Menses

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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A very common question that so many sisters have is can I read or touch the Quran while I'm menstruating? So first of all sisters if we're speaking about reciting the Quran, without directly touching it, such as reading it from your phone or tablet, or using a tissue to turn the pages of the Arabic Quran, then as stated by many scholars, this is permissible duty, they're not actually being any authentic proof to show that a menstruating woman is forbidden to recite the Quran. And we notice that the prophets that I love when he was told I shall buy the Allahu anhu when she got her menstruation in hajj, do everything that that person in hajj does, except for actually doing a bow

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off of the Kaaba. Also those scholars who said it's not allowed for the woman who's menstruating to recite the Quran, base their opinion on PS or analogy of the Juno, who's the person in a state of having had sexual intercourse. And such a person as we know can easily go and take a loss in order to remove that state whenever they wish. However, as we know, a woman in the state of menses is very different from this because she cannot remove her state. And so if we say that it's not allowed for her to recite the Quran, that means that she will basically be deprived from reciting the Quran for maybe seven or more days and especially in Ramadan when women are struggling as it is to complete

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even just one hotma of the Quran. And they're also in the greatest need for as much reward as they can from reciting it. And that's why the more correct opinion will Lahore island as stated by scholars such as shuffle Islam, even Tamia Rahim Allah is that administer menstruating woman may recite the Quran. However, if we're speaking about directly touching the Arabic Quran, without using a tissue or some other type of barriers to turn the pages, there is an authentic narration from the prophets that are law while it was set in which states lay a message on a left bar here that no one should touch the Quran except the person in a state of purity. So therefore, if you're reading an

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English translation of the Quran, all from your phone or tablet, there's nothing wrong with you directly holding that. But if you're revising, reciting from the Arabic most half, then you shouldn't touch it directly without using a tissue or blogs to turn the pages in Sharla