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Introduction to Keeping Faith in Trying Times Morals of Surah Al’ Ankaboot

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh he shot a lot by Allah His grace, in a couple of weeks we Jenna is going to be starting our new courses. The first one that I want to share with you is related to the following problem that we all are facing. How can I stay strong, as a Muslim, as a female, as a man as a Muslim in general, strong faith, keeping faith in trying times? And the source? Or the answer should come from only one source. It's the Quran and the sun, and we're going to do it this time from the origin. Sumatra uncover with the spider has the answers for this. And you need to know what is the spider has to do with faith? Why did the last pantalla COVID spider,

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what is in the Oran all especially in the chapter of the spider that's going to help me when I am walking in the street, and I am getting uncomfortable because of the way I look or the way I speak and then my email and my faith will get weaker? What is this worth Lanka? Was it going to keep me going and gonna keep me stronger and gonna make me wake up from my fragile in it. If you look at it, the stories of the prophets, the spiral itself, the parable has a lot of lessons for us. And what we're going to try to do in that course is look at this and not only the usual tafsir the usual interpretation, rather is actually looking at it in a deeper way. But reflecting on my daily life,

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how I will live these spider chapter of the point in my life to strengthen my email and the more we learn this and the more our faith will be stronger the more my stone will be stronger and the better Muslim I will be.

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