A warning to those who turn people away from Islam because of their bad manners

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Hello. So, he says, look at the seriousness of

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the Unicode. Do not take the oaths and the covenants between each other as the holidays.

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Don't use the oath to deceive and cheat each other. Don't use a last name to your advantage. That's bad manners with a low and bad manners with the people. Because if you do that, you know what happens to Fiat how serious they get. [email protected] what's the result for the Zilla? katamon bada boom?

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people be misled from Islam. The

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meaning afford a portion he was about the committee said he saw the goodness of Islam because of your bad dealings. Because you violated your own offer up and then you will slip away.

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One person, then the law social is telling us if one person was misled because of your bad deeds, that's a disaster and a calamity. How are you going to face alarm social on the Day of Judgment, knowing that one person one person lost his Deen lost to Islam and His righteousness because of your bad manners. Not only there two more parts for the air, what are sewerby now soldered to man sebelah. And because you did that, because of bad manners, you will taste the evil of the punishment. You will taste the punishment. Because you live people from the deen of Allah, Allah What about you might argue and you might say that I love Islam. I love you, sir. I love

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a lot of socialists telling you that if you have bad manners, you're actually turning people away from Islam, but the voopoo a female so that

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you will teach the punishment in this life because you misled people from Islam. Why not kumada Navin and in the Hereafter, there is a serious torment for punishment that will come to such people, my brothers in Islam, rectify the character before it's too late. and solve your issues and your problems with people before it's too late. And give up whatever problem you have in your life for the sake of Allah so that you can be closer to the sun Ullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the Day of Judgment, as he

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to me

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that the people that are close to me on the Day of Judgment are those who had good manners and this hadith in its opposite meaning it's also true, those who are far away from

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them on the Day of Judgment of those with bad manners. Allah Maha sin Akana mahalo