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Bismillah when hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah why the LED wasafi woman Well,

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first of all my dear sisters, Assam want a comb worauf mo to live he will barakato

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It's such a pleasure to have you all here.

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Each and every one of you for giving up your Sunday morning to come and remind yourself about the law and the FBI in Sharla, especially to get ourselves motivated and ready for Ramadan, bt, Milan, Nita Allah.

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My dear sisters, as we all know, one of the greatest struggles that many of us face as women is that, you know, we all want to get close to Allah to Allah in this month, and to feel the closeness and sweetness of praying to Allah and every bed in this month. But subpoena law, we find that what happens is because of how many responsibilities we have, and the busy schedules that we have, all of that tends to get in the way, and take away from that time that we have, that we want to dedicate towards, you know, focusing on getting close to a loss of hansala in this month. And, you know, we find in the end, when we're constantly running after our children were busy in the kitchen, and we

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find this whole time for ourselves to really sit down and just focus on our data.

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And you know, some of you may not be mothers, but you may be struggling with assignments or exams, and all of that makes you feel burnt out. And you can feel resentful when you look at others who are having that time to peacefully recite the Quran, and, you know, get close to Allah Subhana Allah. So as I was saying, Subhan Allah many times we can feel quite resentful. You know, you may even get to feel quite resentful. When you see other people seeing they're enjoying their recitation of the Quran, you're going, maybe even it's your husband, you know, he's going off to the mosque, and he's enjoying his time away, and anti caffeine piece. Meanwhile, you're at home Subhan Allah is

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struggling with the kids, and you can hardly find time to, you know, enjoy your prayers. So that's why Bina now what I wanted to speak about today is how we can get the most out of them our bond, despite how busy we may be, and I'm going to go through a lot of points, but it shall at the end, if you have any further things you want to talk about, we can go into that as well. Okay, so the first step, if we want to try to have the Ramadan that we wish for, is we need to free up you know, as much time as we can form upon beforehand, so you need to plan ahead. Okay, your goal must be to plan ahead and to free up as much time as you can, you need to think ahead of what's going to happen or

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move on and what are the things that you can maybe do now to get them out of the way so that you have more time in Ramadan. So what does that mean? It means anything you're able to drop from your schedule that you can get rid of things that's not really that necessary. Those are the things you should be trying to drop out of your schedule to free up your time appointments postpone if you can, you know if you like if you possibly can cut down on your work schedule like if you work if you can possibly take a bit more time off or cut down your work schedule, anything that's not necessary for you. Try to get it out of the way or postpone it like Same thing with assignments if you've got

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assignments Do you know that during Ramadan you try to get them to try to get them done before Ramadan you know exams if you have exams shot you know we still got you know we can beat you caught inshallah use this time to try to put in a bit extra effort to try to get some of that study done before Ramadan is comes

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another very important point that really helps and that is if you can possibly spring clean your house before Ramadan comes this is also one of the things is going to save you a lot of time when our time comes a lot of people as you know they tend to spring clean their house before eat they waste many many days in the Ramadan spring cleaning the house where that could have been used you know doing my job the Quran reciting the Quran revising so they they burn up that time instead so that's why if you can possibly spring cleaning house before Ramadan comes because that way sisters the first day of Ramadan comes and all that's required from you is to sit down and start open up in

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this house and start reciting because you know everything's done you feel your mind is free because you know you've done everything you need to do for the house. So you go do is focus on your bed. So that should be what we should be aiming for.

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Another thing is if you know that you have to invite certain people for if thought all right, if possible, try to get those yeah if you've got to do like pastries or sweets, you try to get those

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done now before Ramadan comes even eat sweet some people spend the last part of Ramadan doing all that ate sweets. So if you can possibly do that before Ramadan comes, that's gonna save you a lot of time in Ramadan.

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And even you know when it comes to thinking about who you're going to invite for the star My advice is don't overdo it just invite who you need to really invite, but don't go crazy in doing if thought invitations because really like, look what is the purpose is thought anyway, mainly in our bond, it's to feed the fasting so you get the edge, isn't it and also to keep civil center rockin like to maintain the blood ties, of course. But in general, you don't want to ever do with your thought invitations. It's the honest truth is how many days are wasted because when we have any thought invitation, we have very little time to do any better in that particular day. So as much as you can

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get out of those if thought invitations, just so you can focus on your on your on on your enrollment, what Ramadan is really about. And this another thing as well here is the is the age shopping, especially if you're the type that wants to get new clothes for every single kid in your family and you have 10 children, my advice is Earth and you got a week and two days or three days, it's probably cheaper to get the clothes now than it would be after a trauma bond. So quickly got out, hit the shops and get those clothes now. So you save all that time and frustration at the end of Ramadan looking for all those clothes and matching shoes and all of all of that you know people

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And look at the end of the day. Let's be honest, kids do not need to wear new clothes, they just need to wear good clothes, they don't need to wear new clothes. So they've got some clothes that still fit them for a previous year or wedding they've just gone to that would be great for a month or eight inshallah.

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Another thing you can do is you can do meal planning, a lot of sisters find meal planning very beneficial. So if you can plan ahead what meals you want to have, you know, if you can get the shopping done for those meals beforehand, stock up your freezer. So everything's done, because as well, we want to reduce going out the house as much as possible. And that includes shopping, how much time do we waste shopping. So if we can get most of our major shopping done before Ramadan, then it's just a matter of going and getting the small simple things we need to get that adds on to the extras that we need. So those are some of the things we should be focusing on. You know, before

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Ramadan, as I said, the aim is to try to think about anything you can do to free up extra time for yourself in Ramadan.

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The next point is my dear sisters,

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to simplify your Ramadan as much as possible. So what I mean by that, I mean try to make it as easy as possible on yourself. Do not overload yourself in a bar. In fact, I want you to really just step back and try to come down with all the things all that the burdens you tend to place on yourself the extra pressure you place on yourself. Normally when we ask those the ones who placed the pressure on ourselves, most of the time it's not the husband it's actually ourselves we think we have to do this and we have to do that Ramadan is a time for us like I said the sisters take a holiday from this dunya take a holiday from this dunya slow down and try to enjoy this time and focus on your a burger

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because it's so important for us to replenish our souls, we need to you know really slow down and take this time out to replenish our souls you know, our soul sisters, how many of us are struggling in trying to maintain our men in these times how many of us are suffering from stress related problems, whether anxiety or depression or these things all this design that we need to slow down and start to narrow give our time selves the time to you know, enjoy a bed I feel the hand out of the bed to the sweetness of any burger, my dear sisters. So that's what your focus should be. So you know as we always say Ramadan is not the month of food and preparing food which it becomes for so

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many people. Ramadan is a is a time of feeding your soul. You're fasting from food, but the idea is to feed your soul not feed your stomach.

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So let's talk about how we can simplify our time for ourselves. Let's simplify first of all our food. We don't need to have 10 dishes on the table. We're not going through a fennan we're fasting Ramadan, you know like Okay, the first day you might feel a bit hungry but by the third day you don't you can hardly you can hardly feel your stomach because it's shrunk. So you really only like for the family you honestly only really need one dish. We don't need to do more than one dish. Okay, we better really change this mentality. Like liquid sapan Allah May Allah protect our health, a lot of us are studying You know, a lot of the community suffers from health problems from other eating.

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So if we can learn to eat like the sun now which is to feel the stomach only one third and to drink, you know, the rest of it.

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The next 30 is for for your drink. And the last third is to, you know, to brief, you know, if we were to follow the sun now you wouldn't be having to spend all this time in the kitchen to prepare all these foods because we honestly do not need at all. I mean, they say you need to eat about that much as much as your fist. that's as big as your stomach is, but we overstretching our stomachs, somehow a lot. So if we're cooking for that much each person, it's really not a lot of food.

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Another thing is to try to cook for two days, you know, well, some husbands are fussy, but inshallah your husband isn't. So he can cook which is is that is ideal, because then you only have to cook for what like you cook once and then the next day, the whole day, you just got to recycle on, do whatever you want to do. And you don't have to worry about preparing the food, all you have to do is heat it up, put your thought and let's see. So try to do that as well. So that's your, your cooking, then besides that your routine, you need to try to cut corners with your routine. There's a lot of extra things we've placed in ourselves, we don't really need to do. For example, you don't need to

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polish your TV every single day. You don't need to polish every single piece of furniture in your house every single day. You don't need to swap the bathroom down every single day. You know, some of us we go crazy without cleaning. We've got OCD. So let's all just calm down and realize we need to just step back slow down and start to give to ourselves in our bond. That should be our main focus. All right, we can always go back to scrubbing the bathroom every day after Ramadan. But how about Ramadan, we just you know, we can you know, it's not gonna harm us if we have a few bits of dust lying around when nothing's gonna happen inshallah. So just try to cut corners as much as you can.

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Things you don't really need to do. You know, don't do it. Don't put that burden on yourself. You don't need to boss every single kid every single night. kids do not get that dirty sisters. Your kids are not playing in a job. 24 seven, they're not that dirty. So they don't need to be bad every single day. Okay, sisters, so just whatever you can do to cut back for yourself. That's what you should be doing to make yourself feel more at peace in autonomy, still feeling distress that many people are feeling. So my my advice, my dear sisters is just stop trying to be a martyr. You know, and doing everything yourself. This is another big mistake. Many sisters do. They try to be the

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martyr. And then they want everyone to appreciate them. And no one does. Because it's all he didn't work that no one sees. Right? Except for Allah subhanaw taala, of course. But in general, you know, you've been on moto all day, and you're waiting for your husband to come and say that you love him for doing that. And he doesn't say anything. You feel resentful because he doesn't notice what you've done. All right. So my advice, my dear sisters, is to have a whole new approach in Ramadan, that you're going to start delegating your tasks out to family members, okay, everybody can help you in cleaning the house. Everybody can help you. In cooking the food. Start delegating. When they

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complain, you tell them the AI with our line of duty onetaqwa cooperate in bed and taqwa cooperate in piety and fearing a law, when we help each other in Ramadan, we're hoping each other had more time for a bed, when everybody puts their hand in, it makes it that makes the work quicker and we all get more time ultimately, so and we should be helping each other to be to strive in Oregon. So you know, shift the burden should not be displaced only on one person. And we ourselves it's also a lot of time our own fault because we don't ask we don't ask others to help and to tell them that we need this help. You know, so if you're struggling in expectations, like sometimes there are some

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husbands I put a lot of expectations on their wives in Ramadan. So that's fine. He wants to place those expectations. But you need help. You need help explain to him how much you need to take this time out for yourself and to have free time in our bond to be able to worship Allah subhanaw taala and we need his help to be able to do that. So can he suggest for you some ways that he can help you if he wants to place all these extra expectations on you? Is there anyone whose family who can help you Is there any Is there anyone in your family that can help you have a look around and see if you might be able to help you in doing like maybe you can go to someone's house and house and help them

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cook the food for one star and a night come to your house and you cook the food together for the next he starts going into a family thing you know sometimes some families it's like your family one night and then everyone goes next family. If If a couple of you know the ones who are going to be doing that, if they can get together and cook together. You could probably finish the dinner in like one hour together rather than your whole day and all night. You know staying up all night cooking and all morning cooking and then they finally you're exhausted. So look for different ways that you can cut corners. And like I said, try to delegate

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Whatever tasks you have, so that you don't feel resentful, and really, we should all be trying to help each other in striving for our bond. Okay? Ramadan's not only this is a time for a sand, this is a time for goodness to others and getting the rewards. So we should all be looking for those rewards in helping each other and shoreline striving for the FA da.

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Another point

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is that we need to the third point I want to speak about is we need to get rid of the time wasters. Because you know, many of us, we complain that we don't have enough time. That's a very common complaint that many sisters make, I don't have enough time. But let's have a look at what you do with your time. If we have a really close look at what you do with your time, like, How much time do we spend on social media,

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even if you just spend one or two hours a day, just say you spend two hours a day on social media, when you add it all up? How many times you check your Facebook page, if you spend, you know, like, you know, say quarter an hour in the morning, quarter bananas a day, it all adds up to say two hours, then times that by seven days, that's 14 hours, 14 hours is a whole day. It's it's more than a whole day of dialogue, you know, that we could have been doing so much. So sometimes we're saying I'm so busy, I don't have time. But in reality, it's because we don't make use of our time in a more beneficial way. And that's the reason we had so much you know, we don't have enough time.

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So that's one thing. And then the other thing is to like Like I was saying before to cut back on going out of the house as much as you can rely on as easy as possible. Try to stay home as much as you can hold on to keep that time for yourself. You know, so don't don't focus on going shopping in Ramadan shopping takes so much time out of your schedule. Like I said before, and another thing as well is Ramadan is not the time for sitting watching TV series or watching you know, besides selects, you know, and a lot of people waste a lot of time with that that's fine outside Ramadan, a bit of a bit of you know, recreation, but when it's ramadan ramadan is not a time for watching TV

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series. I know a lot of people are watching for example, that series right now.

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Ertugrul I can't say the word, you know that Turkish series Subhan Allah but look sisters, as much as handle it, it's got some good, you know, beneficial things in it. But it's not, it's not for Amazon, it's not for Amazon. So put a pause on it and watch the next few episodes as much as you can before Ramadan times and look forward to after Ramadan. But you know, I tell you that my family was always the policy that run on the TV does not even get turned on once. That's how it is fast. Like it's just not the time, you know, you've got to put a pause on the dunya Ramadan, you could put a pause on the junior systems, you can block it out to really get the benefit of Ramadan.

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The other thing that we can waste time on as well you know, Bonnie's socializing now, okay, you do need to always even if you go to see human beings every now and again have but look ultimately sisters, I suggest to you that during the days you don't you don't mix with people and go to their houses and just sit around and socialize. It's not the time for socializing, Euro bond, but, you know, try and make your socializing to save when you go to any thought when you go to someone's house free thought. But even then don't overdo it with the socializing you know, you need to put your priorities in order what you what you what you're what you're planning for outcome to speak

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about. But you don't want to be spending all night socializing, you've got to have that time also so your total the phrase as we'll come to, but besides that,

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and your your socializing can also be in the form of when you come for telemedia you know, you come to me you talk to the sisters who are there in the midst MSG, little bit like for example, before the prayer or after the pray, and just that human contact, it takes that need away for you, from you for from feeling that you need to have, you know, to see people during Ramadan. Another thing I do is of course, I had my classes as well. So obviously coming to lessons, but at least you're coming with the intention of coming to a lesson and and but you're connecting with others through that so you know you're coming to the sake of a lot together to learn what's hired for you in this life

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independent and as you know, but at the same time, you still gain that human you know, interaction. So if you're going to socialize, like I said, try to do it in the ways that it's not just waste, it's not time wasting. And if you look at the sonic sisters anyway in Ramadan, you know, you see a lot of them they used to actually stick to the masjid when they were fasting because and when they were asked why they said they feared mixing with people because once you mix with people, it's very likely you're going to fall into say backbiting and gossiping things that reduce the reward for your fasting. So that's why do sisters as much as possible. Avoid socializing too much in Ramadan,

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especially during the day when you're fasting because you can easily withdraw

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rewarding one minute you know how easy it is for sisters to suddenly start gossiping about someone back party or just talking about doing things that don't benefit and Panama like sometimes you can feel so motivated Ramadan is such an such a high in what you're doing and because you went in mixed with certain people and they just start talking about all this stuff, you come back and you kind of lose your motivation. So that's why it's better to not mix too much in Ramadan inshallah.

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The next point sisters that I have is

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to plan you know, plan for quality over quantity, plan for quality over quantity when you're busy. That's what you have to focus on. Like, if we look at what a level talent tells us in the Quran anyway, he says into the MOOC, and Larry was

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at UConn, Santa Ana, one disease will walk.

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So Allahu taala. He tells us in this verse, that he is the one who created both death and life Leanna do upon to test you and Yukon, which one of you is what x and one Allah is best Indeed, he didn't say x Tawana. He said in most Indies, he said the best. So that's why my dear sisters, especially when you're very busy, you need to focus on

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you need to focus on any class doing the small deeds that you can do with a class that is far better than somebody who does many, many, many days or huge days without loss without sincerity. So this should be your focus that whenever you do, you try to aim for maximum in class as much as possible sincerity for the sake of Allah without react without showing off for the sake of Allah alone, and trying to reach a saying in everything you do. Try to perfect everything you do, what am I What do I mean by that and when we go through the different things we should be aiming towards perfection, perfecting to the best of our abilities in our bond. And number one of those things which should be

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in our plan for for trying to perfect is our Salah is our prayers

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and trying to have a sense in our prayers. We need to really slow down and start taking more you know more more focus in our prayers My dear sisters like most of the year we spend we pray but we had Remember last month Allah in our prayers were so busy and that's when we don't get the benefit of the prayer.

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But we have to realize that we in Ramadan, we should be trying to you know, reach that higher level in our prayers inshallah. As you know what is exam in the prayer, what is exam and dabbled a lot to Edna pannacotta raha inlanta cusabo, the enamel euro to worship Allah subhanaw taala as if you can see him. And even if you can't see him, then there really he sees you. This is the level we should be trying to reach in our prayers. So how are we going to achieve this? My dear sisters? First of all, we have to learn to slow down and appraise. We have to realize how much we're in need for our prayers. We are Why are we all suffering so much stress and all of these problems because the pilot

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we're not really getting the train, Daniel not realizing how important the pay is for us, and using it like a medicine for ourselves. So Panama.

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So how do you do that? Number one, you need to be focusing on trying to pray your prayers in the beginning of their times, in the beginning of their times, because when you pray towards the end, that's when you're more likely going to rush and you're not going to enjoy your prayer. But when you pray in the beginning, that's when you've got more time you feel you're more relaxed, you focus more. And anyways, the pain along the reward for praying in the beginning is not like the rewards of praying in the end. When the prophet SAW long when his son was asked, What is the best days? What did he say? He said us Allah to Allah Bhakti ha, the prayer It is time. So the prayer in the

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beginning of its time is far greater in reward. And what was like What was I just say to note again, a moment ago, I was saying to you that a lot of you are complaining because you're so busy, you hardly have enough time and you're worried about how you can get the maximum How can you maximize your my bond? Look for those, try to you know, whatever deeds you do to try to maximize them. What are the deeds you can do? You try to maximize them? How do you do that? Number one is loss, like I said, and number two, trying to perfect them not that you're trying to perfect them as much as you can and doing them in the times where they're great at being reward. So that way, if you can only

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pray or fight prayer, you've maximized it.

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by praying in the beginning or towards the beginning of time, I didn't say to praying in the first five minutes, but you know, first half an hour maximum, the first hour, try not to delay your prayer longer than that, because you don't get the taste, you don't get the same taste. And the other thing too sisters, don't compare to others when it comes to your prayers. Like you might see some people to Panama, they pray long, long, long praise and hold on. And you think you might think that's better to yourself a long island That's better. Because a prayer floss and for sure, which might be shorter. When you get close to Allah in that prayer is far bigger than a pri where a person stands

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for long periods of time at all their mission is to get out of that prayer because they're so tired and they just want to get out of that prayer. You see, so think about think about what quality or the quantity that's what I'm advising inshallah.

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Another thing he chooses is his focus especially in your setup you know, when you're in the frustration to Allah subhanaw taala remind yourself this is the closest you can be in this dunya to Allah spawn Tada. So make use of it. My name is lotsa Dwyer and calling upon Allah, pouring your problems to Los pantalla in your center, this is what you should be doing in your statue to get close to Allah make use of your sagitta besides his So besides trying to focus on our prayers, the other thing we should be trying to maximize as much as we can is our fasting. Okay, when we're busy, we have we can only focus on what we're able to fit in. But whenever we're able to fit into these,

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these are essential, obviously praying five times, five times a day is non negotiable, okay, fast Ramadan is non negotiable. So those non negotiables we try to make sure we're doing them a maximum of RBT inshallah to get the maximum reward for them. So, we need to, we need to try to perfect our fasting.

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A lot of people are under the impression that fasting is just one level, and they don't realize that fasting is many levels, people are on different levels in their fasting. So we want to try to reach the highest level of fasting and the highest level of fasting is fasting with a standard fasting, as I said, and W alloga and the catalogo for them to come in now we are on fasting, as if you can see a lot and even if you can't see him, then verily know that he sees you. This is what we should be trying to aim at that every moment of my day. I've got that consciousness or loss of contact is watching me whenever I say what she me and whenever I do what you mean whenever I look at what she

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watching me whenever I listen to what she needs in whenever I speak with my tongue. So if I can't reach that level, I'm reaching the highest level of fasting being the lackey tada and you know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He told us about the reward for that person who's fasts with sincerity for the sake of Allah, men Samana, Milan, he man and lefty Simon, who fear Allah who met the man in Denby who ever fasted Ramadan with Cincy men hoping for the reward from Allah will fit on Latin Metapod them in them be like their previous sins will be forgiven so this is what we're aiming for in our fasting inshallah

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and the other thing My dear sisters, you have to also know what is it that brings you closer to Allah subhanaw taala Anyway, what is it that brings you closer to Allah is the thought is first of all, number one is the following number one is the compulsory actions as the prophets that alajuela sent tells us you could see that allow that says Matt de la yupptv Shay in a hapa la me to my servant does not come to me with anything which is more love to me than what I had made upon him than what I had made obligatory upon him when I get to La Jolla.

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Been never fully HIPAA and my service continues to draw close to me been filled with the voluntary deeds have done HIPAA and seal I love him and then what is he saying the rest of the body and when I love him, I am the same with which he sees I am the hearing with which he is I am you know, the hammer which he reaches and then you know the neck with which you know he walks the Panama So, what does this mean? It means when you reach that high level and showing up May Allah bless us all we did have we layer with a lot with layer when you're under the protection of a loss of pantalla GTO itself. Then along with data protects your eyes from what you don't cat. He protects your ears from

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what you listen to. He protects your tongue from what you say.

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protects your hand from going to anything which is her arm or your leg from taking you anywhere which is not pleasing to allow them again. So this is the point we want to try to reach to my dear sisters. And so therefore you find yourself 100 in law, you always want to look at what is pleasing to Allah. So you love to look into the book of Allah spandana recycling and then raise the bar on and you'd love to, you know, we psyched to go on and to say the decriminalized to make to actualizar, Jen, and you love to listen to what is pleasing to a law such as this nature and nature on, you know, seeking knowledge or getting close to Allah. And when you get saying where you want to

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where do you go, you go to the rescue, you go to listen, you go to Hello, person, on. So this is how I was protecting him. He's making you live your life. Your whole life is for a long show, and this is should be our ultimate aim. But Ramadan, we try to practice this lifestyle, so that inshallah it becomes a lifestyle for us all times of the year, not just in Amazon.

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The other thing, my dear sisters, when it comes to perfecting our fasting is out a session with others as well ourselves with others, which is the good treatment of others like that we should be trying to focus on improving our gifts, a lot of laughing on my bond, with everybody without children. Without husbands with our mothers and our fathers, we try to focus on having a more beautiful Aflac with those around us and realize, realize the high level of reward for the good of luck. So you might not be able to do any deed sisters, because you're so busy with your kids also busy with your household duties. But you can always you can always try to improve it off of that by

00:31:47--> 00:32:19

smiling more at your husband, by smiling more at the children, sometimes we forget to smile. If you start taking up more easy on yourselves, my dear sisters, I guarantee you'll be able to smile more. But you're putting too much pressure on yourselves. Start taking off the pressure and respond to small start slowly drifting upwards. Meaning that and remember what the prophet said out loud. So he said, What is it one, you know, what is the main thing that people will enter the agenda through that will lie? Well first is

00:32:20--> 00:33:01

the fear of Allah and having the beautiful character. So this is something we really want to try and focus on as much as possible, we should become betting a lot on my dear sisters, not worse, a lot of people in our bond set you know, because you know you're feeling tired, you're feeling hungry, you start to become a bit of a monster who knows maybe start screaming at people are getting more screaming at the kids. You know, I started. As I said, if you try to just step back and realize what Ramadan is about, you're trying to perfect your fasting, you're trying to reach extending your fasting. And if you feel really upset, you started to get upset, say to the person in the saw a man

00:33:01--> 00:33:39

in the saw in like I'm fasting and fasting Take it easy on me. I asked a lot to make it easy on them, you make it easy on me, you know, say those kind of things, to remind them to, you know, to back off and just let you focus on your fasting you know, as well you know, their husbands, they always love to just try to you know, argue with you in Oman is always that day where they're going to try and provoke you and get you into a fight sometimes sometimes they love to argue it's just like something that enjoys you know, so you know, when that happens, just step back and realize, you know what, I'm not gonna let anyone in shall destroy mining, Mari woods, please stay I've worked

00:33:39--> 00:34:21

hard for this day, you know, just tell him what kind of blasting is your I'll talk to you about this after modeling. The other thing sisters is try to prioritize your deeds, like when you're really when you're really busy, you don't really have a lot of time to squeeze in to do a lot of deeds. So what do you have to do in that case, then you have to make you have to make the most of doing as many of the deeds that maximize your rewards, and also the times in which your your data maximized. So I'm gonna explain that a little bit. So for example, there are certain types of things that bring greater reward than others. An example of this is once for example, Julia, ready Allahu anhu was,

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

was, you know, after federa, she said sitting, remembering mobiliser agenda, and the process of all of a sudden went out. And she was sitting, remembering a loss of data. And then when he came back towards you know, towards the whole time, she was still sitting there remembering a lot. And so some kind of other profits or losses and told her, you know, I have said four phases that's equal to all that he said in this time. And he said, sapan, Allah Subhana Allah, He will be on TV and the holiday he recorded a CD was that actually for me that I can imagine?

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

These four phrases is equal to everything that you had said. So if we can say these like that's, that's from the dough, as we say, in the morning and evening, you say three times, you can look at you can find it in the fortress of a Muslim. Alright since this but so if you didn't have time, surely when you're driving your kids to school shortly when you're just getting off the bed you're free, you can say you can say these his phone lines you can look in your dog to read them. And that's equal to as if you had sat from after federal all the way to almost door in remembering online that making dinner for lots of hands on agenda Stan. And the same thing with suits is lost.

00:35:42--> 00:36:18

There are some, you know, there are some, you know narrations, for example, there's narration that mentions if you say subtitles last recited, you know, 10 times a level data will build for you a housing agenda. And if you recites suits as a class, it's like it's equal to one third of the Quran. So if you saw it three times, you get the reward as if you recite to recite the Quran, you need to hold on. So there are there are many deeds which we can do to maximize our reward as much as we can, if we're very busy, we just try to fit these things into our routine.

00:36:19--> 00:36:59

Then, besides that, we've also got times which are great time, which we should pay more attention to, for example, the last third of the night. You know, we know that this is the time when a local diner descends into men out of affinities, majesty and perfection, and answer the door of those who call upon him. The last, you know, the Outlast hour on Friday, as well, we should make make the most of these times, and especially the last 10 nights of Ramadan, you know, we should be focusing on these, especially in the odd nights, and especially trying to get better products. So, you know, those are things we should we can we cannot neglect, you know, like, you might take an easy case

00:36:59--> 00:37:18

with yourself in the beginning of Ramadan. But you should be slowly trying to work yourself up towards the last 10 days, the last 10 days when you really give it your all, inshallah. So when you don't have much time, that's what you do, take it easy on yourself the best first 10 days, even the first 20 days before, it's all right golden water in case.

00:37:19--> 00:38:04

If you want to race, just the one the moderate pace that you're able to do with, you know, make, don't make it hard on yourself, make it flexible your routine, but then in your last 10 days, you tried your best to maximize as much as you can inshallah. Okay, now we come to the next point, which is to set achievable goals for yourself. It's important that before you go into Ramadan, we've already got a visual image of what we're hoping to achieve. And this comes down to two things. The first one is having a daily plan, you should have an idea of what you How is your schedule gonna look like, each day? What's your daily schedule look like for you according to your circumstances?

00:38:05--> 00:38:28

And then the second part of that is, what are the main things that you want to achieve in the whole month are upon like, as I said, you know, what is the what are the main deeds you would like to have, when you leave, if you've done these particular days, okay, so I'm gonna talk about those. So first of all, for your daily plan, your daily plan, everybody's daily plan

00:38:29--> 00:39:10

should be that they want to aim towards praying all their five prayers on time. So even for those people who struggle with paying federal on time, Ramadan should be a time when most of us, you know, hopefully, 99% of us we don't struggle with paying fica on time. Because if you don't make up for the good thing is that we don't wake up to Fletcher in in odan is that you suffer the consequences of not having support, and sorry, you have to go the whole day hungry. And so you should remind yourself that if I went up for school, I couldn't even have something to eat. And I could have prayed my fight to pray on time, you see, so the support actually helps you to get regulate yourself

00:39:10--> 00:39:52

and get yourself used to praying, you're fed up on time so that you go daily goal, your, you know, your daily plan should be, you know, basically revolving around your five prints. So when you're thinking about how to do a daily plan, you know, if you if you do a daily planner for yourself, some people do that. You slot in your deck, you know, when am I going to be praying I need to that's a priority. I put those first. So for example, if I want to cook something, I can get started but that vinyl is ready for for example 12 because I know that around two or like I need to go pray or you know, the kids that the baby, you know, I know that he goes to sleep at some. I don't know, maybe

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

he's gonna wake up at quarter past 12 or something like that. So you say so I know he's gonna wake up at quarter 12 past 12 he's gonna

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

breastfeed, so therefore I need to have my dog before 12. So I can pray my dog pray, you know, before he wakes up, so you've got to think about your own schedule and how you're going to schedule the kids around, you know, everything else you're going to do around your five prayers, you know, even, you might say yourself, all right, look every every, you know, daily meal of the day, because I know it's time for thought I'm gonna

00:40:25--> 00:40:59

make that the lunch time for the kids just put them somewhere where they you know, safe and give them something they like to eat. And then you can see right away and go get will do and pray your your love prayer, while they're in the beginning of their food, usually, like something that night, even if it comes down to that, where you you've got no choice except to give him say, some chisels or something that's gonna make them sit there and be quiet while they put the Jesus on their on their fingers, you know, like rings. But don't be doing that. And you'll be able to play with, you know, you'll actually enjoy your doctor pray because you know, they're so entertained with what

00:40:59--> 00:41:40

they're doing. So you got to be imaginative, if you want to find time to actually enjoy your prayer, but you got to think ahead, it needs pre planning. Okay, so that's what we should be trying to do. Then the other thing is really to think about when are you going to be reading your Quran every day? Because usually we're so busy days go by, we don't read, we don't recite. So there should be a time you think about your own routine? Is it going to be after fudger? before everybody wakes up? Is it going to be after you drop the kids to school? Or is it gonna be before you go to sleep, but you need to, that's the time that you're going to stick to it, you never compromise that time. Or it

00:41:40--> 00:42:05

could be after every five break that you have the most half next to where you pray. And then every time you pray for fun prayer, and after you finish doing a thicker you you reach out, you get to almost half and you start to recite from the client even 1520 minutes, and you've done some good on and that adds up those 1520 minutes after every five breaths that adds up doesn't it you could you could require a lot by the end of that day.

00:42:07--> 00:42:44

Then another thing for a daily plan is if we would hope to try to be praying all of the 12 romantic prayers which are the prayers that are attached to the five prayers so the two before the the four hours before the war and after Google and the job the anomaly even a two after a shot. So we try to make that part of our daily plan as well that we try to achieve that because we know that whoever prays these 12 prayers along diner will build a house with me now Jenga with your is consistent with this and show us and we try to make that part of our habits for Amazon.

00:42:45--> 00:43:22

Besides that, dear sisters, you've got the tunnel vision brace. So I doubt you're going to go to the mosque and pray taraweeh now just so you know. And how did I usually every year here in Alaska, we have babysitting available in Ramadan in taraweeh. So the sisters can come and pray and they can put their kids in the childcare. But if you pray at home, you know just because you don't come to taraweeh doesn't mean you can't pray at home. A lot of people think you either go to the mosque and pray generally or you pray nothing at home, no, get up and pray as many records as you can apply. And that's your total week you know,

00:43:23--> 00:44:04

um, and you know that the reward photography, you know, that's why you don't want to miss it normal dawn during going from praying, you know, during the nights of Ramadan as the Prophet said, I love what he was told us and I followed him on he meant and what is 700 that can be ever stood during the nights of Ramadan I've seen see a man and hoping for the reward from Allah. Then Allah will forgive the previous sins so something we don't want to miss. Even if you're so tired and you can't pray a by Gods even if you just pray for your pray to and then pray to maybe you can set the alarm and wake up and pray the rest. You know, before before you had the support in the morning if you're so tired,

00:44:04--> 00:44:26

don't think you have to pray to when in the beginning of the night, my dear sisters Tara just means a younger lady told me it means piano night. Okay means the night prayer is not restricted to only praying in the beginning of the night. You can pray in the beginning of the night. You can pray in the middle of the night. You can pray at the end of the night so you can be flexible with it.

00:44:27--> 00:45:00

So that's our daily plan we're trying to aim towards, of course, a morning and evening supplications as well as part of the morning and evenings tried to do at least some if you can't do all you've got the prayer book the fortress of a Muslim so you get an army put next to your prayer place so that you don't forget to say after you you pray, it shows up in the fudger prayer. And you've got one morning even if you missed out, take it with me drop the kids to school, maybe sit in the car for a bit and read them while you're in the car and drive the kids to school. You know, or you know, after I see we're taking two

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

Crime class is something you can you can be reading them in the car waiting for them to come out from from the class or the karate class or wherever you have to take them you know, we're gonna we're going to try to implement as much a better into our routine as we can. Let's get on to talking about our basic plan for the month

00:45:20--> 00:46:03

so when we look at the whole month of Ramadan, what are the things that when we think about how, you know, how am I gonna make this Ramadan something that are in a bar and then go Ramadan, and I really feel impacts has impacted upon me, okay, so there's certain things we would like to achieve inshallah to walk away from what I'm feeling that you really did your best in this month, and it really had an impact on you inshallah. So of course, number one would be to pray Toby every night, as much as possible, we don't try to miss out tarawih prayers, leathery daily, David outlined on that. And then to finish like, if you are fluent in reciting Arabic, then there's no excuse not to

00:46:03--> 00:46:33

finish the whole Quran reciting once, at least, others you know, you'd have to set your own goals for yourself, maybe you're not very fluent, you really hard big. So maybe you set for yourself reading, for example, Jews on the last section of the Quran, that's your goal from about everybody has to set their own goals, according to what their ability is, maybe you don't know Arabic yet. So you just be reading the translation, you try to read as much as the translation, but you set a goal of what do you think is achievable before Ramadan comes.

00:46:34--> 00:47:22

Then another thing is, Ideally, we'd like to have fake some fasting Muslims in this month. Now that can be done, like we said before, either by inviting people for his thought, or cooking food and sending to fasting people leaving food in a mosque, or sending you know, sending food to the mosque, or giving soda for those associations that fade the fasting. That's where the easiest ways you give money should always people who are collecting to feed the hungry is in refugee camps, or in poor countries with feeding your Muslim brothers and sisters, and you're getting the reward of their fast without reducing from their fast and that's one of the easiest ways in Sharla to gain great rewards

00:47:22--> 00:48:06

Imagine you're fasting your day, and you're getting all these people even if all their reward for their fasting supply while you're just, you know, not even doing the efforts to Panama. The other thing we would like to aim towards my dear sisters is try to think about some secret good deeds that you can do in this month that's just between you on a loss of contact law. And you know that from from two of the seven who will be under the shade of the throne of Allah and you're not the AMA on the day with is no shade except for the shade of a lot is that person who sat alone and remembered a law and so teeth came down from their eyes. And that person who gave so secretly with their right

00:48:06--> 00:48:52

hand that even the left hand did not know about it to that level. Danny what it means is that those two deeds in particular are deeds of great if lost that's what I got such a great reward because no one knew about that day except for a lot. So that's why you know if possible try to not narrow down Go except that at least once if not more, at least once there's a time when you sat alone No one was around you and you you cried for the sake of the law you cried out of love for law fee for law making your actual law making tulpa to a law repenting to a law you know you'll you'll see the difference in yourself if you're able to achieve that in Ramadan inshallah. And then besides that,

00:48:53--> 00:49:38

besides that is low as soda pop, try to give some sort of Archie secret that nobody knows about it. So then it shut off hopefully you can be from amongst these seven who will be given the shade on the day when there's no shade except for the shade of Allah subhanaw taala. And then, of course, Ramadan wouldn't be Ramadan. And next we see Candido Potter. And this we see Captain Qatar, especially now for a week. And it's difficult. We've got babies, we've got to wake up on our exhausted, we aim for the odd nights, you know, especially the last odd nights like the 25th in particular, the 27th. And the 29th in particular is nice, you exert more effort especially especially the 27th exert your your

00:49:38--> 00:49:48

maximum effort in this night. Even if you can't pray or fast. Don't think that you should just go to sleep I can't praying faster, I'll just go to sleep at

00:49:49--> 00:50:00

night. This is this this could be further when your previous sins could be forgiven. So and I share my logline had she mentions that the professor of

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

Last one it was said he used to lay which means accurately he used to. He used to make the night alive with worship. So it's not restricted to only praying. You can recite the Quran without touching the Arabic moose half. You can make a lot of vigor in this night you can make darat or law, you can make Toba you can repent to Allah there's so much you can be doing in many other gifts apart. Now we had PayPal we can send to any charity organization even It's one o'clock in the morning.

00:50:34--> 00:50:41

Anyways, on the law, you know what it means that it's like you can be doing what in the night that you know, the show you're seeking, they don't bother.

00:50:42--> 00:50:53

So these if we try to focus on doing this in our math, you inshallah, leave on feeling satisfied that you really got the most this month, that's what we should be trying to achieve.

00:50:55--> 00:51:16

Number six is check. You know, make your intention to leave your days and nights lilla for the sake of alarm, that should be all tightening in Ramadan, which is that we try to reach that level of exam and look at the ayah in the Quran. Allah says only in astrology one who Suki one guy

00:51:18--> 00:51:29

he won't be London last Jedi Gala. So Walter says fully in your soul, it was so key one night yeah, it did. Let me

00:51:30--> 00:51:56

say verily my Sala mice my prayer, and my sacrifice and my living in my dying is for Allah alone. And that should be our That should be our whole aim in life. Our whole aim in life should be Nila for a lot. And so when you wake up in the morning, do sisters with that aim suppiler law your whole life takes on a whole different color.

00:51:57--> 00:52:45

It takes them a whole different color when you're living in that even when it comes to watching doing boring things like washing dishes, like doing housework, everything takes on a whole new purpose a higher purpose. You know your whole life takes on a higher purpose in life subpoena law, you start to actually really enjoy things that other people find mundane, because you're doing it for law and you know that Allah says, say no. to Sydney, that barely Allah does not waste the reward of the those who do good. He doesn't waste what you do. Your husband might not say Geez, Okay, last year, your husband might not appreciate it. Maybe your kids don't appreciate the food you cook. But

00:52:45--> 00:53:18

Allah sees what you do when you do it with a sand and you do with the intention to please Allah subhanaw taala so like I'm saying, in Ramadan, in particular, wake up and make your intention to leave this day for the sake of Allah that everything you do, you're going to do it for the pleasure of Allah insha Allah and when you go to bed at night as well, you're sleeping for the sake of Allah. So you mentioned Allah pantalla before you sleep, if we live our life like this, you feed you taste the Halawa of life, you taste the sweetness of life Subhanallah

00:53:19--> 00:53:23

another, another very important

00:53:24--> 00:54:12

tip that a lot of people don't know about. And that is how oral and that have mentioned, that you can turn even everyday habits into a burqa through your intention. Okay, you can change your everyday habits into an activity burger through your intention. Okay, so if you know that, then try any fishing or bond to say Bismillah before you do everything, whatever it is, like you got to vacuum This means you got to put the clothes on the clothesline. This may land my jewelry told you you delegate the clothes to someone else to put the clothesline right but if you have to say Bismillah Allahu taala he puts Baraka in whenever you do. Because you're when you say Bismillah

00:54:12--> 00:54:56

you're seeking the help of a lot because name you're seeking, they help a lot he's named so you're actually asking for Baraka in everything that you do and along with peace, Baraka and you make it easy for you inshallah, that's one thing. So try it, you know, whatever deeds you have to do try to change them into acts of worship for yourself, by your intention. Then the other thing is to resist this is to try to move from the state of one good deed to the next. So for example, when I finished reciting my Quran in the morning revising Quran the morning then I my next intention is to clean the house for the sake of Allah for example, for my family, and then after that, my next intention is to

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

go and pray for the sake of Allah or the doctor kids for the sake of Allah or whatever.

00:55:00--> 00:55:41

Do I try to move from the state of one state of obedience to the next? Or maybe, you know, foreigner after I pick Tommy, I might think, what am I gonna do now? I feel bored. So what am I gonna do, I'm gonna turn on YouTube. And I'm gonna listen to some lectures on Ramadan, or some motivational lectures to remind me of along next life, you know. So basically, what you try and do is to move from one state of, you know, where you're getting rewards to the next. And that's why we should be doing throughout the day night Ramadan, especially the days is, you know, stop and ask yourself, is what I'm doing right now. Something that's going to bring me a job, it's gonna bring me that lab? Or

00:55:41--> 00:55:50

is this something I could be doing? Which is more beneficial right now with my time? Okay, so just keep on asking yourself that question helped me to maintain your focus.

00:55:51--> 00:56:23

The other thing, the other trick as well, the other, the other team, because you're very busy, you haven't got much time to sit and enjoy that day, maybe. So what you have to do is to learn to incorporate a data into your routine. What do I mean by that? I mean, like, for example, decrypter law, doing a lot of the crivellaro doing a lot of this is still far as tough roller stuff, robots of law, like these things are so easy to do, you know, you could be doing anything and saying it like you could be

00:56:24--> 00:56:33

you know, driving the kids to school and saying stuff for law stuff for the law, you know, you could be cooking the food for the family and saying no more

00:56:36--> 00:56:36


00:56:37--> 00:57:23

one liner cliche the body like, you know, and repeating these, repeating these cars over and over again. So these bigger sisters, they so light on the tongue, but they're so heavy in the exam. And you notice the panel law telling you something that a lot of people don't know, I'm going to share something with you today's final law, something that equals a rational law he mentions, he says Rahim Allah, He says us follow an equally accepting fee. He decried millennials or Gen. So he says the best of people who do any act in Islam or enact to be better in Islam, are the ones who mentioned a lot of most when they're doing that act. So he says the US dollar, so when at 30

00:57:23--> 00:58:03

decarli, left. So he says, and the ones who are best in a fasting are the ones who learned from a lot the most. So remembering a lot a lot when you're fasting mentioned a lot a lot in your fasting, that takes the level of your fasting to a higher level higher than others who are not remembering a lot while they're fasting. And actually, it's the same when you do hedge, the more you're gonna roll on in your hatch, your hedge is of a higher reward level than those who got a hedge and they don't remember a lot very much. So keep that in your mind as well. And how simple is that? dicker is something we can all do, no matter how busy we are, we can take the benefit of you know, filling out

00:58:03--> 00:58:16

days and nights with a dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, the best deck of Allah is the Quran, memorized the Quran, and you're able to revise it while you're driving, then of course, the words of a long time like is the greatest optic.

00:58:17--> 00:59:00

Then besides that, we're talking about incorporating a better into our routine, you've got all these dwis from the sooner that the profit so long, but it was in has taught us that so many people look like to do art before you go in the bathroom or the door or before you go to the bathroom or the door when you leave your house or the door or when you're into a house or the doorknob before you eat or the door out before you drive your car. All of these are systems. People don't realize that adds up over time. How great is there more of that system? Every time she doesn't act, and the sooner to ask for it that she has said that Dora every single day that adds up over time. How great

00:59:00--> 00:59:24

is her reward compared to the one who doesn't remember these doesn't say these drawers in everything that they do panel box. So you have to keep that in your mind. Try to implement these wires learn off by heart and make them incorporate them into your life because that was the life of the Prophet so long way to set up. He spent his whole life remembering a lot of old times in places

00:59:25--> 00:59:59

besides that, my dear sisters make use of those times which we can call like your pockets in time, you know where you're gonna be waiting for a train. You obviously the doctor's surgery waiting for an appointment. A lot of sisters waste those times they sit there talking, they sit there going on the phone looking on Facebook, you know, in Ramadan in particular it is you shouldn't be doing that you should be taking your you know, you hopefully on your phone, you booked the app, the cron app, or you bring a little copy of the most half you're reciting Quran while you're waiting in that appointment. You know, you're waiting for a train to take out your clock. Are you doing synchronous

01:00:00--> 01:00:12

Draw really try to make the most of that those pockets in time waiting for the kids to come out from school, you know, all those times use those little pockets of time. Everybody's got those pockets of time in their day.

01:00:15--> 01:00:57

And then you know, even when you go to the shops I mean the Panama there are some there's a particular draw to say before you go to the shop that has such a huge reward for it. When and and Cipolla what is the reason why it's such a huge reward. majority people when they go to shoe when they go shopping, they don't remember a lot because the shop going shopping and just thinking about dunya so only the person whose heart is connected with a law, remember to mention a law and say this drop before they go shopping. And the power law says that if you say this drop, inshallah Allah will protect you from the state on putting, you know, how can I say false desires in your heart Did you

01:00:57--> 01:01:03

feel like you gotta buy this and you got to buy that you don't really need to buy it, you know, so that duar net

01:01:04--> 01:01:07

was gonna love

01:01:08--> 01:01:29

you he will you need that you need the Yeti, if you find it worthwhile really shaking for the year. There's the added dimension So ever since this has a million has an app and they can say half a million sins forgiven for them. So panel mark, just want to say this dry before you go to the shops.

01:01:31--> 01:01:39

Okay, so that's some of the ideas that you can do in your day to make use of your, you know, to really maximize your Amazon inshallah.

01:01:40--> 01:02:20

coming towards the end of our talk, I know, it's been quite long, but I had a lot that I wanted to share with you inshallah. So, there's one realization we need to all come to, and that is this, you can have the best time management in the world, my dear sisters, you can have like, you can be the person that has your planner, and you know, you write out what you're going to do every day every week. But let me tell you one thing, and that is this, unless you have clarity in your life, then Subhanallah you will not be able to achieve like others achieved. The reality is that shekelle is not even Technion all these amazing, all the men of the past, they didn't have those time planners,

01:02:20--> 01:02:59

but what they had they had the Barack Obama they had the Baraka of the law of alignment nice serene realize that you know, you can take that as bad by all means you can plan what you want to do. But ultimately, you need the help of a lot. And you need these Baraka in order to achieve great things in your life, inshallah. So, what are some other things I can do to increase the Baraka? You know, of my day, of course, starting your day with the Koran. This puts Baraka in your day, starting the day with David put on because Baraka in your day, Vicar of Allah puts Baraka in your day, starting the day, the day with, you know, that the car has survived the you know, the the remembrance, little

01:02:59--> 01:03:19

supplications the mornings, you know, a lot of people say I didn't have time to focus on and then I realized that the Quran gives you time, the Quran blesses your time to give you more time to kind of last don't say you don't have time for Quran because when you start making time for the client, it shows that you get more time through that big data.

01:03:20--> 01:04:01

And the other thing you can obviously see when you start off your day with these remembrances and filling your day before on the net, 60 on an on a very like 60 on a positive path for the rest of the day. You know, you've already done something so positive in the beginning of the day, so takes you on that trajectory we could say for the rest of the day, inshallah. And another thing that can bring Baraka in your day as well like we look at what did the prophet SAW along the same high bias Fatima running Allahu Anka? You know, she was complaining because the pilot was very, she had a lot of hard work to do her hands were becoming, you know, um, you know, maybe getting blisters and

01:04:01--> 01:04:42

things like that, because of how hard she was working. And she went to the Prophet Solaris and, and asked him for a service. And he said, shall I tell you what's better for you than a surgeon? And what did you tell her? He told me to say to Panama 33 times and hamdulillah 33 times and a lot like bar 34 times in a day is better for you than a surgeon. So if you can remember last pantalla before you go to sleep and to say this decree that the prophets are liars, by spartina inshallah Allah will find Baraka in your day in the life of Tara. And then it decides that as well like I said before, saying Bismillah you will never you have to do remembering a line saying Bismillah Allah helps you

01:04:42--> 01:04:43

with what you have to do.

01:04:44--> 01:04:59

Besides that, make drop for Baraka make drop for Baraka, there is a donor based upon the drop of a salad slam in the Quran, where you can say I want to join the Obama campaign and I foods Oh Allah

01:05:00--> 01:05:27

Make me move wherever I am in a state of America wherever I am that whatever I'm doing anywhere ever I am always in a state of Baraka where I'm getting the you're getting rewards from Allah I'm getting this to give this a belong I'm getting this pleasure in whatever I'm doing a no wasting my time. I'm not spending my time in scenes, so a lot of protecting me in Sharla so this is another thing you can do to get Baraka.

01:05:28--> 01:06:10

Okay, let's finish up inshallah, I want to say to you sisters, that realize that we are all in different life stages. I'm going to tell you this, as you know, my sister in Islam who I've gone through different life stages myself, you know, so when you're single, before marriage or newly married, you have a lot of time on your hands. So you're gonna forget when your kids are grown up as well. You have more time on your hands. So when you're, you know, when you have more time, you obviously have more time for your ibadah you have more time for reading Quran and praying, so your Ramadan way looks, it's Ramadan it better it's a run of Ramadan of worship, and getting close to

01:06:10--> 01:06:53

Allah. This is what you can focus on. But as for that system in a different life stage where she has, you know, three or four or five young kids, you know, that I say to you, you're Ramadan and Sharla is the Ramadan of jihad. So don't try and compare to people who are having a Ramadan or be better while you're going through a stage Coronavirus of jihads. Okay, because you already Ramadan of striking your inorganic striding where you should be seeking the reward from Allah for your striking, don't think that everyone was gone that the prophet SAW long in the center and the Sahaba went through Was it easy going Ramadan, three of the greatest, you know, three of the greatest

01:06:53--> 01:07:33

battles were fought in our bond, the Battle of bargain the Battle of conduct and develop taboo so the Muslims going through a great deal of hardships in those times they didn't have a lot of time just to relax and focus on when you bear down you know, he said that they saw their reward through this striving so if you're struggling with you know the obligation that you have on you right now in your life in your life stage then like I said, change your mindset to thinking that I'm in a stage of striving for the sake of Allah in what I'm doing inshallah I can't expect to be having this you know relaxing

01:07:34--> 01:07:57

Ramadan every bear that like the other sisters who don't have those obligations on their life I have you know been your time or can each other sisters those kids growing up things change they go to school whatever happens you get more time to yourself inshallah been asked a lot and one day you will you know get that real taste of of relaxing and Ramadan and enjoying it and show it but you will come with me now.

01:08:01--> 01:08:43

I'm going to finish up now but we can leave some of the other things to the questions, but let's just say the sisters The most important thing in getting the most out of robot inshallah when you're busy, is you need to come to Ramadan heading for snowboarding a lot. You need to come to Oregon had a personal bond having the highest hopes with a lot a lot is going to bless you in this Ramadan. Okay. And her last season on when levena Jaffa rufina Lana, MTN nahoon una when he no longer than mine mosinee seen a law that says those who strive for our sake, let the unknown

01:08:45--> 01:09:34

who ever strives for our sake along his path to you, he will act in the past. So it's got to do with your heart to start off with If you answer the phone, hoping for tests from a bond from a law. Then when you strive for that a lot given to you you'll open up ways for you to have the best robot inshallah been in there and to attain the highest reward in this month in sha Allah. And Allah says wicked namaha singing a lot is with those who do good. So the more you strive The more you seek. It sounds a lot you The more you find Allah helping you to achieve your aims. I asked a lot of data to let us all reach from Oban and I asked a lot of data to bless us in our Milan, I asked Allahu Allah

01:09:34--> 01:09:59

to make us from those who he forgives in his Ramadan and accepts praise Ramadan. And he helps us to pray to him throughout the days and nights with the floss to him in Sharla in this Ramadan, and I asked the locals Rosada to accept our fasting and help us to reach a level of insanity in our fasting and help us to reach a level of external prayers. And I asked the local diner to make us from day one.

01:10:01--> 01:10:43

He's saved from the Hellfire in this month. And I've asked a lot Darla to accept all of our dates and to bless us and he's our bond and I asked a lot of data to relieve the suffering from all of our brothers and sisters around the world. May He make this Ramadan a healing for the hearts of the morning, all around the world in sha Allah. I asked a lot of tala to know that any of us leave this gathering except that he's forgiven us was so Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin subhana wa COVID be handy now shadow Ella Ella and nesto fluka with our two boys