Yaser Birjas – Waleed Basyouni Violence In The Name Of God

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of acknowledging the "verbal, extremist, and shia groups" in the context of terrorism and apologizing for misunderstandings of the term "verbal" used in the conversation. They emphasize the need for awareness and guidance from individuals and the importance of protecting oneself from extreme groups and their actions. The speakers also touch on the use of sharia and the legal limits on borders, the importance of protecting one's property and bringing evidence to support their claims, and the need for a strong message in protecting people's rights.
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Today I will talk about our kind of sensitive topic a little bit.

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But I believe it's one of the most important

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topics that we should feel fairly to address and to talk about it openly, which is talking about violence in the name of God. Or if you want to say, talking about terrorism, talking about extremism. And I'll be very frank and honest from the beginning. I'm here not to talk about any generally just to talk generally about the violence, which is taken aim on Earth, by name of God, or by any religion. I'm not just here to talk about very general

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general talk, or talking about all kinds of terrorist exists out there in the world. And there are so many of them, as you will see, here in Charlotte today, that terrorism has nothing to do with a particular is not only related to particular religion, or a particular race, or a particular country, terrorism is something exists in every religion, and every community and every it could be exists in every community, and every religion, and every race or ethnic group. So it's not only exists in the Muslims or the non Muslims or the Christian or the Jews, or in America or overseas or in a Weinstein or an era. Now it could be exist in every country, actually.

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That's why I'm not going to be talking about terrorism in general, and extremism in general, I will be very specific from the beginning. And I want you to understand this because it's a it's a key point to my speech. Today, I'm only going to talk about terrorism, which is or active violence, which is done by the hand of Sunni Muslims, of Sunni Muslims. So I'm not even talking about the extreme groups among the Shia, or the terrorists group among the Shia, or the extremist among the shear or the disease, or the Eloise or any group like that. I'm only concentrating about those. Yes, there are minority, yes, they are not the mainstream Muslims at all. There are a small portion of

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the Sydney Muslim group who have taken that route, the route of extremism. And as for us as sydnor, we call those people who goes to that direction, innovators, even we don't give them the title, Sydney in a term, which it means that people who follow the Sunnah, now, we will always refer to them through the history of Islam.

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Or the innovators are the people of the use to call them the people off the sword, hello, save, hello, save. And that roadmap was very

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worried about this group, to the extent you will see commonly said by the early Muslim generation, so on so person have came up with a lot of innovations. But whenever he start calling people to the sword need to carry weapons to start transfer, that person will be transferred from just a theologian or a person who, who promote maybe innovations and wrong ideas, and his thought carrying weapons to support this idea. And he started carrying arms and recruiting people to bring violence and disturbing to the community. They said whenever he said that, that the moment we have no more tolerant to those people, we mean, who could lash a hat and be safe dijanna be safe?

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Also, I will, I'm not going to talk about the definition of terrorism and what how we define it. And I'm sure you all know about all the debates about how exactly we define terrorism, because that's not what I'm interested in today to spend the whole lecture about. What is the best definition and how accurate This is? And is this fact every group who carry for example, armor weapon for liberation or for their? We'll call them a freedom fighters? Is this terrorism applied to them? How can we find a perfect definition? I'm not going to go through that. For me, for me, Terrorism Act of violence, which is illegal, which is basically it's not legal or it's not held on by the rules.

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of Islam, anybody transgress or anybody cross the limit of the Sharia or carry any act of violence, which is considered an Islamic law, it is a forbidden act. Those people we call them the people who spread corruption and earth that people who are tense aggressor volley mean or Parveen, Allah subhana wa tada said, wanna talk to Oh, don't cross the limit, don't break the rules of the Sharia by doing things against others. Allah Subhana Allah also said, while still facade fill out in a la holla, your hip boom obsidian don't wish to spread corruption in earth, indeed, a load Verily Allah subhanaw taala doesn't love that one who those who spread corruption in earth, and corruption here

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in this earth in this in this verse means

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corruption here in this verse means that those who will spread disturbing well not allowed law to be in order in cities, they will take the lives of innocent people, they will destroy urban areas and attacking being basically the communities

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and taking their destroying their wealth and their civilization if you want to say that or destroying their cities and their governments.

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If it's done

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on islamically if it's done on Islamic or been done on innocent people, also in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala is another word which is interesting words is the word that called extremism. Allah Subhana Allah said oh the people of birth of book Don't be extreme in your views. Don't be extreme in your religion. And in addition, Sallam told his own mother of Mohammed Salim Yakumo Hulu be aware of extremism, be aware of extremism, and in abyssal allow it was lm Holla Holla Holla Holla Kalamata Nakuru and free time those are extreme will never achieve success and live actually halakhah. It's a prayer again, it's such people, and no rahimullah said, animatronics are the extreme one, the one

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who will cross the line who will do what is not lawful and Sharia.

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So basically, I'm talking about the extreme group, about those who will break the law of Islam, those who will attack and kill innocent people, and those who will not hesitate also to bring disturbance to the communities to the communities, regardless if it was done against Muslims, or against non Muslims as well, as well, because all human that live is sacred, and their life is protected, and their blood should be

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saved, not to be spilled or to kill. And we will come shala to talk more about this issue specifically.

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him before I go even deeper to my topic today, I always hear this question.

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Why do you talk about such things which is not popular? I lived all my life I've been Muslim a lot the only terrorist I have seen what Fox News bring on their news, or what I see in the in the media and mainstream media or even the media in general, all the talk about the Muslim extreme and extremism among us. And even people say not all Muslims are extremists or terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims, and things like that. They said chair, are you influenced by these ideas? Why would you waste your time and waste our time to talk about such topic? as they are minority? Why we are bothering ourselves with why we are talking about them? I'll tell you the truth. Yes, they

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are minority. Yes, they are a small portion of the Muslim community in general, and anywhere in the world. They don't represent the mainstream Muslim. They don't represent the mainstream scholars in Islam. They don't represent most of the Muslims and

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in anywhere in this world, they don't represent to any mainstream dour group, or movement in the Islamic world, in the past or in the present, but they are exist. The whole point is if you agree with me that they are exist, and they have influence and their message coming across through internet, through books through tales, and also it is one of the tricks of the devil to mislead so many young people

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Same young brothers and sisters as well as sisters as well. And we have seen in the recent days, increasing in number in this area, not only in the militant group, but also to those who have kind of support emotionally to such group. And me, maybe you will find that there is so many people might agree with the terms, groups, ideologies, and ideas, and what is the calling for, even if they disagree with them, and how to represent or how to, for example, to, they don't agree with them in the way that they carry their ideas out through violence, but even this area that you agree with them, agree in there with them and their ideas and their ideologies, some of it can be very

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dangerous, because this is the first step to be an extremist, this is the taking the first step to go to that route. And the person if he enter, God forbid, there is no stop, there is no break. It's like going downhill. So that's why I think awareness, it's very important. Taking cautions is very important. Educating the Muslims about this is a very important issue. Especially I'm saying in these modern days, I mean, by modern days, this few years back, we have seen increasing in numbers, and the message been sent influenced heavily towards the Muslims everywhere in the world to support or at least to be sympathizer with a terrorist group wherever,

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whatever name they might take, or extreme ideas and views. I don't believe that small portion means nothing. Sometimes when people said, Oh, I'm fine with 90% you know, what's 10% or front of 9% 99% or 90%, even 99%? Sometimes not good enough. Sometimes I'm not a perfect trying to make everybody here perfect. But I mean, don't ever underestimate a small number, a small number can have a great impact or a great effect. I would like to ask you a question. What do you think of 99.9? That sounds very good. Number two, you said you I will do this job all day. 99% point nine.

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That get Yes, it says sounds good. But I'll tell you that if it's 99.9% is good enough, then 12 newspaper 12 newborns in America. 12 new boys in America will be giving to their own parents daily.

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If 99.9 good enough, that what it will lead to 114 5500 mismatched pairs of shoes will be shipped each year.

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If 99.9 is good enough. 2 million documents will be lost in the IRS every year. Oh, that's good. Bye. It's 99.9% all be good enough. It will be 18,322 pieces of me of mail will be Miss hand handle every day 2.5 million book will be shipped to the wrong covers. two planes and Chicago O'Hare Airport will be unsafe. They will make unsafe landing every day in Chicago O'Hare Airport. If 99.9 is good enough 20,000 incorrect drug prescription will be written to the wrong person every year in this country. If 99.9 is good enough 880,000 credit card in and circulation will be turned out to have incorrect cardholder informations or the wrong magnets trip on it. It will not be given to the

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right persons as well.

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If 99.9% point nine is good enough, you will have 5.5 million cases of soft drink produce will be flat. Wow.

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99.9% if it's good enough, do you know that 291 Peacemaker operations will be performed incorrectly.

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99.9%. If it's good enough, you will have 300-300-3000

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56 copies of tomorrow's Wall Street Journal will be missed missing one of the one of one of their sections, one of their sections.

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Anyway, so basically, I believe, even if they are minority, I believe even if they're not mainstream, they're not so popular. But still they are a problem we need to deal with.

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terrorism and extremism became a global issue. Everybody talks about it. Every even president wants to be elected, he need to show how tough he is against terrorism, unfortunately, talking only about the muslim terrorist group. But we know that terrorism is not as I said, related to only one religion, one ethnic groups or one

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community, it's exist in every community exists in every basically, it's it could be exists in every country could be exist in every religion, and carry by various different kind of people. So, as I said, again, and again, my talk today only to concentrate on one specific group, because I'm talking to Muslims, I'm talking to Sydney Muslims. I'm one of the Muslims of Sunni Muslim. I'm one of the mainstream, who cares so much about my brothers and sisters, that they will be going towards that direction, and to be influenced by the ideologies of these extreme groups. This extreme group, I believe, as the Muslim jurists said early in the days are different.

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And we try to hire Romanian in it, it is very good to be safe better than being Sorry, it's very important for you to prevent prevention is much better than cure to prevent yourself from being sick. It's much better than having the medicine to cure yourself with later on. So if we can prevent ourselves, educate ourselves, protect ourselves from this and ideologies. So if we're ever I come across somebody who carrying it, or why I'm surfing the Internet, and I come across anyone of any website promotes such things, I got an email talking about things like that I know how to protect myself, I know that this is not the right people to listen to, they're not the right

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websites to be visiting, and to look at not because you're afraid that your IP address will be picked up by the FBI. No, because you want to protect yourself, you want to protect your heart, you want to protect your mind from being among the extreme ones. And in obese allies, lm said, my sofa my intercession in the day of judgment will not be given to two kinds of people one, the hammer or on the one who decided that, and he or she are extreme, extreme, in their view, extreme in their practice extreme in their judgment, basically latifi they are extremists, and the dictators, rulers and the dictators, rulers.

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I'm talking about the subject because it's very much related to my specialty. My specialty is in Islamic theology. And we have through the history of Islam, studying the history of the *, a lot of movement to carry the same exact idea. And I was very shocked when I do my own research that I found this extreme group is still sometimes using the exact same evidence that people used 1000 years ago,

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the exact evidence the exact versus the exact Hadith that they used 1000 years ago, to promote their false ideas. It's been also re used in modern days by these extreme groups. They are just extinct for them.

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seeing so many incidents happen in the world, while I'm growing up, starting from the incident off and head on. And McKee when a group of extremist group extreme group took over Mecca, and locked the door of where we watching this on TV. We were living in this in these days, seeing some of the people that they used to come with our massage and all of a sudden they disappear. And we hear that the autumn Mecca, locking the door of Canada hijacking of Canada basically the mustard of Mecca and claiming that they have a mandate. And they did not hesitate to kill hundreds of people, hundreds of soldiers, and they will open fire on anyone who opposes them in that time. Not only Mecca that

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movement, by the way took place. It was a plot to be happening in different cities in the same times in Arabia in that time, seeing what happened in the jihad in Afghanistan, and how that

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concept of Islam, which is helping your Muslim brothers and everyone stand to free their country that freedom fighters, as they call them, that Jihad that have

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absolutely attract a lot of young Muslims, a lot of young Muslims, you might so many of you don't know that, that so many are Muslim used to fly, and to go from New York from the Muslim country, they will even be giving a free tickets to go to fight there. But unfortunately, so many of those who we have seen, after the came back, they came back to our communities to the society and a witness that myself with some weird ideas after that, there is something happened over there, too. So many of them have shifted so many of their ideas that they came back and stood up coming back, some of them the vast majority of hamdulillah. They don't carry that. But some of them came back

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with a very weird ideas that we never heard of before, some extreme views, so much hate toward the society, toward the community, toward the scholars towards the governments that they live in toward the society, towards their families. And I have witnessed 10s of stories of people that I have seen how they change

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in a very weird way in a very short time, and start carrying all these extreme views and ideas. We have seen the Gulf War, and how it's one and two, and how it also

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hope or raise that tone of

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this extreme group and movement to justify some of their violence actions. Also, the war that taking place today took place in Bosnia, in Bosnia, took place in Somalia, it took place in Sudan with the movement, what's happened in Sudan, and how this impact also

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some of those groups that they loved for a while in such area, and how it became another shelter for another group who instead of going full on Stan started going to Sudan and coming back to us with some views and some ideas. And even it was reached the peak in Afghanistan lately. And now in Iraq. You see it growing every basically in Nigeria. And the moment that what happened in Algeria, all this incident that happened, some mighty few, some have seen have loved have watched carefully, or you even heard about it now in the news.

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All these incidents happen around me and the people my age and older. We saw how this has impacted and shaped all these extreme views through the last 30 years, at least 30 years or 20 years.

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Anyway, and I believe that I will share some of the points that I think it will help to give type of protection to us against such views and ideas. I'll talk about several areas, and I will just pick some points in each area. First, I would like to say that

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terrorism and extreme some facts about terrorism, one terrorism or extreme views. An extreme it means when you go beyond the limit of the Sharia.

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beyond the limit of the Sharia the kuffar or the number, the number of some general they cannot draw the line where to stop.

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They use common sense which is fine in some area. But for us as Muslim, we use something beside what we call common sense, because the word common sense is very hard to define as well. As you might agree with me the word default common sense. Yes, he can bring 123 examples, but to define what is common sense. It's also something might not agree with, we might not agree with for us as Muslims, we know that the Sharia have given us limit borders, we cannot cross that. So when you cross it you became a transgressor you became an extreme you became a person who committed active without or innovations or Ascendant. So tourism is something held on forbidden in Islam. You see how the Muslim

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talk so strongly against the marriage, the most clear

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sects in the history of Islam represent the extreme views who openly said that they allowed themselves to kill innocent people and righteous people such as we thought about the law and law to the extent where

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One of them said when I remember the killer of Alli in Nila Kudo who Yeoman for several alpha alberici yamaki Amma Kimmy Zanna, when I remember the one who killed nabee moodgym, the one who killed Daddy, I would assume that in the Day of Judgment, he will be the best human, he will reward the higher place in paradise.

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The Killers of Annie

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that's how he think of him that he is the most righteous the best believer ever exist after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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they killed the man or the alarm Anwar and the thing that when the carry weapons against Earth, man, they were changing the evil, they were making a horrible model for Nana mooncup

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those group, that's how these look at themselves, what the companions of Mohammed Salim said about them, how they treated them. They fought them as Anwar was dead, and the rest of the Sahaba and the companions and the successors. And that really matter until the modern days, they have issue hundreds and tons of fatality factors, and brought so many books against such views and such extreme idea.

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Just to give you an example, for modern days, more than 30 years ago, because the author was hitting the news, all Muslim scholars, they don't denounce terrorism enough. That's a myth. That's a myth, though the wahabis or the Salafi or the group, all these people that are allied with the terrorists, they don't denounce them. That's absolutely false. And that's how that people who have special interest they come in the middle to use this incident to promote their special interests or hate against a certain group or against the Muslim in general. More than 30 years ago, she on the Shetland bas Rahim Allah Masha Rahim Allah have issued a fatwa about hijacking airport airplanes

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more than 30 years ago, not after 911 that's 30 years ago, he has issue affectiva it is forbidden to carry any act of violence against Muslims or non Muslims by hijacking airplanes or kidnapping citizen or individuals blowing Urban's areas, like bosses, or like trains or like airplanes or buildings.

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And these fatawa came out also in Egypt, from the 80s against the JAMA and Islamia and against extreme group that jihad is so known known as the jihadist group, at that time at that time, or the fear one, hey, john,

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we have to differentiate between two things. Islam do not promote terrorism. Islam is not a religion of extreme. It's not an emergent of terrorism. But we might have some Muslims who are extremist, we might have a Muslim who is a who happened to be an extremist or happen to be a terrorist person. Yes, they are exist and you should not feel offended by saying that or hearing that I feel offended if somebody said this religion is the religion of terrorism, but I don't feel offended at all. When they know that there are some Muslim they are terrorists are they are extreme. I know that there is always be misguided people, there will be always bad people out there. I remember. One person asked

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me a reporter, she said or he I don't remember now asked me. What do you feel about? How do you feel? When you heard about the sniper in Washington? You remember that sniper who used to kill people said How do you feel now that he's a Muslim? His name is Mohammed.

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I said, I feel happy that he was caught. She said but then being a name is Mohammed is it? So? Do you think all Muslims are perfect? Among the Muslims, the gangs and the thugs and the thief? And among them, the doctors and the engineers and the students? It's the unlike any other community among them, the good and the bad and the ugly? That's the reality. Yes, our role as a community, we try to eliminate this group. I tried to find them as much as we can, and we isolate them protect ourselves from ideas, but you know what, I believe this extreme views will exist until the day of judgment, it will never end and this is a point I will mention later inshallah, because it is done

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undrawn in the throats of salt in the hedge by the devil by the shape and it's one of the shape bonds trick that how we mislead people as long as the shape exists, as long as you will have extreme group

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That's why the profits are Southern said, allotted those extreme group will remain in my Ummah until the fall Messiah appear and they will follow Him, as reported by a Muslim Rahim Allah to Allah.

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As I said, tourism is not related to certain country or race or gender or even to any social

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level like for example, he was extremely outlaw only appear extremists appear only among poor people. That's not true. You might find an extreme people who are very rich people have millions of dollars, and they turned to be an extremist turn to carry an act of violence against others. Yes, it is commonly spread among poor communities, unemployed.

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People, also among youth, men more than women, but you might find you might find woman and you might find rich people and you might people who have very good jobs, older people will purchase a bit and such thing like that, for example, one of the great lead one of the famous leader of the holidays, a woman Her name is laila Laila. And she entered a coup for carrying her sword, killing the Muslim of Kufa and she called the I then lit the salad and she was the first woman in the history of Islam to give hope bottle Juma.

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And after that, I mean I will do it carry or follow her footsteps.

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But as a historical

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fact, at least known for the Muslim she was the first one to pray Juma and mustard and Kufa and mustard and Cooper, but I'm not sure if she led the pair or not. But I'm sure now that she gives the hope. She gives the hope about why there are so many terrorist groups or extreme groups or terrorism, it became today, we have this problem in the Muslim world, we have beautiful religion share why we have this exist, one that has so many wars going on in our countries. And the Muslims were so many words taking place in this time, and the Muslim war and words is a very good environment for such groups to grow and to be exist, too, there is so much injustice in the Middle

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East, in general, so much at social injustice, so much.

00:32:28 --> 00:33:15

injustice happened to the public, by the hand of their rulers, there's a dictatorship taking place, and so many of the Muslims country, and that have create a reactions towards that injustice, to find this injustice by taking sometimes the wrong means. Also, our Islamic heritage is so rich, so rich, and so wide. And that gives opportunity for people to take from that inherits from this culture, from this history, from this materials can create from it, some material to justify their action to justify their actions of violence, their actions of violence.

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It's not a new issue. It's not a new

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group in the Muslim world, as I said they are exist before but I think what is very interesting, which is need more study, it is for the first time, as far as I know, in the history of Islam, that this violence will be taking this shape against the non Muslims against the the me against the Al Kitab, the people who live in the Muslim world, usually even in the time of the Crusaders, even in the time of a war between Muslims, even in modern days that when the avant war was exist against the Russian we do not use to hear that people will carry

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operation against Russia in Moscow, or the Russian in Europe or places like that. That shift by declaring war against the whole Western world, for example, is something new, and it's something it's shifting from its original from what we used to hear before and I think that part it's a new thing. And it's a new movement and new ideas need to be studied more and analyze more.

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Turns tourism could be came as a form of reactions, which is most of the cases but also tourism can happen not as a form of reaction. Symfony initiate that and it gives you

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I can give you for that example, somebody will be taken to jail will be torture in his jail on a tablet and so many incident. That person his wife was beat in front of him, his children beat in front of him

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He was humiliated, even to the extent that I can say sexually can be assaulted. And to him or member of his family, he will be very frustrated, very angry, come out of jail or start leading and formulating group. And in no time, it just no taking, it's not only about taking revenge that will be developed to develop a whole entire movement or a group, like what we see happen from the jails in Egypt comes out to group like Gemini,

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or Gemini, or Islamia, and other It started in the jail started in the jail. And it came out to carry weapons against the government against those who support the government, against even the society some time some times.

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But some other that's one way for extreme group to be formally but another example, somebody will be very convinced that if you commit openly major sins, you became not Muslim, you became a person who deserved to be killed, because you have said something publicly not correct. So it's not just the reaction, something wrong happened to me, I had wrong ideas. I thought that Allah if you order me to fight, it means anybody that I see no Muslim, I can fight, and I can just carry a weapon against. So I did this because I have misunderstood the verse of the Quran or the Hadith, or I've been misled by some Sheriff or some clerk that they have taught me wrong information, then recruited on our wall be

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basically or the person will be member of an extreme movement. So it can be a reaction. And it also extremists, extreme extreme movement or terrorist group can come as the initiate the action themselves.

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Five, or the number five, the other factor would like to say or to mention here, that tourism can be done by the hands of individuals, and can be had done by the hands of organization, and can be done by the hands of governments. So not because I'm wearing the official

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or the suit of the army, or the suits of the police. It gives me a protection and it means I'm not terrorist anymore. Not because I am a leader of a country or a minister of government, it means I'm not a terrorist anymore, no terrorism can be done by the hands of governments can be done by the hand of individuals or organizations or organizations. You see how terrorist act took place, took place by the hands of individuals, groups and countries.

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I seen in in regard to the terrorism that so many people always tried to say, tried to say terrorism is something foreigner is not from us. Any, for example, Muslim community, sometimes leader of the Muslim community always say, there is no Muslim tourists among the Muslim community in America. We don't have all these extreme are from outside. They are visitors, they are students. I think they are safe by that that's not true. It's very possible to have extreme group and terrorist group from the Muslim community. I don't mean by that from individual living in America. That's not that's not impossible. Likewise, in Saudi Arabia detail, all these terms grew up in the beginning, they are

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coming from Yemen, they coming from Egypt, they are not Saudis, but all of a sudden, they would have to add the fact that they are so is the Kelly, the Saudi citizen ship, they carry the Saudi citizenship, somebody might say, Oh, they are all for example, foreigner or you may drop the citizenship with that person. And you think that you're free from responsibility. No, terrorism can be can grow in your own backyard and you don't know about it, unless you really pay attention to it on the floor, pay attention to these ideas.

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Almost tourism based in two things, those who supported with ideology with idea with supported their ideologies, justify that for them by textual evidence from Quran and Sunnah and also would be supported by those who give them the money and the weapon. So that's why I think fighting terrorism should take should cover these two areas together cover these two areas together. Terrorism usually terrorist group, usually they got their

00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

support from any community by the reaction of the government. Because it's a very tricky game. They start something the gun

00:40:00 --> 00:40:47

To reply, with irresponsible, sometimes reply, and they will be very harsh, unfair, unjust the way they treat the wrong action take place by the wrong group. So what happened, everybody else started being sympathizer with the group who've been hit hard, who'd been put in jail and torture. And what's happened, the original case will be forgotten, the original case will be forgotten. And this is why the government's has to be smart in the way they treat or deal with any terrorist acts take place. For example, people they don't talk about 911, as much as they talk about how horrible America is by bombing the innocent people in Staten Island, which is absolutely true, killing

00:40:47 --> 00:41:31

hundreds and 1000s of people and understand it, just how long it is not right and just not fair. That's what happened. And now the issue of 911 forgotten, but all the talk will be going towards how the reaction of the government, the government, they kill the president of Egypt, for example, so that people take him to jail, torture in the jail, people don't talk anymore about the assassination of the President, we will start talking about how those people were tortured in the jail, which is absolutely fact absolutely true. That not allowed, this will not justify doing that. But the problem during this Miss people miss the point, people forget about what's originally initiate all of that

00:41:32 --> 00:42:20

all of this. And this has happened so many times in the history of the Muslims country, that always people take their support from the public by the reaction of the government. That's why the reaction of the government must be very wise. And as much as as much as a maybe this is totally against some of the view of politician today. But that's what I believe in as much as the confrontation take more the shape of confrontation between terrorist group, and any government and any society, take towards the militant way carry weapons fighting one another, I think that make the target group grow stronger and stronger and stronger. And as much as we stop that, and we start opening more doors for

00:42:20 --> 00:42:42

dialogue, more doors for discussion, more doors to see what they have, what the point that they have, what the justification that they have against to allow them to do such things and we bring them to the table to more discussion. I think as much as we can control violence act of violence, in general, in general.

00:42:45 --> 00:42:57

As a cell tourism, always based on just Yanni. Most of the cases it based on just case. Originally, it's adjust case, fair case. But you take this first fair cares,

00:42:58 --> 00:43:29

as the reason for you to reach that goal. Good goal with the wrong means, for example, a portion is something terrible. We don't like that, but blowing up a portion clinic to kill the nurses and the doctors and the people in the person clinic. It's not the right to me. It's not right. It's not correct. Yes, occupation is something wrong, but killing the innocent people killing the average person blowing up people in the street is not the right way to fight occupation.

00:43:30 --> 00:44:09

Yes, winning the election was right. And this is something good. But after the government come and say, You know what, that election that you went is cancel, you're out taking you to jail? Yes, it is something locked, right? yet just case you have that this is not fair. But to use this, to allow yourself to go and to start killing people in villages and to start splitting the distractions in the country is not also right is not right. A man came to the prophet SAW Selim said jasola if I see my wife sleeping with a man and I kill her, you would kill me.

00:44:11 --> 00:44:48

It just case she's fornicator. She is a protect. She's a woman who has a husband, and it's now she deserved to be killed. For example. That's how he looked at it. What he saw Salim said, he said yes, I will kill you. If you do it. You will be killed if you do, because it's not up to you to carry the rules with your own hand. You have to bring it to the court. Otherwise everybody will kill everybody who said oh, I found her sleeping with somebody. I found him sleeping with my wife. No, it's not up to you anymore. It has to be through the right and the right channel, the right channel.

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

Think the most difficult and the most dangerous period in the life of any extreme person.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:45

When that person decided to transfer himself from a civil person, to a soldier from just a citizen to became a soldier, that period of time is the most critical period. And I think it's our role as Muslims, is always try because whenever a person transferred to be a warrior or a soldier, it's very hard to convince that person to go back. But I think the work has to be mostly done, at least in the level of us as a, as a student of knowledge and shoe advisor, and a community level in the area when a person not yet a soldier, or when a person is still thinking in it, and still analyzing. So thinking about, that's why I've been a bass, when he debated the holidays, when they line up

00:45:45 --> 00:46:03

together against Daddy, and I best went and debated them, half of them, 5000 of them came back to the pseudonym. But after they started the fight, we never heard that the defendant after they became soldier and carry a weapon and start fighting, we never heard that he debated them again and they come back to the center.

00:46:07 --> 00:46:11

Also, when a person terrorism in general terms group in general,

00:46:13 --> 00:47:00

they develop their case very, very fast. Scala, it starts something small, and it became very big, for example, start as, Oh, this is wrong, then is this is q4, then this person needs to be killed. See how it goes from one to three, to jump and very fast in no time you reach that conclusion? They start, for example, we fight for our rights, then we fight for independence, then we fight against the other identity. So it's not we're the only one exists. So we'll be the only one exists. It developed from something small to became something big. Like for example, they said, We fight the government, then we fight everybody worked for the government. Then we fought everybody who agree

00:47:00 --> 00:47:05

with the government. The culatta, what did they did we fight to Annie. And

00:47:06 --> 00:47:30

then they said, We fight, everybody fought with malaria, or fought with the army, then after a while, everybody agree with them, then everybody did not line with us against them, see how to develop? And that's how it is this ideas and these ideologies, it's just grown this way. It's very hard to be controlled afterwards.

00:47:32 --> 00:47:58

Also, there is so much contradiction in their and their views in general. If you look closely, you will see that the US people to promote Islam, and that's the reason that we are fighting and carry weapons to spread justice. What is the justice and killing innocent people? children's? What is justice in killing woman's elderly citizen? Where justice in killing people who have nothing to do with your violence?

00:48:00 --> 00:48:36

What is justice when we know for a fact that some Muslim were killed by the hands of other Muslims, and sometimes in Afghanistan, and their wives and their daughter were taken as slaves? What is justice and this was justice in blowing up a Masjid in Sudan for unsalted mohammedia are over 30 Muslims praying fudger by RPGs and by the hand of this terrorist group, where's justice and de Where is Islam and such things? What is they said? contradiction they always got then Baz Eben Tamia Hashem

00:48:38 --> 00:49:24

but in the same times, they consider them the fall who the gypped they are very extreme about, they are just a lie to the government, they are just puppets in the hands of the government, why are you using their fatawa and you say I go to the me and I make sure that they mean then we show them that they mean said that this is how our model is not allowed. Now you put x on him why there's so much contradiction and their ideologies of their basically approach to people because they don't they're not consistent and their message. Also terrorist group. What's really control them not be beside the wrong and understanding is the love for revenge. It's something personal. So many times it's a

00:49:24 --> 00:49:34

revenge as this man when he killed the earth, metal the alarm, he stopped him nine times. He said three, four Allah and six for what I have in my heart against you.

00:49:37 --> 00:49:59

That's why when you hear somebody saying, Oh, we still thirsty for your blood don't draw from Iraq. It's the language that you hear. It's a language of somebody. It's not about fighting a convention. It's about just the love for revenge, the love for revenge. It's became more of a personal thing. It's it's like that's why

00:50:00 --> 00:50:31

When we talk about to rulers, even if he's a male was part of a guide this don't pray for him. He doesn't want him to be even guided. He doesn't want him to be guided tours group in general, they are very affected by their leaves from the early times. That's why in Islam, you will always see that the terrorist group in the history is now named after the leaders, Al Azhar at Alibaba, after the leaders and that's a very smart way. Because that means to show you those people follower of that person, not of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

00:50:33 --> 00:50:46

They don't belong to any country, they don't like to be a citizen of any country, they like to free themselves from any national identity, which is something also interesting to know.

00:50:47 --> 00:51:30

One of the things that you notice clearly about terrorist groups when it comes to their methods of fake methods of using the evidence the following one, they will not collect all the related evidence to discuss one issue, the only pick and choose and this is very shows you that whoever did that their leaders, either they are very ignorant, or they are doing this intentionally, that the pick and choose the evidence only support their ideas, and they will ignore totally any evidence go against their ideas go against their ideas. I don't have time for examples. That's why I will just mention the points in general. Also, they would like to leave the clear evidence in Quran and Sunnah

00:51:31 --> 00:51:48

and to pick and to choose the evidence that textual evidence which is not clear, which is not clear. For example, they will say Allah said in the Quran wakatobi Mashallah kina Kapha fight the mushrikeen fight all the disbelievers but

00:51:49 --> 00:52:32

they will not for example, look to the other verses of Surah Baqarah Wakata de la de partie Luna come fight those who are fighting you fight those who are fighting you. They will for example, take the Hadith the prophet SAW Selim said everyone should be killed until he or she c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah. Okay, what about how the prophets of Salaam dealt with that kofod of Mecca when he conquered Mecca? Did he kill them all? How the process of them dealt with the Jewish of Medina, how the president with the Christians of Nigeria and South neutron, how the profits are why you leave also these very clear evidence, and you take one text, one Huddy and the owner have

00:52:32 --> 00:53:14

understood it in different ways, and to pick and choose based on what also it's very interesting that you see that there are very, that when you deal with text evidence, they take it very literally sometimes, and they don't try to understand the meanings of it. The meanings are of this textual evidence. Also, they don't look, they don't care about the understanding of the companions of the scholars of the early Muslim generations. And this is a clear sign to differentiate between our way as mainstream Muslim and their way. And to give you an example, which is very popular today, they use the Hadith and I'm sure all of you heard that they use the argument the prophets of Salaam said,

00:53:14 --> 00:53:19

our move the mushrikeen, the disbeliever from the Arab peninsula.

00:53:20 --> 00:53:59

All the non Muslims should be taken out of the Arab peninsula. You see, this had been used as a justification to fight westerns in Saudi Arabia, or in Arabia in general. And they said, that's the rules. That's what the prophets of Salaam ordered us to do. That's why we are fighting them to kick them out of Arabia. Okay. And he said, this hadith is something the process I've said before before his death, but Abu Bakar and Roma on earth man understood this understanding. Is this how they understand the how they did it, himself. He's the one when the Jewish Hiva broke the rules, broke the rules.

00:54:01 --> 00:54:44

What he did, he asked him to move to Taiwan, or China, which is still in the Arab Peninsula, did it tomorrow the law allowed the Christian to stay in the john and allow them to settle in Arabia. Then the companions of Mohammed Salim used to have servant who are not Muslim living in Medina, and they did not kick them out. And they did not understand from this hadith that they all must be not exist in Arabia. They understood from this hadith that they not allowed, not allowed in Arabia to have to religion dominate or to religion rules. But that doesn't mean more than one religion exists. No, that's not what the Hadith ever meant. And that's not what the companions of Mohammed Salim have

00:54:44 --> 00:54:59

understood it. Also, they never tell you what the meaning of the otter Peninsula is it mean Mecca and Medina only. It means Mecca and Yemen and shujaaz only, it means the whole entire outer peninsula.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:00


00:55:01 --> 00:55:14

As you know, most of the scholars that I can imagine that said, it is Medina and the villages around Medina that what the Hadith meant, and Shafi said it is la jazz, it is a jazz.

00:55:15 --> 00:55:32

We know that even the scholars allowed some of the skull like any follow him Allah allowed non Muslim to visit Mecca and Medina, allow them as a visitor to enter it, to enter it. So all these opinions, all these difference of

00:55:33 --> 00:55:40

opinions, and understanding of the skeleton, sexual evidence, something will be hidden from the community.

00:55:44 --> 00:56:29

Any one of all socially they don't differentiate between what is considered a goal and means in Islam, they think, for example, jihad is a goal. It's a mean, to establish something, it's not a goal for itself. It's not a goal, it has to be exist. They will allow themselves to kill people just because they are not Muslims, they are not Muslim, and no doubt that Muslims or non Muslims alike, their blood is protected, a secret is not allowed to be spilled unless the break the law which is deserved, with which, by this crime that they committed, like killing an innocent person, they will deserve the capital punishment, the capital punishment. And in the end, also, one of the most

00:56:29 --> 00:56:53

important points here that the thought that you had applying the punishment can be done by the hands of individuals. No. It's only by as an immigrant martial law said, by the consensus of the Muslim scholars, the only one has the right to declare jihad is the ruler is the ruler, not anybody else, unless you protect your own home, somebody's attacking you.

00:56:56 --> 00:57:05

And there's so other few points. And I think I have to conclude here by saying this some just few points as an advice.

00:57:07 --> 00:58:00

How can we basically what is our role? Or how can we win this war against terrorism? I think one of the things that we have to know what have triggered this in the Muslim community, we see the reasons for some people to be misled, like sample, we have to be very blunt and clear about declaring our position from any extreme group exists or individuals, or any doubt been raised by these groups, we talk about it openly, we bring the evidence to against it, and to debate it, and to show the Muslims clearly as a form of law. Say, for them why this is not allowed. Why this is haram. I think the media has to help us on this and not to promote or to deal with this issue of terrorism, to use it

00:58:00 --> 00:58:44

against Islam or Muslim or against some particular group in the Muslim world. for political reasons, I think we have to fight terrorism for no personal interest, not because I have companies of security that I want to promote, not because of political gain, that I want to get out of playing war against terrorism, we should have war against terrorism because we believe it's wrong. We believe it's not right. And for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, at least us as a Muslim and I talked about war, I don't mean literally carrying weapon, I think our role is in ideologies in area, we have to bring them to add the scholars more into the field and this area, they know them better

00:58:44 --> 00:58:52

than anybody else, they know their ideologies and to fight their ideologies, because before somebody adopted

00:58:54 --> 00:59:19

I think we have we need more books to be written in this area showing as I said, the evidence related to the doubts that they raised regard to Jihad regard to killing or justifying killing Western in general and their country or in the Muslim country and refuting these doubts in different languages in Arabic in English and Urdu and Persian and so on.

00:59:24 --> 00:59:29

Also, we have to be fair and just when we talk about terrorism, we should not

00:59:30 --> 01:00:00

only we should not also be extremely our views like some people said those terrorist group or non Muslim or kuffaar or Martin Dean, and also some people are not consistent. For example, He will say he will feel so mad against terrorist activity take place in reality, but he will not feel the same thing if it took place in London or took place in else in America or New York. I feel so mad, but if take place in Egypt or in Palestine, he will not feel the same feeling

01:00:00 --> 01:00:26

I think it is, however, no matter where it will take place, no matter what will take place by any hand. And as you see, there are so many details related to the subject. But I hope that through these words I raise some awareness among my Muslim brothers and sisters about this topic, and to be very careful in what materials that you're reading, what materials that you are seeing in the internet, and Allah, Allah knows best or Salalah cinnamon and A, B, and M

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