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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of maximizing effort and prioritizing effort in achieving goals for Islam. They advise on ways to avoid unnecessary activities and encourage individuals to pray during odd nights and read the Quran for a reward. The speakers stress the importance of not letting oneself get behind in life and not letting oneself get behind in work to avoid feeling lost. They also emphasize the importance of practicing and not reciting the Quran. The speakers stress the importance of personal volume and trusting Islam, and mention a crude TV program.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to the ladies of curry. Tonight we have a very special guest with us on Gemma D. So our very lovely guest she is a birth occurred and teacher and various Sharia Sciences at the Islamic College of Australia Sydney. She has studied the Quran at dunkerbeck Judas Saudi Arabia and has a jezza integrin from her teacher she Karima. She has completed her BA in language majoring in Arabic and University of Sydney and studied books are known for over 10 years. For many Arabic scholars. She has recently graduated with BA in ficky and also at the Medina International University and has also completed the memorization of the Quran.

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She is also married with five children Mashallah and has delivered countless inspiring lectures, courses, conferences locally and internationally for almost 20 years. Along with robotic lucky, that's amazing achievements. Thank you so much for joining us on Jamaluddin. Hargrove, Vicki thanks for inviting me. Vicki, has your Ramadan going? Well, I'm hungry la hombre de la is going very fast. I know Subhan Allah, we already entered the last 10 nights of Ramadan suppilers upon Allah And on that note,

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could you please give us some

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tips on how we can maximize our deeds for the last 10 nights? Yeah, sure. inshallah. hamdulillah also, that was ceramill I don't know Selena, while me he was Sufi woman one. So I think first of all, I want to say that

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for a lot of people, I know the feeling when you get to this part of Ramadan, because a lot of people just felt like with those three days go, like 20 or 21 days, right? It feels like it just went like the blink of an eye. And what a lot of us are feeling like we just haven't done enough You know, a lot of people can feel deflated this point, right? But we have to keep in mind is he from the mercy of Allah halter either and his loot, which is which means his gentleness to us, he actually made the best of Ramadan at the last he kept the best of Ramadan for the last right and

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is actually

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due to the prophet SAW a long in the middle

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we have our team so that the you know,

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the deeds are according to date, the endings deeds, according to the ending. So it's, you know, how you ended up is more important than how you began it. So even if you've had a bit of a rocky start to Ramadan, maybe you've been really off track these Ramadan, you know, you haven't been able to do much at all, and you're feeling quite despairing over yourself.

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Just know that this is this is the cream of Ramadan, now, you know, put you put it, just do the best you can now, you know, and don't let your beginning of Ramadan, define your end. Okay, so I think that's really, really important. And then you're talking about how to maximize your last 10 days,

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realize that these are the best nights of the whole year. Okay, we have to know that this is the best nights of the whole year. And rewards for the days done these nights is greater than any other nights of the year. So if you keep that in mind, that already gives you the idea of how much you need to maximize these 10 nights. Okay. But then from a month these nights is one particular night, which we don't know exactly which night it is, but most likely it is the night of the 27th. Right. And it does deeds in this night. As we know, Allahu Allah tells us it's haidong and l Fisher. Right, better then doing a battle for one year in 1000 months for 83 years and more than 83 years and four

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months worship, right. So it's been one of the definitely It's been one of these last 10 nights. And as the message of the last little long one, Sam told us, it's gonna be one of those odd nights. And he's due for the odd nights, and then most likely, it's the 27th. But we don't advise people to put all their eggs in one basket, you know, just in case because there's a difference of opinion amongst the scholars as to whether, you know, his legs are the same night every year, or is it doesn't move doesn't move to other nights. So that's why it's not advisable for people because a lot of people do have that habit where only in the 20s they, you know, pay 200 and do piano and you know, and the

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rest of the nights they don't pay attention to it at all. Okay, we don't advise people to do that. We'd say try to do a bear that in all of the nights, but yes, put your maximum effort into the 27th in particular because they are from the Sahaba who

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used to swear by Allah. That's how sure they were that night. Other is is the 27th obeyed God, like, even our best, but there was so sure that it's the 27th. Okay, so there is a precedent for believing that it's the 27th. But like I said, you just don't put all your eggs in one basket. And so I'll talk a little bit about what to do it some to talk about what to do on the night, or even during these nights in general. So put more effort into your odd nights, as usual, how to maximize these nights, put more effort into the odd nights, because it's most of us, I'm speaking, I suppose to audiences, mainly sisters, right. And from those sisters, you've got working mothers, you've got

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sisters who study at uni, you've got you know, mothers, who he kind of got small children. And we all know it's very difficult to expect us to stay up every single night. You know, we can't do it, it's just not possible with with the commitments we have during the day. And so therefore, as you say, you should maximize, you have to prioritize, that's what it comes down to prioritizing. So it's not that you don't put any effort into other nights, but it's just that you prioritize your nights and just, you know, as I said, pay more attention to the odd nights and especially like the 27th night, your maximum effort into that night.

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But yeah, what do you do on a night so basically, you know, you would, it depends if you're going to the masjid or if you're paying at home. So you're going to pray. Toby, you may pray totally with the men, if you pray in the masjid. You can complete the prayer with the Eman

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if you pay with, with the Mmm, you shouldn't pay which again, like they don't even night. But if you want, what you can do is you can once the man does width, you can stand up and do an extra rocker.

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And then do testing. So make your odds so make your wits even. Yeah. So that then later on, you can go home and you can pray pm during the night. And then towards fudge. You can pray with yourself. Okay? So this day you're praying in the masjid, that's what you do, you could pray with the man until he completes the prayer. Because actually, there's a hadith that mentions whoever prayed with the Amen. Until he finishes it's as if he prayed the whole night. Okay, so you want to try and get that reward, it's a way of maximizing your reward, right? Then you might go home,

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you might read the Quran for for a while, you know, sit and read put on for a while.

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And then you know, divide your night up like making like colorful, so reads and put on for a while, then maybe you do some diet for a while, you know, do some tests B do some gives you drop out. And you know, sit and read all the drugs you read. For example, even when you say for example, in the mornings and evenings you can say some good

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morning and even you can just say them like you can just get out some of those drawers or drawers for is too far. You know, get those drawers out. Read them. You know the book The fortress of a Muslim? Yes.

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booklet. Yeah. So you can just get that out. And

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you know, just read those to yourself like that can help you then personal to us as well. Right? But besides that do look to see if you can just see these panels, the panels panel, because imagine that everything you're doing in that night is hiring an empty shelf, like it's better than, you know, more than 1000 you know, the lifetime basically

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at three or more years, and you'd be worshipping Allah that whole time. That's, that's, that's amazing. You know, yeah. So then, as you come towards the morning, like, I mean, before,

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before bed, yep, the early hours of the morning, that's when you really want to do a lot of tober and it's still far, right, that's when you want to try to really kind of

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work things basically try to break itself down before lots of hands are like really

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lay out those emotions to also counselor and just really cool upon him by his beautiful names and, you know, like your, for your Philly family, you know, really, really open up and really just

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just open your heart, like just really break itself down before a lot of times I'll try to do that, like, reflect on your life. Like it's really important that we use this time for reflection, okay, because if you think about most of us, we are just you know, like a rat race all year. Okay, so

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our times just really renew ourselves, renew our connection with a wormhole to Allah. So you know, you really want to be reflecting when you're still thinking about your life. How are you going in your life? You know, this life is one life

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You're gonna be asked for a long time, but everything we've done, and we can't come back once we die, we can't come back and have enjoyed his life again, you don't get a second chance. Right? So this is why Ramadan's reminding you of that like, and among them how many more on the bonds, we have to leave our case, if we're not making the most of these from a bond.

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If we're gonna be distancing one more, okay. And it's just a blessing to be able to be alive in the last 10 nights.

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It's just a bliss, like,

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I feel blessed to be alive, because we've been feeling we have been seeing, you know, people passing by during Ramadan. And even before Ramadan, they didn't reach the Ramadan, and they thought they would. And hamdulillah we're here, and inshallah we can do this best. And so the legal remind yourself, like there's actually a statement by one of the scholars, even Josie, he said, if the inhabitants of the grave were asked, you know, to wish, like if they would be able to have a wish, they would wish to come back and have one more day of Ramadan. One more day, because of how much you know, how great of rewards they imagine if they just want to come back from a bond? And what about

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if we're talking about the last 10 nights? And what about if we're talking about the night of labor or other? Okay, how much would you wish to come back? If you knew if you really knew like, how much blessing and how you know, how many has done that are

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contained within these nights? You wouldn't want to waste them. But unfortunately, a lot of us would start realize and take for granted a hatred for grant. Absolutely. So. So yeah, so this is what I suggest people do like if

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the main theme really is what I said, just really making sincere due to a loss of powerful insights. You know, there's a future as I recommend, like for example,

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if you said to Dr. Yunus, so draws that kind of really showed your weakness and poorness before a lot. So for example, Dr. Yunus is Lana, Ilaha, Illa and sapan occur in equal to mila bollini, right. So don't just set once say many, many, many times and really feel how you have been from the wrongdoers, like, How much have you neglected from the rights of Allah to Allah? Like, how many of us have been like slack with our Deen, you know, with maybe we've missed days with Mr. fastings we've never bothered to ever make up back from years ago or, you know,

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we hadn't paid for care, or we hadn't bothered to go to Hadoop, we had the ability and like this, you know, and then there's so many things we fall into, right? Who does, who of us does not have seen over the years over the years? How many things we, you know, we haven't been told before, we haven't asked a lot of, you know, for forgiveness, you know, the Messenger of Allaah so long what he said it was said that in every sitting he would think we can't 70 times he was asking a little toddler, you know, making it still far, you know, 70 times interesting one seating and like, okay, off we go, we go day by day, week by week, we don't even ask a we don't even say stuff for a while.

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Half the time you know, and so can you see how our hearts then we wondering why don't I feel you know, softness, when I pray to Allah? Because why don't I get moved when I hear about Allah and the elephant or you know, because we don't realize the hardness that comes in our hearts. Because all this built up, like, think about it like a cow and you don't wash your car. What happens is grime and you know,

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this is what we need to do. We need to really just break the shackles, from our hearts in Milan, or like I said, Z tovala reflecting on your life, reflecting on yourself, thinking about the heart as if you can't cry, but it means we've got hardness in our hearts. We need to, you know, really ask for forgiveness to get rid of it

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draws attention

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to that draw of Yunus even it's a beautiful thought that adds a malaise

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or a banner in Valentina and fusina. What is the villain? What are Hamner Nana coonan Amina hosteling, so your Allah, verily we have wronged ourselves. And if you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, we're going to be from the losers. But ultimately, if Allah does not forgive us, so Pamela, how are we going to enter Jana?

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None of us can enter gender by our deeds, as the prophet SAW the longest and told us like none of us were into gender by our deeds. So your only way the only hope we have to enter Jannah is if Allah have mercy upon us. This is what this is what everyone has to understand what is this about now what these 10 nights is about begging Allah for his forgiveness? You know, because the only way for us to enter Jannah is if Allah has forgiven me and he forgives us and has

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mercy upon us in his knives and he makes us from those who was saved from the fire in these nice

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about and that's what is that da that the prophet SAW along with us and to Ayesha when he Allahu

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Allah in our food to hit Rafa Rodney, right. A woman in the California oma, you are an R Fu. You love to pardon. To hip Rafa, you love to pardon your love. Right? From fournisseur pardon me, your Allah. Right? So and don't just say like I said, Don't just say once, say over and over again and really think about what that means. And how much do you want the forgiveness of a law, like, you'd have to show a law This is what these nights are about. Showing your sincerity and how much you want Allah's forgiveness and you wanting to save you from the fire.

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About so this is what

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I know. Like,

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I'm talking about sisters who, for example, might feel like they can't do enough, you know, they're feeling a little bit like other people. Maybe they came and pray right now, you know, and they might be feeling like, all of us can make that sincere.

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And all of us can break ourselves down before a lot, we can all make Toba and we can all you know, really just, you know, humble ourselves in these Knights to Allah and really beg him for his forgiveness, all of us are capable of doing that no matter what our situation.

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So focus on that you want to maximize you want to maximize these 10 nights, that is the main point I would suggest for everybody inshallah. So obviously, you were saying about the sisters who can't pray and obviously when, you know, when we're in the sight of menstruation, we can do you advise us to read the Quran? Or? And what are the other tips that you can advise for them. So if a woman is not able to pray or fast right now, because she's in her state of menses only fast, you know,

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reading Yes, so what she can do is, I take the opinion that a woman can recite the Quran, but without directly touching the Arabic most half. Okay, so, so if it has a meaning, she's fine, either. Yeah, I should clarify. So if you've got an English translation, that's not considered as almost half, okay, okay. If you've got like a tablet, or you know, iPad, that's also not considered as the most tough, okay? If you're going to actually read from the Arabic

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You should only touch it with a tissue, or turn the pages of the pencil don't directly touch it. Because, you know, a person should be in the state of Ohio to to touch the tough.

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Alright, so if you take that opinion, then you can be, you know,

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spending your night like, for example, you know, reciting Quran revising whatever you've memorized, like, maybe even memorize Jews ama, for example, or you only know how to recite Jamba

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Juice on the dragon, I read it a few times doesn't matter. You know?

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That was an essay. So yeah, so God has already mentioned what you can do the same thing instead of instead of doing the praise, like the best thing you can do, that Lenny said is true. The best thing you can do in these nights, is to actually stand in prayer and recite as much as you can. You can, you're allowed to hold them as tough, right? While you pray. That is the best because the prayer combines everything. The prayer, you've got the prayer, you've got the Quran, and you've got the vicar of a law, and you've got the drive in the center. So the prayer combines everything. But when you can't do that, you go to the next best option, which is reciting the Quran, right? doing lots of

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decoding, and you know, doing drop Toba, like all those other things I mentioned. That's what cities can do that they should kind of basically

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have a little bit of schedule for the night and you know, of course, you can do things like that too. So, and if you've got a coffee, baby, well, then you just put your intention, try to everything you're doing. Put your intention during the night that I'm doing is for Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Allah sees what you're doing. The beautiful thing about Islam is that nothing is wasted with Allah. The most important thing is we do it for the sake of Allah make whatever you do for the sake of Allah, and then nothing's wasted with the loss of cantarella.

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And also, I wanted to ask you, so obviously the month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran. So sometimes we do read the Quran, but we feel a slight disconnection, what are your thoughts and how to reconnect with the Quran? Okay, so people are in different

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people have different situations.

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So let me just talk about the person who doesn't really know Arabic first because that's that's a lot of people out there.

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Okay, and that's obviously going to have an effect you will understand if you don't really have a strong understanding of Arabic, then then realize that that's part of the reason why you don't have that real connect with the Quran. Okay? But that's not to say you can't have any connection just because you don't know Arabic, doesn't mean you can't have any connection at all. Like, I mean, humble enough myself, you know, I started out without any Arabic whatsoever.

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But look what you can do. We all know that I'm how many of us have been going through a situation. And we've opened up the Quran, you know, without English translation I'm talking about here, right? Open up your English translation. And you just for the woman, even the dragon said, you're a guy be the guy being the situation right? And just randomly open up

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the Quran somewhere, and you start reading and so part of Allah put something in your heart to give you the answer.

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That shows you that this is how you connect with the crowd. It's not something you know, it's about your intention, actually, if you've got the intention that you want to get close to Allah, through the Quran, and you realize that this is the words of Allah, right? And let me say this, this is with absolute certainty, I can say this step is not one word in the Quran. Except for reason.

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So if you keep that in mind, that's the word of Allah, he's literally speaking to you with these words, right? And there's not one word in the Quran, except that it's there for a reason. So you have to ask yourself, what is Allah telling me through these words?

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Like, there's something mentioned by the scholars who said,

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Yeah, one of the scholars, he said that the way that they use to view the Quran is like, what?

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Yeah, meaning messages from Allah. Like, that's how we need to be thinking, but this is all messages. This is all like this something a lot is trying to tell me in these words. So either he's trying to, you know, for example, one example, allow to Anna give us many different descriptions of the people of Jana. Right? What are the words of the people of Ghana? What is the character of the people of Ghana? You know, what are the deeds of the people of john Naga who are heading towards Jana? Right? So when you know that that's, you know, then those descriptions are there for a reason, because Allahu taala, once you to know what are those descriptions, so that you can implement that

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in your life. And similarly, he gives us, He gives us, you know, the descriptions of the Vanessa cane, or the caffeine, you know, the disbelievers. Right. So when, when you're reading it like that, and thinking, that's the characteristics of the, the underneath outcrop the people of hypocrisy, or that's the description of the people. So then you realize that those are the characteristics that needs to fire, and you want to be far away from that you understand? So

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it's all about like, realizing that, you know, when Allah is telling us about the Christians of the past, or the Jews, they did certain things. And why is Allah telling us that not just to tell us a story, you're supposed to realize, wait a minute, I'm not supposed to also do that, too, don't follow the path don't follow the same mistakes, and the same scenes that they fell into, you understand. So if you understand that, it's whatever I was telling you, because it's for a reason to develop you. Right. So if you understand that, then you'll be you'll be responding to that and realizing that I need to take heat from these words, I need to think about how I can implement that

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in my life, and change myself.

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I think if I'm not mistaken, there's a hadith about

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the people who are struggling to read the Quran, getting more reward than people who have fallen in the brain. So for example, that's with regards to recitation of the citation. That's regards to recitation. So like, if somebody struggles to recite the Quran, they get double the reward, while the one who's able to recite it fluently is like, you know, they're on the level of like, with the angels SubhanAllah. So, I mean, that's with regards to recitation, but we're talking here about like actual connecting with the Quran, you know what I mean? And that anybody can connect with the Quran, even if you don't even understand Arabic, but naturally, like I said before, if you have Arabic, the

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words that are B are so powerful, okay, because the way I describe to people to make them understand that we should all be on a journey with Quran right? I always encourage people, everyone should be on some sort of journey like everyone a blind you should get to see some change in yourself that you're better than the previous from a bond in your in how much closer you've come to the Quran, he, okay, we shouldn't be on the same level like, sadly, a lot of people they don't go to learn, you know, they don't know how to read it and they go for years and years and years. And that shouldn't be the case because we're actually

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depriving ourselves from all this hassle that of, you know, being able to read it and feeling the sweetness of reading it.

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What do you think that is? Like? What do you think that people would just say stay stagnant on you know, reading two grand where they think that they've done enough when killing you know, we need to be obviously revising the Quran and learning more correctly how to read it with a Dwayne and etc. The conscious think that they haven't realized that this you can this it's like it's a journey and you can go deeper and deeper. And we're gonna remember that whoever loves Allah to Allah If you really love Allah to Allah, then you should be close to his words like you cannot claim to love Allah unless you actually close to his words, right? This is literally his words. Okay, so how can

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someone claim to be close to Allah if you're not close to us words if the only way you can really because after the law after law, which is our number one connection for a law in the Quran is our ultimate It is our ultimate connection to Allah Subhana Allah

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Allah speaking to us you guys it's what every day by you reciting the Quran and you understanding what I was telling you that's what strengthens your a man your

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your solidifies your Eman And it also shapes your Arpita as well in the way that you need to have, especially this there are times now really no one can afford to be away from the Quran in these times. You know when you need to be close to the Quran because that's what's gonna save us a lot.

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So before we pop on, can you recap for us?

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Maybe some tips before we go on how to maximize just recap on what you were just Yeah, sure. So with regards to maximizing, like I said,

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pay attention in particular to the odd Knights in particular to the 27th put your maximum effort into the 27th but don't let the other ones go to waste either. Focus on your main theme The main goal of your a bear that in these nights, work as hard as you can with whatever you can do like if you want everybody can stand long amounts of time in their prayer. So you know play lots of different It doesn't matter how many records you pray, keep praying keep praying like that's what you're able to do. Keep doing that. You know, but split up your time between praying reciting Quran Vic, but the main thing alone to see in these nights is your sincerity. Right? He wants to see your

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sincerity he wants to see how much you really want Jana how much you want to be saved in this month you know from the file and you know it's polite to just

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like show and father the father's listening syllable. So to everyone feel left out, but you know that's what Allah wants to see from us and that's true Yeah, what else you know what more you know so Panama so you know just try that do everything you can and do whatever it takes and and then have trusting a lot of Allah is never gonna you know like

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I wanted the causes the deeds of the you know the Westin into the loft he never causes the deeds of those who have a center and try their best for his sake to be lost. Right so just have personal volume A lot of you know he's not going to

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notice despite whatever your situations on a lump sum Hello. Hello, hi, Ron, for your time on Jordan.

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I really appreciate you coming on and inshallah we

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take all the advice that you given us on board and we may we reached out to coda.

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I mean,

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thank you so much, everyone for joining us. And this is

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and this is the end of our crude TV was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.