Virtues of Qiyam prayer

Mohammad Elshinawy


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The speaker discusses the importance of watching closely and not giving too many false false peekes into people's actions. They also mention a recent incident where a man named Salama recited guidance or a gift and asked for permission to answer a question about a person named Salama. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding giving too many false peekes into someone's actions.

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other virtues of family, and how it's performing God, even everybody called the Lavon, who narrates the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a taboo about the matter a lot, he came visiting them,

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he visiting him, and following up, who's the wife of Ali, his wife, and also the daughter of Hamlet, some of our bodies send them. So you visited me and my wife, me and his daughter, father, and my brother, one one, I lay in bed at night call and he said, and to suddenly, don't you? Great? Aren't you going to pray? Won't you pray? This simple clarity and wisdom and this is the the point of reference, essentially, from wider story. And know there are a lot of just including it here, the fact that he would check up on his family Salallahu, alayhi wasallam. And keep tabs on them to make sure they are not missing out on this practice of the righteous this virtue.

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And notice, this is even when this is even post marriage. So people wonder, like, when do I stop advising my kids. And we say that it's just the modality of the advice may have to evolve with the, you know, with the phases of development are the phases of adulthood, even, you know, changing and progressing, but you never stop. You never stop when your child becomes an adult at puberty, they're an adult, you have to switch gears a little bit, right. And if you tried to, you know, assert the same command and control you had when they were children, you will lose all control altogether.

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It won't work. But the point is it never you never fully let go. Because commanding the good promoting the good and forbidding the evil is what a believer does. And it's primarily an obligation upon your closest circles, and you begin with your family.

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But in the greater context of this hadith, actually, it's a very pleasant incident. The Prophet Valley Assad was salam Faasil sought permission to answer it will be answered. And they were beneath their blanket. That's what he said, on the edge of the bed, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, won't you wake up already played? It's deep into the mind, won't you pray? You're missing out basically. And so I named

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mine his son in law, who of course praised the Knights prayers. Were just sort of in a in a joking that right?

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He said, Now Salama, our souls are in the hands of

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a developer fusuma via the law. If he wishes he'll send them back. Like whenever Allah wants us to wake up, we wake up.

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We can control when our souls come back into our bodies. And so the prophets of Allah on insulin data mission accomplished their way correct. So he got up they just left and seminarians that he left while like tapping on this on this device of a loved one he was reciting guidance or the gift, or can send a cover sheet in Jeddah. And the human being more than anything else is always arguing. Always argumentative always has to come back.

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But of course, it was both sending humor in good spirits. And of course they took the advice of their prophets of Allah on he said there was never a lot of time at ILM, and some of them said a lot to kind of meet