Yasir Qadhi – Finish Strong & Carry this Momentum Forward After Ramadan

Yasir Qadhi
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in Alhamdulillah Nana do who want to start a new one it's still fiddle one hour with a biller Himanshu Rudy and fusina women say Dr. Molina Mejia Hila who fella mobila Woman Yulin, who fell ah ha de la wa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa Hoon la sharika wa shadow Anna Mohamed and Abba do humara sudo yeah you hola Xena mono taco la haka to cote what are the Moto Illa one two Muslim on dear Muslims. whenever ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala describes the righteous and the pious in the Quran. Look at how they are described. Look at the adjectives and the qualities that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions for them. And you will find that inevitably, the adjectives and the qualities that Allah

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uses to describe the believers consists of active nouns, active verbs, active adjectives, what do I mean by this? Look at what the Quran says in over 40 verses. Allah describes the believers as those who you Ki Moon or salata, tunas Carta, there are consistently establishing the Salah, and they are frequently giving the Zika UK Munna and your tuna and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala mentions in the Quran that when

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The people enter agenda the angels will say Jezza and Bhima Khun tomb time alone. This is the response and the result of that which you frequently used to do that which you habitually did. And look at the beginning of Surah tell me noon. What what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has an entire page describing the believers, one of the most famous passages in the Quran, Allah says, well ladina homeless Zeca Tifa you know, on the one who constantly consistently gives it up, well let the you know Allah salatu him da imune they are perpetually praying. They're set up. Brothers and sisters. The entire Quran is full of adjectives that indicate consistent worship. And this is something that

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we all understand and recognize. Allah never praises just a spirit of worship. Allah never praises just a phase of worship. No, that is not praiseworthy. What is praiseworthy is consistency. What is praiseworthy is a lifelong attachment to the rituals and the worship of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah blesses people because of a lifestyle, not because of a habit or a fad, not because of a temporary boost in our iman, this month of Ramadan, brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala reintroduced us to the beauty of worship, every single person sitting here without exception has increased our connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. Now that Ramadan is finishing now that we

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have a few days left and then we will go back to our pre Ramadan schedule, the question arises, how much of this passion? How much of this zeal? How much of this newfound enthusiasm? Will we allow ourselves to continue after the month is over? Subhanallah look at our regular worldly relationships. Can you imagine when you go to work, and you only show up one day enthusiastically and the rest of the time that you're there, you do nothing? You have no commitment, you are not showing your talent? Could such a job flourish? Or will you be fired? Can you imagine in your marriage, if only the first month during the honeymoon period, you are a true husband or your true

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spouse and then after that has you fail in the duties of being a spouse can such a marriage flourish in this world. We don't accept just a quick spurt of activity in this world. It is commitment that is rewarded, it is perpetually showing that you are dedicated to a cause that causes you to be rewarded. And so how much more So should this example apply? When we talk about religiosity when we talk about our commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us of this reality when he said a habit or an early eight Allah He had one more word in the most beloved, of all deeds to Allah, the Most Beloved of all deeds, are those deeds that are

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perpetual, they are habitual, even if they are very small. I want us to absorb this hadith in the last days of Ramadan. Why? Because now is the time now, before Ramadan is over. When you and I have to make a commitment. What shall be my lifestyle? One week from today? What a week from today is it? What shall be my lifestyle? One week onwards? How will I change posts Ramadan, that I didn't have pre Ramadan? What new routines will I add to my schedule of worship? What new positive o'clock will I seek to inculcate in my life that I didn't have before Ramadan? Which specific bad habits that I tackled in this month? Will I make a commitment to Allah I will not go back to I will not revert to

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I will not continue those bad deeds that Allah has blessed me to give up in this month of Ramadan. Right now we need to make this commitment because once Ramadan is over, that is when our weaknesses began during these last days of Ramadan, the holiest nights of Ramadan. This is when we have to examine our lives and our lifestyles and Subhanallah one point that needs to be mentioned as well brothers and sisters, how quickly time flies literally it was yesterday I was standing here encouraging us to be ready for Ramadan to be prepared for them all dawn. And here we are today, the last Juma of Ramadan of this year, the twinkling of an eye and it is gone. And inevitably brothers

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and sisters it is the Sunnah of Allah, this crowd that is gathered here today, all of us mashallah our maximum attendance and throughout the year is today. We do not know who will not be here. Next Ramadan's last tomorrow, we don't know Wallahi we do not know. Inevitably there will be people sitting here right now. This is

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The Sunnah of Allah. There are people sitting here right now. They will not be here. Next Ramadan. This is the way of the world. Nobody can predict. Nobody knows. Some might be elderly expecting their time to go others at the prime of their youth, others at midlife and something sudden happens. This is the way of the Creation around us. And we should learn a lesson from the Quick passing of time. How swiftly time goes on. Ask yourselves how many Ramadan's has Allah blessed us with? For some of us it might be only in the single digits. For others it might be Hamdulillah 6070 Ramadan's. But inevitably a Ramadan will be our last Ramadan, perhaps for some amongst us it is this Ramadan,

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that is our last tribal bond. If that is the case, if that is the case, then how much more so we need to make a firm commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala that this Ramadan is going to be my best Ramadan. And the days after Ramadan are going to be the best days after Ramadan of any previous Ramadan that I have engaged with brothers and sisters in this month. Specifically, I want to point out a number of things that all of us have experienced in this month. Our masjid, attendance has skyrocketed and we thank Allah for that our Masjid attendance has gone Alhamdulillah to the highest of the high every single night Alhamdulillah we have 1000s of people here even in the in the Kiama

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3am 4am You come and it is completely packed to the end. But brothers and sisters, the Lord of Ramadan is also the lord of show while the creator of all of us in this month is the creator of all other months as well. And the help of Allah and the rights of Allah are no less after Ramadan than they are doing Ramadan. And so when we have gained the pleasure of worshiping Allah in the misogyny, I encourage myself and all of you to increase Masjid attendance, make this in your schedule, make sure that as often as you can once a day maybe Fudger or Asia or if you live far from the masjid two three times of the week. Or even if you live farther than this, at least once a week make a

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commitment more than just Jumar I'm going to come and be with my brother and my sisters I want to be in this community. Another aspect of Ramadan that we all feel is that we increase in our Tilawat of the Quran and listening to the Quran. And we all know firsthand how sweet that feeling is. And we all know that immersing ourselves in the Quran is the number one mechanism of increasing our iman nothing allows us to feel spirituality as quickly and as immediately as listening to the Quran and reciting the Quran. We experienced this in Ramadan, well then why don't we make it a habit? Why don't we make it a habit that every single day I shall experience this pleasure with the Quran every

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single day I shall make it into my routine. Let no single day go by except that you touch the book of Allah. Dear Muslims, I strongly encourage myself and all of you put this in your mind just five minutes a day will Allah He you can spare it, I can spare it 510 minutes a day, take that book off the shelf, open it up before you go to work or before you go to sleep or whatever schedule but it has to be in your schedule and it has to be a non negotiable time. That's what our Prophet says to him said make your deeds than him make your good deeds continual perpetual is put it into your schedule. I shall touch this book read this book benefit from this book every single day as you're

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driving to work as you're commuting to work rather than waste time listening to that which will be of no benefit put on some Quran as well listen to the Quran so that your Eman becomes strong. You feel a sense of spirituality. This is another benefit of this month of Ramadan and another benefit brothers and sisters and of course this is the most one of the most obvious ones but it must be said the commitment for Salah the commitment to pray regularly. There are many amongst us we are still struggling to perfect our five day the salah wallet, and indeed it is a struggle. There's no question about that. Because the one who prays five daily Salawat his entire life revolves around

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the salah. He has to look at his schedule. Where will I be for the Lord? I need to be in a place I can pray what will I do for Macula there's only a short period of time your life is affected when you become regular most Sunday we understand I understand, but don't you see as well that when your life revolves around the worship of Allah, that is when you become beloved to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when you have to plan your day thinking I have to pray every single Salah where would I be how can I pray? This is what separates the righteous the holier than thou in the solid aim. And in this month of Ramadan brothers and sisters

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I encourage everyone to make a renewed commitment. If you're already praying five times a day, then raise the bar with Sunon if you're already doing the Sunon raise the bar with some nothing if you're already doing some nothing, raise the bar with the quality of your worship and there is no end to the quality of Kosher but if you haven't begun your your your journey in the five Salawat if you're still struggling with this, then brothers and sisters a blunt question and allow me to be blunt. For how long will you procrastinate and delay? To what end? Surely you and I both understand when you keep on saying next Ramadan I'll be better tomorrow I'll be better Surely you understand that

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between you and the next Ramadan is the uncertainty of the angel of death. How can you keep on procrastinating and delaying right here and now you are alive right here and now you are qualified to make these decisions tomorrow there is no guarantee. So today, I encourage myself in all of you right here and now make a commitment to Allah this year. This upcoming year I shall be a better Muslim. I will show ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. I will demonstrate I want to be a pious person and brothers and sisters in that demonstration in that Nia This is what Allah blesses. Allah doesn't care about the actual result as much as he cares about the effort. Allah wants to see you trying.

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Allah wants to see you put in the effort. We're all sinners, we're all falling short. We all have issues we're struggling with. Don't let your sins pull you back from doing good deeds. Brothers and sisters, if you are having some bad habits, may Allah forgive don't use that as an excuse to not do good deeds, do good deeds, and ask Allah to forgive you for the bad habits and work on those bad habits. This is the reality of what struggling with Eman is brothers and sisters in this month of Ramadan. Every one of us has appreciated for one more time, the beauty the blessings of being a Muslim, what a great blessing it is. Islam allows us the peace, the comfort of knowing why we are

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here what we are doing the worship of Allah gives us a pleasure like no other pleasure. The nobility we feel when we are in such the the happiness we feel when we listen to the Quran, the spiritual ease we feel being Muslim. We know nothing in this world can make us feel like this. Well then, if we know it, then what is preventing us from continuing that same beautiful feeling. After the month of Ramadan. Brothers and sisters I urge myself and all of you think long and hard. Make a commitment today in this last Juma of Ramadan, make a sincere commitment and make a concrete commitment not just to generic I'm going to be better you know yourself better than anybody else. You know what

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you're struggling with, you know the pious deeds you can do but you're not doing you know the sins that you need to get rid of make a sincere commitment and again it is the commitment it's not the success if you fail once keep on trying you fail 10 times keep on trying, I repeat, it is the effort that Allah is pleased with not necessarily the success it is the continuous the continuity of you struggling of you showing Allah so make this commitment today and ask yourself specifically how will I be a better person after this month of Ramadan? And then during these last days during these most blessed nights make dua to Allah specifically for what you have in mind. Yeah Allah make it easier

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for me to pray for example Yeah, Allah this is a sin I'm struggling with ya Allah you know I don't like doing this you know, I'm struggling Yeah, Allah I need your help to overcome this particular habit of mine. These are the days and these are the nights to make these two hours may Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless me and you with going through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is verses they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan or ask Allah's forgiveness you as well ask him for his love of food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah is the One and the unique. He it is when we worship and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and He hears the prayer of the week. As to what follows. Brothers and sisters. There's a famous incident in the Sierra where on the morning of the Battle of Ord, a non Muslim came to the Prophet sallallahu either he was selling them and embraced Islam and fought in the Battle of God. And the battle of the word took place in the early morning after Salat al Fajr. And it's so happened he died a Shaheed and he did not pray a single Salah because Doha hadn't come and he accepted Islam after fajr and he died Shaheed the Sahaba were

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puzzled ya rasool Allah, this is a man he hasn't done one such that in his life. He hasn't prayed one Salah and yet he's

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dying the death of Russia he that he will go all the way up there. And they were informed and this is a general rule and it is found in the Quran and Sunnah. In normal ama Louisville Hawa team. Actions are judged, not how they began but how they ended. Your life is judged not according to the past, but according to how it finished our bill how our team deeds are judged at how you end them, not how you began them. So brothers and sisters, we have five days left of this blessed month, five nights left of this blessed month. Tonight is 666 days we can say tonight and tomorrow night are just the beginning and then the 27th which has the highest possibility of being Laila to

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those who were lazy in the beginning of the month. Don't lose hope. Those who are mediocre, half hearted, don't lose hope, and Mr. Lubell how our team the race is still not over the finish line is in sight. And if you sprint now, and if you give your utmost effort now, and if you do now, what you could not do in the first 25 days, and Hamdulillah you have finished upon good and enamel armor we will have our team. These are the Knights the most blessed knights tomorrow night and the 27th and the 29th. We still have three potentials for Leila, to cuddle. These are the days these are the nights where we show Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, what it means to be a dedicated worshiper. So I

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encourage myself and all of you do not lose hope whatever has happened in this month, however mediocre or poor you think your record has been? Allah does not judge according to the past Allah judges by how things end, and here we have the opportunity and hamdulillah still almost a full week left. So as the prophet system would do, the Hadith says he would tighten his belt in these days, tighten his belt as a metaphor, he would get serious he would spend the entire night awake a highlight letter who these are the only nights of the whole year that he would not sleep every other night he would tahajjud and sleep to hydrate and sleep these nights of Ramadan the last 10 nights he

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would spend the whole night awake if you're able to do that fine. And tomorrow most of us will be on a holiday anyway. So 25th Insha Allah is the minimum we can do and if you have to go to work and you then still the amount of time you spend awake on these nights must be more than any other night. Yes, you have to take go to sleep I understand. But still Allah knows you're balancing between the two. So finish brothers and sisters upon higher finish upon the fastest sprint you can do finish the month with the highest level of iman the highest level of Taqwa the highest level of rituals and hamdulillah if we do so if we do so then this Ramadan will be a success for us and when this Ramadan

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finishes remember, the continuation must begin and every Ramadan should be in our goal we raise the bar and go higher and higher until insha Allah Who Tada we meet our Lord Allahumma inni dine for a minimum Allama turnover How did you meet him when in love Africa whether Harmon Illa Faraja wala Deignan Illa Kalita when I'm ready on Illa Shia feta whether I see it on Ilya Sarita Allah my feeling is one in Alladhina Saba, Pune Bill Iman what a treasure I feel KHUDOBIN Alhamdulillah Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam I want Muslim in Allah whom is Islam I want Muslim in Allah Houma, Taco Bell cm and Allahumma, Taka berkelium and Allahumma Jana Amina alpha is

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enough he had the shahada Allahu

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Allah whom I didn't know Ramadan, Guam and I did was minute and Medina we're not going to feel so I didn't want to I didn't want a man that are hamara AMI and rebels Allah in the LA Jota Amara Combi Eminem better behavior NFC within the America The Odyssey was hailed as a become a youthful middle name engineer he went insane for color as quoted in Idema in Allah How am I gonna echo you saw Luna either Nebby Yeah, you heard Adina Amman or sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with a cinema Allahumma Salli was selling them with adequate and adequate medical Mohammed while early he was a big marine rebels Allah in the LA hotel Yeah, Moodle will add they will expand the water in orbit. While you're

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in Hainan fascia you will Moon carry what was your culture the Koran? Oh the Quran Allah Allah Allah ma come wash guru who yeah Zillow calm what are they crolla hater Allah Akbar welcome is Salah?

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A long blog about writing

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headwind, long, a headwind Mohamed

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alma de sauna along walkabout log

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still ready to straighten euros leaving no gaps in the line?

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Alhamdulillah he'll have been me in a rush man you're rocking Maliki Woombye Dean II cannot move doing one.

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Canis dying. He didn't know slit off on him was stomping slit all clogged levena angina Heaney Mahalia eat in mountain goon beyond ain't him modelled on clean

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shamrock mouth on that lazy Uzi Nephi Hill caught on

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mean alHuda was on firmer Shahida

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goon was shut off some women can MIT he'll go on a war on us if it if it does mean a mean or for you read on long hooby Kumar usarla you read to be comun are also wanting to commit on a Delta one e two can build on long

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calm one

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on one either currently di D ni for in ni according to OG boondock daddy either

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one fan Yes, G Mooney one you mean wubi

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me Oh shoot.

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Allahu Akbar

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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hola hola como

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along like them

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along with Cubone

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Alhamdulillah he'll have been ILM in a lock man and wife Amy Manichean women Dini yeah again I'm gonna do one again as Dalian if you didn't know sit on him was stealth email sealed off on levena And

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II him Oh, you didn't end up boom behind him one on one knee pain

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movie Laila.

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Wanna Rock ama de Kado Lena to order a four year old

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mean and Fisher Horrell China's annual mela eager to walk roofie hobby is nailed on beat him Ming Coonley

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Morrow Salah Munna here had mount on his jewel Allahu Akbar

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semi Allah Honeybun Hermida

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along welcome

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Allahu Allah Cubana Bono

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I'm love like them

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the levy

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nasty war Bellina

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muda wonderful on

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feminine Shahida

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Gomez Shahar also, woman again and Maddie one Ellada cirfairy

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you read a lot more you saw what you read to be low Serravalle took me low light that I wanted to be long.

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