The Parables of The Quran #25 – The Spiders Web [29-41] and The One Falling from the Sky [22-31]

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Hi I'm

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Nina Shay. banyule onging Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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watching can

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see one thing you know

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similar 100 hours for that was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He will behave woman well I'm about to do we're going to do two parables both of them dealing with the topic of should sort of tell anchor booth verse 41. And all of us have heard of this verse method hula Dena Taha Domine dooney La Jolla, methylene Anka Buta, Takada beta, the example or this parable of those who took as protectors others besides Allah is like the anchor booth the spider when it takes a web as a house. We're in our hand elbow Utila baytril ankle boots, and the weakest of all houses is the house of the spider. Lowcountry. I don't want if they only understood now in this parable, Allah subhana wa Taala

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tells us the false hood of those who think that other gods can protect them, that there are protectors besides Allah. Allah is our Mola, and Allah is our Willie. So anybody who turns to other than Allah, thinking that those Gods can protect them. Allah says their example, is like the spider that takes a web as a house. And indeed, the weakest of all houses is the house of the spider. The spider's web is the weakest house. Now, this is a very profound metaphor and analogy. And the more we learn about science, and the more we learned about spider's webs, the more powerful this analogy becomes, actually, scientists tell us that the web of the spider which is made out of a particular

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type of prototype of protein, it is actually one of the strongest materials for the world of the spider. And if we could make something like it, it would be almost 10 times as strong as steel, but because it is super thin, so it is easy for us or for any creature or for the wind to break it. And the miracle of the spider's web is something that is well known in science, it is still being studied To this day, we are trying actually in our laboratories to imitate to emulate the spider's web. Because the spider's web is very malleable, you can move it and it is also very thin. And it is also very strong. If we could make spider's web ourself, we would be able to construct much more

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fortified buildings. And we could do amazing things. But we don't have the technology. Allah gifted the spider with that technology, and yet it is strong for the spider. But as I said, because it is so thin. In our world, it becomes the weakest of all houses. In fact, the web of the spider is not even a house. And that's the parable here. The web of the spider is not a house, what is the house, a house a bait? You use it for protection? You protect yourself against the elements, the wind, the air against the sun against enemies? Does the spider build a house to protect itself from the air from the wind from the elements? What does the spider's web protect the spider against nothing? the

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spider's web is not meant to be protecting against anything. And this is the power back then who would know this back then who would know that the spider's web is not even actually a house. We all know now that the spider's web is actually a trap. It's meant to trap bugs and insects. It's meant to trap these small little creatures. That's the purpose of the web. It has no function as a house. And that's what Allah is saying. It is the weakest of houses because it's not even a house. It's not going to protect you at all. And that's the parable that Allah azza wa jal is giving the second parable so little hedge verse 31, Allah subhana wa tada says, Who knows? The law hero mushrikeen Obi

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Wan may you Shri Kabila he FACA Anima hora, Romina sama Fatah tofu outta FEMA Canyon Sahil, those who worship other than Allah azza wa jal, it is as if they are falling from the skies. It is as if they're falling down, all going to their destruction *a Anima hora Romina sama and as he is falling, either vultures and birds are going to come and pluck him away bit by bit, or a heavy wind will take him and throw him in a far away place. Once again a very powerful verse that talks about the reality of schilke Allah subhana wa tada is comparing tauheed and the Kadima to the vastness of the sky. Allah is saying that La ilaha illa Allah will take you up and again by the way, another

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point here now

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We're finishing our series, the metaphors and parables of the Quran, they reinforce one another, they reinforce one another and they bring a whole picture. So we talked about the parable of the tree and the parable of the Kalima going up and so many other parables now we have ships coming down, we have ships falling down, toe, he takes you up, the Kadima takes you up, it is vast, it is something that will elevate you, and towhead will call shidduch, excuse me will cause you to come crashing down. And just like the one who's crashing down can never be saved. You cannot save yourself. If you are falling down from a mountain from a plane, there's nothing you can do to save

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yourself. Unless you have a parachute. There's no parachute in the aisle here, nothing you can do to save yourself. So to the one who is insured cannot save himself, I assure you, he has flown off to a cliff and he's headed to his own destruction. Now, the metaphor here is that * is gonna cause you to be destroyed, you are falling down into jahannam. And then what are the birds and what is the wind ignore them and others they say the birds here they represent either the different shale teen or the wind represents your desires. Either the shale teen will take bits and pieces of you. Each one is taking a portion of your heart until you have nothing left. Or you allow your own desires to

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cause you to go astray, you haven't taken a lot as the rope. Remember one of the metaphors of the rope the stability, you didn't hold on to the rope of Allah, you let go. So you're going to be falling, falling, falling and it will cause your own destruction, you will not be saved from that. So these are two metaphors that deal with the reality of shooting. And before I conclude today will lie it is not appropriate for us to have a gathering of Muslims except that we reiterate and we remind ourselves what is happening right now in Philistine Allah in my heart is really bleeding is just it's so difficult for us to even visualize if you've seen the videos of what's going on. The

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apartheid troops have entered the complex and they are firing upon the people who are praying total we're and if you see the video footage, long Western people are praying in rows and rows and they're just being fired upon without any sin without any them and Allah who was done 75 years of brutal occupation, and now the actual troops are inside the complex as we speak so the least that we can do the least that we can do, as we gather here today in our safe lands and countries we make dua to Allah to protect them with the Atilla to give them a bat. When they go out to Allah azza wa jal to protect our complexes and our holy slates a mess to the Luxor We ask Allah to free Masuda laakso

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from those that have occupied it unjustly, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow Masuda oxide to be a beacon of freedom in light for all of us to be able to pray there, we ask Allah azza wa jal to give us about and comfort to those who are there right now defending one of the holiest places of all of the religions, and we ask Allah to show us his power and his podra especially on these nights of Ramadan, especially in this time of Torah where without any crime and sin, innocent people are being killed on top of this brothers and sisters you should know that an entire complex and area in Jerusalem is being occupied as we speak right now an entire region they're trying to occupy this the

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least we can do is follow the news and make to offer those over there and May Allah azza wa jal forgive us for not being able to do more than this inshallah will continue tomorrow.

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had and also valuable but in wodgina, Gina Annie